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  • Experts Say Economic Downturn Could Sp to Developing Countries发达国家不景气或危及发展中国家  A new report warns the gloomy economic outlook for rich nations could sp and halt the recent boom in developing countries, if commodity prices plunge. The annual Trade and Development Report by the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development or UNCTAD, sees a great deal of uncertainly and instability in international financial markets. 一份新的报告警告说,如果大宗商品价格大幅度下跌的话,发达国家的经济不景气可能会进一步扩散并导致发展中国家的经济增长陷于停顿。联合国贸易和发展会议发表的年度贸易和发展报告指出,国际金融市场仍然面临诸多不确定和不稳定因素。By the middle of this year, the report notes some economies had gone into recession while others were on the brink of recession. UNCTAD Secretary-General, Supachai Panitchpakdi, says this depressing state of affairs comes after four years of relatively strong growth. 联合国贸易和发展会议的年度报告指出,到今年中期,一些经济体已经陷入衰退,其它国家则处于衰退边缘。联合国贸发会议秘书长素帕猜说,不景气的经济现状发生在四年的相对强劲增长过后。He says a combination of factors have conspired to create this unfortunate economic downturn.  他说,一系列因素交织,形成了目前令人遗憾的经济下行。"First, it is a slowdown from the global fall-down from the financial crisis in the U.S. Second, the bursting of housing bubbles in the U.S. and in other large economies. Third, soaring commodity prices," Supachai said. "Fourth, increasingly restrictive monetary policies in a number of countries and fifth, stock market volatility." All these factors, says Supachai, have had a hand in squelching economic growth.  他说:“首先,美国金融市场的危机诱发全球性的增长减速;其次,美国和其他经济发达国家出现了房地产泡沫破灭;第三,商品价格飞涨;第四,一系列国家采取了紧缩性货币政策;最后,股市剧烈震荡。” 素帕猜说,所有这些因素都抑制了经济增长。UNCTAD expects world output to grow by around three percent this year. That is almost one percentage point less than in 2007. In the developed countries, the report says GDP growth is likely to be around one-and-one half percent.  联合国贸发会议预计全球产出今年增长大约3%,将比2007年降低一个百分点。报告说,在发达国家,国内总产值可能增长大约1.5%。Supachai says the short-term outlook is better for the developing world, where growth could exceed six percent. This, as the result of domestic demand in some countries and because of commodity price hikes. 素帕猜说,发展中世界的短期经济展望比较乐观一些,估计增长率将会超过6%,主要原因是部分发展中国家内需强劲以及大宗商品价格上涨。He points to the Sub-Saharan economy as a particular bright spot.  素帕猜指出,非洲萨哈拉沙漠以南地区的经济增长格外引人注目。"This year, it is probably the only region that will be seeing a rising rate of economic growth which might reach seven percent," Supachai said. "This is probably one of the largest growth rates ever seen in the Sub-Saharan economies. But, the sad fact is that this is mainly attributable to the effects of the income from commodity exports, mainly oil."  他说:“今年,这里很可能成为唯一一个经济增长超过百分之7的地区。这也是萨哈拉沙漠以南地区经历的最快速的经济增长。但是,比较遗憾的是,这种增长主要是由于包括石油在内的大宗商品出口创收的结果。”Supachai cautions this healthy growth in Africa is unlikely to do much to reduce poverty. He says little of the income from oil, the mining and extractive sectors trickle down to the poor. 素帕猜警告说,非洲地区的强劲增长不太可能有效地减少贫困。他说,石油和矿产资源出口带来的收入很少惠及穷人。And, he warns fallout from the recession in rich countries and overly restrictive monetary policies in countries with high inflation could lead to a further deceleration of growth in developing nations. 素帕猜还表示,在发达国家陷入经济衰退和高通胀国家收紧货币政策的影响下,发展中国家的增长可能会被进一步抑制。UNCTAD economists say greater diversification and industrial development is the best long-term strategy for reducing vulnerability to commodity price shocks. 联合国贸发会议的经济学家指出,经济多元化和工业发展是应对大宗商品价格剧烈波动的最佳长期战略。They find speculative swings in the commodity market pose a real threat to the global economy, as has been shown in the wild fluctuation in the price of oil. They recommend stricter regulations in the system of global finance to better control speculative movements. 这些经济学家发现,跟石油价格剧烈波动造成的后果相似,商品市场的投机风潮也对全球经济构成非常现实的威胁。他们建议在全球金融系统采取更为严格的监管措施以控制投机行为。200809/47875
