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QUENTIN Tarantino Oscar-winning ;Django Unchained; returned to Chinese screens yesterday, about a month after it was pulled unspecified ;technical reasons.;昆汀#86;塔伦蒂诺的奥斯卡获奖影片《被解放的姜戈昨天重返中国大银幕,在因未指明的“技术原因”而下线的大约一个月后Nude scenes are believed to have been cut and the original 5-minute movie is now minutes long.裸露镜头相信被剪掉,原来的5分钟的电影现在只有分钟长The month delay didnt help at the box office. Guo Ying, an official with Shanghai ed Cinema Lines, said the film had taken in just 0,000 yuan (US$,800).这个月的推迟无益于票房上海联合电影院线的官方人士郭英说这部电影已经入账万元人民币(合800美元);It is not a good screening slot,; Guo said. ;The movie has to face strong competition from two Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters with stunning visual effects - Iron Man 3 and Oblivion.;“这不是电影的黄金时段,”郭说“这部电影不得不面对两个有着惊人的视觉效果的好莱坞科幻大片《钢铁侠3和《遗落战境的激烈竞争A cinema in the city Xujiahui area sold around 7,000 yuan worth of tickets the film yesterday, compared to ticket sales of 0,000 yuan ;Iron Man 3; and 50,000 yuan ;Oblivion.;上海徐家汇地区的一家电影院昨天为这部电影了售出约7000元的票,相比万元的《钢铁侠3票房和5万元的《遗落战境The cinema manager, who asked not to be named, said the low ticket sales came as no surprise. Tarantino movies, with their scenes of sex, bloodshed and carnage, would not be the first choice the majority of cinema-goers, she said.要求不透露其姓名的影院经理说低票房并不令人吃惊塔伦蒂诺的电影充斥着床戏、流血和杀戮,对于大多数影迷来说不会是第一选择,她说Also, since the suspension, a lot of movie fans have seen the film on DVD or online.此外,由于延迟,很多影迷已经DVD或网上看过这部电影The film was released in China on April but was halted one minute after the screenings began ;technical reasons,; according to the film distributors.这部电影月日在中国上映但开始一分钟后因“技术原因”停止放映,根据影片的分销商At the 85th Academy Awards the film received best original screenplay award Tarantino and best supporting actor award Christoph Waltz.在第85届奥斯卡奖上电影使塔伦蒂诺获得了最佳原创剧本奖,克里斯托弗#86;沃尔兹获得最佳男配角奖 39。

A babe was born with not one but two snouts. And while it might sound like a joke, it's no laughing matter.  The two-month-old litter born on a farm in Deshengtang, Jilin province, northern China - can use both his mouths to eat and appears otherwise normal, say his owners.  Farmer Li Zhenjun and his wife Yu Wanfen named the piglet Xiaobao - or “Babe” in English - after the movie about an extraordinary talking pig.  Li explained:"The mouths aren't much of an advantage because his head is very heavy and he gets pushed around by the others.”  He said:"I'm feeding him with a bottle now and he's doing very well."  据英国《每日邮报9月6日报道,有一只小猪仔,它出生时就不是长着一张嘴,而是两张,虽然这听起来像是玩笑,但却是千真万确的事  这只现有两个月大的猪仔出生在中国北方吉林省德盛堂村的一个农场里它的主人说,这只猪仔可以用它的任意一张嘴进食,(它除了有两张嘴外),其他方面看起来都正常  根据一部关于一只会说话的奇异小猪的电影,农民李振军和他的妻子于万芬给这只小猪取名叫“小宝”,即英语里 “宝贝”的意思  李解释说:“两张嘴并不占什么优势,因为这使它的头非常重,别的猪都对它推来搡去的”  他说:“现在我用瓶子给它喂食,它的状况非常好” 600。

