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Obituary讣告Eugene TerreBlanche尤金·特雷布兰奇Eugene Ney TerreBlanche, a Boer demagogue, died on April 3rd, aged 69尤金·耐·特雷布兰奇,一名布尔人宣传活动家,卒于4月3日,终年69岁On December 16th 1838, a small band of trekkers defeated a large Zulu army at the Battle of Blood River. Some say the white men prevailed because they had guns, whereas the Zulus made do with spears. But others think God intervened. Before the battle, the Afrikaners prayed, vowing always to commemorate that day if they won. Their descendants honoured that pledge. But a century and a half later, a disrespectful history professor at the University of South Africa suggested that the “Day of the Covenant” was nothing special and that God was not necessarily rooting for the tribe that created apartheid. Eugene TerreBlanche was incensed. With a posse of followers, he burst into a lecture hall, poured hot tar on the professor and then decorated him with feathers.1838年12月16日,一小队白人,历经长途跋涉,在布拉德河一役中击败了为数众多的祖鲁人军队。有人说,白人占上风是因为有,而祖鲁人用的却是长矛。还有人说,那是上帝的安排。战前,白人祈祷,如果打赢了这场战役,誓言要纪念胜利日。他们的后代子孙遵循着那个誓言。但是,一个半世纪后,南非大学的一个历史学教授贸然提出,“起誓日”没有什么特别之处,上帝不必眷顾那个创造隔离制度的种族。这让尤金 特雷布兰奇勃然大怒。他带着一帮地方武装分子,闯进了大学报告厅,把滚烫的柏油倾倒在教授身上,然后把羽毛沾在上面。This act of showboating cruelty vaulted Mr TerreBlanche to fame. Before that day in 1979, he was just a bearded racist in a country where such people were hardly in short supply. Few people noticed when in 1973 he founded a group called the Afrikaner Resistance Movement, better known later by its Afrikaner initials, AWB. He attracted as followers the kind of Boers who enjoyed donning absurd uniforms and playing soldiers. He adopted a flag that looked remarkably like a swastika, though he insisted that the design was of three interlinked 7s and represented a Christian riposte to 666, the Number of the Beast. His ideology, stripped to its essentials, was that blacks were not only inferior but also a mortal threat to the Afrikaner volk. Plenty of white South Africans agreed.这次张扬斗狠的举动让尤金·特雷布兰奇恶名远扬。1979年以前,他蓄着胡须,有着种族偏见,在那个国家,这样的人并不少见。几乎没有人注意到,他于1973年成立了一个号称非洲抵抗运动的组织,AWB,为该组织的首批布尔人成员所熟知。一些喜欢身穿奇装异和摆弄武器的布尔人为他所吸引,追随着他。他选取了一面旗帜,该旗帜的标识与纳粹党所用的十字记号极为相像,尽管他坚持说,设计图案是三个连在一起的“7”,表示的是基督徒对代号为“666”的野兽所作的机敏应答。他的思想体系归根到本质,就是黑人不仅低劣等,而且对南非白人构成致命威胁。许多南非白人同意他的观点。Times, however, were changing. As the 1980s rumbled on, slowly and secretly at first, the ruling National Party reached out to the African National Congress (ANC), the main black liberation movement. Mr TerreBlanche opposed every tiny concession. Give the black terrorists and communists an inch, he predicted, and they would destroy the country. To preserve white supremacy, he threatened a civil war. And for a while, the world worried that he might make good on his threat.然而,时代在变化。20世纪80年代滚滚而来,最初,非洲国民代表大会(非国大),主要的黑人解放运动组织,慢慢地,不知不觉地上台执政。尤金 特雷布兰奇先生对黑人运动哪怕取得的微小进步均不予妥协。他预言,对黑人进行恐怖袭击,把共产主义运动向纵深发展,他们就能摧毁整个国家。为确保白人至上,他威胁要发动内战。有段时间 ,世人担心他会言出必行。