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It was the perfect autumn afternoon in Paris. We sat on a café terrasse on the Place des Vosges, one of Europe’s finest squares, craving a beer. Finally, the surly waiter took our order. But first, without asking, he demonstratively moved from his territory the rental bike that my companion Carlo Ratti had parked there.一个美好的巴黎秋日的下午,我们坐在欧洲最美丽的广场之一——孚日广场(Place des Vosges)的一个露天咖啡座上,渴望来杯啤酒。最后,态度粗暴的侍者终于把我们点的食物送了上来。但在此之前,他连问都没问,就气冲冲地把我的朋友卡洛#8226;拉蒂(Carlo Ratti)租来的自行车从他的地盘上挪开了。Ratti runs the SENSEable City Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He knows his urbanism. That waiter, Ratti told me, hasn’t yet understood that customers are now rating him online. The café we were in, Ma Bourgogne, specialises in surliness. Parisian tourist traps work on the theory that each tourist only comes once, so you can mistreat him with impunity. Right now people do indeed still stumble on Ma Bourgogne while ogling the Place des Vosges.拉蒂是麻省理工学院(MIT) Senseable City实验室的负责人。他对“城市主义”(urbanism)自有一套见解。他告诉我,那位侍者还不知道如今的顾客会在网上评价他。我们所在的咖啡店Ma Bourgogne以侍者态度粗鲁著称。巴黎的旅游陷阱靠的就是每名游客只会来一次,因此怎么对待顾客都不会有影响。眼下,人们的确还会在欣赏孚日广场的美景时不经意地进入这家咖啡店。But, one day, before they sit down, their smartphones will flash an alert – “Rude waiters!” – and suggest a nicer alternative. Aly, says Ratti, hotels are becoming more polite because they need good ratings.然而,有一天,在他们坐下之前,他们的智能手机就会显示警告——“这里的侍者很粗鲁!”,并推荐一家侍者态度更友善的店。拉蒂说,如今酒店的工作人员已经变得更有礼貌,因为酒店需要得到好评。Life in western cities gets better every day for people rich enough to live in them. This is happening for many reasons: technology, data, the hipster ethos, competitive city rankings that set places against each other, and the takeover of cities by a global elite ruthlessly determined to live well. Downtowns are becoming “living rooms”, says John Eger of San Diego State University. And as Ratti and others told me, even bigger changes are coming soon.西方城市的生活每天都变得更美好,当然这是对足够富裕生活在这里的人们而言。原因很多:技术、数据、潮人风尚、竞争性的城市排名、以及控制着城市的全球精英阶层,他们决心过上好生活。圣地亚哥州立大学(San Diego State University)的约翰#8226;伊格(John Eger)表示,市区正在变成“客厅”。而就如拉蒂和其他人告诉我的,接下来还会发生更重大的变化。The biggest of all could be driverless cars. Aly you can occasionally spot them on northern Californian streets. In perhaps a decade, these things will start transforming the city. One day your car will drop you at work, then drive itself off, either to park outside town or to collect someone else. One benefit: hardly any parking in cities any more. (Warning: do not buy an urban parking space now.)其中最大的变化可能是无人驾驶汽车。在加利福尼亚州北部的街道上,你已经能够间或看到这些汽车。或许10年后,这些无人驾驶汽车将开始改变整个城市。有一天,你的车会把你送到工作的地方,然后自己开走,要么停在城外,要么再去接另一个人。一个好处是:城里几乎再也不需要停车场了。(警告:现在别买城市里的停车位。)From our table, Ratti pointed at the cars lining the gorgeous square. “Think how much real estate you are using to store idle pieces of metal that are used for what – an hour a day?”席间,拉蒂指着广场上停着的汽车说:“想想你用了多少面积来停放这些每天可能就用一小时的金属家伙?”Urban planners are aly thinking of uses for former parking spaces. The obvious one is bike lanes. I’ve seen the future of urban transport, and it was the small Dutch town where I grew up in the 1970s. By the age of eight, my entire class was cycling to school without parents. It was (fairly) safe because we had dedicated bike lanes. Cycling in Paris still isn’t very safe, because there aren’t enough bike lanes. I stopped cycling here after a car door knocked me down. The driver dismissed my complaints, pointing out that I was merely bleeding from the head, not dead.