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“Mad Men” ends its run on Sunday night, and a toast is definitely in order. Martinis and Manhattans are among the cocktails made for the occasion, New York City the optimal locale.周日(5月17日——译注)晚上,《广告狂人》剧终。肯定得喝一杯以示庆祝。马提尼鸡尾酒和曼哈顿鸡尾酒最适合这种场合,纽约市是最佳庆祝地点。A “Mad Men” tour of New York might start with a martini at Sardi’s (featured in Season 2), either the Little Bar on the main floor or the larger bar on the second called Club Sardi, but open to all. Upstairs, you get a view outside of the marquees for “Matilda” and “Mamma Mia” on West 44th Street, and inside of a gallery of caricatures — Bob Hope! George Hamilton! Marlo Thomas! The bartenders, in burgundy Sardi’s jackets, are pleasant, and a martini with Stolichnaya is .15 (tax included).纽约的《广告狂人》之旅可以从萨迪餐厅(Sardi’s,它在第二季里经常出现)的一杯马提尼酒开始,不管是在主楼层的小酒吧(Little Bar)还是在二层对所有人开放的更大的萨迪酒吧(Club Sardi)。在楼上,窗外能看到西44街上《玛蒂尔达》(Matilda)和《妈妈咪呀》(Mamma Mia)的招牌,室内能看到漫画展览——鲍勃·霍普(Bob Hope)!乔治·汉密尔顿(George Hamilton)!马洛·托马斯(Marlo Thomas)!酒保们身穿酒红色萨迪酒吧上衣,很讨人喜欢。一杯加有红牌伏特加(Stolichnaya)的马提尼鸡尾酒的价格是14.15美元(含税)。Don Draper wasn’t seen having a drink at the Waldorf Astoria (featured in Season 3), but you can be, at Peacock Alley, which gives you a prime vantage point from which to take in the comings and goings in the hotel’s beautiful lobby (complete with the bronze clock made for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair). Frank Caiafa, who is the bar czar here, says the 1860 Manhattan is the lounge’s second most popular drink (after the Peacock, a refresher with cranberry vodka and apricot brandy) and it’s an excellent one, with a single-barrel Four Roses bourbon and bitters made in-house ().唐·德雷珀(Don Draper)没在华尔道夫酒店(Waldorf Astoria,它在第三季里经常出现)喝过酒,但是你可以。孔雀巷酒吧(Peacock Alley)是观看酒店华丽大堂(包括为1893年芝加哥世界览会制作的铜制钟表)来往人群的绝佳地点。弗兰克·卡亚法(Frank Caiafa)是酒吧主管。他说,1860年曼哈顿鸡尾酒是这里第二受欢迎的酒水(最受欢迎的是孔雀鸡尾酒——加有越橘伏特加和杏子白兰地的提神饮料)。这款酒非常不错(22美元),加有四玫瑰(Four Roses)单桶波本威士忌和自制苦味酒。Keens Steakhouse on West 36th Street (which dates from 1885) appeared in Season 3, and you can have a steak or chops in the splendid main dining room, but I usually settle into the more casual wood-paneled pub room for the terrific prime-rib hash (.50) and a rye Manhattan () or a glass of red wine. The storied pipe collection is featured in both rooms.西36街的基恩牛排馆(Keens Steakhouse,始创于1885年)出现在第三季里。你可以在华丽的主餐厅点一份牛排或肋排,但我通常是去更随意的镶木板的酒吧间,点一份极好的上等肋条肉碎(17.50美元)和一杯黑麦威士忌曼哈顿鸡尾酒(14美元)或一杯红酒。两个房间都有历史悠久的烟斗收藏品。You can pick up the caricature crawl at Minetta Tavern on Macdougal Street in the West Village (Season 5), where the barroom displays rows of them, some by the noted artist Franz Kline. The line, “The steaks are supposed to be good here,” was heard in the episode, and it’s true; the very flavorful Tavern Steak () with a pile of crisp fries is a deal. Solid cocktails here, including a Brooklyn (), a Manhattan variation made with rye, Amaro Lucano and maraschino liqueur. The dining room is more fun than the bar.你可以在西村麦克杜格尔街(Macdougal Street)的密尼塔酒馆(Minetta Tavern,出现在第五季)继续漫画之旅。这里的酒吧间展示着一排排漫画,有些出自著名艺术家弗朗茨·克莱恩(Franz Kline)之手。《广告狂人》有一集里有这样一句台词:“据说这里的牛排很好吃。”的确如此。非常美味的酒馆牛排(Tavern Steak,28美元)加上一堆脆脆的薯条是不错的选择。这里的鸡尾酒也很棒,包括布鲁克林鸡尾酒(16美元),它是曼哈顿鸡尾酒的一个变种,是用黑麦、Amaro Lucano烈酒和黑樱桃酒调制的。餐厅比酒吧更有趣。