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US navy commander visits Chinese fleet美海军司令访问中国舰队The U.S. naval commander in charge of this years RIMPAC drill visited the Chinese fleet at the weekend.周末,负责今年环太演习的美国海军司令参观了中国舰队。Accompanied by Zhao Xiaogang, drill director of the Chinese fleet, Vice Admiral Kenneth E. Floyd visited the missile destroyer Haikou, the missile frigate Yueyang, the supply ship Qiandaohu and the hospital ship Peace Ark.在中国舰队演习主任赵小刚的陪同下,海军副上将Kenneth E. Floyd参观了海口号驱逐舰导弹、岳阳号护卫舰导弹、千岛湖号补给舰千岛湖和和平方舟号医疗舰。Floyd said that the ed States would continue to invite the Chinese navy to the exercise and looks forward to Chinas broader and deeper participation in the drills. The Chinese fleet arrived in Pearl Harbor on Tuesday.Floyd说美国将继续邀请中国海军演习,并期待中国参与更广泛、更深入的演习。中古舰队将在周二抵达珍珠港。This is the first time the Chinese navy has taken part. RIMPAC began in 1971. It is the worlds largest multinational maritime military exercise. Twenty-three countries are at this years drill, which is scheduled for July 9 to 30.自1971年环太开始以来,这是中国海军第一次曾参加。环太军演是世界上最大的多国海上军事演习。今年有23个国家参加演习,本次演习安排在7月9日至30日之间。201407/311119。

  • Well, I have a jar right here and I have这里有一个容器in this jar, what does it look like? 容器中看起来是什么I have a liquid, what does it look like? It looks like...这是一种液体 像什么 它像…looks like wate像水The way we describe this liquid is to say its a clear and colorless liquid这种液体我们将其描述为无色透明液体which is what water i水就是这样的So Im going to take this liquid and...我将用到这种液体so I want everybody to see the jar right here我希望所有人都能看到这个容器Get this out of wa这个拿开Im going to take the dollar bill我将把这张美钞Im going to soak it in this clear and colorless liquid which looks like water浸入到这种像水的无色透明液体之中And Im going to fish it out using those tongs我将用坩埚钳将其捞出You see its dripping like any wet object would, right? 和浸入水中的物体一样 有液体滴下来And then Im going to take it to the flam下面把它放到火焰上Take a good look at it. Now the joy is maybe the last time you see it看好了 可能和之前一样哦So here is the dollar bill on fire美钞烧了起来Or is it?真的吗But you did see a flame, didnt you? 但你们看到火焰了 不是吗So now I ask you现在我问你们can this liquid be water? 这种液体可能是水吗You know from experience that water does not burn under these condition根据经验 你们知道浸水的纸是烧不起来的So I will tell you whats in this jar我来告诉你们容器里装的是什么This clear and colorless liquid is a mixture of rubbing alcohol and wate这种无色透明液体是擦拭酒精和水的混合物isopropyl alcohol and wate异丙醇和水You know also from experience你们从经验就能知道that when you burn alcohol, what color of flame do you see?醇燃烧时 应该看到什么颜色Its kind of bluish, right? 带蓝色 对吧Do you remember what color of flame is out here?记得这里火焰是什么颜色吗It was a little yellowish, right? 有些带黄色 对吧Thats because we also added a little bit of sodium chloride in there这是因为我们还在这里加了一些氯化钠The eye is more sensitive to the yellow color than it is to the blue color眼睛对黄色更敏感 对蓝色则较迟钝So we added the sodium chloride to enhance the visibility of whats going o所以我们加了些氯化钠 来增强反应的视觉效果Alright, so what happened there?好 这里发生了什么呢Dr. Shakhashiri soaked the money iShakhashiri士将钱浸入到a solution of water rubbing alcohol and a little bit of table sal擦拭酒精和少许食盐的水溶液中When he puts the money in the flame, the alcohol burn之后将钱放到火焰中 酒精开始燃烧producing heat and light, energy生成热和光 能量and carbon dioxide and wate二氧化碳和水The reaction is this反应是这样的Theres our alcoho这是酒精reacting with oxygen同氧气反应producing carbon dioxide, water and energy生成二氧化碳 水和能量So why doesnt the bill burn? 那为什么钞票没有烧起来呢If you have a beaker of alcohol and light it on fir将一烧杯酒精在上方点燃its just that very top layer of alcohol and the gas above it that burn只有最上方那层酒精和上面的气体会燃起来the rest of the alcohol in the beaker does not烧杯中的其它酒精则不会So thats whats happening with our dollar bil这里美钞的情况也是如此Lets draw a dollar bill right her这里我画一张美钞So the alcohol --酒精ROH could be any alcohol --ROH可以表示任何的醇is evaporating off the bill会从钞票上蒸发turning into the gas变为气体and burnin并燃烧So those are the flames that you see这些就是你所看到的火焰but remember that the solution is 50 percent water但要知道 溶液中有50%是水The water is evaporating much less quickly than the alcohol水的蒸发要比酒精慢很多staying in the bil留在钞票上and preventing the paper from burning阻碍纸张燃烧So thats one way to hold on to your cas这就是不让钱烧起来的方法Hope you enjoyed money to burn, and Ill see you next time但愿大家喜欢;烧钱;这个演示 我们下次再见201412/350379。
