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安远县人民医院做隆胸手术多少钱赣州注射垫苹果肌费用The Federal Aviation Administration美国联邦航空Wings clipped翅膀被剪A worked example of the effects of congressional stupidity国会愚蠢行为之后果造就的现成例子Aug 6th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition LaGuardia’s old tower, now partly down拉瓜地机场的旧空管塔,现已部分拆除 AFTER he had signed the debt-ceiling deal, Barack Obama mentioned “another Washington-inflicted wound on America”. He was speaking about the impasse over funding for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which manages air safety and air-traffic control. Congressmen could not resolve a petty disagreement over the extension of the agency’s operating-authority bill, which expired on July 22nd. As a result, the agency has partly shut down, and 4,000 employees have been sent home. Air-traffic controllers are still on the job, as they are paid from a different source. But scores of FAA construction and research projects have been halted, affecting at least 70,000 workers. “Members of Congress should not get on a plane to fly home for vacation without passing an FAA bill and putting thousands of people back to work,” said Ray LaHood, the transport secretary. His words were drowned in the rush for the doors.巴拉克#8226;奥巴马在签署了债务上限协议后,提到了“华盛顿给美国造成的另一个创伤”。他说的是为美国联邦航空(FAA)拨款陷入僵局的事。联邦航空管理空中安全事务和负责空中交通管制。该机构的经营管理条列于7月22日失效,而国会议员们未能解决关于延长经营管理条列的一个小小分歧。结果,该机构部分停运,4,000名员工被打发回家。空中交通管制人员仍在工作,因为他们的工资来自其他渠道。但FAA的许多建设和研究项目已经停止,影响到至少70,000名工人。“在通过美国联邦航空局管理条列并恢复成千上万人的工作之前,国会议员们不应该坐飞机回家休假,”运输部长雷#8226;拉胡德说。他的话被淹没在匆匆离场的脚步声中。The FAA’s long-term funding bill expired in 2007. Since then Congress has passed, with little fuss, 20 stopgap bills, each lasting a few months. This time round, politicians could not agree on seemingly minor provisions. House Republicans passed a bill that cut .5m in federal subsidies for passengers at a dozen remote rural airports, something the Senate Democrats oppose. They also oppose a measure that would make it more difficult for airline workers to unionise. Because of this impasse over .5m a year, the government is losing m a day in uncollected federal taxes on airline tickets.FAA的长期拨款法案于2007年到期。自那以来,美国国会随随便便地通过了20个临时法案,每个法案的有效期都只有几个月。这一次,政治家就看似微小的规定不能达成一致意见。控制众议院的共和党人通过了一项法案,要削减十几个偏远农村机场的联邦政府乘客补贴1.65千万美元,而控制参议院的民主党人对此表示反对。有一项措施会使航空公司的员工成立工会变得更加困难,对此他们也表示反对。为一年1.65千万美元而陷入僵局,致使政府因联邦机票税流失每天损失3千万美元。201108/148204赣州俪人医院美容整怎么样 Mexican Officials May Have Discovered Motive for Killing of US Citizens墨西哥官员可能得知美国公民被杀原因In Juarez, Mexico, authorities say a suspect they detained last week in connection with the March 13 murder of two US citizens has told them the reason for the killing may have to do with treatment of jailed gang members across the border in El Paso, Texas. One of the victims worked as a jailer in El Paso.墨西哥华雷斯市当局说,上周拘捕的一名嫌犯与3月13日两名美国公民被杀案有关,他告知当局,这起杀害事件有可能跟边境另一侧、美国德克萨斯州埃尔帕索市被关押在监狱中的黑帮成员所受到的待遇有关。受害死者之一是埃尔帕索一所监狱的狱警。Investigators in Mexico say the detained suspect Ricardo Valles de la Rosa, 45, claims the ambush of a US couple near the Juarez city hall on Saturday, March 13, was carried out as an act of retribution against Arthur Redelfs, who worked as an El Paso County Sheriff's detention officer and was accused by gang members of mistreating their compatriots there. 墨西哥的调查人员说,被关押的45岁嫌犯罗萨声称,一对美国夫妇3月13日星期六在华雷斯市政府附近遭伏击,这是一起报复行动,针对的目标是阿瑟·雷德尔弗斯。他是埃尔帕索郡警察局拘留中心的狱警,帮派成员指控他虐待他们在监狱中的同伙。Redelfs and his pregnant wife, Lesley, who worked at the US consulate in Juarez, died in their white sport utility vehicle after being shot multiple times. Around the same time, a Mexican man who had been at a social event with the couple just minutes before was killed in similar fashion at another location. 雷德尔弗斯的妻子莱斯莉已经怀,在华雷斯的美国领事馆工作。他们驾驶的白色的越野车遭多处击,夫妻双双死于非命。大约在同一时间,一名墨西哥男子在另外一个地点以同样的方式被击毙,几分钟前他还在一个社交场合跟雷德尔弗斯夫妇在一起。