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Ordering a chicken vindaloo is usually the sign of someone who has taste for very spicy food.经常订咖喱鸡肉餐的人,标志着他们非常爱吃辣味食物。It is also turns out to be an indication that their personality is also on the spicy side.还标志着他们的个性中有四射火辣的一面。A new study has found that people who like stimulating their taste buds with meals such as a vindaloo curry also have risk-taking personalities.一项新的研究发现,那些喜欢用咖喱刺激他们的味蕾的人个性中也有冒险的一面。Researchers in the US tested 200 people to see how they reacted to certain adrenalin pumping sensations, such as standing on the edge of something or watching highly suspenseful movies.美国研究人员测试了200人,观察他们对某些肾上腺素的信号的反应,比如,置身于恐怖环境中或看悬疑电影。They were then given a small amount of capsaicin - the active ingredient in chilli peppers - in a glass of water and and asked to swish it around their mouth.之后,他们在一杯水中加入少量辣椒粉,辣椒粉的活性成分是辣椒素,让参与测试的人把这种水含在嘴里漱口。Those who said they liked the spicy taste were the same ones who enjoyed the adrenalin rush of risky behaviour.那些说爱吃辣的人喜欢这种肾上腺素骤增的感觉,同样也爱冒险。The test, known as Arnett’s Inventory of Sensation Seeking, was carried out by researchers at Penn University in Pennsylvania.由宾夕法尼亚大学研究人员在宾夕法尼亚州大学做的这个测试称为阿内特式的寻求刺激感。The AISS test is used by scientists to determine each person’s level of risk taking behaviour.科学家们用这种测试方法来决定每个人的冒险行为水平。Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago says the correlation between risk taking and spicy food makes total sense to him.芝加哥嗅觉和味觉治疗和研究基金会的阿兰·赫希士说,冒险和辛辣食物之间的相关性对他来说非常有意义。He said: #39;There’s a long-standing hypothesis that risk takers are adrenaline deficient and that they take risks to get that adrenaline and feel better.他说:“假设冒险者长期缺乏肾上腺激素,让他们通过冒险的方式去获得肾上腺素,他们会感觉比较好。”#39;So they’ll work with bombs or in other high risk environments and then they’ll feel normal.“这样,他们会冒险使用炸弹或将自己置身于其他高风险的环境中,之后,他们会有一种比较正常的感觉。”#39;Similarly, when you eat hot spicy food, it gives you a little bit of pain and therefore enhances your adrenaline level.#39;“同样,你在吃辣的食物的时候,会有一点点的疼痛感,因此,你的肾上腺素水平得以增强。” /201308/252951

Dating, as most humans who engage in it have no doubt observed, can be a major source of stress -- especially first dates. You can waste a shocking amount of time worrying about your outfit, where you#39;ll meet up, when you#39;ll meet up and whether or not the date will go well. Here are eight reasons not to stress about the first date:大多数约过会的人想必已经留意到,约会也是压力的一大来源,尤其是第一次约会。你会浪费大量的时间在担心你的穿着、见面地点、见面时间,以及约会是否顺利。这是关于初次约会不必紧张的8个理由。1. You get to judge, too.1. 你也会评价对方。It#39;s very easy to waste a whole lot of time worrying about whether the person you#39;re going on a date with will like you. But your precious hours are probably better spent thinking about whether you like your date. As Tom Hanks#39; character tells his fictional son in ;Sleepless In Seattle;, ;This is what single people do. They try other people on and see how they fit.; Spend your first date evaluating whether the person sitting across from you seems like a well-tailored suit or more like a ill-fitting item that#39;s better left on the rack.你会很容易把时间浪费在担忧“与你约会的人会不会喜欢你”这个问题上。但约会前的几小时可以更为有用,比如想想你会不会喜欢上你的约会对象。就像汤姆-汉克斯在电影《西雅图夜未眠》中饰演的角色对儿子说,“这就是单身人士做的事。他们约会对方,看看对方适不适合自己。” 初次约会时评价一下坐在你对面的那个人,看他是品行端庄的人还是邋遢不堪的人。2. There#39;s no need to be elaborate.2. 没有必要精心安排。