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赣州第一人民医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱石城县人民医院纹眉多少钱You know, radio is a great thing.要知道,收音机是伟大的发明。Here I am! Flying high abovethe earth, but my voice is coming across just as if I were sitting in front of you.现在,我在演播厅,可是,我的声音让你觉得我就在你面前。Communicating by voice alone has its drawbacks, though.但是,光凭声音沟通是有缺点的。For example, I cant use hand gestures to clarify what I mean.比如,我现在无法用手势来表达自己。And, as it turns out, that makes a big difference.这说明手势对沟通很重要。Researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand wanted to know how much a relevant hand gesture helps to communicate an idea.新西兰奥塔拉大学的研究,想知道相关的手势对表达想法有多少帮助。They had volunteers watch clips of a woman saying different simple phrases, such as “the square box,” or “peel the banana.”志愿者被要求观看视频短片,短片中有个女人在说各种简单短语,比如,“方盒子”、“剥香蕉”。In some, she simply said the phrase without moving her hands.第一组志愿观看的视频中,她只是说出来,而不做任何手势。Peel the banana. In others, shemade the kind of hand gesture most of us would make when saying that-a sort of banana-peeling mime that matches the content of the phrase.但是,第二组志愿观看的视频中,她模仿默剧,做剥香蕉手势。In a third group, she made gestures with her hands that were unrelated to what she was saying.在第三组志愿观看的视频中,她做了一些和剥香蕉毫不相干的手势。The results?结果是什么呢?People who got the matching content hand gestures remembered those phrasesmore effectively than folks who got just the words alone.第二组志愿者比第一组记得更好;而第一组比第三组记得更好!What does this show us?这说明什么呢?We aly knew that all the hand-waving we do when we speak isntjust nervous energy; it serves various functions.我们在说话时所做的手势,除了情绪表达还有更多其它用处。Apparently, one of them is to help the listener remember what youve said.很显然,手势有助于听者记忆。 201407/309042赣州俪人整形美容医院开双眼皮多少钱 Finance and economics财经商业Copper铜Broken contacts破碎的联系Finance, not economics, may explain coppers recent plunge金融市场而非经济状况造成了近期的铜价下滑THE copper price has long been held to signal the state of the global economy as reliably as the metal conducts electrons.铜价一直以来都是全球经济形势的信号,它的这个作用正如导电性能一样可靠。But that reputation—never fully deserved—is now in tatters. Coppers plunging price says a lot about China, but little about the rest of the world.如今这个本就不甚牢固的地位已经岌岌可危。一路下滑的铜价折射出中国的许多问题,不过与世界形势则关系不大。China consumes about 40% of global copper production.中国消耗着全球40%的成品铜。But not all of that goes straight into manufacturing or construction.但并非所有的铜都被立即用于制造业以及建筑业。Chinese companies have also been using copper as collateral for their hard-currency loans: “buy, store, hedge and pledge” in the words of one trader.中国的公司还将铜作为硬通货贷款的抵押品。用一位从业者的话说,就是“购买,储存,用来对冲和抵押”。That has led to an overhang, with far more of the metal stockpiled than users need.铜的库存量已经远远超过使用需求,已经造成了过量储存。Any change in the conditions that created this stockpile can have a big effect on the price.造成这种储存的各种因素稍有变化就会对铜价造成重大影响。A sign of this is that when the Chinese economy slows, as seems to be happening now, with manufacturing activity weakening for a fifth consecutive month, those stockpiles rise.其中一个例子就是当中国经济增速放缓时,库存就会增加。CRU, a metals researcher, now says the copper-market surplus this year will be four times bigger than it previously estimated, with forecast production outpacing demand by 140,000 tonnes.金属研究机构CRU最近表示今年的铜剩余量将是其之前预计的4倍,预计产量将超过需求量140,000吨,。