According to Mexican authorities the second victim was also in a white sport utility vehicle and since the gunmen were not sure which one was Redelf's car, they decided to kill the occupants of both vehicles. Such callousness is not unusual in Juarez, where drug-related violence has claimed the lives of more than four thousand, 800 people since 2008. The violence has claimed around 600 victims so far this year. 据墨西哥当局说,这名墨西哥受害者也在一辆白色越野车里。由于杀手不太清楚哪一辆车是雷德尔弗斯的,他们决定对两辆车里的人同时下手。在华雷斯,这种杀人不眨眼的行径屡见不鲜,这座城市自2008年以来已经有4千8百多人死于跟毒品相关的暴力事件,今年已经有大约6百人死于毒品暴力。El Paso County Sheriff's Department spokespersons say they have no information to collaborate the reports coming out of Mexico, but they have said that Redelfs was a well-respected professional. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and other federal law enforcement agencies are providing assistance to Mexican authorities in this investigation, but they have declined to comment on the developments in Mexico.德克萨斯州埃尔帕索郡警察局发言人说,他们从墨西哥方面没有任何相关的信息。不过,他们表示雷德尔弗斯是一位很受尊敬的专业人士。美国联邦调查局和其他联邦执法机构协助墨西哥当局调查此案,但他们不肯对墨西哥方面的进展发表。201004/100443昨天的石菊化石,是小编我Daisy的成果。今天,我可发现了新的大陆,那就是攀岩,这可是新开发的野外极限运动啊,你准备好了吗?Go! Go! Go! When the ammonites became extinct, the map of North America looked completely different: to the north, the Canadian Rocky Mountains aly existed; to the south, the American Rockies had yet to rise. The date of the ammonites' extinction holds a key to when they first emerged. These animals died about seventy million years ago in the middle of the Western Interior Seaway. And so we know at that time about seventy million years ago that this site was below sea level. So we know then that the Rocky Mountains had to rise from that seaway sometime after seventy million years ago. Today all that is left from the ancient seafloor are these fossilized remains high in the Colorado Rockies. Next, geologists needed to find out what pushed the seafloor up. The investigation moves to these slabs of rock flanking the Rockies just outside Denver, Colorado. They are known as the Flatirons, and they are part of the same formation that make up the Red Rocks' amphitheater. These slabs of rock are unusual because they contain holes, holes that make the Flatirons appealing to climbers and geologists alike. So when we go climbing in the Flatirons, we are climbing on really nice handholds, in some cases, handholds that have been formed either by the pebbles in the rock or by zones of fine grained material that are easily removed by erosion the shales and the siltstones. Those layers get removed, leaving a notch for the hands to go in, and it makes for fantastic climbing. The holes are a clue as to how these strangely tilted Flatirons were formed. The layers themselves, the different grain sizes in the layers the silt, the sand, the pebbles this tells us that these are sedimentary rocks. Sediments form in water when sand and small pieces of rock settle on the ground. Over millions of years they get compressed into layers of rock.小编有约:呵呵~~看看我给大家准备的礼物。A. Denver, Colorado B. Rock C. holes这里的线索能让你想起什么东西来?201110/158188赣州皮肤医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱

赣州市第五人民医院脱毛手术多少钱Here we are on the Serengeti Plain in Africa, where an ostrich has abandoned an egg and a hungry jackal means to make a meal out of it. What we’ve got here is a highly motivated animal trying and failing to figure out this culinary conundrum. It’s just a little too big, a little too slippery, a little too everything for the jackal. There’s three pounds of food in there, and it’s gonna stay in there, right? Not if this Egyptian vulture has anything to do with it. These birds are always on the lookout for edible orbs in jackal-proof packaging. Ostrich eggs are an important source of protein, and this vulture has a strategy to get at its contents. The Egyptian vulture is one of the few birds in the world that figure out how to use a stone as a tool. Some