P.J. Clarke’s on Third Avenue (at 55th Street) was in an episode in Season 1 — Peggy did the Twist here. It’s still a party after more than a century in business (born 1884). The Supremes’ “Stop! In the Name of Love” was on the sound system when I walked in the other night. (First “Mad Men” signifier: A woman at the bar had a canvas tote bag that “Life Imitates Ads.” Second: I got a perch under an old print ad for Utica Club, headlined “Our Beer Is 50 Years Behind the Times.”) And a few minutes later the personable bartender George Arnioitis — one of his tattoos s Each Day Is a Gift — was singing along with Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” No Twists, but it was early.第三大道(第55街)上的PJ克拉克酒吧(P.J. Clarke’s)在第一季的某一集里出现过——佩姬(Peggy)在这里跳过扭摆舞。在经营了一个多世纪之后(始创于1884年),这里仍是欢聚之地。前不久的一个晚上,我走进酒吧时,音响里正在播放至上女声组合(The Supremes)的《住手!以爱之名》(Stop! In the Name of Love)。(我在这里看到两幕极具《广告狂人》特色的景象。第一幕是酒吧里的一个女人拿着一个大帆布手提包,包上印着“生活模仿广告”。第二幕是我的座位在一个宣传Utica Club啤酒的老式平面广告下面,标题是“我们的啤酒落后于时代50年”。)几分钟后,风度翩翩的酒保乔治·阿尼奥提斯(George Arnioitis)——他身上的一处纹身写着“每一天都是礼物”(Each Day Is a Gift)——跟着阿尔·格林(Al Green)的《让我们在一起》(Let’s Stay Together)唱起来。没有扭摆舞,但时间还早。The hamburgers are good (the Clarke Burger with cheese is .50), the drinks well-made (the bright Sidecar includes Hennessy Cognac and Giffard cura愀漀, and a sugar rim; price ). The Sidecar is also the name of an inviting P.J. Clarke’s establishment around the corner on 55th. A manager at Clarke’s told me to walk two doors down, ring the bell and wait for the buzzer to let me up to the second floor. I stood there for several long minutes until I realized the door was unlocked. Do not let this happen to you.PJ克拉克酒吧的汉堡很棒(克拉克奶酪汉堡[Clarke Burger]的价格是12.50美元),酒水也调制得很好(明亮的边车鸡尾酒[Sidecar]含有轩尼诗白兰地[Hennessy Cognac]和吉法德库拉索酒[Giffard cura愀漀崀,杯口边缘抹了一圈糖,价格是15美元)。这家酒吧在第55街转角处还有一个诱人的所在,名字也叫边车(Sidecar)。酒吧经理让我走过两个门,按门铃,听到提示音后上二楼。我站在那里等了漫长的几分钟后才反应过来门没锁。不要再让这样的事情发生在你身上。One of the many pleasures of “Mad Men” is wondering where Don, Pete, Joan, Peggy and Roger might drink now (midway through a Manhattan, that list can be more expansive): It’s easy to see any and all at the Pegu Club on West Houston Street, having a signature Pegu Club cocktail (London dry gin, bitters, orange cura愀漀, fresh lime juice; ) and letting the Frank Sinatra-Harry James recording of “Castle Rock” kick off the evening.《广告狂人》的诸多乐趣之一是想象唐、皮特(Pete)、琼(Joan)、佩姬和罗杰(Roger)现在可能在哪里喝酒(一边喝着曼哈顿鸡尾酒一边想的话,那份名单可能会更长)。很自然会想到西休斯顿街的勃固俱乐部(Pegu Club)。在这里喝一杯标志性的勃固俱乐部鸡尾酒(含有伦敦干杜松子酒、苦味酒、库拉索橙酒和鲜酸橙汁;13美元),让弗兰克·辛纳屈(Frank Sinatra)和哈利·詹姆斯(Harry James)合唱的《城堡石》(Castle Rock)开启这个夜晚。Much of the advertising business has moved downtown so a drink at the airy Crosby Bar at the Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo may be in order: a finale on a recent night was the Charles Bronson (.50): Bulleit bourbon, sweet vermouth, yellow Chartreuse, Punt e Mes. Bronson movie it could evoke: “The Great Escape.”绝大多数的广告公司都搬到了下城,所以在SoHo区的克罗斯比街酒店(Crosby Street Hotel)宽敞的克罗斯比酒吧(Crosby Bar)喝一杯似乎也在情理之中:前不久的一个晚上,我最后喝的是查尔斯·布朗森鸡尾酒(Charles Bronson,18.50美元),它含有布莱特波本威士忌(Bulleit bourbon)、甜味美思酒、黄色察吐士酒(Chartreuse)和潘脱米味美思酒(Punt e Mes),让我想起了布朗森的电影《大逃亡》(The Great Escape)。The East Village would be a draw now, with the cocktail den Amor y Amargo on East Sixth a likely destination (three cocktails are showcased here: Manhattans, Old-Fashioneds and Negronis). It’s pretty easy to imagine a scene at the Campbell Apartment tucked into a corner of Grand Central Terminal, or, after a meeting at Google on Ninth Avenue, a drink at the elegant bar at Del Posto a block away (the barrel-aged Negronis are standouts; ).