  • 精视觉精讲述In fact, Elizabeth didnt know what to do with Mary.实际上 伊丽莎白不知道如何处置玛丽All her royal instincts were出于维护王室尊严的本能outraged by the humiliations and indignities她被她的王室表侄女所遭受的羞辱和欺凌heaped on her royal cousin. 激怒得火冒三丈If Mary would agree to keep her hands off the English throne,如果玛丽能安分守己 不觊觎英格兰王位Elizabeth was solely tempted to help her regain the Scottish crown.伊丽莎白只是想帮她再次登上苏格兰王位Elizabeth could also see the wisdom of the opposite view,她同样洞悉到反对意见的明智之处that it was folly to restore认为扶持一个天主教女王a Catholic queen to the Scottish throne,登上苏格兰王位的宝座无疑是放虎归山giving a back door entry to Britain for the French and Spanish.这将给法国和西班牙入主英国带来可趁之机There was a safe Protestant当时 在苏格兰已经有一个稳定的regime in Scotland now, run by Marys enemies.新教政权体系 由玛丽的死敌掌握大权Why rock the boat?为什么要打破现状呢So if Mary imagined she could这样看来 如果玛丽以为能够依赖rely on the sisterhood of queens, she was deluded.女王间的情谊 她将大失所望了The first thing Elizabeth did was order an inquiry伊丽莎白做的第一件事 就是提出调查into the murder of Marys husband, Lord Darnley,玛丽的丈夫 达恩利亲王的谋杀案which turned into a trial in all but name.名义上是调查 实则是审讯 /201308/253686。
  • 你会在广告中看到一群昆虫叽叽喳喳幽默搞怪,然后体会到新款雪佛兰的魅力。 以下是中英对照:Hello lunch -- Wait for me!你好午餐——等会我!Everyone remember to go pee pee.每个人对记得要去小便。Im flying.我在飞。The all-new 2012 Chevy Sonic.2012全新的雪佛兰汽车。Oh -- right in the Thorax!哦——呼之欲出!Yahhh!~~ Whoooooo!~~哟吼~~From Zero To Chevy Runs Deep从零开始,雪佛兰值得信赖201405/300854。
  • 大脑成像领域的先锋Nancy Kanwisher 经常使用fMIR 扫描技术来研究大脑区域里的活动(通常是她自己的大脑)。她分享了她看到的和他的同事们学到的:大脑是有高度专门化的组分和功能宽泛的机件共同构成的。令人意想不到的是,还有很多尚待研究。201412/350455。
  • This brief Sudanese conquest of Egypt is now very much a forgotten history.苏丹对埃及的简短统治早就被世人遗忘。The official narrative of Egypt underplayed the Kushite disruption, blandly calling the reign of the Kushite kings the 25th Dynasty, thus quietly incorporating them into an unbroken story of an eternal Egypt;埃及的官方记录轻轻略过,库施的这段历史,轻描淡写地称其为第二十五王朝,简单地将其融人了埃及永恒历史的漫长故事中。but Kushs historical role is now being energetically reassessed, and Sudanese history, in some measure, rewritten.但如今,人们正在积极地重新评估库施的历史作用,苏丹的历史也在一定程度上得到了改写。In the British Museum we have a curator who has been central to this work of recovery and re-evaluation.在大英物馆,我们有一位专门负责历史重新发现与重新评估的馆长。Derek Welsby, a leading expert on the archaeology of the Sudan, has been digging along the Nile for many years.德里克韦尔斯比是著名的苏丹考古专家,He has done a lot of work at Kawa, north of Khartoum, where this sphinx came from.曾在尼罗河岸工作多年,也在本节中狮身人面像的发现地,即喀土穆北部的卡瓦进行过大量考古挖掘。It was made to go into a temple there, that had been restored by Taharqo.当年,这尊雕像曾被放置在一座经塔哈尔卡重建的神庙里。Dereks description of the working conditions at his excavation give an idea of what this land would have been like for the Kushites:德里克对挖掘时工作环境的描述,也许能让我们了解当年库施人所面对的环境:;Often its incredibly hot on site.现场可以说酷热难当。Even in the middle of winter it can be very hot, but sometimes early in the morning its incredibly cold as well, like 4 or 5 degrees, and then youve got a very strong wind.即便在严冬季节也极为炎热,有时早上只有四至五摄氏度,狂风呼啸。But by 11 oclock it can be 35, 40 degrees, so it changes very dramatically.可到上午十一点便迅速攀升到三十五至四十摄氏度,温差极大。;The temple that Taharqo built at Kawa is purely Egyptian in design-it was actually built by Egyptian workmen and architects sent by Taharqo from his capital at Memphis in Lower Egypt,塔哈尔卡在库施的中心地区卡瓦修建的神庙在设计上是纯埃及式的。事实上,参与建造的工人与建筑师也是塔哈尔卡从位于下埃及的首都孟菲斯派来的。but it was built in the heart of Kush.但修建地却位于库施中心地带。But the Egyptian influences are just a veneer over Kushite culture ... the indigenous African culture continued right the way through the Kushite period.然而,埃及文化只影响了库施文化的表面,本地的非洲文化一直是库施时代的文化核心。201408/321054。
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