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But there is a practical and quite serious reason, too, Amanda Holden’s admitted desire to be a young grandmother. In an age when financial pressure means that both parents often have to work and child care is so prohibitive, granny (and granddad) provide a vital support.


韩国家长希望破灭 现在只希望收尸 -- :37:01 来源: 韩国家长希望破灭 现在只希望收尸Twenty parents of missing high school students gathered behind a television truck Sunday afternoon and talked about a subject that, days, they hadn’t been willing to broach.“Realistically,” one parent told the group, “we need to acknowledge that we have no hope of finding our children alive.”Nobody disagreed.Instead, they discussed the logistics of recovery, of finding a way to pull their teenage children from the water as quickly as possible. That, they agreed, should be the new focus of a government search unfolding about miles off the coast.The parents took turns talking. There were bags under their eyes. Their voices never rose. A few puffed cigarettes. They’d been asked by the South Korean coast guard to offer opinions about the next stage of the search, and here they discussed in detail ways to lift the submerged ferry out of the Yellow Sea, if only as a way to end an impossibly bleak wait.“People have lost hope very quickly,” Yoo Kyeong-geun, the father of an th-grader on the ferry, said after the meeting. “Until yesterday, nobody could even talk about dragging the ship out of the water” — a jarring step that would endanger any survivors—“but now a lot of people say it. It’s just so we can see our kids’ faces one last time bee their bodies become more damaged underwater.”After the ferry with 76 people aboard capsized Wednesday, relatives who rushed to this rural port town — a staging area the recovery eft — were frantic, so furious about the pace of the rescue operation that they doused the prime minister with water. By Sunday, those relatives had grown hushed, and at Jindo’s port, bodies were brought to shore in twos and threes.The Sewol had been sailing from Incheon to Jeju when it tilted and sank off the southwestern coast of the Korean Peninsula. So far, passengers have been rescued — all in the first few hours of the disaster. South Korean officials on Sunday released an extended transcript of communication between the stricken vessel and maritime operators, shedding light on some of the confusion aboard bee the ship lost contact.Within 19 minutes of placing a distress call, a Sewol crew member said three times, when asked about passengers aboard, that it was difficult to move around the dramatically tilted vessel.“The ship is tipped over too much,” the crew member said at one point. “It’s impossible to evacuate.”Some survivors say an evacuation order was never given, and those who heeded crew advice to stay in place were most likely trapped aboard after the ferry overturned.The relatives of those who didn’t make it out are now waiting. Some loved ones of the still missing are camped out at a gymnasium 30 minutes away. But many spend their days at the port, where a tent city with volunteers, free food and cots has sprouted. The tents span a quarter-mile — the Red Cross here, mobile food trucks there. Another tent has only a whiteboard, labeled at the top “List of Names.” Dozens of people