“You know what I’m going to devote the rest of my life to?” David Letterman said on his last night as the host of the “Late Show” on CBS. “Social media.”“你知道我将用我的余生拿来干什么吗?”大卫·莱特曼(David Letterman)在他最后一次主持哥伦比亚广播公司的《深夜秀时自问自答道“社交媒体”Mr. Letterman ended his 33-year career in late-night on Wednesday as he had started it — with the irreverence, self-mockery and mischief that made him such an iconoclastic talk-show host.周三,莱特曼以他开始这个节目的方式结束了自己33年的深夜秀职业生涯,正是他不恭不敬、自我解嘲和恶作剧的特点,使他成为一位非常反传统的脱口秀主持人His farewell was much better than the usual mawkish television send-off: He mixed favorite segments like his Top list with clips of classic skits and a few restrained fillips of sincerity and humility. His final show was not at all like the Pharaonic and mushy last bow Johnny Carson took when he left “The Tonight Show” in 199. As could be expected, it was a bracing antidote to the weepy extravaganza that ushered his rival Jay Leno into retirement last year.他的告别节目比通常自作多情的电视送别好得多:他在节目中穿插了最受喜爱的部分,例如他的大名单,包括经典小品片段,以及几个有诚意、谦逊的、有克制的时刻他在最后的节目里一点也不像约翰尼·卡森(Johnny Carson)199年最后一次主持《今夜秀时那样以法老自居、且多愁善感正如所预想的,最后一集《深夜秀是去年送别他的对手杰·雷诺(Jay Leno)退休时,那种伤感而又铺张华丽表演的清新宜人的解药Mr. Letterman’s retirement has gotten an extraordinary amount of focus — a frenzied outpouring of fan devotion, celebrity tributes and nonstop media attention — perhaps because he was so important to the last generation of viewers who grew up watching shows on a television set, and not on a smartphone.莱特曼的退休已经得到特别大量的关注,粉丝们的忠诚、名人的献礼辞,以及不间断的媒体报道疯狂地迸发,这也许是因为他对在电视机前、而不是在智能手机上看着节目长大的最后一代观众如此的重要Mr. Letterman’s crack about younger permers who use Twitter and Facebook was a shout-out to the talk-show host’s core audience, the late-night viewers who decades ago defined themselves as the insurgents who preferred Mr. Letterman to Mr. Leno.莱特曼对年轻表演者使用Twitter和Facebook的敲打,是这位脱口秀主持人向核心观众发出的呼喊,这些观众几十年前用选择莱特曼、而不是莱诺把自己定位为反叛者All Mr. Letterman had to say was the date, June , 1996, and the studio audience began laughing appreciatively. He then showed a clip of one of his more famous pranks when he posed as a server at a drive-through Taco Bell and tormented customers with terrible service.莱特曼只需要说出那个日子,1996年6月日,现场观众就开始会意地发笑然后,他播放了一段自己比较著名的恶作剧片段之一,他假装塔可钟(Taco Bell)的不必下车即可购买食物窗口的务员,用极为糟糕的务折磨顾客The clips of his absurdist gags, riffs on conventional television comedy, were fun, but they were also a reminder of how inventive and seditious Mr. Letterman was in his heyday, and how much his successors in today’s late-night constellation owe him. One acolyte, Jimmy Kimmel, the host of his own late-night talk show on A, was so worshipful he ran a rerun on Wednesday so as to not pull focus from Mr. Letterman.他的荒诞噱头以及对传统电视喜剧即兴模仿的片段很逗乐,但它们也让人记起莱特曼在其鼎盛时期多么具有创意和煽动性,也提醒人们在当今深夜秀星空闪烁的他的后继者们欠了他多少东西其中一位后继者吉米·金梅尔(Jimmy Kimmel)在美国广播公司主持自己的深夜脱口秀节目,金梅尔是如此地崇拜莱特曼,以至于他在周三夜间,为了不把观众的注意力从莱特曼那里吸引走,重播了一个旧集子On his show, Mr. Letterman demanded a lighter touch. In the Top list, “Things I’ve Always Wanted to Say to Dave,” Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a “Seinfeld” alumna, said, “Thanks letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale.”在自己的节目中,莱特曼要求更轻的手法在以“我一直想对大卫说的事儿”为题的大名单部分,曾担任《宋飞正传演员的朱莉娅·路易斯-德雷福斯(Julia Louis-Dreyfus)说,“谢谢你让我参加又一个非常令人失望的电视系列的结局”Mr. Letterman joined CBS in 1993, a year after HBO introduced “The Larry Sanders Show,” a behind-the-scenes parody of “The Tonight Show” that starred Garry Shandling as an insecure, self-absorbed talk-show host.