如今,东村也是一个好酒的好地方,东六街的Amor y Amargo鸡尾酒酒吧可能是个理想的地点(这里展示三种鸡尾酒:曼哈顿鸡尾酒、老式经典鸡尾酒[Old-Fashioneds]和内格罗尼鸡尾酒[Negronis])。你还很容易想到在中央车站(Grand Central Terminal)角落里的坎贝尔公寓酒吧(Campbell Apartment)喝一杯,或者在第九大道的谷歌办公室开完会后在一个街区外优雅的Del Posto酒吧喝一杯(那里的桶装陈酿内格罗尼鸡尾酒独具特色;17美元一杯)。And although “21” has not appeared in “Mad Men,” it fits. On a recent Friday night Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” was followed by Sinatra’s “Chicago,” a proper soundtrack for a properly made Manhattan (with Whistle Pig rye; ) by the bartender Mark Tubridy. It was so good I stayed for another, this one made by Tara Wright after Mr. Tubridy had departed. She decided to one-up him with the addition of a burnt orange peel, which required her applying lighter to citrus.虽然21酒吧没在《广告狂人》中出现过,但它很适合那部电视剧。前不久一个周五的晚上,这里播放着托尼·贝内特(Tony Bennett)的《情留旧金山》(I Left My Heart in San Francisco),之后是辛纳屈的《芝加哥》(Chicago)。这些歌曲与酒保马克·托布里迪(Mark Tubridy)调制得当的曼哈顿鸡尾酒(含有Whistle Pig黑麦威士忌,22美元)相得益彰。它太好喝了,所以我又要了一杯。这杯是塔拉·赖特(Tara Wright)调制的,因为托布里迪已经离开了。赖特想更胜一筹,决定加点焦橙皮,这需要她用打火机烧橙子。“A little bit of drama,” she said, which was sufficiently “Mad Men” for me.“来点戏剧效果,”她说。在我看来,这很有《广告狂人》的感觉。 /201507/386603

曾经流行的棒针衫、喇叭裤、回力鞋好像在近几年又回到了我们的生活中。甚至我们小时候穿的蹬腿;健美裤;也重新成为时尚新宠。对,时尚界管这叫;复古;。也就是说,奶奶辈的人穿过的也可以很时尚。  Granny chic denotes a fashion style which consists of old-fashioned items worn in a stylish way. Granny style cardigans, tweed mid-length skirts and flesh colored tights were seen walk down the catwalks of Paris, New York, London and Milan and the trends have now filtered down to the high street. Other granny-chic clothing include big glasses, quasi-orthopedic shoes and floral dresses. Granny chic(复古风潮)指将旧式衣物穿出时尚味道的流行风潮。老式的羊毛开衫、斜纹呢的中长裙还有肉色紧身裤频频出现在巴黎、纽约、伦敦和米兰的T台上。如今,这一时尚潮流已经走进了繁华商业街区。其他复古风潮单品还包括大眼镜、类似矫正鞋的鞋子和花裙子。 For example: 时尚小贴士:Granny-chic knitwear plus skinny pants equals a great new silhouette. 复古系的针织衫配上紧身裤就能打造出一个全新的形象

所谓西医看病看病情的结果,中医治病看病的起因。而中医养生离不开季节,比如;冬吃萝卜夏吃姜;就是以时间为根本来养生的。雨水节气期间要怎么养生呢?一句话:养脾胃,不要吃太油腻。The 24 solar terms classify the whole year into 24 phases in order in accordance to the earth#39;s climatic change caused by the change of the sun#39;s site change. 一年又24个节气,二十四节气是根据太阳在黄道(即地球绕太阳公转的轨道)上的位置来划分的。Rain more and temperature higher, nurse and harmonize Liver and Spleen, more outdoor activities to prevent being spring sleepy.气温回升,降水增多,冰雪消融。注意调养脾胃,增加运动以缓解春困。The rains(Yu Shui,雨水) is the period of rainfall in the whole year. In Chinese traditional medicine theory, the period of the rains plays the important role in caring spleen and stomach. The harmony of spleen and stomach can improve and regulate the physical metabolism. In Chinese traditional medicine, the root of human health is Yuan Qi(元气, Original Qi), and the root of Yuan Qi in human body is spleen and stomach. The poor spleen and stomach are the predominant causes of different diseases. So in the aspect of eating, people had better not eat too much oily and fat food but the red Chinese date, lotus, leek, spinach, orange, honey and sugarcane.雨水节气是一年24个节气的第二个节气,雨水节气期间雨水较多。传统中医理论认为,降雨期间是调理脾胃的最佳时期。脾胃;和谐;有助于改善和调节身体的新城代谢。据中国传统医学。人类健康的根本是元气(气)(中医认为,脾胃为;后天之本;,;气血生化之源;),脾胃主元气。脾胃失和是引起疾病的主要根源。因此,在饮食方面,人们最好不要吃太油腻和脂肪含量过高的食物,而要吃红枣、莲藕、韭菜、菠菜、蜂蜜和甘蔗。 /201202/173005