城市规划师已经开始思考如何利用这些以后将不再是停车场的土地。一个显而易见的用途是自行车道。早在20世纪70年代,我就已经在我成长的荷兰小镇看过城市交通的未来面貌了。8岁时,我们班同学都自个儿骑自行车上学。这样做(相当)安全,因为我们有专用的自行车道。而即使是现在,在巴黎骑自行车还不是很安全,因为自行车道不够。我自从被一辆车的车门撞倒后,就再也不在这里骑自行车了。那个司机对我的抱怨充耳不闻,声称我不过是头上流血,又没有不幸身亡。Biking is for everyone. One new trend is hybrid bikes with electric wheels. If you’re old, or going uphill, just turn on the motor.骑自行车适合任何人。一个新趋势是配有电力驱动的混合动力自行车。如果你年事已高,或者要骑上坡,你只需打开电力马达。Another potential future for parking spaces: mini-parks, says Mathieu Lefevre, executive director of the New Cities Foundation. Previously, anyone with kids was expected to leave the city. Now that cities are nice and safe, families want to stay. However, they need more play areas. Replace that parked car outside Ma Bourgogne with a swing or slide, and you’d have the perfect family spot: parent friendly, which means “with coffee”.新城市基金会(New Cities Foundation)常务理事马蒂厄#8226;勒费夫尔(Mathieu Lefevre)提出了停车场在未来的另一可能用途:小型公园。以前人们认为任何有孩子的人都应该离开城市。现在城市变得既漂亮又安全,有孩子的家庭想要在这里生活。然而,他们需要更多的玩耍空间。把Ma Bourgogne咖啡店外面的停车区换成一架秋千或者滑梯,你就拥有了完美的家庭活动地点:一个“父母友好型”场所,也就是说,这儿供应咖啡。Aly, urban workplaces have changed. Ratti and I were having a business meeting in Ma Bourgogne. “I don’t think there is a better office than this,” he said. But working in cafés is very 2003. The next step: working in parks, even in winter. New technologies can follow you around, giving you your own little portable bubble of heat and light, said Ratti. Another potential workspace: the roof of your apartment building. Imagine a swimming pool or garden there, and some desks.城市里的工作环境也发生了变化。我和拉蒂在Ma Bourgogne开了一次商业会议。“我觉得没有比这儿更好的办公室了,”他说。但是在咖啡店里工作太有2003年的感觉了。下一步:在公园里工作,哪怕是在冬天。拉蒂说,如影相随的新技术能够为你提供一个包含光和热的小型可移动气泡。还有一个可能的工作地点:你住的公寓的顶层。想象那里有一个游泳池,或者花园,还配了几张桌子。#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.Cities are now dominated by knowledge workers. But Ratti has a counterintuitive candidate for the next urban industry: manufacturing. He explains that 3D printing will be done by creative types in small spaces such as former garages. These people want to be somewhere like the Place des Vosges.现在城市里引领风骚的是知识型工作者。但拉蒂推断在下一代城市产业中脱颖而出的可能是制造业,这真是让人没想到。他解释称,创新型工作者将在从前的车库等小空间里进行3D打印。这些人希望在类似孚日广场这样的地方工作。As the western city ceases to be a giant office-cum-parking lot, it looks better every day. But there’s an iron rule of our time: anything desirable gets grabbed by the 1 per cent. Cities are becoming unaffordable for anyone else. One way to counter this is to build bridges – often literally – between rich and poor areas. In Johannesburg, rich Sandton and poor black Alexandra are now neighbours. Soon a 250m footbridge will connect them. In Paris, “horizontal skyscrapers” and parks could cross the ringroad to link the city with its suburbs, says Lefevre.随着西方的城市不再是巨大的办公室加停车场,城市的面貌将变得越来越好。但我们的时代有一条铁则:任何值得拥有的东西都被1%的人攫取了。除了这些人,住在城市的开销正逐渐超过其他任何人的承受力。扭转这一趋势的一个方法是修建连接富有和贫困地区的桥梁,通常这个桥梁就是指字面意义上的桥梁。在南非约翰内斯堡,富有的桑顿(Sandton)地区和主要是黑人居民的贫穷的亚历山德拉(Alexandra)地区现在相当靠近了。很快一座长250米的人行天桥将连接这两个街区。勒费夫尔表示,在巴黎,“地平线上的高楼大厦”和公园可以穿过环路,将城市和城郊连接起来。