Eugene Ney TerreBlanche was born on a farm in Ventersdorp, a small town in the north, in 1941. His family was of French Huguenot stock, and was said to have been in South Africa since the 1760s. His grandfather had fought against the British during the Anglo-Boer war. The young TerreBlanche stood out among his small-town peers, leading both the school rugby team and its debating club. On leaving school, he joined the police. He provided protection for politicians, and acted in plays staged by the Police Cultural Group, which he also ran. His thespian skills were the key to his success. He had a rich, chocolatey voice and genuine charisma. Alternately thundering and whispering from the podium, he wove together biblical, historical and apocalyptic themes. He called Nelson Mandela “Barabbas from Robben Island”. At the peak of his notoriety, said that tens of thousands of commandos would rise up when he gave the word.尤金·特雷布兰奇,1941年出生在北部小镇,温特斯多普的一个农场。他的家族一直信奉法国胡格诺派教,据说,自从18世纪60年代就定居在南非。在盎格鲁---布尔人战争中,他的祖父抗击英国人。在那个小镇上,年轻的尤金·特雷布兰奇在同龄人中卓然不同,他不仅带领着学校的橄榄球队,还主持着校园辩论会。离开学校后,他加入了警队,为从政者提供保护,并在警察的文化团体中上台表演,那个表演团也是他组织的。他的表演才能才是他成功的关健所在。他那如同巧克力糖般香甜的嗓音富于变化,整个人散发着超凡魅力,浑然天成。在舞台上,他时而声如洪钟,时而鬓鬓耳语,并将有关圣经、历史和启示录的主题混编在一起。他称纳尔逊·曼德拉为“罗奔岛的巴巴拉”。在其恶名达致顶峰之际,只要他动一动嘴皮子 ,成千上成的布尔人马上就能起兵造反。In the early 1990s, when apartheid was dying, Mr TerreBlanche tried violently to revive it. In 1993 his men crashed an armoured car through the glass fa?ade of a building near Johannesburg where the government was now openly negotiating with the ANC. Having driven out the delegates, Mr TerreBlanches bully boys held a barbecue. But when they left, the talks resumed. In March the next year, with about 100 of his followers, he invaded Bophuthatswana, a nominally independent “homeland” created by the apartheid government as a dumping-ground for jobless blacks. They drove around in their bakkies (pick-up trucks), killing black pedestrians at random, and seemed genuinely surprised when black policemen shot back at them. After three khaki-shorted AWB thugs were killed, the rest fled in disarray. And that was that for the white counter-revolution. Some of Mr TerreBlanches supporters set off bombs to disrupt the poll, killing around 20 people. But that was nowhere near enough to stop millions of blacks from turning out to vote.20世纪90年代早期,种族隔离制度行将就木,尤金·特雷布兰奇先生力图强行让这种制度死灰复燃。1993年,他的喽罗们撞毁一辆装甲车,穿过约翰内斯堡一道玻璃外墙,来到附近一幢大楼,那里,政府正在同非洲国民大会分开进行交涉。驱散代表后,尤金·特雷布兰奇先生手下的这些打手烧烤去了。他们一离开,谈判旋即恢复。翌年三月,在100多名手下的簇拥下,他闯入了茨瓦纳,一个名义上的独立的“家园”,由推行种族隔离制度的政府为安置无业的黑人设立的垃圾场。他们开着皮卡车,随意杀步行的黑人,当黑人警察向他们开,予以还击时,他们看上去着实吃惊不小。三个着黄卡其布短衫的暴徒被击毙,剩余的作鸟兽散。对于白人来说,形势发生逆转。尤金·特雷布兰奇先生的持者投放炸弹来扰乱投票,造成20人死亡。但是成百万的黑人进行投票选举已势在必行。The “leader”, as he styled himself, was no nicer in private. Though he won amnesty for his political crimes, he was jailed for beating one black worker into a coma and attempting to murder another. Yet unintentionally, he did some good. By making his cause look ridiculous, he weakened it. He fell off his horse at a parade. He wore green underpants with holes in them. He could fill a stadium and put on a show, but as a military commander, he was hopeless. Newspapers mocked him with punning headlines, such as “O volk! TerreBlanche is back again”. Had he been less of a buffoon, South Africas road to democracy might have been bloodier.