莱特曼于1993年加盟CBS,一年后,HBO推出了《拉里·桑德斯秀(The Larry Sanders Show),那是对《 今夜秀幕后情节的滑稽模仿剧,由加里·赡德令(Garry Shandling)扮演缺乏信心、又自我陶醉的脱口秀主持人But Mr. Letterman’s onstage persona, as host of “Late Night” at N, and later at CBS, was a one-man sendup of the talk-show genre. Even after more than 30 years, Mr. Letterman never lost his arch, ironic self-awareness; he did not sink into the easy, quid pro quo conventions of late-night talk shows, but kept defying them.但是,莱特曼作为N《深夜秀、后来是CBS节目主持人的舞台角色,是脱口秀体裁的单人滑稽模仿即使在30多年后,莱特曼从未失去他特有的、具有讽刺意味的自我意识;他并没有陷入深夜脱口秀节目等价交换惯例的轻车熟路,而是不断地违抗惯例Over the last few weeks, a parade of celebrity guests including Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and George Clooney have paid their respects to Mr. Letterman. On Wednesday, he described all the encomiums as “over-the-top” and said he found it “flattering, embarrassing and gratifying.”在过去的几个周中,包括汤姆·汉克斯(Tom Hanks)、朱莉娅·罗伯茨(Julia Roberts)和乔治·克鲁尼(George Clooney)在内的名人嘉宾纷纷对莱特曼表示敬意周三,他把所有这些颂辞描述为“过头了”,并说他觉得那些话“令人荣幸、尴尬、满足”Mixed feelings make sense in a comedian who was always paradoxical — a winning, witty and supremely confident permer who offstage was practically a hermit and riven by self-doubt.复杂的感情对这位喜剧演员来说言之有理,他总是充满矛盾,他是一位成功、机智、具有超级自信的表演者,但在台下,他实际上是一位隐士,备受自我怀疑的折磨Fans are devoted to Mr. Letterman in part because they know his psyche so well: He is an intensely private celebrity who kept processing his personal life in front of the camera. He helped the nation heal after the Sept. , 01, attacks by movingly expressing his feelings of sadness and helplessness. He brought his medical team onto his show after his 00 quintuple bypass, and he even described his affairs with women in his office as “creepy” in an unnerving mea culpa in .粉丝们效忠莱特曼,部分是因为他们熟识他的心灵:他是一个极为隐秘的名人,而他又不断地在镜头前处理他的个人生活他曾用悲伤和无助情感的动人表达帮助美国从01年9月日袭击所带来的创伤中康复在00年做了五道心脏旁路手术后,他把自己的医疗团队带到电视台上在年的一个令人不安的自我认错中,他甚至把自己与办公室中女性的婚外情描述为“令人毛骨悚然”On Wednesday, Mr. Letterman said that one of the worst things about retiring was that, as he put it: “When I screw up now, and Lord knows I’ll be screwing up, I have to go on somebody else’s show to apologize.”周三,莱特曼说了退休最糟糕的事情之一,用他的话来说是:“我今后做错事时,得去别人的节目上表示歉意,老天知道我是一定会做错事的”He mixed jokes about his future with serious references to pivotal moments in his past. He chose as his last musical guests the Foo Fighters because the band canceled a tour in South America to play on his first show after the heart surgery.他开着关于自己未来道路的玩笑,也同时会严肃地提到自己过去的关键时刻他选择Foo Fighters乐队作为他最后的音乐客人,因为该乐队为了在他心脏手术后的首次节目上表演,取消了一次南美巡演As he has on many a night, Mr. Letterman made a humorous reference to his son, Harry, imitating his voice in a squeaky falsetto. He also paid a solemn, quite personal tribute to his son and his wife, Regina, who were seated in the audience.与他以往很多夜晚一样,莱特曼幽默地提到他的儿子哈利(Harry),用尖尖的假声模仿儿子的声音他对坐在观众席中的儿子和妻子里贾纳(Regina)表达了庄重敬意“Thank you being my family,” he said. “I love you both and really, nothing else matters, does it?”“谢谢你们,我的家人,”他说“我爱你俩,真的,再没有比你们重要的了,不是吗?”Mostly, though, he did what he did best: make fun of himself. “It’s beginning to look like I’m not going to get the ‘Tonight Show,’ ” Mr. Letterman joked.然而,大多数时候,他做了他最会干的事:用自己打趣“看起来越来越有可能我不会去主持《今夜秀了,”莱特曼开玩笑说Mr. Letterman defined himself as the loser in his long, bitter battle with Mr. Leno. His rival got “The Tonight Show” gig and higher ratings, but in the end, Mr. Letterman won the legacy.莱特曼把自己在与莱诺的漫长、艰苦的竞争中定义为失败者他的对手得以主持《今夜秀,赢得了更高的收视率,但最终是莱特曼在最后节目中胜出 376857。

