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瑞金市做眼角除皱手术多少钱赣州哪家美容院好赣州治雀斑价格 芯片成就一切Intel is the world's largest semi-conductor company'Making super-small microchips',has made Intel one of the world's biggest tech companies, and has led college students to rank the company 34th on the ideal employer list.Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Intel is the world's largest semi-conductor company. But they also make motherboards, chipsets ,network cards, ICs, flash memory, graphic cards, embedded processors and other devices related to communications and computing.Intel has more than 1000 career opportunities posted on its website under a topic called 'jobs just for students'. Their recruiters have a strong interest in students with backgrounds in engineering, science, and business majors. And they offer a variety of internships and rotational programes to give students a taste of various departments.Intel also has a recent college graduate network, designed to help students make connections with tech-professionals both inside and outside of Intel.To find out more about Intel, it's internship programs or job opportunities, just follow the links right here on our site. For career TV, i'm Matt Rivera.02/63300In May, President Obama told visiting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov the ed States and Russia have an excellent opportunity to reset the bilateral relationship on many issues. 今年5月,奥巴马总统对来访的俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫表示,美国和俄罗斯现在有绝佳的机会可以在许多议题上重新设定双边关系。"…from nuclear weapons and nuclear proliferation; the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan; how we approach Iran; how we approach the Middle East; commercial ties between the two countries; and, how we address the financial crisis that has put such a strain on the economies of all countries around the world," Mr. Obama said.奥巴马总统说:“从核武器和核扩散,阿富汗和巴基斯坦局势,如何对待伊朗,如何对待中东问题,两国间的商业关系,以及我们如何解决这使得全世界所有国家都压力沉重的金融危机,等等。”Foreign Minister Lavrov responded favorably. 俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫对此热切回应说:"I think we work in a very pragmatic, businesslike way, on the basis of common interests whenever our positions coincide; and, on the basis of respect to each other whenever we have disagreements, trying to narrow those disagreements for the benefit of our countries and international stability," Lavrov said.“我想,我们以一种非常实际的方式,像谈生意的方式进行合作;以我们共同利益为基础的合作。而且,当我们的意见相左时,我们彼此尊重,尝试为两国的利益和国际的稳定来缩小我们的鸿沟。”One major common interest is reducing nuclear arsenals. The U.S. and Russian presidents are to receive a progress report on a new agreement to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. Progress on START could lead to closer cooperation on other issues -- says Viktor Kremenyuk, of Moscow's USA-Canada Institute. 一个主要的共同利益是减少核武器。美国和俄罗斯总统将收到一份有关取代战略武器裁减条约的新协议进展报告。莫斯科的“美国加拿大研究所”研究员克雷门约克说,战略武器裁减条约的进展将可以导致在其他议题上进一步合作。Kremenyuk says he thinks Mr. Obama is doing the right thing in making offensive strategic weapons and a new START treaty his priority. The analyst says, if this issue can be resolved, it can open the possibility of addressing other problems -- problems such as preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons -- a top U.S. foreign policy priority. Also up for grabs is the proposed missile-defense system, which Moscow strongly opposed when the Bush Administration proposed deployment in Central Europe. 他说,他认为,将攻击性战略武器和制定新的战略武器裁减条约列为优先,奥巴马总统做对了。这位分析家表示,如果这项问题能够得到解决,就有可能解决其他问题,像是防止伊朗获得核武器这类问题。伊朗获得核武器的问题是美国外交上的头号优先。其他的问题还包括拟议中的导弹防御系统。布什政府建议在中欧部署的时候,莫斯科强烈反对。Police in Russia often use force to break up opposition demonstrations, raising the question of how the Kremlin deals with dissent and human rights. Russian civic activists say the issue should be at the top of Mr. Obama's agenda, but fear it will not. 俄罗斯警察经常用武力驱散反对派示威,使得人们关切克里姆林宫究竟是怎样处理反对派和人权。俄罗斯公民活动人士表示,这项议题应该是奥巴马总统议程的优先,但是他们担心可能不是。