Today’s cities also suffer from an age divide. Young people can’t afford the house prices. Meanwhile, many older inhabitants are getting infirm and lonely. Seoul has a nice solution: a programme that helps an old person arrange to share with a student.今天的城市也面临着年龄鸿沟问题。年轻人买不起房子。同时,许多年岁较大的居民开始变得体弱而孤独。首尔有一个很棒的解决办法:一个帮助老人与学生分享住处的项目。Other cities will surely steal the idea, just as they are copying Amsterdam’s bike lanes and Sydney’s coffee. If only all policy making today were as creative as urbanism.其他城市肯定会效仿这个创意,就像它们照搬了阿姆斯特丹的自行车道和悉尼的咖啡店那样。如果今天所有的政策制定都能像城市主义这样富有创见就好了。 /201501/351635

  Princess#39; first portrait photos英王室首发小公主照Britain#39;s royal family has released the first official photos of month-old Princess Charlotte, photographed by her mother in the arms of elder brother Prince George.英国王室日前公布了刚刚满月的夏洛特小公主首张官方照片,在这几张由妈妈亲自拍摄的照片上,小公主正和哥哥乔治王子亲密拥抱。Kensington Palace issued four images, taken by the Duchess of Cambridge in mid-May at Anmer Hall, the family#39;s home in eastern England.肯辛顿宫一共公布了4张照片,均由凯特王妃于5月中旬拍摄于英格兰东部的王室别墅安默堡。They show Charlotte propped on a pillow, cradled by George, who turns 2 in July.在照片上,夏洛特靠在一个枕头上,7月就满2岁的哥哥乔治正抱着她。Charlotte wears a white sweater, the prince a white top trimmed in blue.小夏洛特身穿一件白色毛衣,王子则穿着一件蓝边的上衣。Charlotte was born May 2 and is fourth in line to the throne.夏洛特出生于5月2日,是王室第4顺位继承人。 /201506/379311


  ;My mom has the coolest job in the world.She#39;s a director of human racehorses!;我妈妈的工作是世界上最酷的,她是人力赛马的指导! /201506/379826


  A:Ok, breathe!...Hold...Push! Push!A:好,屏住呼吸,推~~~A:Waaaaahh...A:啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊~~A: Sand have mommies?A:有砂砾妈妈?A:Yea! It’s a grain!A:太好了,是晶砾。teacher:Jonny has a Mother’s Day poem for us.老师:c有准备母亲节的诗吗?C:Mary had a little lamb,its fleece was white as snow.C:玛丽有只小羊羔,它的羊毛白的像雪。C:With silver bells and cockle shells.C:银铃铛和海扇壳。C:And maidens in a row.C:那里站着一排少女teacher: Johnny.老师:c!C:Yes,teacher?C:老师?teacher: I think you’ve got two poems mixed up there.老师:我认为你把两首诗弄混了C:I’m sorry,I was thinking of Mary as the mother of Jesus-the lamb of god-and...C:对不起,我想到了玛丽作为神的羔羊的母亲…teacher:You may sit down,Johnny.老师:你坐下吧。C:...And the maidens as Ruth and Esther and Rahab and Elizabeth and...C:和鲁思和埃丝特和少女,喇合和伊丽莎白…teacher:That will do...Please sit down!老师:好了,请坐。teacher:Nice going,kid,you’ve managed to tick off the ACLU.老师:很好,孩子,你可以去管理美国公民自由协会。 /201505/375858A new debate has broken out between some of the world#39;s top Shakespeare experts over whether the playwright#39;s sonnets prove he was attracted to men.在世界顶级莎士比亚学者中间,一个新的舆论炸开了锅:这位剧作家的十四行诗是不是在暗示他被男性所吸引着?Sir Brian Vickers, a visiting professor at University College London, began the row by condemning a book review which suggested Sonnet 116 appears in a #39;primarily homosexual context#39;伦敦大学学院的客座教授布莱恩·威克斯爵士第一个对此论调提出怀疑,他抨击了一本解读莎士比亚十四行诗的第116首“首先是一个同性恋文本”的书评。In a letter to the Times Literary Supplement, he said the claim was #39;anachronistic#39; because scholars now accept there were forms of rhetoric that allowed men to express love without implying sexual attraction.在写给《泰晤士报文学增刊》的信中,他说道,因为如今学者都承认,在不表明性向的时候,有一些特定的修辞用来表达对男性的爱意,这种论调是“不合时宜的”。He also said that any attempt to find biographical information in the sonnets was doomed because Shakespeare was a professional who wrote under the identity of a #39;poet-persona#39;.