The focus of your first meet-up is getting a feel for the other person. That means that lighthearted conversation is paramount -- not a super creative plan that involves multiple stops, top-tier restaurants and hipster underground bars. Just pick a coffee shop/bar/restaurant where you feel comfortable ... or make it really easy on yourself and make your date choose.第一次见面的重点是试试对对方有没有感觉。这意味着轻松愉悦的谈话是最重要的,而不是一个富有创意的安排,比如去好几个地方、去顶级餐厅和地下酒吧等等。只要选一家你感觉舒的咖啡店或酒吧或餐厅就可以,或者由你的约会对象和你自己随意做决定。3. People are open to a lot of different date venues.3. 人们对约会场所表示很随意。Judging from a new infographic from dating site HowAboutWe.com, Americans are open to a wide variety of dating activities. If you feel like eating frozen yogurt, seeing an art exhibit, going bowling or drinking a glass of wine, chances are that your date will be into it too.据来自交友网站HowAboutWe.com的信息图表分析,美国人对各式约会活动很随意。如果你喜欢喝冻酸奶、看展出、打保龄球、还是喝杯酒,你的约会对象说不定也很喜欢这些。4. You don#39;t have much to lose.4. 你没什么好损失的。You don#39;t know the person well yet, so you probably aren#39;t all that invested in them romantically. No matter how badly it goes, you#39;ll get over it fairly quickly. That#39;s the true beauty of a first date.你还不是很了解这个人,所以你可能不会全身心地去营造浪漫情调。无论进展有多坏,你都可以很快平复过来。这是初次约会的真正魅力所在。5. You can keep it short.5. 要精简。If you plan something casual, it#39;ll be over in approximately the same amount of time it takes you to watch two episodes of ;Girls.;如果你有临时安排,请控制一下时间,比如差不多看两集HBO喜剧《衰们》的时间—差不多是1个小时吧。6. If it goes really badly, it#39;ll be a good story.6. 如果约会进展不顺,那这段经历将是一个好故事。Some of the most entertaining conversations you can have with friends revolve around dating horror stories. Whether you#39;re recounting the story of the dude who casually mentioned that there was a rapist who hadn#39;t been caught in his neighborhood, or the tale of the girl who wouldn#39;t stop talking about her 10 cats, those hours of awkwardness are sure to elicit laughs for years to come. If your first date goes completely awry, at least you have fresh material for your next friend dinner.你和朋友间一些有趣的谈话可以围绕着你的恐怖约会故事展开了。不管你是在叙述一个家伙随口就说起了在他的小区里有个没有被抓走的强奸犯的故事,还是描述一个一刻不停地谈论她的10只小猫的女孩,这些故事绝对可以成为好几年的笑料。如果你的初次约会真心不顺利,至少在下次和朋友吃饭时,你有了新鲜谈资。7. It#39;s nearly impossible to run out of things to talk about.7. 不可能没话可说。The first date covers all of your basics, which means that there are a lot of things to discuss: jobs, families, hometowns, hobbies, living situations ... the list goes on.初次约会可以谈及你们所有的基本信息,也就是说可以讨论很多话题:家庭、家乡、爱好、生活状况等等。8. It#39;s (mostly) out of your hands, so why bother worrying?8. 成事在天,为何要担忧?At the end of the day, all you can really control is how you behave. Maybe you#39;ll meet the love of your life and maybe you won#39;t. Whether or not the two of you click is largely a matter of luck, so just be genuine, try to have fun and then move on afterward. Breathe and remember -- it#39;s only one date.在一天的结束,所有你能控制的就是你的举止。也许你将遇见你生命中的挚爱,也许你没遇见。不管有没有,在很大程度说相遇是一种缘分,因而要真心实意,玩得开心,继续寻找。深呼吸一次,记住:这只是一次约会。 /201302/224062

I want this new school year to be a good one for my students as they learn about everything from calculus to Shakespeare to failure.我希望这个新学年成为对学生有益的一个学年。他们将在新学年里学习很多东西,包括微积分、莎士比亚和失败。That’s right. Failure.没错,就是失败。We all need to fail a little. In fact, the secret of success might just be that. Consider the path of Henry David Thoreau.我们都需要有点儿失败的经历。事实上,成功的秘诀也许就在于此。以亨利·大卫·梭罗的人生道路为例吧。By many accounts, Thoreau was a failure. Folks thought he should have been a civic leader. He could have been a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher. He might even have made congressman or governor.