In March, President Medvedev met in the Kremlin with former U.S. Senators Chuck Hagel and Gary Hart -- members of the bipartisan Commission on U.S. Policy Toward Russia. Although the commission urges Mr. Obama to raise human rights, it also recommends he respect Russia's sovereignty, history and traditions. 今年3月,俄罗斯总统在克里姆林宫会见前美国参议员哈格尔和哈特,他们俩都是美国对俄罗斯政策的两党委员会成员。虽然这个委员会敦促奥巴马总统对俄罗斯提出人权问题,但是也强调,俄罗斯的主权、历史和传统应该受到尊重。Igor Klyamkin, of the Liberal Mission Foundation in Moscow, told VOA the commission may be parroting the rhetoric of Kremlin officials, without regard for the hidden meaning of their words.莫斯科“自由任务基金会”的克雷金说,这个委员会也许在言辞上讨好克里姆林宫官员,没有提及他们言辞背后所隐藏的意思。Klyamkin says what they mean is that democracy and rule of law are alien to Russia; that its values and traditions are autocratic and authoritarian rule. The activist says, by using the same words [as the Kremlin], Americans indicate agreement with that kind of Russia.克雷金表示,他们真正的意思是,民主和法治对俄罗斯来讲是外来物,俄罗斯的价值和传统是集权和集权统治。这位活动人士说,借着使用和克里姆林宫一样的言辞,美国暗示和那样的俄罗斯意见一致。Viktor Kremenyuk agrees his country must democratize, if it is to modernize its economy. But he says outside pressure could be counterproductive. 克雷门约克同意,俄罗斯如果要将经济现代化,必须民主化。但是他也表示,外来的压力只会产生反效果。Kremenyuk says the idea of democratization has not had much of a response in Russia; it has not gotten through to ordinary people or to those in power. He adds that to demand observance of certain rules under such conditions will look like fundamental interference in the internal affairs of Russia. 克雷门约克说:“民主化这个想法在俄罗斯并没有太多的回应。这个想法并没有在一般人或权力阶层生根。”他并且补充说,在这样的情况下要求对特定的统治进行监督,将会使人看起来像是对俄罗斯内部事务的根本干涉。A report by the U.S. Russia Commission says Moscow's war with Georgia and its pressure on Ukraine have been troubling, but cautions against making the region a political battlefield that could have dangerous unintended consequences. Igor Klyamkin says an authoritarian Russia has an interest in an unstable Ukraine, to demonstrate that democracy does not work. Klyamkin says that approach encourages preservation of an authoritarian regime in Russia, which does not correspond with the country's national interests.During the American presidential campaign, candidate Barack Obama said the ed States should not shy away from pushing for more democracy and transparency in Russia. How hard he pushes as president should become clear when he visits the country, next month.07/76197赣州脱毛团购

赣州吸脂医院Fifteen years after pulling out because of Sierra Leone’s civil war, Peace Corps volunteers are back in the West African nation. A look at the organization's work as the Peace Corps marks its 50th anniversary this year, March 1st.3月1号是和平队成立50周年纪念日。15年前,由于塞拉利昂发生内战,美国和平队的志愿者们被迫撤出这个西非国家。现在,和平队又重返塞拉利昂。Amanda Pease is one of the first Peace Corps volunteers to work in Sierra Leone in over a decade. She has been teaching science now for six months at St. Joseph’s, a high school in the east of the country.阿曼达·皮斯是10年来在塞拉利昂工作的第一批和平队志愿者之一。过去6个月里,她一直在塞拉利昂东部圣约瑟夫高中教科学课程。For Pease, living in the roadside village of Blama, a day’s drive from the capital, Freetown, is a far cry from her coastal hometown of San Diego, California. It is also her first time to Africa. 皮斯生活在布兰玛这个偏僻的小镇,距离塞拉利昂首都弗里敦有一天的车程。这里的生活和皮斯的家乡加州圣迭哥的生活完全是两回事。Pease decided to sign up for a two-year stint as a Peace Corps volunteer after finishing a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of California Los Angeles.这是皮斯第一次到非洲去。皮斯在加州洛杉矶分校毕业拿到化学工程师的学位后,跟和平队签了一个两年的合约。"I was trying to decide between going the academic route and doing a postdoctoral degree and go into industry and then I had been doing some volunteer work and the idea was always kind of floating around," Pease said. "There was kind of an option number three on the side, and as time went on and I thought about it more and more, I was so much more excited about that option. Just the idea of trying to give an opportunity to someone who would not maybe have it."皮斯说:“我对到底是走学术路线,去做士后,还是进入业界找一份工作,一直举棋不定。因为我一直在做一些志愿工作,所以参加和平队这个想法就一直缠绕在我心头。这是我的第三个选择。随着时间流逝,我的这个愿望越来越强烈。每次一想到我可以给别人他们从来没有过的机会,我就激动不已。”