他也说道,任何试图在十四行诗中寻找传记信息的企图都是注定失败的,因为莎士比亚是个专业的带着“诗人面具”写作的人。Fellow academics have since hit back at Mr Vickers#39; comments, accusing him of promoting #39;one of the great fallacies of modern Shakespeare criticism#39;.随后的一些学者开始攻击威克斯的论调,指控他在传播“一个现代莎士比亚界的大谬误”。Scholar Arthur Freeman, who described himself as a #39;friendly acquaintance#39; of Mr Vickers when responding to him via the letters page, accused him of introducing #39;presuppositions that many of us would question, if not reject out of hand#39;.亚瑟·弗里曼学者,声称自己是威克斯先生的“友人”,在信上指控他“再不住手的话,我们都要对你的假设提出怀疑了”。He wrote: #39;I cannot think of any responsible editor ... who would dismiss the premise of homosexual, as well as heterosexual passion pervading [the sonnets].他写道:“我不能想到任何一位有责任的编辑……在读着这些弥漫了异性恋热情的十四行诗时,会对同性恋这个前提置之不理。#39;Why should Shakespeare alone be thought so committed to the ;negative capability; of his dramatic craft that all his most personal writings are treated as potentially artificial?“为什么莎士比亚所有个人作品都要被认定有人工合成的可能性,并他这些戏剧性的作品被认为是拥有了“消极的才能”?‘And even if we insist on regarding the sonnets, wholly or in part, as a kind of long-term dramatic narrative ... why on earth would Shakespeare choose so often to impersonate a pathetically ageing, balding, lame and vulnerable bisexual suitor, abjectly whingeing about rejection and betrayal — unless the self-humiliation that surfaces again and again through these particulars were both genuine and cathartic?#39;“而且即使我们这么认定他的十四行诗(全部或部分),作为一种长时间的充满戏剧性的叙事……究竟为何莎士比亚要选择如此频繁的去扮演一个可悲的,秃着头,跛着脚,脆弱且垂垂老矣的双性恋的起诉人,悲惨地抱怨着拒绝和背叛——除非通过这些细节可以看出其一次又一次浮出水面的自卑情结,是真实可信的。”Mr Vickers responded by saying he could not stop people from speculating, adding: #39;Thought is free.威克斯先生回应道,他不能阻止人们的猜想,并补充道:“一千人心中有一千个哈姆雷特。#39;But if you fix these codes and then say that his 126 poems are like this, then people stop ing them as poems. They them as biographical documents, looking for imputed sexuality.#39;“但是如果你纠结于这些暗示,并且认定他的126首诗都是如此,那么人们就不会把他的诗当作诗,而是作为传记文献开始寻找性向的蛛丝马迹。”Although there are few references to anything other than noble love, some sonnets appear more explicit than others.虽然描写高尚爱情的文献没有很多,一些十四行诗显露的还是比其他要明显。Sonnet 20 is largely interpreted as being dedicated to a man, declaring: #39;A woman#39;s face with nature#39;s own hand painted / Hast thou, the master mistress of my passion.#39;十四行诗第20首,很普遍的被认为是专写给男人的,其写道:“造物手绘你女性的脸庞-你是我钟爱的娇娇檀郎!”In 2012, Shakespearean actor Sir Ian McKellen boldly announced that there was absolutely #39;no doubt#39; the bard was bisexual.在2012年,扮演莎士比亚的演员伊恩·麦克莱恩爵士大胆宣称,“毫无疑问”这位吟游诗人是双性恋。The 75-year-old thespian said he came to his conclusion after studying the English poet#39;s work.这位75岁高龄的演员声称自己在研究这位英国诗人的巨作后得出了这个结论。At the time, he said: #39;I#39;d say Shakespeare slept with men.当时他说道:“我敢说他肯定和男人睡过。#39;The Merchant of Venice, centering on how the world treats gays as well as Jews, has a love triangle between an older man, younger man and a woman.“在《商人》中,其宗旨放在说明全世界怎样像对待犹太人一样对待同性恋,且在一个老人,一个青年和一个女人中存在三角关系。#39;And the complexity in his comedies with cross-dressing and disguises is immense.’“而且在他的喜剧中异装癖和化妆非常常见。” /201412/347536