许多人都曾表示,梭罗的一生是失败的。人们认为他本该成为一名官员,他本来还可以成为医生、律师或教师,他甚至还可能当选众议员或州长。Instead, the Harvard man seemed to spend most of his time 1)loafing in the woods near his hometown over near Walden Pond. Everyone just scratched their heads and wondered why such a promising young fellow wasn’t a “success.”然而,这位哈佛毕业生似乎把自己的大部分时间都用来在家乡附近瓦尔登湖畔的树林里闲逛。所有人都百思不得其解,为什么这样一个前途光明的年轻人却没能“成功。”I’m not suggesting that my students drop classes for the woods, but it’s important to remember that ideas on success vary, even in these 2)enlightened times.我并不是建议我的学生逃课去树林里,但重要的是要记住,即便是在现在这样开明的时代,对成功的定义也是不同的。The lessons of failure are an important part of the 3)curriculum of success. We learn from them. They push us to do better; they teach us humility.失败的教训是成功这门必修课的重要组成部分。我们从中学到了东西。它促使我们做得更好,让我们学会谦逊。As a teacher, I expect students to revise their work, to build on the “failure” of the first draft to achieve clarity and insight in the final draft. That’s a good model for most things in life.作为老师,我希望学生修改自己的作业,在初稿“失败”的基础上,让终稿做到清晰透彻。对人生中的大多数事情而言,这都是一种好模式。Part of the problem, though, is that we live in a country obsessed by results. In school, it is the A student who gets all the perks even though getting an A doesn’t always measure how much a person really knows. A’s are icons of honor. F’s are badges of defeat.然而一部分问题在于,我们生活在一个追求结果的国度里。在学校里,优等生能够得到一切特殊待遇,尽管学习成绩优异并不总能说明一个人真正的学识。现实是优异的学业成绩是荣誉的象征,而学业不及格则是失败的标志。We idealize icons and look up to heroes such as George Washington or 4)John Glenn. Yet we shouldn’t discount the heroes who labor outside the limelight. Those are the men and women who quietly go about the business of raising a family and taking care of their neighbors.我们习惯于把偶像理想化,推崇像乔治·华盛顿或约翰·格伦这样的英雄。但我们不应该小看在聚光灯外苦干的众多英雄,他们就是那些默默地承担起赡养家庭和帮助邻居重任的男男女女。The most admirable are ones who invent their own success. They know how to seize the moment and let the chips fall where they may. They know that the best way to measure success is by living each day to the fullest.最值得钦佩的人是那些开创自身成功模式的人。他们知道如何抓住时机,不计较结果。他们知道衡量成功的最佳方式是充分把握每一天。True success is giving something back. And you don’t have to have a lot in the wallet to attain it. There are many people, young and old, who give back by serving in literacy campaigns and soup kitchens.真正的成功是予以回馈。你无须钱包厚实就能做到这一点。有很多人——有年轻的也有年长的——通过参加扫盲和救济活动作出了回馈。As my father used to say: “Make sure you leave the world a better place than it was when you entered it. At least clean up after yourself.”正如我父亲曾经说过的一句话:“要确保你留下的世界比你来到时更美好。至少要把你自己留下的东西清理干净。”The beginning of the school year is a good time to start reorienting ourselves. It’s a good time to see our failures in a new light.开学是着手为自己重新确定方向的一个大好时机,也是从新的角度来看待失败的一个大好时机。After Thoreau died in 1862, his mentor, Ralph Waldo Emerson, 5)lamented that Henry hadn’t blossomed into a great leader of the nation. His books were little , his ideas seemed 6)skewed. And yet, less than 100 years later, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. pointed to Thoreau’s essay Civil Disobedience as one of the sparks that ignited the civil rights movement and profoundly shaped American society.1862年梭罗去世后,他的导师拉尔夫·沃尔多·爱默生哀叹亨利没能成为我国的一位杰出领袖。他的书无人问津,他的思想似乎离经叛道。然而过了不到一百年,马丁·路德·金说,梭罗的文章《论公民的不从》是点燃美国民权运动的火种之一,并对美国社会产生了深刻影响。Not a bad legacy for a failure.对一个失败者来说,这可是笔不错的精神财富。 /201210/204789

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