There are 37 Peace Corps members serving in rural schools across the country. Joel Wallach, co-director for Peace Corps here, says they have a long history in Sierra Leone. 一共有37名和平队成员在塞拉利昂各地农村学校教书。据塞拉利昂和平队副主任乔·沃勒克介绍,和平队在塞拉利昂的历史很长。"Sierra Leone has traditionally been a very welcoming country to the Peace Corps," said Wallach. "And there have been about 3400 volunteers in a 32-year history, up until 1994. We had been thinking about coming back for a few years, but a combination of the budget allowing us to and the security situation stabilizing made the timing right last year for us to come back."沃勒克说:“塞拉利昂一直非常欢迎和平队。在1962到1994年的32年中,我们一共派3400名志愿者到塞拉利工作。过去几年,我们一直考虑重返塞拉利昂,但是由于资金和安全问题,一直到去年局势稳定了,我们重返塞拉利昂的时机才成熟。”201103/128410赣州俪人整形医院纹眉多少钱好不好 In recent months, crude oil prices have experienced their sharpest drop since the 2008 financial crisis, and now stand at around a barrel.近几个月,原油价格经历了2008年金融危机以来最深的跌幅,现在保持在每桶80美元左右。Alongside one of the main highways leading into the U.S. capital, a European tourist is filling up his rental car at a gas station.Fluctuating pricesFelix Braz believes that lower gasoline prices will be shortlived. 不过,即便价格回落,这位欧洲游客菲力克斯·布拉兹仍然认为好景不长。"Of course, it will go back up because the needs all over the world are growing," he said. "And the reserves they are not growing and it's not very difficult to understand that one day or another we'll get short of gasoline." 他说:“当然,价格还会回升,因为全世界的需求在增加,而石油蕴藏量并没有增加。不难想象,总有一天汽油会短缺。”Braz is from Luxembourg, where the price is almost double that in the ed States because of fuel taxes. 布拉兹是卢森堡人,那里的油价因为燃油税的关系几乎是美国的两倍。Another customer at the gas station is Jordanian-born Ahmed Al Hellu. He thinks gas in America is aly too expensive. 然而艾哈迈得·赫鲁认为美国的油价早就太高了。"The other day I was talking to a friend in Qatar and he said the gallon is 75 cents, comparing to what we have here -- .99, almost .00 a gallon that's a difference you know. That's a pain in the pocket," he said. 他说:“前两天我和一个卡塔尔的朋友聊天,他说在卡塔尔汽油一加仑75美分,相比我们这里每加仑3.99美元,几乎是4美元,差距太大了。这可真要命。”Al Hellu runs an import business and says cheaper fuel would provide a much-needed break for him. 赫鲁经营一家进口公司,油价便宜可以让他松口气。"Not only me. It will have a big impact on the whole country, because when the prices come down you have people transporting goods or things for their stores, the prices will come down, the wholesale will come down, the hotels, everything will come down, because everything is linked together," Hellu explained. “不光是我,整个国家都会受到很大影响,因为价格下来的话,店主的运费下降,东西也会便宜。批发价下来,不管是酒店还是其他所有东西,都会降价,因为这些都是互相联系的。”201108/148633赣州哪里丰胸较好

江西省龙南县人民医院双眼皮多少钱Bernanke Says US Economy Slowly Improving, Challenges Remain美联储主席称美国经济正缓慢复苏 Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke says the U.S. recession should begin to end later this year, and the economy is in a slow recovery, although extraordinary challenges remain and there are serious risks from deficit spending.美联储主席伯南克说,美国的经济衰退将在今年晚些时候开始结束,美国经济正在缓慢复苏,尽管不同寻常的困难依然还在,而且还存在来自赤字开的严重风险。Testifying before the House Budget Committee, the Federal Reserve chairman said he is quite sure that steps taken by the U.S. government since last year prevented a much wider global meltdown. "Last fall we very likely would have had a serious and perhaps global financial meltdown with extraordinarily adverse implications for the U.S. and global economies. I think having averted that, that we now seem to be in a process of slow and gradual repair both of the financial system and of the economy, is a major accomplishment," he said. 美联储主席伯南克在众议院预算委员会作说,他相当肯定美国政府去年以来所采取的步骤防止了全球发生更大规模的经济衰退。他说:“去年秋天,我们很可能面临一场严重的、也许还是全球性的金融崩溃,这种局面对美国和全球经济都会有特别严重的影响。我认为,我们已经避免了这种可能性,而且看来我们如今正处于缓慢并逐步修整金融系统与经济的过程中,这是重要的成就。”Steps included the 0 billion financial rescue Congress approved last year, the 7 billion economic stimulus package earlier this year, and other measures to address weakness in the banking industry and place tighter controls on the financial system. Bernanke said data suggests that the pace of the country's economic contraction may be slowing. While businesses remain cautious and continue to reduce employees and capital investments, they are also reducing excess inventory to align with realistic sales prospects. And that he says, could lead to increased production. 