Cache High School students are starting a new program in the hopes of increasing ing scores and student learning. Starting on Tuesday at a.m., each class will devote 30 minutes a day to ing as a class or individually. The entire school will be ing “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins.美国卡什高中正在开展一项新项目以提高学生的阅读分数和学习能力该项目于周二上午点开启,每课时为三十分钟,学生们在这三十分钟里进行集体阅读或各自自由阅读书籍全校将阅读苏珊·柯林斯的作品《饥饿游戏The new ing program was developed after school principal Sheri Hansen saw the students’ ing scores from the beginning of the year.学校校长谢里·汉森看到学生自年初以来的阅读课成绩之后,决定开展这样一个项目“Once I saw those, I started thinking about options out there that would help the most,” Hansen said. “I just decided that as a school, if we take a book that is interesting and discussed it and practiced ing, all the way around, it would help our ing; it would help our confidence in front of other people.”“当我看到学生们的成绩的时候,就开始设想怎么做才能更好的帮助学生们自我提高,” 汉森说“我想到,如果校方能够选出一本学生们感兴趣的书籍,让学生们练习阅读、相互讨论,这不仅可以提高学生的阅读水平,也能提高学生们在其他人面前的自信”Research has shown that ing either as a class or alone improves both ing comprehension and ability. Hansen hopes the new 30 minutes a day will accomplish just that.研究显示,不论是集体阅读或是独自阅读,学生的阅读理解能力和阅读技能都会有所提高这正是汉森希望通过每天30分钟阅读达到的目标“The Hunger Games,” written in , is about a -year-old girl who lives in an post-apocalyptic nation where order is maintained by using a lottery system to select one boy and one girl from each of the districts participation in a televised fight to the death. The book and its two subsequent sequels received critical acclaim. The first book, “The Hunger Games,” was made into a movie, released in . The second book, “Catching Fire,” was released on Nov. .《饥饿游戏写就于年,故事的主人公是一个岁的女孩,她住在一个后末日时代的国度里,这个国家实施政令的方式是像摇票一样,从国家的个区域中选出一名男孩和一名女孩,让他们参加一场有电视直播的生存之战这本书及其两部后续作品在界广受赞誉由第一部《饥饿游戏改编的电影在年上映了改编自第二部《星火燎原的电影于年月日上映The book was chosen by the school’s counselor, librarian and Hansen herself. The three administrators began looking at books within the ing level they wanted.这套书是由该校的顾问、图书管理员和汉森本人共同选定的这三位校方管理人员都认为,这套书是符合学生阅读水平的心仪之选The school administration will evaluate the program once the book is completed. Hansen hopes it will have an effect on student ing scores.校方会在学生读完全书的时候对这个阅读项目进行效果评估汉森希望这个项目能够切实有效的提高学生的阅读成绩“I hope that they can better,” Hansen said. “I want them to be ing and comprehending.”“我希望他们的阅读水平有一个全方面的提高,” 汉森说“我希望他们养成阅读习惯,提高阅读能力” 65。

SEOUL, South Korea — The packs of young women arrived 90 minutes early the evening show: ;Murder Ballad,; a rock musical that flopped off Broadway in July and then opened here four months later in an all-Korean production. They wanted time to shoot smartphone of Seoul newest theater, built inside a shopping mall, and start scoring autographs: of actors, sure, but lighting operators and makeup artists too.韩国首尔——一群年轻女性提前90分钟就来到了剧院,准备观看晚间演出——《谋杀谣(Murder Ballad)这部摇滚音乐剧于今年7月结束了在外百老汇的演出,由韩国班底制作的版本四个月后在首尔上演她们想利用这段时间,在商场内的这座首尔最新的剧场拍些智能手机视频,并向演员、以及灯光师和化妆师索要签名Or anyone, really, working on American musicals, whose head-spinning popularity here has changed the game New York producers looking to extend the lives of their shows.