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Europe Has Praise and Great Expectations for Obama Administration欧洲人满怀热情期待奥巴马任总统   More than a million people braved the bitter cold in Washington to see Barack Obama take the oath of office as America's 44th President, millions more around the world watched live TV coverage of the event. 超过100万的人群冒着严寒前来华盛顿聆听奥巴马就任美国第44任总统的就职演说,而在全世界,还有亿万人在电视机上收看。欧洲人怀着巨大的热情,期待奥巴马担任美国总统。It was a regular work day in Europe and darkness had fallen by the time Barack Obama took the oath of office, but that did not diminish the interest or the eagerness with which so many Europeans awaited the event. 对欧洲来说,星期二是个普通工作日,而且当奥巴马发表就职演说时,天色已经昏暗,但是,这些都没有减低欧洲人怀着巨大的热情和兴趣,期待这次盛会。There were celebrations in the far corners of the world. Feasts were prepared in Kenya, the homeland of President Obama's father; students in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, gathered to watch the inauguration in the elementary school Barack Obama attended as a child. Black-tie dinners and champagne parties were being held in the capitals of Europe. 在世界的偏远角落也有庆祝。奥巴马生父的家乡肯尼亚也准备了庆祝活动;在印尼首都雅加达,学生们聚集在奥巴马曾经就读的小学,在电视机前观赏这项就职。欧洲各国首都则举行了一连串正式庆祝晚宴。Barack Obama has long been a favorite in Europe - young, energetic, full of charisma and words that promised change. 奥巴马很长时间以来就受到欧洲人的欢迎,因为他年轻,活力四射,充满领袖魅力,而且誓言改变。German Chancellor Angela Merkel sent words of congratulations. 德国总理梅克尔恭贺说:"It is a very special day, not only for the ed States of America, but a special day also for billions of people all over the world," she said.  “这是非常特殊的一天,不单单对美国特殊,而且对全世界亿万人而言,这也是特殊的一天。”Mrs. Merkel said it is historic to have this first African-American president, and she said she looks forward to a strong, intensive trans-Atlantic cooperation. 梅克尔说,头一位非洲裔美国总统是历史性的,她表示,她期待大西洋两岸更坚强和紧密的合作。Her French counter-part, President Nicolas Sarkozy also sent his congratulations.  法国总统萨科齐也发出恭贺。"We are anxious to see him get to work so we can change the world with him," President Sarkozy said. 萨科齐说:“我们急切盼望他开始工作,以便我们能和他一起改变这个世界。”French political analyst, Etienne Schweisguth of the prestigious political science university in Paris, said there has been an almost euphoric mood about Mr. Obama. 巴黎著名的政治大学政治分析家史维古特说,对奥巴马就任美国总统,人们几乎有一种欣喜若狂的情绪。He said the sentiment in France is a bit like the liberation after World War II - the idea that we are entering a new world, that everything is possible. 他说:“在法国,这种情绪有点类似二次大战后法国被解放时的情绪,好像我们正进入一个新的世界,每件事都成为可能。”Schweisguth acknowledged that this dream of an ideal world may not be realistic, but he said there is a fundamental expectation in France that under Barack Obama, America will find its way again to work for a new world order. 史维古特承认,这种理想世界的情绪也许不够现实,但是他表示,在法国,人们有一个根本的期待,那就是,在奥巴马主政下,美国将会为建立新的世界秩序再度找出办法。In his inaugural address President Obama outlined the work that must be done, saying the problems are many and complex from a global economic crisis, to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the challenges of strengthening old alliances and building new ones. 在就职演说里,奥巴马总统已经勾勒出他必须完成的工作。奥巴马说,从全球经济危机,到伊拉克和阿富汗战争,到加强旧盟邦关系和建立新关系,所面对的问题和挑战,繁多而且复杂。01/61426。

  • New York Mass Transit Boosts Security Following Moscow Attacks纽约地铁加强安保措施The massive New York City public transit system has stepped up security measures after two suicide bombings in Moscow's underground train system killed at least 39 people. The police department says there has been no specific threat against the city's subway system, but additional security has been put in place as a precaution.莫斯科两起自杀式炸弹爆炸导致至少39人丧生之后,纽约庞大的公共交通系统加强了安保措施。纽约警察局说,尽管纽约地铁系统并没有受到特别的威胁,但纽约市还是加强了对地铁系统的安保措施。The additional coverage includes more armed officers and sniffer dogs patrolling subway stations as well as more frequent bag checks and increased surveillance of high-traffic areas.这些额外措施包括配置更多的武装警察和嗅探犬,更频繁的包裹搜查以及加强对交通繁忙地段的监测。