“头”,他这样称呼自己,私下里也不是那么好听。虽然他在政治上的犯罪得到大赦,但由于将一名黑人雇工打昏并力图谋杀另一名而被收监。然而,他无意中行了点好。他让其的事业招致越来越多的笑料,并日渐萎缩。游行时,他从马背跌落。他穿着多孔绿色内裤。他在体育馆内跑满全场进行表演,但是作为一武装力量的指挥官,他陷入了绝望。报纸上用双关语的标题来嘲笑他,比如“喔,人民,特雷布兰奇又回来了”。要不是他那么搞笑的话,南非的民主进程可能会更血腥。”In the late 1990s he released a CD on which he his own poems. They were packed with images of wide farms, dry riverbeds, windswept veld, frolicking gemsbok and scratching guinea fowl. Even the birds were better off than Afrikaners, he grumbled: “Even the marsh-lourie has his sleeping-place and his fellows, his lourie-people.” How far, he wondered, would he have to travel to find his own volkstaat?20世纪90年代晚期,他出了一张CD,里面是朗诵自己诗篇的音频。这些诗篇的意象里是宽阔的农场,干涸的河床,刮风的草场,嬉戏的大羚羊还有觅食的珍珠鸡。甚至鸟儿也比布尔人好,他咕哝着:“即便是沼泽蕉鹃也有他的栖息地,他的伙伴,他的鸟群。”他想知道,他要找到自己的布尔人国家,得走多远呢?He was beaten to death last week, allegedly by two black farmworkers. The murder has sparked fears of renewed racial violence in South Africa. But the motive was apparently personal: unpaid wages and, one imagines, a less than agreeable management style.上个星期,他被棒杀。据说,嫌犯是农场的两名黑人雇工。谋杀让人担心,南非的种族暴力会重新燃起。但从表面上看,杀人动机纯属私人恩怨:欠发薪水,以及想当然地认为,管理方式粗暴。 /201208/196214SnakeVision蛇的视力Snakes have heat-vision that allows them to catch their dinners in the dark. True or false?蛇靠着它们的“热视力”能力来在夜晚捕捉猎物。是对还是错?True! It isn’t quite right to call it “vision,” though–more accurate would be to say that certain species, such as rattlers, have pits just under their eyes that contain specialized heat-sensing organs.当然是正确的!但是把蛇的这种能力说成是“视力”好像不是很准确。更准确地说,应该是某些蛇类,如响尾蛇,在它们眼睛的下面部位有专门的呈凹陷状的热感应器官——颊窝。This ability to spot heat comes in handy in the desert, especially if you’re out looking for a quick-moving mouse to make into a snack and there isn’t enough light to see by. Rattlers are amazingly good at catching prey because of their heat-seeking ability.在沙漠当中,蛇的这一能力可谓是方便之极。特别是当蛇在周围光线不足的情况下,想要抓只小老鼠当点心的时候,更能体现其方便之处。响尾蛇是响当当的捕猎好手,当然,这基本上是得益于它的热感应能力。New studies have actually shown that the same sense organs are used for seeking cold as well. This is just as important when you live in a desert; overheating is always a possibility. Two researchers at Indiana State University in Terre Haute found this out by covering some rattlers’ facial pits with little plastic balls temporarily glued in place.新的研究表明,颊窝还可以用来做冷感应器。生活在沙漠中,找出较凉爽的地方也是很重要的;毕竟,在沙漠中过热现象是家常便饭。两名印第安纳州立大学的研究人员在Terre Haute得出了这一结论。他们暂时用胶水把塑料小球固定在一些响尾蛇的颊窝上,以此将它们的颊窝堵住。With these organsblocked, the rattlers were no better at finding the cool spot in a maze than if they had been moving around by chance. They were “cool-blind.” Take the balls out and the rattlers quickly found their way to the cooler spot. Their thermal vision, so to speak, had been restored.在颊窝被堵住的情况下,响尾蛇便无法从一个迷宫中找出“温度较低的地方”,相比,它只会在四处乱转。此时此刻的它们是“冷盲”。取出小塑料球,响尾蛇便能迅速地找出较冷的地方。也可以说是,他们的热视力已经恢复了。