Chinese data are notoriously opaque, so judging the real health of the countrys copper-consuming industries is hard.鉴于中方的数据是出了名的不透明,所以很难判断该国铜消耗产业的真实规模。A rebound in growth later this year could revive demand for the metal.今年随后的经济增长反弹或许能重新刺激铜材的需求。But other factors are piling pressure on to the copper price.但其他因素也在给铜价施压。One is a growing wariness among creditors, following a corporate-bond failure this month.其中之一就是于本月发生了中国国内20世纪90年代以来首次的企业债券违约,这使借债机构变得愈发谨慎了。As banks worry about their customers abilities to service debts, Chinese firms are finding it harder to get loans.由于担心客户的偿还能力,中国公司发现贷款更难了。This is making some sell their copper to raise cash.这使不少公司抛售储存的铜来套现。Another factor is that Chinese regulators are cracking down on companies using copper stockpiles for speculation.还有一个因素是中方的监管机构正在打击公司们利用铜存储进行投机活动的行为。Joel Crane of Morgan Stanley, an investment bank, argues that the authorities are targeting the “shadow-banking network” used by companies to evade controls on hard-currency lending.投行根斯坦利的Joel Crane说,政府已经盯上了公司们用来逃避硬通货借贷管制的“影子网络”。Chinese importers have long used letters of credit issued by banks for raw-material imports as a way of raising funds which they then use for other purposes.中国的会发行原材料出口的信用来募集资金,而进口商们却长期把这些信用用于其它目的。Such shadow banking created lucrative arbitrage possibilities for those able to take advantage of the difference between local and international interest rates.这样的影子系统为那些能利用国内外利率差的人提供了通过套利牟取暴利的机会。This is a useful dodge when times are good, not so when scrutiny increases.当时机合适时,这是很有用的逃避方式,可监管严格时就不是了。A reform in mid-2013 made companies holding copper for collateral keep it onshore, rather than in bonded warehouses, raising the cost of storage.2013年中的一次改革要求持有铜作为抵押品的公司将铜保存在大陆地区,而非保税仓库,这也增加了储存的成本。A similar story seems to be unfolding with iron ore.铁矿石也在发生类似情况。China accounts for half of world steel production, so the iron-ore price is hypersensitive to any downward flicker in demand.中国占到了世界钢材产量的一半,所以铁矿石价格对于一丝一毫的需求减少的苗头都极度敏感。Iron-ore stocks at Chinese ports are at record highs.中国码头上的铁矿石储存量达到了创纪录的数值。China is also trying to substitute its own, lower-quality ore for the higher-grade imported stuff.中国正在试图用进口的高纯度矿石替代低质量的本国矿石。It wants to cut overcapacity and pollution, including using the financial markets to put pressure on the steel industry through higher interest rates and tighter credit.政府想要采取措施对付产能过剩和环境污染问题,包括在金融市场利用高利率和信贷紧缩来给钢铁行业施压。Companies who used iron ore as collateral for their borrowing may now have to use it for debt repayments instead.将铁矿石用作贷款抵押品的公司如今或许要将其转用作贷款偿还了。Copper bears fear that this could easily get out of hand.铜金属持有者担心这会造成情况失控。But the likelihood is more a slow unwinding of positions than a crash.但哪怕要失控,也将是一个缓慢的头寸解除过程而不会突然全部抛售。Goldman Sachs, another bank, notes that it is not in the Chinese authorities interest to shut down commodity-financing deals altogether.另一家高盛集团表示中国政府并不打算完全废除商品金融。It makes more sense just to increase the hedging and storage costs of those firms using commodities to speculate.更像是只让使用商品进行投机的公司对冲和储存的成本上升。Stephen Briggs of BNP Paribas, also a bank, notes that the “few hundred thousand tonnes” involved in these deals is only a small part of a 20m tonne market.法国巴黎的Stephen Briggs则认为这些交易涉及的“几十万吨”不过是铜材市场两千万总数的极小部分。The truth may be that jitters in China have just accelerated a change in perceptions about copper: from chronic deficit to surplus.现实或许是,中国国内的神经敏感只是加速了对于铜的观念的改变:从长期供应不足到存储过多。This stems from the impending extra metal coming this year and next from new mines in places such as Mongolia, Peru and Mexico.原因在于今年和明年将从蒙古、秘鲁、墨西哥的新建矿场中增加进口许多矿石。Speculators may come and go, but at least copper, unlike gold, has a comfortably wide range of uses.或许铜的投机生意难以预料,但和金子不同的是,铜至少有着大量的用途。 /201404/285007赣州去眼袋多少钱