  • This morning on today's Travel - the Best of the Best, once again travel on leisure magazine ask its ers to rate airlines, hotels and travel destinations across the globe. The results are in the magazines that come in tenth annual world's best awards issue. Its senior consulting editor Mark Orwoll. is here with the best.Natalie Morales: Mark, good morning!Mark Orwoll: Good morning, Natalie.N: Ten years have you been doing this?M: Ten years, Yes, it's ….yeah….N: Seventeen thousand ers / responded to the survey which, I imagine, took a long time …..exhaustive…M: That's right, a exhaustive survey. And…ah…but the results are really…ah…intriguing.N: So we have a lot to get through. Let's get right to it.M: Alright.N: First, top hotels worldwide. And I'm gonna show you the top three: M: Right.1. The Four Seasons Bali at Sayan2. Singita (Correct me if I'm saying wrong.) Private Reserve, Sabi Sand South Africa3. Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur, IndiaM: That's right, very good, good pronunciation. That's right.N: I am just guessing on the pronunciations here, but clearly a lot of people know the pronunciations and know where they are going because these were the top three. Asia again dominating the hotels living….M: Well, yep, people know that getting out to Asia is a lot easier nowadays than it ever was, and when you get, when you get there, there are choices of some great hotels, some very high and deluxe property, like the Four Seasons Resort, Bali at Sayan. N: What does it have to offer? What was it that attracted your ers to these properties, specifically?M: Well, it's very small property that it only has 18 suites and 42 lodges, / each one of the lodges has a private plunge pool. It's set right on the edge of a beautiful tropical gorge and ah…the quality..N: Not the beach, though?200707/15188
  • ADB Forecasts Solid Growth for Asia in 2008报告:亚洲经济今年仍会强劲增长  The Asian Development Bank says while Asia will not be immune to the global slowdown, economies in the region will continue to see solid growth in 2008. But the bank warns in its annual outlook that inflation in the region will jump this year.  亚洲开发星期三报告说,亚洲经济体受全球经济减速影响不大,2008年会继续保持强劲增长。但是亚银同时警告说,今年本地区的通货膨胀预计会进一步恶化。In 2007, Asia posted the highest growth in almost two decades, with regional economies expanding by 8.7 percent on average. The Asian Development Bank predicts that this year, growth will ease to 7.6 percent, as a result of the slowdown in large industrialized economies as well as surging food and fuel prices and a credit crisis in global financial hubs. 2007年,亚洲地区取得了20多年来最快的经济增长,整个地区的平均增长率高达8.7%。亚洲开发预测,2008年亚洲地区的增长率将降低到7.6%,主要原因是工业化大国经济发展减速,再加上食品和燃料价格暴涨,以及世界主要金融市场遭受信贷危机。But Ifzal Ali, the ADB's chief economist, says this year's predicted growth rate is still solid and only slightly below the average of the past five years. He spoke Wednesday in Hong Kong, where the bank unveiled its annual Asian Development Outlook. 伊弗扎尔.阿里是亚洲开发的首席经济学家。他指出,亚洲地区今年的经济增长仍然是强劲的,只是跟过去五年相比略微降低。阿里在香港公布亚银的《亚洲开发展望》年度报告的时候说:"Growth will remain solid because domestic conditions continue to be favorable. The policy environment is generally positiv," he said.. "Productivity growth linked to economic modernization and structural transformation that we have witnessed in the last five years and which have barreled Asia forward are likely to continue." “由于各国的国内状况依然有利,所以经济增长将保持强劲。政策环境总的来看是积极的。过去五年来我们看到,跟经济现代化密切关联的生产力增长以及结构性转变推动亚洲经济不断进步,这种情况看来会继续下去。”But risks remain. The ADB warns that inflation in the region will accelerate and could reach a 10-year high in 2008. In China, for example, inflation aly has reached an 11-year high of 11.7 percent in February. The Bank is worried about the social and political impact of higher prices for food and other essential commodities, as they mainly affect Asia's poor. 