Mayor Michael Bloomberg says all New Yorkers, including the more than 250,000 with Russian heritage, express their deepest sympathy to the victims of the Moscow train bombings. He says any terrorist attack reminds the city it needs to remain vigilant.纽约市长布隆伯格说,所有纽约市民,包括25多万名有俄罗斯血统的人,对莫斯科地铁爆炸事件深表同情。他说,任何恐怖袭击都提醒纽约必须保持警惕。"The answer to what we're doing is we change it every day and for security reasons, obviously, we're not going to tell anybody what we are doing," he said. "But you can rest assured that we have great interest in what goes on around the world." “出于安全考虑,我们每天都做改动,我们不会告诉任何人这些改动是什么。但是你可以放心,我们高度关注世界各地发生的事情。”The two bomb attacks in Moscow occurred during Monday's busy morning rush to work. Russian officials say early indications are that the attacks were the work of militant groups from the Northern Caucasus.The attacks, carried out by two women, have spurred transit officials in New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago and other U.S. cities to temporarily tighten security to deter copycats.莫斯科地铁爆炸案促使纽约、华盛顿、波士顿、芝加哥和其它美国城市的交通官员都临时性地加强了安全措施,以防止任何类似事件发生。One subway rider in New York, Willma Matthews, says the attacks in Russia serve as a reminder of the vulnerability of mass transit.威尔马·马休斯是纽约的地铁乘客。他说,俄罗斯的恐怖袭击提醒人们,公共交通系统是一个薄弱环节。"If someone wants to do something, I guess you can't stop people," she said. "You don't know what's under someone's coat."“如果有人想要做什么,你没有办法阻止他们。你不知道别人衣里藏了什么。”Last month, an Afghan immigrant living in the western U.S. state of Colorado, Najibullah Zazi, pleaded guilty to charges of leading a plot to bomb the New York subway system.上个月,住在科罗拉多州的阿富汗移民纳吉卜拉·查兹承认了有关他带头策划对纽约地铁发动爆炸袭击的指控。201004/100637。
  • Katie Scott loooks at Sony's House of the Future at Grand Designs Live and Stuart Miles get a first look at the new HTC Touch Diamond and Audio Pro Porto. So here is Paul from Design Odyssey who is goanna explain to us this absolutely incredible compact bathroom system, so Paul, what is it? Hah, Katie, all this is an all-in-one vertical bathroom. It consists of its top shower up here which rotates out, a shower lower down for children, etc. And then we have the system module flushing the toilet so that's hidden away. Then we have a couple of storage units, to store in your bottles, etc. There are lids on that to prevent the water getting in. So you can actually lift this up and put stuff inside them, okay. Yes. Lift them up ,you can put your wire baskets in there, customize how you want. And then we have the basin what you want as well which is a stainless steel bowl. Monobloc makes it so dispenser and then your shower controls to control the two overhead showers,(fantastic). Now rotate out the way as well revealing your toilet which has a soft cloth seat and a stainless steel pan. And then in here we have toilet roll and on the other side, we have toilet brush. So it’s very compact, very functional. Next year, we are hoping to be open really to a luxury version, with a mirror TV and some lights in as well and this ** we could out there upon the request. And so what sort of price we are talking to? For the all-in-one as you see, it’s around about 10..., just only 10,000 including VATs. Ok and is it available now? It will be available in next couple of months. We are just finishing it off in couple of weeks and then we are y to go. Fantastic. Paul thanks ever so much for your time and thank you so much for showing us the system. First of all excuse the lights. It’s actually not just may getting incredibly sunburn last weekend. It’s just very reddened here. This is the house in future after all, so why not have red lights instead of white. I am actually sitting on the hot red lounge which is incredible because it purely uses magnet to basically hover and what you can see is if I move around is that the chair actually moves around but its base just basically on this magnet pushing off each other and it’s incredibly steady and it’s very comfortable of stay with that, beyond the seats-on which