赣州整形美容医院黑脸娃娃怎么样赣州哪家鼻子整形医院好 Science and technology科学技术Metal fatigue in old aircraft老旧飞机的金属疲劳Flying rivets飞行侦查兵A new technique that listens for cracks in ageing aircraft一项侦听老化飞机断裂的新技术WHEN they were built, no one thought they would fly for so long.建造飞机的时候,没人认为它们会飞行这么久。But fitted with new engines and avionics, aircraft can be kept going for a very long time.但是装有新式引擎和航空电子设备的飞机能持续飞行很长一段时间。The average age of the worlds airliners is more than ten years, with some passenger jets 25 years old or more.全世界飞机的平均机龄超过10年,有些客机的机龄超过了25年。Military planes are more geriatric:军用飞机更是超龄:the Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter entered service 31 years ago and the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy 40 years back.西科斯基公司的黑鹰直升机31年前开始役,洛克希德公司的C-5早用到40年了。Both are still going strong.这两款飞机还都强劲地飞行着。Some Boeing KC-135 aerial-refuelling planes, which are based on the venerable 707, have been flying for over 50 years.波音707原型机上发展起来的波音KC-135空中加油机有些已经飞行50多年了。Engineers reckon they could still be in the air when they are 80.工程师们测算80机龄时它们仍然能飞上蓝天。One thing that does ground old aircraft is the impending failure of their aluminium structure from metal fatigue.让老旧飞机搁浅的一件事就是飞机铝构造因为金属疲劳产生的故障隐患。This begins in parts that are subjected to repeated strains, such as where the wings join the fuselage.这种故障始于承受反复拉紧的部位,象机翼与机身的连接处。Constant flexing of the structure concentrates stress, which leads to microscopic cracks.这些构造部位的频繁伸缩使应力集中,导致微裂纹的产生。These cracks become more numerous and eventually large enough for the structure to fail.这些微裂纹越来越多,最后多到足以使这些部位的构造断裂。Aircraft engineers know a lot about how these cracks progress and keep an eye on them in routine overhauls.飞机工程师们对这些裂纹如何发展以及在例行检修中如何注意这些裂纹所知甚详。Nevertheless, they can be difficult and costly to find.不过发现这些裂纹可能很难且费用高昂。Apart from careful visual inspection, techniques like X-rays and ultrasonic probes are also used.除了仔细地目视检查外,也使用象X射线和超声探头这样的技术。Now a British company has come up with a low-cost way of monitoring cracks in aircraft, even while they are airborne.目前一家英国公司提出了一种成本低廉的监测飞机裂纹方法,即使飞机在飞行中。The trick that Ultra Electronics uses is to listen for them with a system called Asis.超级电子公司采用的诀窍是侦听带有自动语音识别系统的飞机。It does this by fitting small piezoelectric acoustic sensors to parts of the structure to detect the particular frequency of noise caused by a crack in aircraft-grade aluminium.把小型压电声传感器安装到这种构造部位上,检测由航空级铝材裂纹所致的特定频率的噪音,靠这样就能监测飞机裂纹。When first set up, Asis is calibrated to the acoustic signature of the aircraft.安装之初,Asis就按飞机的声波标记图进行了校准。The system can point engineers to where cracks are occurring because the sensors also record the precise moment it is “heard”.这个系统能向工程师指明哪里正在出现裂纹,因为传感器也记录裂纹噪音被“听到”的精确时刻。As the sound ripples through the structure it arrives at different sensors at different times, which can be used to work out the location and severity of the crack.