尽管如此,风险却仍然存在。亚洲开发警告说,亚洲地区的通货膨胀将加速恶化,有可能在2008年达到10年来的最高水平。比如,在中国,通货膨胀率已经在今年2月达到11.7%,那是过去11年来的最高点。亚洲开发担心,食品和其他生活必需品价格持续攀升,亚洲穷人所受的影响最大,有可能引起社会动乱和政治动乱。Many Asian governments subsidize or control prices of some items to protect consumers and prevent social tensions. The ADB says that Indonesia, for example, spends more on fuel subsidies than on public health and education combined. Ali says these practices put fiscal health at risk, so governments need to rethink them.  亚洲地区的很多政府目前都在通过补贴和控制某些商品的价格来保护消费者,防止社会局势紧张。亚洲开发指出,印度尼西亚现在花在燃料补贴方面的资金已经超过了公共卫生和教育经费的总和。阿里认为,这种做法势必给公众的健康带来风险,因此,对于财政补贴,各国政府还需要三思而行。"We need very quickly exit strategies for subsidies and administrative prices in developing Asia and replace them with targeted cash transfers for the really needy," he said. 阿他说:“亚洲的发展中国家需要尽快放弃补贴和价格控制等做法,取而代之的应该是目标明确地资助那些真正需要帮助的人们。”The annual report warned that Asian economies need to address labor issues to fuel long-term growth. The report notes that many countries in the region have large populations of unemployed young adults, and that at the same time, these economies face shortages of the skilled workers needed for development.  亚洲开发的年度报告还警告说,亚洲经济体要保持长期的增长,需要解决劳工问题。亚银指出,亚洲很多国家失业的年轻人很多,可是这些国家却同时面临技术工人短缺的局面。The ADB says governments need to do more to educate young workers and help them find jobs. The report says otherwise, countries will lose out for decades on the talent and productivity of these young adults. 亚洲开发说,各国政府需要做出更大的努力来为青年工人提供教育和培训,帮助他们找到工作。否则的话,在今后的几十年里,这些国家将由于年轻人缺乏才能和生产力而功败垂成。In addition, the report urged countries in Asia to make it easier for migrant workers to move about the region, to help fill gaps in labor supplies. 此外,亚洲开发还敦促亚洲各国让流动工人在各地区之间更加容易地流动,以弥补不同地区之间在劳动力供应方面的差距。200804/33227
  • India's Economy Maintains 9 Percent Growth油价和通胀将拖累印度强劲经济?   India's economy grew by nine percent last year making it the world's fastest-growing major economy after China. But the news is not all good. There are worries that high crude oil prices and runaway inflation will slow down growth. 印度经济去年增长百分之9,成为仅次于中国的经济增长最快的国家。但也有人担心,高企的原油价格和失控的通货膨胀将拖慢印度的增长步伐。India has pegged economic growth in the last fiscal year at a higher-than expected nine per cent. It is the third successive year that the economy has grown at this pace. 印度上个财政年度经济增长百分之9,高于预期,而且是连续第三年实现这个增长速度。The numbers should have brought cheer to the government. But Indian officials are not celebrating as they battle two emerging concerns, high global crude oil prices and rising inflation.  政府本应对此感到欣慰,但印度官员并没有额手相庆,因为他们正在努力应对两个正在出现的问题,这就是高企的全球原油价格和不断攀升的通货膨胀率。Record high crude oil prices are hurting India significantly because it imports about 70 percent of its needs.  由于印度石油需求的大约百分之70靠进口,因此创记录的原油价格正在使印度受到严重伤害。The government heavily subsidizes prices of petroleum products. But public sector oil companies are now reeling under losses, and have warned they could face a cash crunch if retail prices are not raised. 印度政府对石油产品价格进行大量补贴,但国营石油公司仍旧亏损严重。国营石油公司警告说,如果不提高零售价格,他们将面临现金危机。The government is likely to raise prices of gasoline soon, but there are concerns that the move will fuel inflation, which is aly running high. 印度政府可能很快就会提高汽油价格,但是也有人担心,这样做会导致已经很高的通货膨胀率进一步攀升。India's inflation rate surpassed eight percent last week, its highest level in four years. 印度的通胀率上星期超过百分之8,是四年来最高的。Finance Minister P. Chidambaram says the government is trying to get a grip on prices. But he says there are no "easy solutions or instant answers."  印度财政部长奇丹巴拉姆说,政府正在努力控制物价,但是没有什么灵丹妙药或立竿见影的解决办法。"