其实,任何做美国音乐剧的人,都有人会来要签名,美国音乐剧在韩国广受欢迎,这对希望将手中的戏尽可能持续演下去的纽约制作人来说,是天翻地覆的变化Seoul has become a boomtown American musicals, with Korean and Broadway producers tapping into an audience of young women raised on the bombast of Korean pop and the histrionics of television soap operas. Ticket sales to American and European musicals, as well as to a sprinkling of Korean originals, have grown from million in 00 to an estimated 0 million this year, and a frenzy of licensing deals is underway.首尔已经成为美国音乐剧的新兴市场,韩国及百老汇的制作人吸引了一批年轻的女性观众——在夸张的韩国流行音乐及肥皂剧中长大的观众00年,美国、欧洲音乐剧,以及少量韩国原创音乐剧的门票销售额为900万美元(约合565万元人民币),而今年的销售额预计将达到3亿美元,此外还有一大批的授权交易Proven hits like ;Wicked,; ;Mamma Mia!; and ;Grease; have opened here this fall, but so, too, have Broadway failures like ;Ghost; and ;Bonnie amp; Clyde,; challenging assumptions about taste, tolerance and translation. The quintessential New York story ;Guys and Dolls,; it turns out, works in Korean, so long as Miss Adelaide is played by an actress nearly years older than her Nathan Detroit, to reflect the trend of older women dating younger men in Seoul.今年秋季,《魔法坏女巫(Wicked)、《妈妈咪呀!(Mamma Mia!)、《油脂(Grease)等广受欢迎的音乐剧已经在首尔上演,也有《人鬼情未了(Ghost)、《邦尼和克莱德(Bonnie amp; Clyde)等失败的百老汇音乐剧,对口味、容忍度及翻译质量的判断格外困难《红男绿女(Guys and Dolls)讲述的是典型的纽约故事,结果它在韩国收获了成功,前提是阿德莱德(Adelaide)的扮演者比她的纳撒·德特鲁特(Nathan Detroit)大岁左右,反映了首尔男女交往中女方年龄比男方大的潮流And even with its short Off Broadway run, the four-character ;Murder Ballad; found fans far away.包含四个角色的《谋杀谣在外百老汇的演出档期不长,但在遥远的国度获得了大批粉丝;I watched the New York production on YouTube and became obsessed,; said Lee Joo-young, a 30-year-old researcher, speaking through an interpreter, after a recent permance. ;It so emotional and sexy and thrilling. Americans are so great at making these shows.;“我在YouTube上看到了纽约版的音乐剧,然后便着迷了,”30岁的研究员李舟永(Lee Joo-yong,音译)最近看完演出后通过翻译说道“它非常感人、性感、刺激美国人真是擅长制作这类演出”Audiences in London; Hamburg, Germany; and S?o Paolo, Brazil, are also known having big appetites American musicals, but the energy and entrepreneurism in Seoul are startling. With 300 theaters aly — about the same number as in New York — the city keeps building to accommodate the crush: A Methodist megachurch just built a Broadway-style house, while another 600-seat theater recently opened among barbecue restaurants. And audiences are dominated by young people, a generational contrast to the graying audiences in the West.伦敦、德国汉堡,以及巴西圣保罗的观众也都因为喜爱美国音乐剧而闻名,但首尔地区的活力与积极推动的精神令人感到震惊首尔已经拥有300家剧院——与纽约的剧院数量大致相当,而首尔还在不断建造剧院,以便适应这个热潮:一个卫理宗派教会刚刚建设了一座百老汇风格的剧场,而一个能够容纳600名观众的剧院最近刚刚在众多烤肉店中间开门迎客与观众老龄化的西方不同,韩国的观众主要是年轻人;Seoul has become incredibly important in the lives of many musicals, something none of us wouldve said or predicted a decade ago,; said Judy Craymer, the lead producer of ;Mamma Mia!; In , Ms. Craymer joined ces with a Buddhist monk and his producing partner on the first of productions across South Korea, the latest opening here last month.