因为声音呈波形在飞机构造中传播,它在不同的时间到达不同的传感器,这点能用来算出裂纹的位置和严重程度。Once on the ground, a touch-screen device a bit like an iPad is plugged into the system and shows where any cracks are on a three-dimensional image of the aircraft.一经在地面上把有点象iPad的触摸屏设备用插头插入系统中,它就会在飞机的三维图像上显示所有裂纹。Asis will be tried out later this year by Americas Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.Asis将由美国国防高级研究计划局在今年晚些时候进行试验。A basic set-up to monitor the boom on a small helicopter starts at around ,000, says Rob McDonald, Ultra Electronics marketing director.超级电子公司的营销总监罗伯?麦克唐纳说,监测小型直升机嗡嗡声的基本设备起价大约6.5万美元。As to the future, he expects the company will explore how Asis might also monitor carbon-composite materials, which are being used increasingly in new aircraft.至于未来,他期待公司会探究怎么让Asis也能监测碳复合材料,碳复合材料在新式飞机中的应用渐增。Less is known about the long-term structural integrity of carbon fibre, but it is not prone to corrosion and is extremely tough, so with a bit of care and attention it might allow aircraft to fly even longer.虽然对碳纤维的长期结构完整性所知甚少,但是它不易腐蚀且极为坚硬,因此稍加关注它就可能让飞机飞行得更久。 /201306/242956赣州激光脱毛的价位

赣州妇保医院打瘦脸针多少钱Business商业报道Dewey LeBoeuff杜威路国际律师事务所With a bang, not a whimper砰然毁灭,而不是轻轻消亡When a law firm gets into trouble, it can be hard to recover律师事务所,一旦陷入困境就难以摆脱THE chief benefit of the merger of Dewey Ballantine and LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene MacRae may have been a shorter name.2007年,杜威律师事务所与路律师事务所合并,带来的主要好处大概是新的律师事务所有了一个更简洁的名字The deal, in 2007, created Dewey LeBoeuf, the worlds 23rd-biggest law firm by revenue.杜威.路律师事务所,营业收入全球排名第23位。The new firm was ambitious.杜威曾经雄心勃勃,But according to the American Lawyer, a magazine and compiler of legal league tables,如今发展状况却不尽如人意。《美国律师》杂志编纂的律师事务所排行榜数据显示:revenue for 2010 turned out to be 0m, 0m less than first thought;2010年,杜威.路律师事务所的年收入只有7.6亿美元,比预期低1.5亿美元;last years sum, 2m, was not much better.去年的总收入为7.82亿美元,比2010年强不了多少。Dewey has lost 70 of its partners—more than a fifth of the total—and more keep jumping ship.杜威公司已经失去了70位合伙人,而更多的人也正打算跳槽。It is said to be considering a prepackaged bankruptcy and a merger with another firm, Greenberg Traurig.有消息称,该公司正在考虑预组破产,并计划与格林贝格.特劳里格公司合并。The speed of Deweys decline shows how fragile law firms finances can be.从杜威的迅速衰落可以看出律师事务所的收入何其不稳定。If a public company gets into trouble, the price of its shares falls, giving investors an incentive to buy if they think the market undervalues it.当一家上市公司陷入困境时,股价下跌,此时如果其市场价值被低估,可能会激励投资者进行收购;In companies with physical assets, creditors can demand that they be sold to repay loans.同时债权人可以要求出售公司实物资产来偿还债务。But nearly all law firms are private partnerships whose only real assets are the partners themselves.但几乎所有的律师事务都是私人合股制公司,其资产就是合股人本身。Not only can they not be sold;公司合伙人当然无法出售,they can get up and walk to a new firm. Worse, American lawyers typically take their clients with them.他们只能筹备建立新的公司。更加糟糕的是,美国的律师离去时会带走相应的客户资源。Survivors of failed firms talk ruefully about what went wrong—usually, overexpansion in one of two ways.一家公司破产后,幸存的管理层会遗憾地谈论他们的失误之处在于过度扩张—一般有两种情况:The first is geographical:一种是地理意义上的扩张,a regional firm going national or a national one, international.可能是一家区域性公司开始面向全国市场,也可能是一家国内公司转向跨国经营。This tends to dilute profits per partner.