would be actually cushions-on but this gives you sense of, you know, what this chair actually does, and it also gives you sense of the fact that it’s quite tough so it could be outside and be in house and in that aspect, it can definitely be one of the chairs in the future. So we are here in the HTC Diamond launch in London to and we manage to get our hands on the latest handset to check it out to see what it is about. What you get, well you get a 3.20 mega-pixel camera. That’s H’s DPA 7.2 in the unit so that you can upload and download at high speed. There is also a WIFI (wireless Fidelity). But the impressive thing is the new touch close 3D interface which if you just push your fingers on there allows you to scroll through very quickly to different settings, chosen weather. Now, it runs on mobile 6.1, but pretty much it doesn’t look like 6.18 stable form. In fact, the Internet browser is from the Opera rather than Internet Explorers 6. And as you can see it, very graphical in its approach, if we go quickly to the "personal s", everything is very pretty and images sort of scroll up or we go to "people", and you are goanna sign photos where you can look through the scroll through like a roller it acts, but also the Internet is very quick so we press the button here, page loads, now double tapping zooms in, you can scroll around just like the Iphone. And what’s interesting is that the text will also resize according to the screen rather than gonna…. So we got some text here, going to double tapping. As you can see it’s automatically resized. Then double tap when expand back yet. That’s really clever. and that’s the HTC Diamond due out on all networks in UK in June. So this might look like a normal Velux's window, but it’s not. How many times if you looked around flat in London where obviously there is no space and it says Juliet Balcony will check this out. Now I know I have a very silly look on my face when I did that. But the first time they showed me, I thought it must be incredibly heavy. But actually I’m a complete weight, and it was no weight at all, and it's also really weak for you to collapse. So, what you have to do is, lift up these little catchers. So that is one there, one on this side, pull it back in, and take it down. That's easy. This is the Cabrio Balcony System from Velux. And it's about 2000 pounds and it will be available on the market very soon. So I hope you enjoyed our dash-around Grand Design's Life and I hope also it's given you some inspiration ideas for your home maybe not now but may be for the future. Thanks for watching. wire basket: VAT: Value-Added TaxVelux#8482;: A company specialized in producing roof windows and skylights.200812/60005。
  • Why donrsquo;t the cornflakes at the bottom of the box get crushed by the weight of the flakes on top? Thatrsquo;s the question on this Moment of Science. Research by mathematician Bruce Pitman of the State University of New York at Buffalo indicated there are two factors that protect the bottom flakes: their arrangement in the box, and friction. Some of the flakes bear the weight of several, some lean against neighbors, are wedged in between other flakes, their rough edges catch on adjacent flakes, or theyrsquo;re pressed against the walls of the container. These interactions create friction between flakes, and between flakes and the wall. This friction allows each flake to partially support another. The interlocking of the flakes transfers the weight in several directions, with most of it ultimately ending up at the walls of the box rather than the bottom.为什么没有在盒子底部的玉米片没有被顶部的玉米片压坏?这就是今天的科学问题。布法罗纽约州立大学的数学家布鲁斯皮特曼所做的研究表明,保护底部的玉米片有两个因素:他们安排在箱子中的排列和擦。一些薄片承担几个薄片的重要,一些薄片紧靠着旁边的薄片,是在其他片之间的楔形,有些挤出进其他的拨片中,粗糙的边缘和相邻的薄片接触,或是被容器壁挤压。这些相互作用增加了薄片之间的莫灿,以及薄片和容器壁之间的擦。这种擦让每个薄片有一部分撑另一个。薄片环环相扣将重量向不同方向转移,其中大部分重量落在容器壁上,而不是容器底部。cornflakes n.干玉米片wedge v.挤进adjacent adj.邻近的interaction n. 交互作用163567。