《妈妈咪呀的主要制作人朱迪·克雷默(Judy Craymer)说,“首尔正在对很多音乐剧延长演出生命起到关键作用,年前,我们当中没人会假设或预测到首尔会变得如此重要”年,克雷默与一名佛教僧人及他的制作伙伴合作,在韩国推出了首部音乐剧,他们总共制作了部音乐剧,最近一部作品于上个月在首尔开演;It become this fantastic flagship the eign market, because Koreans travel so much to New York and London, and they care deeply about brands — like Broadway,; Ms. Craymer said. ;A huge amount of theater repeat business comes from Korea; they see it on Broadway, then see it at home and so on. And, best of all, it this huge young audience. The growth potential is enormous.;“韩国已经成为外国市场的优秀招牌,因为韩国人经常到纽约及伦敦旅游,他们非常关心品牌——比如百老汇,”克雷默说“剧院的很多回头客都来自韩国;他们在百老汇观看演出,然后也会在韩国及其他地方观看最棒的是这是一大批年轻观众增长潜力非常大”The rewards have become significant American producers. They typically receive percent of the box office gross, as well as licensing and management fees in some cases, revenue that can total millions of dollars and offset losses on Broadway.演出收益已经成为美国制作人的重要收入来源他们通常会获得%的票房收入,有时候还会获得授权及管理费用,总收入能够达到数百万美元,可以抵消百老汇的损失And they see South Korea as a model eventually doing business in an even bigger future market, China.他们把韩国当做一种模型,最终想要在更大的未来市场——中国做生意Ask Edward Strong, a partner in Dodger Theatricals, which is bringing another unmistakably American musical, ;Jersey Boys,; to Seoul the first time in January as part of an English-language tour.爱德华·斯特朗(Edward Strong)是道奇戏剧公司(Dodger Theatricals)的合伙人,该公司在今年1月将另一部典型的美国音乐剧——《泽西男孩(Jersey Boys)首次带到首尔,属于一次英语版巡回演出的其中一站;All of Asia is a potential market Jersey Boys, ; he said. ;But right now, Seoul is the major market, ever since the economic recession cooled theater activity in Japan. And we want to learn from our experience in Seoul and take that knowledge elsewhere in Asia.;“整个亚洲地区都是《泽西男孩的潜在市场,”他说“但目前,也就是自经济衰退致使日本的剧院演出减少以来,首尔成为主要市场我们希望从首尔市场吸取经验,然后应用到亚洲其他地区”The strong business from young women (and plenty of young men too) is generally attributed to the fact that Koreans in their s and 30s tend to earn good salaries but live with their parents until marriage. This leaves them money to spend on tickets, which cost roughly the same as in New York.年轻女性(以及许多年轻男性)带来了巨大商机,这总的来说是因为二、三十岁的韩国人往往拿着丰厚的薪水,但结婚前要和父母一起生活,她们可以将钱用于购买演出门票,这里的票价基本与纽约持平Ticket sales began to climb American and British musicals after the unexpected success of a Korean-language version of ;The Phantom of the Opera; in 01, according to Korean producers. ;Phantom; ran seven months, a relatively long run here; most popular musicals run a few months, shut down, then return a year or two later. Rotating like this allows fresh celebrities to be added to the casts, which fuels repeat business; stars from popular K-pop bands routinely sell out their permances and can earn as much as ,000 a night in a musical.据韩国制作人透露,韩语版《歌剧魅影(The Phantom of the Opera)在01年获得意想不到的成功后,美国及英国音乐剧的门票销售额开始攀升《歌剧魅影上演了七个月,这是相对较长的演出时间;大多数广受欢迎的音乐剧只演出几个月就会结束,然后一年或两年之后开始再度演出这样的轮回演出让新明星可以加入到演员阵容中,带来很多回头客;有韩国流行组合的明星参加的演出,门票经常是销售一空的,他们参演音乐剧,一晚上能赚到五万美元As in New York, most musicals end up losing money: From 80 to 90 percent do, compared with 75 percent on Broadway. (American producers and artists are generally protected, though, as they make money from licensing fees and royalties, in addition to the box office.) But the risk has not stopped Korean producers from mounting shows in an almost harum-scarum fashion, with a ;wild, wild West; mentality, in the words of the Broadway producer James Nederlander Jr. Yet worries about oversaturation loom, even as Korean producers snatch up more rights from their American counterparts.而在纽约,大多数音乐剧都以亏损收场:百老汇有75%的音乐剧是亏损的,相比之下,其他音乐剧的亏损比例高达80%到90%(不过,除了票房收入,美国制作人和艺术家通常是有保障的,因为他们能从版权费和版税中挣到钱)然而在这种风险之下,韩国制作人还是在以几近不管不顾的方式上演剧目,百老汇制作人小詹姆斯·内德兰德(James Nederlander Jr.)