  There is nothing as romantic as two lovers sharing a kiss.恋人之间相互接吻是一件多么美妙浪漫的事情啊。But scientists have come up with an evolutionary explanation which perhaps threatens to kill the passion.但是科学家们最近根据进化理论做的一项研究结果可能会让接吻听起来没有那么浪漫了。Academics think that kissing helps partners share bacteria, shoring up their immune systems and enabling them to better fight disease.科学家们发现接吻有助于双方分享细菌,增强免疫力,并能够帮助双方更好地抵御疾病。As many as 80 million bacteria are transferred during a ten-second kiss, according to Dutch biologists.荷兰的生物学家称,仅仅接吻10秒钟就能传播8000万个细菌给对方。Humans carry trillions of bacteria in the body, which together make up a ‘microbiota’ – a complex mix of bugs which play a crucial role in digesting food and warding off infections.其实我们每个人体内都携带有数以万计的细菌,这些细菌组合在一起就形成了“菌群”,这些“菌群”在消化系统和免疫系统中发挥着至关重要的作用。Remco Kort, from the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research - or TNO - said his team set out to discover the evolutionary reason for kissing.荷兰应用科学研究组织的雷姆科·科尔特和他的团队已经开始从进化论方面探索接吻的原因。After testing 21 couples, they think kissing helps form a shared microbiota, a similar mix of bacteria living in the body.在对21对情侣进行测试以后,科尔特他们发现接吻有助于双方在各自体内形成一个共同的“菌群”。He said: ‘Intimate kissing involving full tongue contact and saliva exchange appears to be a courtship behaviour unique to humans and is common in over 90 per cent of known cultures.他说:“包括舌头接触和唾液交换的亲密接吻似乎是人类独有的一种求爱行为,接吻在目前所知的90%的文化中都很常见。”‘Interestingly, the current explanations for the function of intimate kissing in humans include an important role for the microbiota present in the oral cavity, although to our knowledge, the exact effects of intimate kissing on the oral microbiota have never been studied.“有趣的是,目前的研究发现人类的亲密接吻对口腔中的微生物有重要作用,而就我们目前所知,还没有人研究过接吻对口腔微生物群的确切影响。”‘We wanted to find out the extent to which partners share their oral microbiota, and it turns out, the more a couple kiss, the more similar they are.’“因此,我们想研究情侣间口腔微生物群的相似程度,事实明,情侣间接吻越多,他们的菌群越相似。”The researchers, whose findings are published in the journal Microbiome, found that couples who share nine intimate kisses a day had a very similar microbiota, meaning they would be better prepared to deal with similar infections and digest similar food.发表在《微生物》杂志上的该项研究结果指出,每天热吻9次的情侣间存在非常相似的微生物群,这意味着他们能更好地应对相同感染、消化相同的食物等。Scientists have long warned that modern obsession with hygiene and cleanliness has driven a boom in allergies and health problems.科学家们一直警告称,现代人的过度“洁癖”正是导致过敏等诸多健康问题的主要原因。According to the ‘hygiene hypothesis’, increasing prevalence of allergies such as asthma are caused because we are not exposed to enough germs in our daily life.根据“卫生假说”理论,现代人之所以哮喘等过敏疾病高发,都是因为我们在日常生活中与细菌接触不够。Professor Graham Rook, an immunologist at University College London, has gone so far as to say that picking food off the floor, buying a dog and regularly kissing your relatives are some of the best ways to ward off allergies.伦敦大学的免疫学家格雷厄姆·鲁克教授甚至表示,想要避免过敏,可以把掉到地上的食物捡起来照吃不误、或者可以养、经常跟伴侣接吻等。Speaking at Cheltenham Science Festival earlier this year, he advised that when a baby spits out its dummy, a mother should lick it clean and put it back in the infant’s mouth.在今年年初举行的切尔滕纳姆科学节上,鲁克教授还建议,当婴儿吐出奶嘴后,母亲应该舔干净并直接塞回婴儿嘴里。He said the problem is that the modern body is at a ‘constant state of alert’ because it is not used to living with germs.他称因为现代人的身体不适应和细菌共存,所以一直处于高度戒备状态。‘When the immune system is not needed it should get turned off completely,’ he said.“当人体不需要免疫系统的时候,它就应该完全关闭。”‘What happens these days is that often it is on a constant state of alert and it is not turned off completely.“但现在,我们的身体经常处于戒备状态,免疫系统从没休息过。”‘It will do something completely pointless like attacking grass pollen wafting past in the breeze, or attacking the neighbour’s cat when it happens to walk past, then you are going to have allergic problems.’“因此,它就会做出一些毫无意义的防卫,比如攻击风中的花粉,或者攻击碰巧走过的邻居家的猫,这样就导致了过敏问题。” /201412/350393