伯南克说,数据显示美国经济紧缩过程开始缓解。企业界一方面仍然持谨慎态度,而且继续裁员、并减少资本投资,另一方面他们也在出清过多的库存,以配合实际销售前景。他说,这样做可能提高生产。In the housing market, which has been a key drag on the economy, Bernanke says after a long period of decline there are signs of a bottoming out. 伯南克说,住房市场是拖累经济的主要因素,但是在经历了长期低落之后,现在呈现反弹的迹象。But while he predicts overall economic activity will begin to turn upward by the end of the year, Bernanke said a weak labor market, declines in household equity and wealth, and tight credit conditions could slow recovery. 虽然他预计总体经济活动将从今年年底开始呈现上升趋向,但是他又说,疲弱的劳力市场降低了家庭资产和财富,而且信贷紧缩状况也可能减慢经济复苏的速度。With some six million jobs lost so far, he added, unemployment is likely to remain high for some time, with recent information suggesting "sizable job losses and further increases in unemployment" likely in coming months.他还说,到目前为止已经失去了6百万个就业机会,而且失业率还很可能在一段时间内仍然居高不下,根据目前的信息,在未来几个月内还很可能有大量就业机会流失、和失业人数的进一步增多。Bernanke voiced particular concern about huge federal deficits, and the amount of debt held by the public measured against Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which he noted is projected to increase to about 70 percent in 2011, the highest since the early 1950's.伯南克特别表示关心的是巨大的联邦赤字和政府持有的公共债务与国内生产总值之间的比例,他预计这一比例还会继续增加,到2011年会达到约70%,这是自从上世纪50年代以来的最高点。"Even as we take steps to address the recession and threats to financial stability, maintaining the confidence of the financial markets requires that we, as a nation, begin planning now for the restoration of fiscal balance," he said.他说:“即使我们采取步骤处理这次经济衰退和危及金融稳定的威胁,要保持人们对金融市场的信心,我们作为一个国家现在就得开始筹划如何恢复收平衡。”Republicans, who have used the deficit and debt issues as key points of criticism against President Obama and the Democrats, shared this concern.共和党人一直以财政赤字和债务问题作为批评奥巴马总统及其民主党的主要论点,他们也抱有类似的忧虑。Democrat John Spratt chairs the House Budget Committee, and Paul Ryan is its ranking Republican:民主党人斯普拉特是众议院预算委员会主席,莱恩是国会内的基层共和党人。他们两人都发表了意见。SPRATT: "What we do to make the economy better is likely to make the deficit worse. Yet, at the same time we cannot add infinitely to the national debt without facing the consequences in global credit marks or on our future capacity to borrow."斯普拉特说:“我们为改善经济状况而采取的行动很可能导致财政赤字进一步扩大。但是与此同时,要是我们无限度地增加国家债务,我们就必然在全球信贷市场面临信誉降低的后果,或者也会影响我们未来的借贷能力。”RYAN: "The treasury is issuing record amounts of debt, over trillion this year alone to support recording government spending and record deficits. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve has injected an enormous amount of monetary stimulus into the economy and has even started purchasing longer-term treasury bonds in an attempt to lower borrowing costs and further ease financial conditions. This can be a dangerous policy mix - the Treasury is using debt, and the central bank is buying it."共和党人莱恩说:“财政部发放的债券金额达最高记录,仅仅今年就超过了两万亿美元用来撑破记录的政府出和财政赤字。与此同时,美联储为刺激经济增长注入了巨额资金,甚至还开始购买长期财政债券,试图以此降低借贷费用并进一步缓解金融困境,这是一种危险的混合方针,即财政部在使用债款,而中央却在购买债券。”The Obama administration has estimated that the budget deficit this fiscal year will total .8 trillion. That number is projected to decline to 0 billion in 2011.奥巴马政府已经估计这一财政年度的赤字总金额将达1万8千亿美元,这一赤字预计将在2011年下降到9千亿美元。In his testimony, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke offered what he called an important caveat to projections about recovery. He said they assume a continuing gradual repair of the financial system, and an improvement of credit conditions. 美联储主席伯南克在词中对经济复苏预测提出了他所谓的重要告诫。他说,金融体制会不断修整,信贷条件会不断改进。Any financial sector relapse [deterioration], he added, could create a significant drag on economic activity and cause "the incipient recovery" to stall.他还说,金融部门的任何状况恶化,都可能危及经济活动,并导致刚开始的经济复苏停滞不前。06/72854 兴国做激光脱毛多少钱赣州鼻头肥大



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