的话说,这是一种“西部冒险”式的心态然而,过度饱和的困境已经若隐若现,尽管此时韩国制作人还在从他们的美国同行那里争抢更多的授权;There is a bubble right now — too many musicals, and people dont know what to see,; said Seol Doyun, who mounted ;Phantom; in 01 and is now producing the first Korean-language production of ;Wicked,; which is selling strongly so far.在01年推出《歌剧魅影的薛道延(Seol Doyun,音译)说,“泡沫近在眼前——音乐剧太多了,人们不知道该看什么了”薛道延目前在制作首部韩语版的《魔法坏女巫,到目前为止,它的销售一直相当强劲;The interesting thing is, in Korea most bubbles dont really burst — electronics havent burst, K-pop hasnt burst — we just grow and grow,; Mr. Seol said. ;People are losing money in musicals, but enough are making money that everyone still wants to be big in the market.;薛道延说,“有意思的是,在韩国,大多数泡沫不会真的破裂——电子产品泡沫没破,韩国流行音乐泡沫也没破——我们的泡沫只是越变越大有人在音乐剧上赔了钱,可是,还有足够多的音乐剧在挣钱,每个人都还是想着在市场里占一大块份额”To the surprise of some producers here, audiences rarely fuss about the Korean translation of American musicals, no matter how odd they are. In the new production of ;Wicked,; the Korean translation of the anthemic ;Defying Gravity; changes one memorable lyric — ;It time to try defying gravity; — into ;Fly high up and get out (be free) of gravity,; the Korean words to keep time with the music, Mr. Seol said.让韩国本地一些制作人吃惊的是,对翻译成韩语的美国音乐剧,不管多么怪异,观众们都很少会表现出不满薛道延说,在新版《魔法坏女巫中,为了让韩语歌词与音乐配合,颂歌《冲破阻力(Defying Gravity)的韩语翻译把一句令人难忘的歌词“是时候尝试冲破阻力”改成了“展翅高飞,摆脱阻力”Musical comedies like ;The Producers; and ;Spamalot,; however, have struggled at the box office here, and ;The Lion King; — the biggest moneymaker in Broadway history — was not a Korean hit, possibly because it was marketed as family fare rather than as heart-tugging drama.然而,类似《制片人(The Producers)和《火腿骑士(Spamalot)这样的音乐喜剧,在韩国的票房却并不成功,百老汇历史上最挣钱的音乐剧《狮子王(The Lion King),在韩国也没引起太大轰动,这可能是因为,它被宣传为适合全家人一起看的大戏,而不是牵动人心的戏剧;More than the Japanese and Chinese, Koreans are very expressive about their feelings, and they want romance, they want to cry, they want to get very emotionally involved and root their characters,; said Park Yong-ho, a leading producer here.本地一名主要的制作人朴永镐(Park Yong-ho,音译)说,“比起日本人和中国人,韩国人非常乐于表达他们的情感,他们想要浪漫故事、想要哭泣、想要全情地投入到角色中,为角色加油”Some of the young women at ;Murder Ballad; said they were unfazed by the musical sexually graphic themes and outbreak of violence, noting that Korean films and soap operas have such moments. Still, they said, there was a special thrill in seeing the seductions unfolding live. (The show places the audience in a barroom setting, where much of the action takes place.)观看《谋杀谣的一些年轻女性说,这部音乐剧有许多的性爱和暴力场面,但她们并不在意,并指出,韩国电影和肥皂剧也有这样的片段不过,她们说,看到诱惑场景在眼前展开,会有一种特别的刺激感(该剧让观众置身于一个酒吧的场景,许多表演都是在那里进行的);It was a little difficult to perm, at first, because my character drinks and is very open-minded, and that is not really typical Korean,; said Lee Ji-yeon, who plays Sara, a tempestuous New Yorker, in the musical. ;Ive never been to New York City, so creating a New York character was hard, too. But the audience is on my side, because everyone here is fascinated by American stories.;在剧中扮演情绪化的纽约人萨拉的李芝妍(Lee Ji-yeon,音译)说,“一开始,表演有点儿难,因为我扮演的人物爱喝酒,而且思想非常开放,她不太像韩国人而且我从未去过纽约,所以,塑造一个纽约人是相当困难的不过,观众都站在我这边,因为这里的每个人都为美国故事所着迷” 3380。

