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2018年12月17日 10:30:05 | 作者:康泰问答 | 来源:新华社

Arab news outlets say Yemen President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi dismissed his prime minister and vice president, Khaled Bahah, in a major government shakeup ahead of ed Nations-brokered peace talks with Iran-backed Houthi militants later this month.阿拉伯媒体说,也门总统哈迪罢免了总理兼副总统巴哈的职务。在也门政府发生重大人事变动之际,与得到伊朗持的胡塞激进分子的和谈将于本月晚些时候举行,和谈是在联合国的斡旋下进行的。Yemen state television, reporting Sunday, said Hadi had replaced Bahah with army General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar as the governments new vice president. He also appointed lawmaker Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr as prime minister.也门国家电视台星期日报道说,哈迪任命陆军将领阿马尔接任副总统,并任命议员达赫尔继任总理职务。The president had offered no public explanations for the moves by early Monday. But Yemeni and other international media have reported simmering differences between Hadi and Bahah over tactics and strategies for ending the countrys protracted civil war.直到星期一凌晨,哈迪一直没有对政府高层变动做出公开解释。但据也门和国际媒体报道,哈迪和巴哈围绕结束旷日持久内战的战术策略存在严重分歧。Those differences exploded into public view in December when Bahah rejected the presidents move to reshuffle the government without first consulting with him.去年12,巴哈反对哈迪在未同自己磋商之前改组政府,此举使两人的分歧公开化。Unlike the more hardline Hadi, analysts have described Bahah as favoring a political settlement to the conflict.分析人士说,哈迪持强硬立场,而巴哈则主张通过政治途径解决国内冲突。来 /201604/435544

Japan has been paying 10,000 pounds per month to a British think tank to hype up ;China threat; among British high-level politicians, local media reported.据英国当地媒体报道,日本以每0000英镑的价格雇佣一个英国智库,让其在英国高级政治家之间宣传“中国危胁论”。A detailed report carried out by The Sunday Times said that the Japanese Embassy in London reached a deal with the Henry Jackson Society (HJS), a registered charity, to wage a propaganda campaign against China.据《星期日泰晤士报》一份详细的报道称,日本驻伦敦大使馆和一家注册慈善机构“亨利·杰克逊协会”达成了协议,通过付报酬令其进行反华宣传。It said that the deal was reached in response to growing cooperation between China and Britain.据悉这一协议的目的是为了应对中英两国之间日益增多的合作。The former British foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind acknowledged that the HJS, founded in 2005, had approached him to put his name to an article published by the Daily Telegraph last August expressing concerns about Chinas involvement in Britains Hinkley Point C nuclear plant.英国前外交大臣马尔科姆·里夫金德日前承认,成立005年的亨利·杰克逊协会接近他、让他署名去年八月在《每日电讯报》发表的一篇文章,该文章表达了关于对中国参与英国欣克利点C核电站一事的担忧。The article, titled ;How China could switch off Britains lights in a crisis if we let them build Hinkley C;, raised fears that ;no one knows what blackdoor technologies might be able to be introduced into the building of a power plant.;这篇文章名为《如果我们让中国建设欣克利点C核电站,他们会怎样在危机中切断我们的电源》,引起人们对“没人知道在核电站建设过程中会使用什后门技术”的担忧。The HJS has not responded to Xinhuas interview request.亨利·杰克逊协会目前还没有就新华社的采访要求作出回应。来 /201702/491738