at a time stand around the list of victims, photographing it, staring at it, sometimes sniffling.When bodies are found offshore by divers, an official walks over to the list with a pen. On Sunday, the list began with 36 names. By sunset, there were 58. Some had been identified by their height and appearance, others not at all. No. 8 was Guk Seung-hyeon, one of the 35 high school students heading on a four-day trip. No. 9 was a man, 5-foot-7, wearing blue jeans and a sweatshirt.In the first four days of the search, bodies were found slowly, only when currents washed them out of the ferry and into the Yellow Sea. But late Saturday, divers had punctured a hole in the vessel, opening up the first passageway to some of the chambers. After that, police vessels began pulling up to Jindo’s port every hour or two with bodies.No. 50 arrived at : p.m., along with Nos. 51 and 5, sending many of the relatives in the tent city scrambling to the docks. Dozens of police officers stood at attention in rows, and six officers carried each of the covered bodies toward yet another tent, marked “Identification.” An official gathered relatives of the missing and described some of the identifying characteristics of the latest three found dead. New Balance sneakers. Track pants. Most heard the description and walked away.Several hours later, Yoo and the other parents were discussing ways to speed up the search. They talked about stationing a barge in the area that divers could use to rest and to put on equipment. They also talked about hoisting the ship from the sea floor—a process that will require several massive marine cranes and a floating dock.“Do you even know how long it takes to pull a ship out of the water?” one father said. “I’ve heard days.”Yoo said that depending strictly on divers seemed to him a method “30 or 0 years old.”Yoo’s daughter, Yoo Ye-eun, attended Danwon High School in Ansan, a city just south of Seoul.“I’ll stay here until it’s all over,” Yoo said. “Until I leave here with my daughter.”月日下午,二十位韩国失踪高中生的家长聚集在一起,一位家长告诉其他家长说,“事实上,我们得承认我们的孩子活着回来是没有希望了”没有人对此提出异议相反,他们讨论搜寻尸体和尽快从海里捞出孩子的工作他们认为这些才应该是政府在离岸十英里范围内开展的搜救工作的新焦点家长轮番讲话明显的眼袋和低沉的说话声透漏出失望的心境有些人苦闷地吸着烟韩国海岸警卫队员请求这些家长对下一步搜救计划提出建议,而现在他们正详细地讨论如何把在黄海淹没的渡船拉出来,如果这一方法真的能结束这毫无希望的等待一位在遇难渡船的高中二年级学生父亲刘京根会议后说道,“人们很快就失去了希望昨天为止,还没有人能够谈论把轮船拖出水的事情——这一举动会危及幸存者——但现在大部分人都同意了因为人们想在尸体浸泡腐烂之前最后一次见一见孩子”月日,载有76人的客船倾覆后,急忙赶赴到这个海港小镇——进行搜救工作的集结待命区——亲属们无法镇静,并且对搜救工作的速度和进程感到非常愤怒,最终甚至往总理身上泼水月日,亲属们渐渐镇定下来,同时在珍岛港也可以看见偶尔三两具尸体被拖出海岸“岁月”号客船在从仁川开往济州岛的途中倾斜、沉陷于朝鲜半岛的西南海岸处到目前为止,名乘客得救——都是在事故发生后的几个小时内得救的韩国官员在月日公布了遇难客船与海上指挥官之间的通信记录,揭露了客船失联前的一些谜团在发出求救信号的19分钟内,当岁月号船上工作人员被问及乘客情况时重复三次地说,在如此剧烈倾斜的客船里走动是非常困难的该船员说道:“船只倾斜得很厉害,疏散工作根本无法进行”一些幸存者说他们没有听到任何疏散撤离的指令,并且那些听从船员原地不动命令的人很可能在翻船后困在里面了没逃出沉船的乘客家属现在还在等待中名遗失者的亲人驻扎在离事发点30分钟车程外的体育馆内但许多人会在港口昼夜等待,那里已经形成了小型帐篷区,给亲人家属提供志愿者务、免费食物和床位当潜水者把尸体拖到岸边时,一名官员会拿着笔和名单走过去月日,名单里只有36个名字到日落时,就达到了58个有些人凭身高和长相就被认出了身份,但其他人根本无法认出来8号是郭圣贤,是前往四日游旅行的35名高中生之一9号是一名男性,一米七左右,穿着蓝色牛仔裤和运动衫搜救前四天内,找到尸体的速度很慢,只有强劲的海流把尸体冲出船只,漂到黄海时才能找到但上周六晚些时候,潜水者们在船体上戳出了一个洞,打开了首个通往一些房间的过道之后,警船开始每一到两个小时内往珍岛港拖运出尸体50号尸体是在下午:抵达岸边的,同时还有51号和5号这使许多在帐篷区的亲人们慌乱冲向码头十多名警官站成一排,保持秩序,而六名警官各自搬出一具被白布盖住的尸体,前往另一个标有“指认”的帐篷一名官员聚集了遗失乘客的家属,并描述最新三具尸体的一些身份特征新百伦运动鞋长运动裤大部分人听完描述后纷纷离开几个小时后,刘京根和其他家长正讨论加快搜救工作的方法他们谈到要在搜救区域放入一艘驳船,以便潜水者休息和存放随身设备他们还谈到要把船吊出海平面,而这一方法需要投入好几架大型海上起重机和一个浮动船坞一位父亲说道,“你知道把一艘船拖出水要花多长时间吗?我听说要年”刘京根说完全依靠潜水者来进行搜救工作对他而言像是“30或0年前的方法”刘京根的女儿刘艺恩就读于安山的檀园高中,位于首尔市南部刘京根说:“我要呆在这里,直到这一切都结束为止,直到我带着我女儿离开”