Now researchers debate this, but it’s possible that the ability to find a cool spot in a desert actually came first, in terms of evolutionary history. Get that, and the ability to snag a hot mouse might come as a tasty bonus.目前,科学家们正就此展开讨论。但是,从演化历史来看,凭借这一能力在沙漠中找到一个较凉爽的地方确实是至关重要的。满足这一点之后,再靠热感应能力去抓一只活生生的老鼠也算是美味的奖励啦。 /201212/215250Business Alternative law firms Bargain briefs商业 律师事务所可他选 概说律所议价Technology offers 50 ways to leave your lawyer网络给你50种选择来挑律师CONVENTIONAL law firms charge vast hourly fees and then hand the work to underlings while the partners play golf at clubs their clients are too poor to join. At least, that is how it seems to many clients, whose irritation at being overcharged turned to fury during the recession.传统的律师事务所每小时的收费很多,但之后老板就把工作丢给手下去办,以至于当律所合伙人在俱乐部里打高尔夫的时候,他们的客户却只能望门兴叹。至少,对很多的客户来说就是这么一回事,律所的过度收费使得在经济危机期间这些客户的怨气重重恶化成了恼羞成怒。Some clients are switching to unconventional law firms, which claim to offer equally good lawyering for much less money. Take Clearspire. The firms 20 or so lawyers work mostly from home, collaborating on a multi-million-dollar technology platform that mimics a virtual office. A lawyer checking in on a colleague automatically sees a picture of her on the phone when she is, in fact, on the phone. Clients use the platform too, commenting on and even changing their own documents as they are being drawn up. Conventional lawyers are far less open.因此很多客户转向非传统的律师事务所,这些公司宣称提供同样的律师务,但收费低廉。拿Clearspire来说。这家律师事务所里的约20名律师中,大部分都在家里工作,他们在一个价值百万美元的技术平台所模拟构建的虚拟办公室中互相合作。一个律师要找另一个同事,而他的同事在打电话,他就会看到自动显示的这位同事在打电话的画面。客户们也使用这个虚拟平台,为自己的文件材料作批注,甚至想起草文件一样修改文件的内容。传统的律师们可就没这么灵活了。From the start, Clearspire offers cost estimates for each phase of a legal job. Employees who underestimate how long it will take cannot simply jack up the bill—they must take the hit themselves. But if a lawyer finishes his work faster than promised, he gets a third of the savings. The client also gets a third, as does Clearspire. This gives everyone a stake in making the process more efficient and predictable.从一开始,Clearspire就提供了一项法律务每个阶段的收费金额。那些低估业务需要时间的律师们可不能随便地加费——他们必须自己承受损失。但如果一个律师在承诺的时间期限之前完成了工作,他还能得到保留金的1/3。客户和Clearspire也都能分别拿到保留金的1/3,这一政策就是给那些做事有效率且有预见性的律师一个奖励。Bryce Arrowood, the founder, notes that law firms reward partners who bring in business, and not necessarily the most brilliant lawyers. Yet clients priorities are exactly the reverse. So Clearspire has an unusual dual structure. American law firms cannot have non-lawyers sharing fees with lawyers. (Britain used to be the same, but will ditch this pointless rule this year.) So Clearspire must be two entities: a law firm, with salaried employee-lawyers rather than partners, and a second company that focuses on bringing in business and supporting the lawyers.布赖斯. 艾尔伍德,这位Clearspire的创建者指出,律师事务所奖励那些招揽生意的合伙人,而这些人不一定就是最出色的律师,但是客户们的首选可不是这些人。所以Clearspire有一个双重的运作结构,因为美国的律所不能分享律师们的非律师业务的收费,(英国从前与美国一样, 不过今年英国要废除这一毫无意义的规定。)因此Clearspire必须为两个公司:一个为律师事务所,与领工资的雇佣律师们而不是合伙人打交道,另一个工资则旨在招揽生意并给律师工资。