At present, there are many differences between Western children and Chinese children. Many unequal cultural background and living environment resulted in a situation.目前,中国孩子和西方孩子有许多不同。许多不同的文化背景和生活环境导致了这一现状。Chinese children pay more attention on theory knowledge; western children have better practical skills. Chinese parents are strict to their children. However, Western parents encourage their children to develop their hobbies.中国孩子在理论知识上投入更多的关注,西方孩子有更好的实践技巧。中国父母对他们的孩子非常严格。然而,西方父母鼓励他们的孩子开发他们的兴趣。Western children are more independent than Chinese children. In China, Children have no chance to practice themselves. Parents always prepare everything well for children. Western social encourage children get part time jobs to learn living skill.西方孩子比中国孩子更独立。在中国,孩子们没有机会去磨练自己。父母通常都是为孩子准备好一切。而西方却鼓励孩子找工作来学习生存技巧。 /201210/203895

Shared dreams and ambitions can help make a successful relationship.分享梦想与雄心有助于营造成功的婚姻关系。But it seems the rather less romantic link of a shared commute can also help.上下班同路也有助于婚姻美满,尽管这听上去不大浪漫。Married couples are happier if they travel to work in the same direction, says a study. Experts believe it makes couples feel they share wider goals in life.一项研究称,上下班同路的夫妇感觉更幸福。专家认为这让夫妇们感觉到自己在生活中拥有更多共同目标。They say the findings suggest newlyweds should consider choosing a home that requires them both to commute in one direction, rather than one located at the midway point between their two work places.他们说,该研究成果建议新婚夫妇考虑选择让两人能上下班同行的住所,而不是选择位于两人工作地点中间的住所。;Couples#39; marital satisfaction can depend on whether they commute to work in the same or different directions,; said lead researcher Irene Huang, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.香港中文大学首席研究员艾琳#8226;黄说,“夫妇们的婚姻满足感可能取决于他们上下班的时候是否同路。”;Physically moving in a particular goal-relevant direction (e.g. commuting to work) might become associated with more general goal-related concepts.;“走向同一个与特定目标相关的方向(如一同上下班)可能与共同实现更多总体目标联系起来。They e the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of The Little Prince, who said: ;Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but looking in the same direction together.;他们引用了法国作家,《小王子》的作者安东尼#8226;德#8226;圣-埃克苏佩里的话:“爱不是彼此凝视,而是一起注视着同一个方向。”The study, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, involved two surveys of married working adults, with participants asked how happy they were with their marriage and how satisfied they were with their spouse on a scale of one to nine. The first survey involved 280 adults in the US, who were aged 33 on average and had been married for an average of eight years.该项研究由《实验社会心理学杂志》出版,其中涉及两项对在职已婚成人的调查。在调查中,研究人员询问他们对自己婚姻的满意度,并请他们按1分到9分的标准给自己的婚姻打分。第一项调查涵盖了美国280名成人,这些人的平均年龄为33岁,平均婚龄8年。Huang and her colleagues found a clear correlation between commuting in the same direction and higher marital satisfaction. They also found that this link existed independent of other factors such as number of years married, number of children, income level and differences in actual time spent commuting.艾琳#8226;黄和她的同事们发现,上下班同路与较高的婚姻满意度之间有明显的相关性。他们还发现这种相关性独立存在于其他诸如结婚年数、子女个数、收入水平和花在上下班路上的时间等因素之外。Furthermore, the link did not depend on whether or not couples sometimes left home for work together, meaning it was not due to having the chance to talk together while commuting.此外,这种相关性也不取决于夫妇们是否有时会一起离家上班,这意味着这种相关性并不是因为夫妇们一起上下班时有更多机会交谈。The second survey involved 139 married adults in Hong Kong, who were 42 years old on average and had been married for an average of 13 years.第二项调查在香港进行,有139位平均年龄42岁,平均婚龄13年的已婚成人参与。It showed a similar correlation to the US results, which also held independent of other relevant factors.与在美国进行的第一项调查结果相似,其上下班与高婚姻满意度之间的相关性也独立于其他相关因素。 /201209/201481

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