North Korea has expelled a reporter from the B after detaining him at the airport and keeping him in the country for three days past his scheduled departure date.朝鲜已将一名英国广播公B)记者驱逐出境。此前,朝鲜当局在平壤机场拘留了他,导致他在朝鲜比预定离境日期多停留天。Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, the broadcaster’s Tokyo correspondent, was supposed to leave the totalitarian state last Friday after spending a week travelling with a delegation of Nobel laureates who were visiting the country.B驻东京记者傅东飞(Rupert Wingfield-Hayes)原本定于上周五离开这个极权国家,此前他陪同一个访朝的诺贝尔奖(Nobel Prize)得主代表团在朝逗留了一周。But he was separated from his cameraman and producer at the airport, taken to a hotel in Pyongyang, interrogated for eight hours and forced to sign a statement of apology for the reporting he had done while in the country.但当傅东飞来到机场时,朝鲜当局却将他与他的摄像师和制片人分隔开来,并将他带到平壤一家酒店,讯问了他8个小时。他被迫签署了一份声明,为他在朝期间所做的报道道歉。He was eventually allowed to return to the hotel on an island in the middle of the river that runs through Pyongyang, where about 130 journalists from around the world are staying at the invitation of the North Korean government.最后,他获准回到原先入住的酒店。这家酒店位于流经平壤的一条江中的一座岛上,目前有大30名应朝鲜政府之邀来朝的国际记者住在这里。The foreign journalists, including two from the Financial Times, are supposedly in the country to cover a historic congress of the ruling Worker’s party of Korea but have so far not been allowed anywhere near the events.包括英国《金融时报》两名记者在内的外国记者,本应在朝报道该国执政党朝鲜劳动党历史性的党代会,但迄今却一直被禁止接近会场。Instead, they have been taken to a factory making electric cables, a silk mill, the Pyongyang metro, the birthplace of former President Kim Il Sung, a square in the centre of Pyongyang and the home of a model worker.他们反而被带去参观一家电缆厂、一家丝绸厂、平壤地铁、朝鲜前最高领导人金日Kim Il Sung)出生地、平壤市中心一座广场以及一位劳模的住所。All media outlets have been assigned a “guidewho speaks their language fluently and accompanies them everywhere whenever the group is taken out of the hotel.每家媒体机构都被配备了一名通晓他们语言的“向导”,只要这家媒体机构被带出酒店,无论他们去哪里,这名“向导”都会陪同他们。The guides have made clear that reporters are not to venture out of the hotel on their own under any circumstances. This has made it all but impossible to do any independent reporting.这些“向导”明确表示,记者在任何情况下都不准独自离开酒店。记者们因此几乎不可能展开任何独立的报道。Mr Wingfield Hayes arrived in Pyongyang several days before most other reporters and was not specifically there to cover the congress.傅东飞比其他多数记者早几天抵达平壤,他来平壤并非专门为了报道此次党代会。During his week in the country accompanying a “peace delegationof Nobel laureates, the North Korean authorities expressed their deep displeasure at the content of his reports and broadcasts but he did not have any indication he was going to be detained.在他陪同一个由诺贝尔奖得主组成的“和平代表团”访朝的一周里,朝鲜当局对他报道和播出的内容深感不悦,但没有任何迹象表明他会遭拘留。Last Friday, when they realised he had not been allowed to join them in the departure lounge, Mr Wingfield-Hayesproducer and cameraman refused to board the flight and were taken to a separate hotel.上周五,当傅东飞的制片人和摄像师意识到傅东飞未获准与他们一起进入候机大厅时,两人拒绝登机并被带到了另一家酒店。After eight hours of interrogation by the North Korean State Security Bureau, Mr Wingfield-Hayes signed an apology and was permitted to rejoin his two colleagues in the early hours of Saturday morning. They were then taken back to the hotel on the island, where four more B journalists are staying.在被朝鲜国家安全保卫North Korean State Security Bureau)讯问8小时后,傅东飞签署了一封道歉声明,并获准在上周六凌晨回到他的两名同事身边。他们随后被带回到岛上的那家酒店,那家酒店里还住着另外4名B记者。On Monday Mr Wingfield-Hayes, his producer and cameraman were permitted to travel to the airport to fly out of North Korea and the authorities held an impromptu press conference to announce they were expelling him and that he was not welcome to return to the country.周一,傅东飞、他的制片人及摄像师获准赶赴机场飞离朝鲜,朝鲜当局召开了一个临时记者会,宣布他们将驱逐傅东飞,而且不欢迎他再来朝鲜。Reporters who attended the press conference said the authorities particularly objected to a report in which North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un was referred to as “corpulent出席此次记者会的记者表示,朝鲜当局尤其反对一篇称朝鲜最高领导人金正Kim Jong Un)“肥胖”的报道。来 /201605/442595

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