scientists feel that this isn’t intelligence so much as highly evolved instinct. Whatever it is, it works. The vulture finally cracks a hole big enough for its beak. The vulture is one step closer to mealtime than the jackal, but it’s not home free yet. You see, here on the Serengeti, the sound of a cracked eggshell is like a newsflash. The word is out, and other diners are y to line up. A tawny eagle shows up to share in the bounty. But an even bigger customer is about to appear. Check out this lappet-faced vulture. Would you wanna mess with this bird? At nearly four feet tall, it’s the largest, most aggressive vulture on the Serengeti. When it comes to a food find like this, pecking order is strictly observed. The biggest bird gets the booty.07/79211赣州注射隆胸 Asian, European Leaders to Discuss Financial Crisis, Environment第七届亚欧会议周五在北京举行 Asian and European leaders are arriving in Beijing to discuss ways to deal with the global financial crisis. Europe wants support from China and other Asian giants on the crisis, as well as on climate change and sustainable development. 亚洲和欧洲国家的领导人集聚北京,商讨应对全球金融危机的对策。欧洲国家希望中国和其他亚洲大国在应对危机,以及气候变化和可持续发展方面提供援。Leaders from more than 40 Asian and European countries will hold two days of talks in the Chinese capital. 来自亚洲和欧洲四十多个国家的领导人将在北京举行为期两天的会谈。The seventh Asia-Europe Meeting, known as ASEM, begins Friday and will focus on shoring up global confidence in the face of a world economic slowdown. 第七届亚欧会议将从星期五开始,会谈的重点是在全球经济增长放缓之际如何提高人们的信心。European leaders want to see more support from fast-growing China and India. 欧洲国家领导人希望看到经济增长迅速的中国和印度提供更多的援。The president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, told journalists no country is immune to the crisis. He says the international financial system needs sweeping reforms and that for them to work, Asia needed to be "on board."  欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐对记者表示,没有哪个国家能够免受这场危机的影响。他说,国际金融体系需要全面的改革,为了达到这一目的需要亚洲国家的参与。"We are living in unprecedented times and we need unprecedented levels of global coordination. It is very simple. We swim together or we sink together," he said. “我们生活在前所未有的时代,需要前所未有的全球协调。事情就这样简单。我们是同生死,共沉浮。”During the past few months, governments around the world have moved to shore up banks, make cash available to lenders and to stabilize markets. The credit crisis, sparked originally by the collapse of bad loans in the ed States property market, has resulted in several large international banks being forced to close or merge. Barroso says the financial crisis is not the only cause of the global economic slowdown.  巴罗佐说,金融危机不是全球经济下滑的唯一原因。He says major imbalances and problems with monetary policies were other causes.  他说货币政策的重大不平衡和遇到的困难是其它原因。"If you look, for instance, at the level of reserves some countries have and the level of consumption, or internal demand, compared with other major players. That is one of the reasons why I really believe that China has a word to say and that is, by the way, in the interest of China, to be an active participant in this new financial order that will be created," Barroso said. 巴罗佐说:“比如说,你可以查看一下一些国家的储备金水平和消费或者说内需水平的情况。这就是为什么我认为中国有发言权,而且顺便说一下,中国积极参与这个即将创立的金融新秩序也符合中国利益的原因之一。”China has nearly trillion in foreign currency reserves and has been under pressure to allow its own currency to appreciate. Other governments also hope Beijing can stimulate domestic consumption, to reduce the damage from slowing demand in Europe, Japan and the ed States. 中国有将近两万亿美元的外汇储备,并一直面临让其货币升值的压力。其他国家政府也希望北京方面能刺激国内消费、减少欧洲、日本和美国需求降低所造成的损害。Chinese leaders say they are paying close attention to the global crisis and are considering what measures are needed to maintain stability. 中国领导人说,他们密切关注这场全球危机,并正考虑需要采取哪些措施来维护稳定。The meeting of Asian and European leaders is an opportunity to discuss common concerns, and will not produce binding agreements. 亚欧领导人会议是讨论共同关心问题的机会,但不会达成具有约束性的协议。During the meeting, leaders will also discuss climate change. Europe wants advanced developing countries like China to make more substantial commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  这些领导人在会议期间还将讨论气候变化议题。欧洲希望中国等先进发展中国家对减少温室气体排放做出更加切实的承诺。Barroso says he hopes the world does not make the same mistake with climate change as they did with the financial crisis. He says when they see a serious problem coming nations should not postpone the solutions. 巴罗佐说,他希望国际社会在处理气候变化议题时能避免处理金融危机时犯下的同样错误。他说,当他们看到即将发生一个严重问题时,这些国家不应该推迟解决这个问题。200810/53810赣州眼袋小颗粒