In recent years, publishers, directors and TV producers have taken a keen interest in popular online novels, thanks to their originality and solid fan base.由于网络小说具有原创性,有稳定的读者群,最近几年,出版商、导演和电视制片人对网络小说表现出越来越浓厚的兴趣Genre is an important factor. According to a survey by Chinese online literature platm Cloudary, of 0 online novels whose copyrights were sold by Cloudary adaption in , modern city novels, historical romances and war stories were the most popular.题材是个重要因素中国网络平台盛大文学调查显示,年盛大文学出售了0部网络小说的改编权,现代都市小说,历史传奇和战争故事是最受欢迎的题材Online author Liu Chenfeng best-known novel A Clear Midsummer Night is a love story. It attracted more than 30 million Web hits and won the top prize in the annual competition Chinese romance novels in .网络作家柳晨枫的《盛夏晚晴天讲述了一个爱情故事,获得超过3000万的网络点击率,并凭此获得年华语言情小说大赛冠军A TV adaption of the book, starring Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei, was a huge hit when broadcast in .根据此书改编,由杨幂和刘恺威饰演的电视剧,在年播出时掀起一股收视狂潮The success of the TV adaption has brought Liu greater popularity and more confidence in her writing.电视剧改编的成功,给柳晨枫带来更高的知名度,也让她对写作变得更加自信;It as if a feast prepared by me has been appreciated by numerous diners, which is a great encouragement, ; Liu says.“就像我准备的一场盛宴,受到无数用餐者的赞许,这是一种莫大的鼓励,”柳晨枫说道Literature websites have played an important role in this trend. Major websites, such as Qidian.com and Hongxiu.com, which are owned by Cloudary, have established special branches to help film and TV producers who are looking good stories and to deal with copyright licensing.在这一潮流中,文学网站扮演了重要角色盛大旗下的几家主要网站已经建立起专门的分机构,来帮助寻找好故事的电影和电视制作人交涉版权问题Liu, who has entrusted the literature website Hongxiu.com to deal with her copyright licensing to TV producers, thinks it makes things easier writers and allows them to focus more on their work.柳晨枫就把书籍的版权委托给红袖添香网站,让他们与电视制片方交涉柳晨枫认为这样给作家减轻了负担,使他们能更专注于创作However, many other writers have sought to work closely with film and TV producers and play an active role in the adaption process of their own works. The authors unique understanding about the original works is valued by producers and directors.然而,许多其他作家则和电影和电视制片人一起工作,在他们自己作品改编的过程中扮演积极的角色作者对原著的独到理解会受到制片人和导演的重视Popular online writer Bao Jingjing worked with director Teng Huatao as the screenwriter one of her online novels. The movie Love Is Not Blind, adapted from her story, became an instant hit in .网络当红作家鲍鲸鲸作为编剧与滕华涛导演合作改编她的一部网络小说电影《失恋33天就是从她的故事改编的,在年红极一时Bao graduated from Beijing Film Academy with a degree in literature. Her background gave her extra weight in winning the director trust.鲍鲸鲸毕业于北京电影学院文学系她的专业背景更为赢得导演的信任额外加分The experience has led Bao on a new career path. She won the award best adapted screenplay at the 9th Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan in .这次经历为鲍鲸鲸开辟了新的职业道路年,她荣获第9届台湾电影金马奖最佳改编剧本奖Since then, Bao has adapted another of her writings into a film and a TV series, both directed by Teng. ;I am lucky. Now I have a job that I really enjoy, ; Bao says. While writing novels online, Bao adds that she will consider the possibility of her works being adapted into films or TV, and avoids sentences that might be difficult actors.从那以后,鲍鲸鲸又把她另外的作品改编为电影或电视剧,都由滕华涛导演“我很幸运现在我有一份自己真正喜欢的工作,”鲍鲸鲸说道在创作网络小说的时候,鲍鲸鲸会考虑她的作品可能改编成电影或电视剧时的情况,她会避免那些对演员来说很难的句子 3363。