  He may look like an elementary schoolboy, but he is the one you can count on to solve the most complicated criminal cases. You shouldn’t need any additional clues to figure out the name of this detective — it’s Conan Edogawa.他看上去也许和小学生没什么两样,但他却能破解那些最复杂的案件。也许无需更多提示,你已经猜到了这位侦探的名字——江户川柯南。The leading character in Japanese manga and anime Detective Conan was originally 17-year-old high school student detective Shinichi Kudo. But one day during an investigation, he was poisoned by two men from the Black Organization, and his body shrank to the size of a child’s. Fortunately, he retains his intelligence. With the help of Hiroshi Agasa, his scientist neighbor, Conan proves that being a hero has nothing to do with size, but with having a sharp mind and a brave heart.他是日本动漫《名侦探柯南》的主人公。他叫工藤新一, 17岁,是一名高中生侦探。直到有一天,他在一次调查中被两个黑暗组织的成员灌下了毒药,身体变回了小孩子的模样。庆幸的是,他的智商依旧和以前一样逆天。在邻居阿笠士的帮助下,柯南向世人明了英雄不问身高,只需有敏捷的思维和一颗勇敢的心。Last month, The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Days in History, a special celebrating the series’ 20th anniversary was released.上个月,为了纪念《名侦探柯南》漫画连载20周年,特别篇《江户川柯南失踪事件:史上最惨的两天》播出。The story starts when Conan heads for a bathhouse with his friends Ran and Haibara. While watching a suspicious man skulk around the bathhouse, Conan slips and knocks himself unconscious. The man turns out to be a well-known hitman, and he takes Conan away to keep him quiet. When the hit man and his accomplice finds out that Conan has amnesia because of the fall, they decide to use him for another plan.故事伊始,柯南、小兰和灰原哀一起去公共浴室洗澡。发现有可疑男子在澡堂周围鬼鬼祟祟时,柯南不认滑倒、撞到自己(的脑袋)而失去意识。而这名可疑男子正是大名鼎鼎的杀手(近藤)。他和自己的同伙将晕倒的柯南带走,却发现柯南已经失忆,于是他们心生一计……As is normal for Conan stories, the special twists and turns before Conan finally sleuths his way out of the situation. This style of storytelling allows viewers to decode the mystery along with the protagonists, one of the keys to the franchise’s enduring success. If you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan (as Conan is), this anime should be a fun watch, although the format may seem too familiar to those who a lot of detective novels.和《柯南》的其他故事一样,在此次特别篇中,在历尽曲折和挣扎之后柯南最终察觉并且摆脱困境。这样的叙事方式能让观众和主人公一起解开谜团,而这也是《柯南》系列长盛不衰的秘诀之一。如果你是《神探夏洛克》迷(像柯南一样),那这部动画片一定不容错过,虽然饱读侦探小说的你也许会觉得它结构毫无新意,但它仍然有着自己的趣味。Conan never gives up trying to find out a way back into his older body when fighting against the Black Organization, and he stays vigilant to make sure his friends don’t get ensnared too much in his exploits.(动漫中)柯南与黑暗组织斗志斗勇,从未放弃把身体变回原来的大小;而另一方面,他还要时刻保持警惕,不让自己的朋友卷入其中。For two decades, fans of Detective Conan have grown up with the little boy, and we’d rather postpone the reunion with Shinichi to let the anime last a bit longer.二十年了,《名侦探柯南》的粉丝已经在这个小男孩的陪伴下长成大人,而我们却宁可他不要变回工藤新一的模样,只为这部动漫能播得更久一些。 /201501/354492


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