赣州俪人整形医院纹眉多少钱好不好Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty IndustryLead in lipstick? Harsh chemicals in baby shampoo? How is this possible? Simple, says Stacy Malkan, a self-described former makeup addict. "The billion cosmetics industry is so powerful they've kept themselves unregulated for decades." says the author of a new book, Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry.It is estimated that on any given morning, the average person uses up to 20 cosmetic products before they leave the home. But is it possible that we are exposing ourselves to harmful chemicals that can affect our health? Author and self-proclaimed make-up addict Stacy Malkan is challenging the cosmetics industry by releasing her book, Not Just a Pretty Face, the ugly side of the beauty industry. And she joins us in our studio with more. Welcome! (Hello, thank you.) This is alarming Because everybody, men and women, we use all kind of products. Let's take a look at this list that we put together from your book, some of the problems that we will find. We're talking lead in lipstick, some of the other things you have as phthalates in lotions, neurotoxins in the mascara we use and coal tar in shampoo. First of all, why is this in there and how bad is this?Well, many products, unfortunately, and we are talking about shampoos, deodorants, lotion, make-up, even baby shampoos, contain carcinogens, hormone-disrupting chemicals, chemicals that have never been tested for health effects. And we're putting these chemicals on our bodies, in our hair, on our babies, day after day, and the toxic exposures are adding up. Ok, and what it will do in to us?Well, we see, unfortunately as we know, many increases in er, certain types of cancer, infertility, learning disabilities, there's a lot of evidence showing that chemical pollutants are contributing to those increases in chronic diseases. So we think that it's a good idea to reduce toxic exposures wherever we can, you know, starting with the products we are putting on our bodies. OK, now let's talk about some of the things that you brought. (Yeah.) Because, you know, here's the, that shampoo there (Yes.) that we probably all used at one time or another. Yes, we analyzed a dozen popular baby shampoos and children's bubble baths and found that found all of them contained one,four-dioxin which is a probable human carcinogen according to the EPA, was not listed on the labels. Companies don't have to tell us about contaminants or fragrance chemicals. So often toxins that aren't on the label are in the products. This is a very cute product, you know, obviously meant to appeal to children, (bubble bath, ah-ha. ) has a warning label right on it that says prolonged exposure may cause urinary tract irritation. (Let me turn this around, yeah, I haven't seen that before.) and actually many children's products have that. (Really?) You dont really want kids sitting in the tub for a long period of time with these chemicals. OK, you know, I'm looking at this choking hazard warning sign, I don't think I would even notice there's the other one. OK.And I found this, you know, at ground level, where a child will find it and grab it not let go of it.Ok, lipstick, we wear it every day!Well, lipstick, yes, we found 61% of lipsticks