凯特王妃新西兰着装盘点 -- :5: 来源: 凯特王妃新西兰着装盘点Despite wearing a noticeably longer Catherine Walker coat and dress on her arrival in Australia, the Duchess of Cambridge still managed to be caught out by a gust of windy weather.Although the outfit’s hemline was around three inches lower than normal, it seemed Kate still hasn’t picked up on the Queen’s trick of sewing lead curtain weights into her outfits.No sooner had Kate stepped off the plane than she managed to flash a length of shapely thigh.Marilyn moment: The Duchess Of Cambridge nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction as she touched down in Wellington, New Zealand on Monday with Prince William and baby George Kate, pictured here in Canada in , has had trouble with the wind bee as she favours shorter dresses Kate, pictured here in Canada in , has had trouble with the wind bee as she favours shorter dressesWalker, a great favourite of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, designed the scarlet coat with two rows of pearlised buttons especially Kate’s first mal appearance on tour.The eye-catching colour and striking style ensured that Kate stood out on a grey and blustery day in Wellington. It was also the perfect foil her son’s all-cream and white ensemble.The Duchess clearly continues to be strongly influenced by Diana. The outfit was almost identical to the red skirt suit Diana wore in October 1989 to visit RAF Wittering - from the vivid shade right down to the the buttons, pointy collar and sharp shoulders.At the height of her fame, the reticent, late Chelsea-based couturier Catherine Walker was synonymous with Diana’s glamorous dresses. She made over 1,000 outfits her Royal client; the first three months after her wedding to Charles and the last a little black dress ordered a few weeks bee she died; Diana was buried in it.Some of them – such as the white ‘Elvis’ dress, pearl-studded with a bolero jacket – were among Diana’s most memorable and showstopping looks.Kate has become the darling of the world's media in much the same way as Princess Diana did, and echoes her chic style 30 years later in a very similar outfit. She was wearing Catherine Walker, favoured by Diana.Late Chelsea-based couturier Catherine Walker was synonymous with Diana’s glamorous dresses, including these piece. She made over 1,000 outfits her Royal client, even the little black dress she was buried in.She wore a Walker smock to leave hospital with baby Prince William, and Walker gowns – one white silk, another with a black halter neck - when she was photographed by Mario Testino Vanity Fair in 1997.Walker’s particular talent - and one which will appeal to Kate as much as it did Diana - was making outfits that showed off the woman rather than the frock. They were dignifed yet - particularly post Charles and Diana’s divorce - more than a little daring.Her clothes are statements of style rather than fashion, and the fabric and cut are always perfect.So it shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise when Carole Middleton chose the fashion house, run since Catherine’s death in by her second husband and business partner, Sayeed Ismail, to make her triumphant pale blue coat and dress the Royal Wedding.The House of Walker