各个合伙人的利益往往会因此降低,Offices abroad, especially, can take a long time to turn a profit.特别是建立国外办事处这种做法很可能需要几年的时间才开始盈利。The second sort of expansion is to hire hotshot partners from outside.另一种扩张则是通过企业从外部引进行业高手作为合伙人实现,According to lawyers from other firms, Dewey committed two sins:这也是杜威公司的选择。据其他公司的律师称,杜威公司承认自己犯了两个大错:guaranteeing poached partners their first few years of income, and borrowing from banks to pay for them.先向那些新合伙人许诺头几年的高薪,然后又从借款来兑现这些承诺。Unusually, in 2010 Dewey also issued bonds; the first of these mature next year.反常的是,杜威还于2010年发行了债券,首批债券将于明年到期。Firms with large debts are vulnerable if a big client leaves, a practice area sours or the economy weakens.失去大客户,某一地区业务状况恶化或者经济疲软。Partners may sit tight for one bad year, but after another some will scarper with their clients.—这些都会使负担大量债务的公司变得十分脆弱。Firms that have nurtured their own talent are likely to have more loyal lawyers;遇到一个坏年景时,合伙人可能会静观其变,如果情况未能好转,部分人会带着他们的客户溜走。自己出资培养人才的事务所,其律师的忠诚度更高;poachers such as Dewey, fewer.而到处挖人的杜威就没有那么多忠诚的律师了。Expensive hires can cause resentment.高薪雇用也会引来他人的怨恨。Theres only 100% of the profit to go around, says Ward Bower of Altman Weil, a consultancy.自Altman Weil咨询公司的Ward Bower认为工资总额是一定的,不可能超过利润的100%,To the extent anyone is overpaid, by definition someone else is underpaid.如果一些人拿的过多,显然其他人的报酬就过低了。If enough people leave, the firm may break loan covenants with its banks, which can require it to have a minimum number of partners.如果离开的员工过多,企业可能会违背贷款合约,而可能会要求企业把合伙人数控制在最低数量,甚至要求该公司立即清偿贷款。Loans may be called in at once, or continued only under onerous conditions that can hasten the decline.即便继续提供贷款,条件也会十分严苛,但这无疑会加快公司的衰退。To stop an implosion, managers must act decisively, says Randall Miller, of Bryan Cave in Denver.来自丹佛凯律师事务所的Randall Miller认为,为了避免公司走向破产,管理层必须果断决策。He was managing partner of Holme, Roberts Owen, which found itself in a tight spot several years ago.Miller是HRO律师事务所的任事股东,数年前HRO律师事务所在西部各州扩张,An expansion in western states and a split with the Salt Lake City office left the firm in trouble.这一战略失败后又与盐湖城的办事处关系破裂,这使得公司陷入困境,Partners were leaving.合伙人纷纷离去。Mr Bowers Altman Weil helped with a scouring of excess costs.Mr Bower的Altman Weil咨询公司帮助HRO削减不必要的开,A brutally honest conversation with the partners helped convince enough of them to stay to allow the firm to stabilise and survive.十分坦诚地向合伙人阐明了公司的情况。这些努力挽留下足够的合伙人,稳定了事务所的状况,避免其走向破产。It merged with Bryan Cave this year.今年HRO与凯律师事务所合并。But Mr Miller points out that his firm did not take on big bank debts, as Dewey did.与此同时Miller先生指出,HRO并未像杜威那样承担大量的债务。According to the Wall Street Journal, the firm has until the end of April to negotiate the extension of a credit line.华尔街日报称,直到四月底杜威才与协商扩大信用额度。Deweys lineage goes back a century. It may survive for another century, but only if its leaders act decisively in the coming weeks.领导层必须在随后的几星期内果断采取行动,已经走过了一个世纪的杜威才可能走得更远。Other firms watch not with glee but with nervousness, knowing that a short run of bad luck could put them on the same wobbly precipice.其他律师事务所也紧张的关注着事态发展,他们无法幸灾乐祸,毕竟一次小小的不走运足以把他们也推向危机的边缘。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201306/244752 赣州市第一人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱江西赣州市俪人医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱



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