contain lead, including some high-end brands, this is a .2 tube of lipstick that definitely does not need to contain lead, (Ok, and finally these products) er, some of the more toxic products, very disturbingly, are targeted at women of color. We see skin whitening creams, this has hydroquinone, highly toxic, banned in Europe, legal, er, in the US. And then, here's another example of a product hair relaxer, targeting children. You know, that's a five-year-old on the cover. Now I have to ask you have there been scientific studies to prove to us that these are harmful to us because, we are, were just going to take your word for this, but I'm sure there are some people who would say this is not true. Yeah, well, what we know is that some of these chemicals are unknown to cause cancer, health effects. You know, the companies will say it's just a little bit of toxin (Right.) in the baby shampoo. Yes, it's true but we're using these products everyday and then the exposures are adding up. Well, what about the FDA, what about the EPA? Isn't somebody regulating this industry?Well, most people are surprised to find out NO. Companies can put any chemical nearly into personal care products, no safety testing, without telling us everything that's on the label. So, this industry needs to be regulated. And that's what we're working toward. All right, raising awareness. OK, what can we do if we don't want to use any of these. I mean if you want to use the right stuff? What do you do?Ok, simplify. Looking for, er, look at product labels, look for fewer chemicals, try to avoid synthetic fragrance, we also have a database where you can look up products called "Skin-deep free database" at safecosmetics.org. So, you know, there are tocsin resources for us to do our own research and until the industry is regulated, that's what we have to do. Ok, I know you're wearing a little foundation, I don't see your lipstick on it. Is that on purpose? Well, I do wear makeup, I love makeup. I believe all makeup can and should be safe. OK, Malkan, and you, we have some help now. So, if you'd like to know more about all of this, you can go to our website abc7chicago.com, click on "see it on TV" and the website you mentioned will be there too? Thank you very much. Yes, safecosmetics.org.And you were speaking of the Sunday event, which is also on our site.Yes, Sunday at the Green Festival, check out the Green Festival Sunday at noon. OK, thank you so much for joining us today.Thank you. phthalate:【化】邻苯二甲酸盐neurotoxin:【化】 神经毒素deodorant:【化】 除臭剂; 芳香剂carcinogen:n. 致癌物质urinary tract:【医】 泌尿道 hydroquinone:【化】 氢醌; 对苯二酚200812/59585 奥巴马总统已经结束为期8天的国际访问,其中包括一次未宣布的对伊拉克的访问。在接见当地驻伊美军士兵时,奥巴马也表示“现在已经到了把伊拉克还给伊拉克人的时候,应该让伊拉克人担负起他们保卫国家的责任。”President Barack Obama has ended his eight-day international trip with an unannounced visit to Iraq. Obama met with the top US commander there along with hundreds of troops. He's urging Baghdad to take the leadership reins, saying it's time for Iraqis to "take responsibility for their country". California authorities plan to look through a church as they investigate the death of an eight-year-old girl. The body of Sandra Cantu was found yesterday, stuffed in a suitcase and dumped in a pond. A strong tremor has shaken this quake-hit area of central Italy with shocks felt as far away as Rome. Experts say Monday's 6.3-magatitude quake is responsible for more than 200 deaths. Meantime, Italian news agencies report a woman was pulled alive from the rubble after 42 hours. And it could be the next biggest thing in urban transportation--on two wheels. GM has teamed up with Segway to develop this two-seated electric vehicle, weighing in about 300 pounds. The vehicle runs on a lithium-ion battery and can reach a top speed of 35 miles an hour.04/66849赣州去眼袋手术多少钱宁都县无痛隆胸手术价格



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