clearly won Middleton loyalty on that day. Carole wore Catherine Walker again to George’s christening.It wasn’t long bee Kate turned to Walker too, choosing the label to make two stunning outfits her first official trip to Canada.One, a grey wool pencil dress, was particularly striking, showing off Kate’s slender post-wedding figure to perfection.However, this week’s outfit won’t win as many fashion plaudits. It looked more Virgin air hostess than royal style icon - add a slash of red lipstick and a jauntily-tied scarf and she’d be offering you a glass of champagne bee take-off.Diana isn’t the only royal from whom Kate is taking style inspiration. She is also wearing the Queen’s diamond fern brooch, a gift from the Women of Auckland in 195 and what appear to be American tan tights. Hands full: Kate was carrying baby George and holding onto the railing of the plane's stairs at the same timeHowever, where were the hemline weights which preserve Her Majesty modesty on even the most blustery days? Instead, Kate’s fabulous thighs had another airing as she walked down the aeroplane steps, which sadly detracted from what could have otherwise been a polished look.The Gina Foster pillbox hat, too – a little bit Jackie O, but a lot more Queen Mum – marks her out as one of the family, part of the Royal lineage, mother and wife to heirs to the throne. Her £00 shoes from London boutique Emmy (with a matching £0 clutch) make a welcome change from those nude LK Bennet heels she’s so attached to, and lengthen her aly fabulous legs.Her red coat and dress also showcased her neat waist and slender limbs beautifully.Kate clearly knows - just as her late mother-in-law did - that a Catherine Walker ensemble shows a woman’s figure off to its best advantage.剑桥公爵夫人抵达澳大利亚,穿着引人注目的凯瑟琳·沃克品牌外套和裙子,虽然衣裙都比平常穿的更长,但一阵狂风仍然害她曝光了相比平常,下图这套装的下摆长了约三英寸(7.6cm)似乎凯特还没把女王的着装技巧用于自己的装凯特刚下飞机,就向人们闪现了有型的大腿玛丽莲·梦露时刻:剑桥公爵夫人、威廉王子和婴儿乔治月7日抵达新西兰惠灵顿刚下飞机,公爵夫人差点就全曝光上图是年凯特在加拿大,当时她偏爱短裙,起风时,裙子被掀起来了沃克是已逝王妃戴安娜最喜欢的设计师为了凯特的第一次正式出访,他特地设计了有两排珍珠纽扣的红色大衣这款衣颜色和款式都引人注目,确保凯特在惠灵顿刮大风的阴天里脱颖而出,还完美地衬托出她儿子全套奶油白的装显然公爵夫人仍深受戴安娜王妃的影响她穿的那套衣几乎和1989年月戴安娜参观皇家空军Wittering时穿的红色西裙一模一样,不论是鲜艳的颜色,还是纽扣、尖的衣领或棱角分明的肩膀在凯瑟琳·沃克名声远扬之时,这位沉默不语、住在切尔西的女装设计师就是戴安娜华裙美的同义词,如今她已去世她为戴安娜王妃做了00多套装:第一件是戴安娜与查尔斯结婚六月后做的,最后一件是戴安娜死前几周定制的黑色礼,戴安娜穿着它下葬有些设计——比方说镶有珍珠的白色“埃尔维斯”裙,配上开襟女式短上衣——是戴安娜最让人难以忘怀最精夺目的样子凯特就如戴安娜王妃一样,成为世界媒体的宠儿,她的衣着和戴安娜的相似,让人联想起30年前戴安娜的新潮款式凯特也穿着戴安娜最喜欢的设计师凯瑟琳·沃克设计的衣曾住在切尔西的已故女装设计师凯瑟琳·沃克是戴安娜华裙美的同义词其中包括上面的设计她为戴安娜王妃做了00多套衣,甚至还包括戴安娜穿着下葬的小黑裙她穿着沃克设计的宽身长衫,抱着还是婴儿的威廉王子离开医院1997年,她让《名利场的马里奥·特斯蒂诺给她拍照时,穿的白丝礼和黑色露背礼都是沃克设计的沃克的特殊才能——同时深深地吸引了戴安娜王妃和凯特王妃——是她做出的衣显示的是女性而不是装戴安娜的装虽然有点大胆,却不失高贵——即使是和查尔斯离婚后她的装展示的是风格而不是时尚,无论是质地还是剪裁都是一流的年凯瑟琳去世后,她的第二任丈夫和商业伙伴赛义德·伊斯梅尔继续经营她的时装店卡罗尔·米德尔特(凯特的母亲)选择凯瑟琳的时装店为参加凯特和威廉的皇室婚礼制作浅蓝色的衣裙,也是情理之中显然就在皇室婚礼那天,沃克的装店赢得了米德尔顿的忠诚乔治接受洗礼的那天,卡罗尔又穿着凯瑟琳·沃克的装不久以后凯特也爱上了沃克品牌,首次去加拿大时,就选择这个牌子,为自己做了两套令人赞不绝口的衣其中一套是羊毛做的灰色铅笔裙,尤为显著,尽显凯特婚后的苗条身姿然而这周的装不会赢得时尚界太多的喝,看起来更像是空中处女而不是皇家风格的标志,加上一线红色口红和时髦的围巾,她就是起飞前给你送来一杯香槟的空中凯特着装的灵感不仅来自戴安娜这一个皇室成员,她还带着女王的钻石蕨形胸针,195年女王出访奥克兰时,获得的礼物这个胸针看起来像美国铜色的紧身衣在刮大风的日子里,那些能维持凯特王妃风范的下摆去哪了?凯特走下飞机时的秀腿让人们分了心,不曾注意到她的优雅,真是让人伤心还有那顶吉娜·福斯特设计的圆盒帽——有点女歌手杰姬·O的味道,但更多的是像女王妈妈,把她看做是家庭的一员、皇室血统的一部分、王位继承人的母亲和妻子她穿着伦敦精品艾美店的鞋子,价值00英镑(配有0英镑的手提包),而不是她迷恋不已的LK Bennet高跟鞋,这一改变受到大众的欢迎,让她的美腿显得更修长凯特的红色衣裙也完美地展现了她的细腰和苗条的四肢显然凯特知道——就如她已逝的岳母一样——凯瑟琳·沃克品牌能最大程度地显示出女性的优美身材

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