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  • But there was always … in Pre-Mackintosh days and early Mackintosh days, there was always Steven and John show. You two were kinda joined at the hip for a while there.可是在Mackintosh时期,你俩总是一起出现在媒体上,几乎形影不离。Thats right.没错。And then something happened to spilt you, what was that, what was that?后来怎么会产生矛盾呢?Well, what happened was … that the industry went into a recession in late 1984, sales started seriously contracted, 1984年底IT行业进入萧条期,销售业绩大幅下降and John didnt know what to do, John开始惊慌失措and he had not a clue. And there was a leadership vacuum at the top of Apple. There were fairly strong general managers running the divisions, 这时苹果公司正好群龙无首,各个部门的负责人都很强势,互不相让and I was running the Mackintosh division, somebody else was running the Apple II division etc. 我管理Mackintosh部门,有人管理Apple II 部门There were some problems with some of the divisions, and there was a person running the storage division that was completely out of lunch. 还有些部门已经濒临关闭A bunch of things needed to be changed.比如存储部门,公司百废待兴But all those problems got put into a pressure cooker, 市场疲软又进一步激化了公司的内部矛盾because of this contraction in the market place, and there was no leadership, 大家各自为阵and John was in a situation where the board was not happy, and where he was probably not long for the company. 董事会对公司的业绩很不满意,John的职位岌岌可危And one thing I did not ever see about John, until that time was, he had incredible survival instinct. 那时我才发现John有一种很强烈的自救本能Someone once told me ;this guy didnt get to be the this you know president of Pepsi co without these kind of instincts;, and it was true. 有人曾提醒我百事前总裁绝非善茬儿,他说得没错And John decided that a really good person to be the root of all the problems would be me. John把一切问题都归咎到我头上And so we came to loggerheads, 我们因此反目and John had cultivated a very close relationship with the board, and they believed him, so thats what happened.董事会一向很信任John,所以我被扫地出门了 /201307/247836
  • And much to Bill and Microsofts credit they used that fantastic opportunity to create more opportunities for themselves. 比尔和微软抓住了机会,创造成了更多机会Most people dont remember but until 1984 with the Mac, Microsoft was not in the application business, which dominated by Lotus. 人们忘了微软在1984年之前根本不做应用软件,那时是Lotus的天下And Microsoft took a big gamble, to write for the Mac. 微软确实很有胆量,冒险为Mac编写应用程序And they came out with applications that were terrible. 刚开始他们的应用程序非常糟But they kept at it and make them better. And eventually, they dominated the Macintosh application market, 但他们不断改进,最终占领了Mac的应用市场and then used the spring board of Windows to get into the PC market with the same applications.然后借助Windows这块跳板,打开了PC市场的大门And now they dominated the application business in the PC space too. So they have 2 characteristics. 现在他们已经占领了PC市场,我觉得他们有两大优势:I think they are very strong opportunists. And I dont mean that in a bad way. 首先,擅长捕捉机会And two, they are like the Japanese. They just keep on coming. 其次,像日本人一样锲而不舍And now, they were able to do that because of the revenue stream from the IBM deal. 他们起家全靠跟IBM合作But nonetheless they made the most of it and I gave them a lot of credit for that. The only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste. 但是他们很擅长利用机会,这一点我很佩They have absolutely no taste, and what that means is... I dont mean that in a small way, I meant that in a big way in the sense that they dont think of original ideas,微软唯一的问题是没品位,完全没有品位可言,只会一味模仿 and they dont bring much culture into their products.产品缺少文化和内涵,And you say why is that important为什么这很重要?well, proportionally spaced fonts come from typesetting and beautiful books. 比例字体的灵感来自字体设计和精美书籍Thats where one gets the idea. If it werent for the Mac, they would have never had that in their products.如果没有Mac,微软永远不会想到这些And, so I guess, Im saddened not by Microsofts success. I have no problem with their success. 让我难过的并非微软的成功,我一点不嫉妒他们Theyve earned their success, for the most part. 他们的成功基本上是靠勤奋工作换来的I have the problem with the fact that they just make really third-rate products.我难过的是他们做的是三流产品 /201307/248403
