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即学即用英语会话词典E部分:在飞机上进入《即学即用英语会话词典文本》下载页面即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200708/16383Gosh! Im so overwhelmed! Thank you to everyone that has shared their story tonight and has contributed to what has been the most heart-warming moment of my year. Good evening! Being a part of HeForShe for the last two years has been an incredible learning experience for me. There have been some really hard moments and a lot of amazing ones – ones I never could have imagined. The UN Secretary-General, the entire EU Commission, the NATO Secretary-General, the President of the International Olympic Committee, numerous heads of state and politicians from around the world, including those that youve heard from tonight, and everyone from Usain Bolt to Tom Hanks are now all HeForShe. Weve crashed the UN website on multiple occasions – sorry about that! We have lit up the Empire State Building, seen HeForShe in Times Square, and made it a term in the Urban Dictionary. After two million media impressions, 1.1 million pledged HeForShes have made practical commitments, as have some of the worlds leading universities and companies, to make gender equality a priority now in their work and within their communities. Surprisingly though, it was during the hard moments that I made the best discoveries about what it means to be part of this movement. There is genuinely a spectrum of amazing feminists out there who have not only given me invaluable advice, but also broadened my perspective and reinforced my belief that we are all linked; we all belong to a long history of people who have made sacrifices, some groups much more than others, in order to make indefinably large contributions to our modern lives. Weve seen seismic shifts in culture recently. I couldnt believe my eyes when I turned on the TV to see that Bud Light was pledging gender equality and equal pay as part of their current advertising campaign. We aly have some amazing things happening, some amazing female leaders, but I dont know if I would have believed you if you had told me two years ago, before I made my HeForShe speech, that we might have the first female President of the ed States – please dont let me down, America! – a female Prime Minister of the ed Kingdom, and possibly for the first time in history, a female UN Secretary-General. While women still only make up such a small percentage of political leadership, to e the awesome Michelle Obama, ;because of these women, girls and boys all over the world will have real-life examples that women are leaders.; In the last two years, if Ive learned anything, if they have shown me anything, it is that nothing – nothing – is impossible. And thats why tonight, as well as saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done, I ask you to recommit yourself to be a part of gender equality. I genuinely feel that we are closer to a gender-equal world, and certainly closer than we were two years ago, and I know that each and every HeForShe has played such a huge part in that. I am proud to have been part of lots of amazing things in my life, but there is nothing that I am prouder of than being part of this. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful night!201610/469380英语场景口语:萝卜白菜各有所爱我们一家人喜欢的电影各不相同。我的是个哈利波特迷,前两天听说第三部的宣传片出来了,一定要看看。【口语要素1】It is a propaganda film.她说那是一部非看不可的片子。【口语要素2】This movie is a must-see.后来我看了,确实不错。不过我更喜欢看卡通片,因为更有创造性。【口语要素3】It is a cartoon / animated film.我的喜欢看紧张片,比如含有破案之类的。【口语要素4】It is a thriller.在我们看来,我的哥哥最恐怖,因为他经常看恐怖片。【口语要素5】He likes horror movie. /200604/6666Our bilateral dialogue on human rights serves the same purpose. 我们在人权问题上的双边对话具有同样目的。In this important year when we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is imperative to redouble our efforts in ensuring that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. 今年是联合国《世界人权宣言》发表60周年的重要年份,我们必须加倍努力,以保障全人类与生俱来的自由和人格平等。Human rights are universal; they belong to each and every individual around the world. 人权是普遍的,它属于世界上的每一个人。I hope you – the people of the great nation of China – will join us in celebrating the 60th anniversary and contribute to the sping and consolidation of human rights.我希望你们,伟大的中国人民,与我们一起庆祝人权宣言发表60周年并且为推广和加强人权做出贡献。The trend towards a more multi-lateral world is getting clearer. 世界多极化的趋势日益清晰。It is positive that other nations are y and willing to take on global responsibilities.许多其他国家准备并愿意承担全球责任,这将产生积极的影响。The case for increased cooperation between China and EU is stronger than ever. 中国和欧盟日益加深的合作规模是空前的。201611/479293

VOA流行美语 29: loser; to bug大家都知道Michael这个美国学生正在学中文。他和中国学生李华约好每个星期至少在一起活动一次。今天他们决定到一个公园去滑冰。李华会学到两个常用语:loser 和to bug。L: 今天的天气真好呀!正是运动的好天气。我已经好久都没有滑冰了。M: You're a very good skater. I just keep falling down.L: 学滑冰总是会摔跤的。多练习练习就好了。M: I know, but I feel like such a loser. I keep getting passed by little kids. They laugh at me.L: 小孩肯定比我们滑得快,别怕他们笑话你。你刚才说你觉得自己 是什么? Loser? 滑冰又不是比赛,怎么会输掉呢?M: I said I feel like a loser, it means that I feel like a failure. It doesn't mean I lost a game.L: 你是说loser就是一个人做某件事总是做不好。嗯, 我们在中文里常说:“我怎么老学不好,真是个笨蛋”。这跟loser的意思 差不多吧?不过,Michael,我肯定你在滑冰方面不是个笨蛋,你只 要多练习就行了。M: Thanks for the encouragement, Li Hua. But I've always been kind of a loser at sports. Growing up, I was always picked last for the baseball and soccer teams.L: 原来你在体育方面从小就不行。不过,Michael, 在其他方面你 一点也不笨。M: What do you mean, Li Hua?L: 这还不明白吗?女孩子都很喜欢你呀,你还有其他好多朋友呀。M: You're right, I do have a lot of friends. But if they could see how many times I fell down today, I'm sure they would not want be friends with such a loser.L: 得了吧,Michael,要说笨蛋,那天晚上我们见到的那个人才是呢。 他自以为挺帅,老是想去和女孩子搭讪,可是,谁都知道他是个 没出息的人,谁都不要和他交朋友。Michael,我们能叫这种人 loser吗?M: Yeah, very good, Li Hua. That guy really is a loser. He never studies at all. I think he's in college just to party.L: 他从来不念书呀?Michael,你还滑不滑?M: I guess so...Just wait up for me, in case I fall down again. Okay, let's go!(滑完冰以后)L: Michael,运动一下真舒。M: Yeah, you had been bugging me about going skating for so long, I guess it was about time that I came along with you.L: 什么是bugging ? Bug不是小虫子吗?M: No, bugging means to bother or annoy someone about something. I didn't mean it in a serious way, I was just kidding.L: 噢,to bug就是为了某件事去麻烦别人,让人讨厌。 Michael, 你 再举一个例子好吗?M: Sure. You can say that something is bugging you, such as an assignment that you haven't been able to finish or a problem that you cannot solve. You could also...L: 等等,让我先弄清楚你说的。你是说,我没能完成的功课, 或者解决不了的问题都可以用to bug这个动词。那就是说:"This assignment is bugging me",或者是:“This problem is bugging me",对 不对?M: Yes, you can also say that a habit someone has really bugs you.L: 我知道,象Mary,她老是打断我说话,让我很烦,很讨厌。M: You could say "It really bugs me when Mary interrupts me in the middle of a sentence." I can also say it really bugs me when you try to tell me what to do.L: 嗨,我告诉你该怎么做是为了你好。老实说,it bugs me that you never listen to me.M: It seems that you've learned how to use "loser" and "to bug". Let's go home.李华今天学了一个名词“loser",指一个人老是不会做某件事;她还学了一个动词“to bug",意思是为了一件事老是去麻烦别人,让人讨厌。这次这次[流行美语]就学习到这里,我们下次再见。 /200601/3100

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