  • Tort reform侵权法改革Closing the lottery不能再靠碰运气The debate over tort reform generates exaggerated claims, but also a few good ideas改革催生了大量索赔,但也带来一些好观念IN HIS floundering campaign for president, Rick Perry has at least brought one topic into prominence: tort reform. In June the governor of Texas signed a ;loser pays; tort law, intended to discourage slight or frivolous lawsuits by making losers pay the winnersrsquo; legal costs. Conservatives are eager to support it. The right has maintained for decades that Americarsquo;s legal culture smothers small businesses, doctors and innovators.里克bull;佩里的竞选之路举步维艰,但他提出的;侵权法改革;却引起热议。今年六月,这位德州州长签署了 ;败诉赔付;的侵权法案,规定侵权案的败诉方要补偿胜诉方的法律成本,希望以此减少一些琐细无聊的侵权诉讼。该法案得到保守分子的大力持。几十年来,右派人士坚持认为,美国的法律文化窒息了小企业、医生和创新者。Too bad, then, that the Texas law is timid. ;Loser pays; is the norm in many countries, including England, Canada and Germany. But there, ;loser pays; is the rule in most torts. The Texas bill awards legal costs only for suits ;that have no basis in law or in fact; and are dismissed before any evidence is gathered. Most competent lawyers can write a complaint that clears this bar. Even the Texas trial-lawyersrsquo; association eventually endorsed Mr Perryrsquo;s law.糟糕透顶的是,德州的这项法律太过小心。在英格兰、加拿大、德国等许多国家,;败诉赔付;已是处理侵权纠纷的常规标准,不过在这些国家这一规定适用于多数侵权案的裁定,而德州;败诉赔偿;法律只适用于那些;缺少法律或事实基础;且在据收集前就被撤案的诉讼。大多数合格的律师能够写出避开这个障碍的诉状。即便德克萨斯州辩护律师联合会最终也同意了佩里的这个法案。Only one other state, Alaska, has loser-pays, and only for a portion of fees. More intriguingly, Florida imposed ;loser-pays; in 1980 for medical-malpractice cases. The number of claims dropped, but the average award rose, suggesting that more high-merit cases got their day in court while low-merit filings were deterred or settled for less. But many losing plaintiffs were too poor to pay the winnersrsquo; costs, while in one case a losing defendant had to pay millions for the plaintiffrsquo;s legal fees. Even doctors supported the lawrsquo;s repeal in 1985.还有另外唯一一个实行败诉偿付的州,那就是阿拉斯加,但这里败诉方付的仅是胜诉方法律成本的一部分。更有趣的是,1980年佛罗里达州在处理医疗事故案例时就使用过;败方赔偿;制度。这种制度的实施使诉讼的数量下降了,但平均裁决赔偿额提高了,这表明,诉诸法律的更多的是那些一方获胜把握比较大的案子,而那些胜算不大的侵权纠纷,诉讼数量或判决数量都减少了。但是,有很多败诉的原告生活穷困,无力付对方的法律成本,而在另一起诉讼中,败诉的被告要付原告数百万元的法律费用。在1985年,连医生都持废除这项法律。Marie Gryphon of the Manhattan Institute, a centre-right think-tank, who is author of a loser-pays proposal, says that Texas got ;much less than half a loaf;, and that Florida was spooked too quickly. She argues that loser-pays countries need legal insurance, which can be bought (for example) in England for just pound;100-200 (0-300) after an alleged loss, but before a suit is filed. Lawyers can advance the premiums and add them to their bills. In other countries, such as Germany, many households carry standing legal insurance with a small monthly premium. Ms Gryphon argues that in such a mature loser-pays market more small-value but high-merit cases would be brought, while both small ;nuisance; suits and big ;lottery; suits would be less attractive to lawyers.中右派智库;曼哈顿研究会;的马莉bull;格里芬,曾提交一项败方赔付的提案,她说,德州推行的政策;远远不达到应有的水平;,而佛罗里达州在面对问题时退缩得太快。马莉认为,那些实行败诉赔付制度的国家需要有法律保险,比如,在英格兰,如果指控提出,当事人可在立案之前,花100-200英镑(150-300美元)来购买法律保险。律师也可以预付保险费并将这笔费用加在他们的账单中。在德国等其他国家,许多家庭将法律保险并入到每月缴纳的保险费中。格里芬女士认为,在;败诉赔付;制度比较成熟的国家,那些小额的;骚扰;官司和大额的;票;官司对律师吸引力都会减小。Loser-pays has yet to be properly tried in America. Another idea, however, is in place in many states: capping damages. In the popular imagination runaway juries routinely impose huge non-economic damages (to punish a defendant or make up for a plaintiffrsquo;s suffering). In practice, headline-grabbing awards are often reduced by judges: the notorious .7m in punitive damages for a woman who spilled scalding McDonaldrsquo;s coffee on her lap in 1994 ended up at 0,000.败诉赔付制度在美国还未能充分试行,另一种思想已在多州兴起:为侵权赔偿规定最高限额。在普通民众的想像中,肆意而为的陪审团常常施以巨额的非经济损失(以惩罚被告或补偿原告的损失)。事实上,一些案值惊人的裁决常被法官人为减少,一个著名案例是,1994年,一位妇女在麦当劳腿被热咖啡烫伤,270万美元的损害赔偿最后以48万元结案。165830。
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