Nobody is drawing any great satisfaction with an inflation [rate] of 8.1 [percent]," said Chidambaram. Eight-point-one is worrisome inflation. But we are confident that we will gain mastery over the situation, and inflation will be contained over a period of time. Of course it depends on crude oil prices and commodity prices." 他说:“没有人会对百分之8.1的通胀率感到高兴,百分之8.1的通胀率令人担忧。但我们有信心,我们会控制局面,在一段时间后遏制通货膨胀。当然,这取决于原油价格和商品价格。”However, the finance minister expressed optimism that the economy will maintain a growth rate of 8.5 percent in the current year. 不过,奇丹巴拉姆仍对经济今年保持百分之8.5的增长率表示乐观。Economists say that may not be an easy task. There are aly signs that the economy is slowing somewhat. Growth in the manufacturing sector came down substantially in the early part of the year, partly due to slowing demand from consumers being hurt by high prices. 经济学家指出,这不是件轻松的任务。现在已经有迹象表明,经济增长开始放慢。今年头几个月,制造业增长幅度回落很多,部分原因在于消费者受高价格影响,减少了需求。Indeed, the year ahead could be challenging for India. Economists say the government faces a daunting task in trying to maintain a high economic growth rate and keep inflation in check, which is hurting millions of poor people in the country. 今年对印度来说很具挑战性。经济学家指出,印度政府面临的艰巨任务是保持高增长率,同时遏制使这个国家数百万穷人受到伤害的通货膨胀。200806/40703
  • Baghdad's al-Sarafiyah Bridge Reopens巴格达一座主要大桥重新开通   A major bridge in Baghdad that spans the Tigris River reopened Tuesday with much fanfare, 13 months after terrorists bombed the landmark and killed more than 10 people. Iraqi officials say they are celebrating more than a bridge reopening; they are celebrating successes over terrorist forces. 巴格达市一座横跨底格里斯河的主要大桥星期二在一片庆祝声中重新开通。13个月前,恐怖分子炸毁了这座地标性建筑,并造成十多人死亡。伊拉克官员说 ,他们不仅仅在庆祝一座大桥的重生,他们也在庆祝打击恐怖分子的胜利。Standing beneath the al-Sarafiyah Bridge, schoolchildren waved their hands in the air, the bright floral corsages on their wrists punctuating their words, as they sang about their love for Iraq. 在萨拉费耶大桥下,一群在校学生向空中挥舞著双手,高唱著对伊拉克的赞歌。他们手腕上明亮的花饰随著歌曲的节奏在摆动。They provided entertainment for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and other high level officials at the reopening of one of Baghdad's major bridges.  孩子们是在为参加大桥重新开通仪式的伊拉克总理马利基和其他高级官员在表演。Only 13 months ago, the scene at this landmark was the opposite of joyful. On April 12, 2007, a suicide truck bomber targeted the bridge, destroying 180 meters of its length, sending cars into the Tigris below and killing more than 10 people. 仅仅13个月前,这里完全是另一番凄惨的景象。2007年4月12号,一个开著卡车的自杀袭击者袭击了大桥,炸毁了180米长的桥面,桥上的汽车纷纷掉进了底格里斯河,十多人死亡。But Tuesday, the scene was festive.  但是,星期二,这里充满了节日的气氛。The prime minister says the celebrations symbolize that Iraq will defeat terrorists. 马利基总理说,这次庆祝标志著伊拉克最终将击败恐怖主义。Mr. Maliki said the idea was not just to open a bridge, but to send a message to an ignorant and sadistic culture that there are forces at work to stop such dark powers.  马利基说,他们的想法并不仅仅是庆祝一座大桥的开通,同时他们要向那些无知自大的施虐狂们送去一个信息,那就是伊拉克有的是制止黑暗势力的力量。The Minister of Housing and Construction, Bayan Dizayee, remembered the people who died on the bridge and those who tried to save the victims. She also thanked the three companies that worked on the reconstruction project, and the ed States for its offers to help rebuild the landmark.  伊拉克住宅和建设部部长迪扎伊回忆了那些死在大桥上的人们、以及那些试图去挽救遇难者生命的人们。她还对承建大桥项目的三个公司表示感谢,同时感谢美国曾经提出帮助建设这座新地标。But she said the ministry refused the much appreciated offers of American assistance. She said it wanted Iraqis to show that they have the power and responsibility to rebuild their country. 迪扎伊说,建设部对美国提出的帮助表示感谢,但是谢绝了美国的援助。她说,建设部希望伊拉克人可以展示他们自己有能力和责任重建这个国家。To complete the re-opening ceremony, the prime minister and other dignitaries crossed the bridge, as an Iraqi flag hung down from the bridge's center and signs declaring "Reconstruction is Our Duty" decorated its sides. 在庆祝开通仪式的最后,马利基和其他政要走过了大桥。大桥的中间悬挂著伊拉克国旗,两边装点著写有“重建是我们的责任”的标语。 200805/40326
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