The discount for clients is sweet. George Kappaz is a private-equity boss who recently gave a complex job to Clearspire (structuring an equity package for Astrata, one his funds firms). He estimates that it cost a quarter of what he would have paid the big firms he used before, and Clearspires work was just as good. (Many of its lawyers come from top-notch law firms.) Mr Kappaz predicts that the Clearspire model, or something like it, will revolutionise the legal business.非传统的律所给客户带来了甜头。乔治.卡帕兹是一个私有股份公司的老板,它最近委托Clearspire一个复杂的业务。(为他的一个基金公司Astrata建构一个股份组合)他估计这个业务的花费,可能只为以往他用的那个大律所的花费的1/4.并且 Clearspire干的一样的好。(很多Clearspire 的律师来自高级律所。)卡帕兹预测说Clearspire的这种模式,或是类似它的运营模式,会在律师界引起大革命。Perhaps so, but for Clearspire it is early days. Can it make money? A company like 11-year-old Axiom proves that clients have an appetite for alternative models. Axiom either seconds some of its hundreds of lawyers to a company, takes on a whole chunk of a client firms legal work (such as commercial contracts), or performs ;discovery; (reviewing documents for litigation). Rather than charging by the hour for each lawyer, it asks for a single flat fee, or charges for a team by the week or the month. Expenses are kept low by having headquarters in SoHo, a chic bohemian bit of New York, and by stashing many lawyers in even cheaper places such as Houston and Hyderabad.也许是这样的,但是对于Clearspire 来说此言尚早。Clearspire会盈利么?Axion这一运营了11年的公司明了客户喜欢不同的律所模式。Axion要么从几百名律师中调派一些去客户公司,处理大量的客户公司的法律业务,(例如商务合同)要么做;据开示(程序);(复审诉讼文件)。 比起按律师按小时收费,公司简单地收取统一价。或者按周/月收取一组律师的费用。通过把总部设在索霍区/休南区——这个雅致又富有波西米亚风格的纽约一角,还有通过把律师们储备在像休斯顿和海德拉巴这样消费更低的地方,律所的开销就能保持低廉了。The recession was good to Axiom. After it sent its consultants, recruited from the likes of McKinsey and Accenture, to clients to help them trim their legal spending, the clients gave Axiom more work. Revenue grew from m in 2008 to m in 2010. This year the firm expects to rake in 0m. Companies were always under pressure to cut their legal bills, says Mark Harris, Axioms boss. But ;fake pressure; before became ;real pressure; during the downturn.对于Axiom,经济危机是件好事。Axiom将从Mckinsey和Accenture那里挖来的咨询师派到客户那里之后,他们帮忙客户们削减了法律开,这些客户则为Axiom带来了更多的客户。公司的利润从08年的5500万美元增长到了10年的8000万美元。今年Axiom预计能将12000万美元敛入囊中。公司总在削减法律账单的压力下,Axiom的老板马克.哈里斯如是说,但以前的;伪压力;在经济危机中变成了;真压力;。Axiom and Clearspire serve some of Americas biggest companies. Other entrepreneurs are aiming at small-business clients. These would normally take a chance on finding the right sole practitioner or small firm. But on LawPivot, a year-old social-networking website for lawyers and those who need them, potential clients post questions (up to three a month), and lawyers provide free, brief answers. The lawyers make nothing, but use the service to drum up custom. Clients can test a lawyers skill before opening their wallets.Axiom和Clearspirewei 为美国的一些大公司务。其他的律所则瞄准了小型企业客户上,他们一般会试着找个体户或是小公司。但是在Lawpivot,这个为律师和需要律师的人运营了一年的社交网站上,潜在客户们提出问题(每月限制3个),之后律师们提供免费的简洁的回答。律师没在做别的,不过是用这一务去争取顾客。这样客户们在掏腰包之前就可以测试律师的水平了。