  • Youve found a great hotel but before you check in, check out these travel-savvy tips.你已经找到一家很好的酒店,但是入住之前,先了解下面这些实用旅行建议。You Will Need你需要Inquisitiveness好问Knowledge知识Antibacterial wipes抗菌纸巾Snacks and drinks零食和饮料In-line dimmer线路调光器Tip money小费Steps步骤STEP 1 Stay on a floor with a booster pump1.选择有升压泵的楼层Ask the front desk to call engineering and find out which floors have booster pumps. Staying on a floor with booster pumps means youll have the best possible water pressure all day long.请前台致电工程人员,查看哪些楼层装有升压泵。住在有升压泵的楼层意味着一整天都有最佳水压。STEP 2 Get a renovated room2.选择翻新过的房间Get a recently renovated room. Large hotels are always in the process of renovating rooms, a few at a time. Getting a room that was just remodeled could mean you get newer accommodations that are more stylish and more comfortable.选择最近刚刚翻新过的房间。大的酒店经常会翻新一些房间。入住翻新过的房间意味着可以享受更时尚更舒适更新的配套设施。Make sure there arent still construction projects going on near the room that could disturb your stay.确保房间附近没有正在施工的项目,以免影响休息。STEP 3 Get a room on the top floor3.选择顶层房间Get a room on the top floor so you dont have worry about noise from above. Itll also have the best view, and the ceiling might be higher as well.选择顶层房间,这样就不需要担心楼上的噪音。而且顶层视野比较开阔,天花板也比较高。Corner rooms tend to be larger no matter which floor youre on.无论入住哪个楼层,角落处的房间一般比较大。STEP 4 Clean key items4.清洁关键物品Request a fresh bedsp as soon as you arrive; most hotels dont wash them at the end of every stay. Make sure to travel with antibacterial wipes and clean items that never, or rarely get sanitized like remotes, telephones, and clock radios.到达酒店后立即要求更换新的床单;大部分酒店不会在每位客人退房后清洗床单。确保携带抗菌纸巾,清洁从来不或者很少清洁的遥控器,电话或收音机闹钟。STEP 5 Replicate the mini-bar5.复制迷你酒吧Make your own mini-bar. Bring mixed nuts, chocolate bars, mini bottles of liquor, and a few bags of chips so you wont be tempted to pay outrageous hotel mini-bar fees. Not only will you be saving money, but your stash of goodies will be stocked exclusively with the treats you love.自己打造迷你酒吧。携带各种各样的坚果,巧克力棒,小瓶的酒水,几袋薯片,这样就不需要付昂贵的酒店迷你酒吧费用。这样不仅可以省钱,还可以享受自己最喜欢的食品。STEP 6 Set up an in-line dimmer6.安装调光器Create a cozier environment with soft indirect lighting using in-line dimmers. Plug the lamps into a dimmer, and the dimmer into the wall; then use the slider to adjust the lights to your taste.使用调光启打造柔和的非直射光线,创造更加温馨的环境。把台灯插入调光器,然后调到墙上。然后根据自己的喜好调节灯光。STEP 7 Tip properly7.适当给小费Tip the valet, doorman, bellhop, waiters, and housekeeping daily to get the highest level of service. Who knows, once word of your generosity gets around to the management, you may even get that killer room upgrade at no extra cost!给务员,门卫,侍应生和保洁人员一定的小费来获得最好的务。谁知道呢,一旦你的慷慨大方传到管理人员那里,或许你会免费获得房间升级呢。More than a billion travelers stay at hotels every year in the U.S.美国每年有超过10亿游客入住酒店。视频听力译文由。201410/333738
  • Focus on one of the most important relationships you will ever have -- your relationship with yourself. Live the happy life you deserve and learn self-love with these tips.集中精力关心你生命中最重要的关系之一——你和自己之间的关系。根据下面的建议,过你值得的快乐生活,学会自爱。You Will Need你需要Goals目标Pen and paper笔和纸Acceptance接受Rewards奖励Healthy diet健康的饮食Exercise运动Sleep睡眠Relaxation techniques放松技巧Focus专注Friends and family朋友和家人Gratitude感激Steps步骤STEP 1 Put yourself first1.把自己放在首位Put yourself first and make being happy a primary goal in your life.把自己放在首位,把快乐作为生活的首要目标。STEP 2 Write down qualities2.写下积极的品质Write down all of your positive qualities and them to yourself every day. Add new qualities to the list as you discover and acknowledge them.把自己所有积极的品质写下来,每天读给自己听。当你发现新的优良品质时也及时添加到列表中,认可自己的优点。STEP 3 Accept yourself3.接受自己Accept and love yourself for who you are. Celebrate your positive qualities; acknowledge but dont get hung up with your negative qualities.接受自己,热爱自己。庆祝你积极的品质,承认自己的不足之处,但是不要耿耿于怀。Theres no reason to deny that you have negative qualities. Everyone does.没有任何理由否认你有不足之处。每个人都有。