LawPivot is a social-networking site, not a law firm—it will make its money initially by charging lawyers to upgrade their profiles (similar to the networking profiles on LinkedIn). Google Ventures is a backer, and Apples former top lawyer for mergers and acquisitions is a co-founder. This kind of heft will bring it up against LegalZoom, the biggest seller of online forms and easy, repeatable legal services for small businesses and individuals. LegalZoom now wants to put more of its contract lawyers to work directly for clients at a flat rate.LawPivotshiyige 是一个社交网站,并不是律师事务所——它靠起始阶段向律师们收取信息更新费赚钱。(这与Linkedln的网络信息相似)不过有谷歌风投作为赞助商,还有苹果公司的前任合并收购高级律师做为共同创建人。这种强强组合将会使LawPivot能与LegalZoom一较高下。LegalZoom是最大的以在线形式为小型企业和个人提供简易并可重复的法律务公司。如今,Legalzoom想要使其更多的签约律师去按统一收费率直接为客户务。It is more than a decade since the internet made book-buying cheaper and more convenient. If technology now helps cut gargantuan legal bills in America and elsewhere, it will be better late than never.互联网使得买书更便宜,方便已经有10多年了。对于法律,互联网如果能在这时候,在美国还有其他地方,帮忙削减大笔的法律开的话,就会是亡羊补牢了。 /201301/222700

No planet beats Saturn for jaw-dropping beauty.没有一个行星比土星更为美丽。Saturn is the most photogenic planet in all the solar system.土星是所有的太阳系中最上镜的星球。Some of the pictures are to dye for.有些照片可以令人为之遐想。But postcards only tell part of the story.但仅仅就明信片而言只讲述了这个故事的一部分。Beauty is only skin deep.美丽只是肤浅的。Its really as feeling and seizing inside.抓住内在才是至关重要。Soar above the planet with its six-sided storms for rain side action.这个星球上的风暴以6个方向展开。That could just imagine what might be like to like holding a rain partical in my hand.只是想象下微小到在我手中就可以掌控的细雨。Even more mysteries surround the impressive fountains of Enceladus,甚至更令人印象深刻的奥秘是环绕的喷泉,with secrets of life might spring from the moon salty gathers.生命的秘密可能源自月球。This is the little moon it has it all.这就是小月亮拥有的一切。And the samples are coming up to space.而样品都都来自太空。There is a big sign there.这是一个大的迹象。Free samples. Take one.免费样品。拿一个吧。Then drop by the big orange moon Titan and descend beneath its smoggy veil.然后这个大大的橘色泰坦星球在烟雾弥漫的面纱中揭开了帷幕。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/182916

Why are there no restaurants on the moon? Great food. No atmosphere. The atmosphere is the layer of gases that surrounds a planet or other massive body. Although our atmosphere extends for tens of miles, almost ninety-nine percent of it is within eighteen miles of the earths surface.Our own atmosphere is mostly nitrogen, with about twenty-percent being the oxygen we breathe. But, a planet doesnt start out having an atmosphere like ours. Much of the carbon dioxide that envelops earth, for example, was originally embedded inside rocks, and later released by heat from the sun. About a billion years ago, simple green plants started generating oxygen, which soon became a major part of our atmosphere as well.为何会月球上没有餐厅?很棒的食物。没有大气层。大气层是环绕星球或其他巨大天体的大气层。虽然我们的大气层延伸几十里,几乎99%的大气都在地球表面18英里范围内。我们自己的大气层主要成分是氮,约20%的成为我们呼吸的氧气。但是,一个星球最初时的大气层和我们的大气层并不一样。很多二氧化碳笼罩大地,比如,原本储存在岩石内的二氧化碳,经过太阳的加热而被释放出来。大约10亿年前,简单的绿色植物开始产生氧气,氧气很快成为了我们的大气层主要部分。201202/169754

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