STEP 4 Set goals4.设定目标Set achievable goals for yourself. Then praise and reward yourself for your accomplishments.为自己设定切实可行的目标。然后赞扬并奖励自己取得的成就。Dont wait until you have achieved a complete goal. Reward yourself for completing steps along the way.不要等到自己完全完成了整个目标。在前往目标途中的每一个进展都要奖励自己。STEP 5 Believe in yourself5.相信自己Believe in yourself and visualize yourself succeeding.相信自己,想像自己成功的情景。STEP 6 Treat yourself well6.善待自己Treat yourself well. Eat healthy, exercise, get enough sleep, and learn to relax.善待自己。饮食健康,锻炼,充足的睡眠,学会放松。STEP 7 Treat others well7.善待他人Treat others well and do not allow anyone to mistreat you.善待他人,不要让任何人虐待你。STEP 8 Have fun8.享乐Have fun. Engage in activities that you thoroughly enjoy and surround yourself with great friends and family. Be thankful for who you are today and everyday.享受乐趣。参加你非常喜欢的活动,让自己置身于好朋友和家人周围。感激今天的你,感激每天的你。78 percent of girls with low self-esteem admit it is difficult to feel good in school when they do not feel good about how they look.78%的自卑的女孩承认在学校里难以自我感觉良好,因为她们对自己的形象不满。 /201412/350183
  • I think its maybe the best way to share the passion,我认为这也许是传递的最佳方式,and maybe was also the way to get rid of the pressure.也是一种方式来消除比赛压力。重点词汇: get rid of 消除,摆脱例句:She had a mad urge to write a check and get rid of him.她疯了似的想快速涂写票,想赶快摆脱他。 视频介绍:由于之前输给了勒沃库森,切尔西本场对阵瓦伦西亚面临着巨大的压力。201404/288416
  • Apple is much stronger than its competition,苹果比起竞争对手要强劲许多and so they need to make sure they dont get complacent因此 他们更需要谨慎谦逊because the way theyll lose some day is when someone quietly comes up behind them竞争对手都在默默地奋起直追and does something that is now better.他们一个不小心就会落于人后Over the course of more than three decades,苹果走到今天已经三十多年some might argue that Apple has travelled far from its origins,一些人可能认为苹果已远远偏离他们的出发点as a bunch of Californians railing against IBM to become, itself, an all-powerful Big Brother.从一群声讨IBM的加利福尼亚嬉皮士 成为了一个叱咤风云的老大哥But it is a more complicated and interesting story.但事实上 这件事并不这么简单If Steve Jobs had just been a rebel, he wouldnt have got far,如果史蒂夫·乔布斯只是一个单纯的叛逆者 他绝不会有如此成就but its because he always had that inner-hippy但正是因为他一直保持着内心深处的嬉皮that Apple became so much more than just another computer company.苹果的意义才能超越电脑公司本身There was one aspect of Steve Jobs battle with cancer he hadnt revealed.史蒂夫·乔布斯没有透露他与癌症抗争过程中的一点Hed delayed having surgery for nine months after he was diagnosed.那就是 他将手术推迟到了他确诊后的九个月Instead hed tried alternative remedies期间 他尝试了一些非传统疗法and a strict vegan diet, against the advice of those closest to him.并且不顾亲友的反对 成为了一个素食者And the cancer had sp.癌细胞没有因此停止扩散He was the kind of person that could convince himself of things他就是那种偏执到甚至没法认识自己错误的人that werent necessarily true, and that always worked with him for designing products,在设计产品的时候也是where he could go to people and ask them to do something that they thought was impossible.他总会去告诉人们去做一些他们认为不可能的事And I think he truly thought that,我感觉 他好像真的以为through some unconventional means, he could cure himself.自己能通过一些非常规的方法把癌症治好A Californian suburb.这是加州的一个住宅区This was Steve Jobs house after his death at the age of 56.这是乔布斯56岁辞世后留下的房子Home to no ordinary CEO, billionaire or hippie.这里曾住着一位传奇的CEO 亿万富翁和嬉皮士Buckets of rain, buckets of tears大雨倾盆 泪水如注Got all them buckets coming out of my ears我可以听到这所有的一切Buckets of moonbeams in my hand...满满的月光在我的手心...He wasnt an inventor, he wasnt a code writer,他不是一个发明家 他不是一个程序员he wasnt a designer, he wasnt a businessman really.他不是一个设计师 他其实也不是一个真正的商人I mean the word people use is visionary.人们提到他时 经常会用到远见家这个词If you break it down in the sense of he saw things,你仔细想想 他的眼光是多么独到in that sense he was a visionary. He just saw things.他的确是一个远见家 他就是有这种天赋As near as I can tell, Steve Jobs never left his counter-cultural frame of reference,至少在我看来 乔布斯从未跳出他那种反主流文化的思想体系and so his way of staying forever young was to stay forever hippy.所以他保持永远年轻的方式就是永远嬉皮Stay hungry, stay foolish. Thank you all very much.求知若饥 虚心若愚 感谢大家 /201308/254134
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