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北碚渝北区哪家医院能取环渝中大渡口区去哪做复通手术好从零开始学口语 第1讲 相关专题:英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐日常口语会话120分钟重庆医科大学附属第二医院做腹腔镜手术多少钱 It#39;s the clothes, not the celebrity, and not the spectacle.最重要的是衣不是那些名人或是时装秀。It#39;s as true today as it ever was. He who seeks beauty...Will find it.他一直是这样的。寻找美的存在也将找到它。We cannot base New York City#39;s entire economy...on Wall Street and real estate.我们不能把整个纽约的经济都建立在华尔街和房地产商身上。It#39;s a rally to save, or protect, the garment industry from disappearing.他们在努力拯救和保护这个正在退步的政府。But I#39;m afraid it#39;s too late.不过我觉得有点晚了。All the jobbers are gone. They#39;ve all more or less moved out.这些批发商都走了。90-95% of the clothes Americans wear...are made outside of America.90~95%美国人穿的衣都不是在美国做的。Michael!Michael。Mr. Cunningham, they would like you up there.Cunningham先生,他们希望你到那边去。How are you? -Great. Good.You? -Good to see you.近来如何?-很好,很好。你呢?-很高兴见到你。I#39;m hanging out behind the scenes.我不在那儿干了。I think I#39;ll take one of those pea coats. Made in America?我觉得那我可以要一件这样的外套…美国制造么?Get y for the best part of the pea coat.来看看这衣最好的地方。Cashmere and neoprene. -Oh, too rich for me.羊绒和氯丁橡胶。-哦,这对我太奢侈了。David Wolfson is one of the last...;jobbers;? What do you call yourself, David?David Wolfson大概是这儿的最后一个批发商或者你自己怎么称呼?Oh, contractor. -Contractor. Excuse me. I#39;ll get it straight.哦,承包商。-承包商…抱歉,我理解错了。There were thousands of them 30 years ago, and there#39;s now maybe 45.大概三十年前,这儿有很多批发商现在…大概只剩45家了。Oh, look at this.哦,看这边。 Article/201609/460808巫溪黔江区武隆县去哪家医院复通手术好

重庆处女膜修复多少钱A debt of just 2 pounds would get you locked up in a debtor#39;s prison.哪怕只欠了两磅的债务 也足以把你打入欠债人监狱The prison, like almost everything else in greedy, managerial, hanoverian Britain,在这个利欲熏心的汉诺威王朝 监狱也和其他事物一样was a business,a matter of pounds, shillings and pence.成为了充斥金钱的交易场合5,000 was the price one John Huggins paid for the wardenship of the Fleet Prison,一个叫约翰·哈金斯的人 曾用五千磅买得舰队监狱典狱长之职the equivalent of half-a-million pounds today.这相当于现在的五十万英镑The way he could recoup his investment was to charge inmates for their stay.想要收回投资成本 他就得在狱中敲诈犯人The hotel from hell, including, of course,the rent for their shackles.牢房的陈设可以天差地别 当然也包括 租用镣铐A fiver would get you your own cell,a few shillings more, something approximating food.五英镑即可换得单人牢房 再加几先令 就能得到可下咽的饭菜Less than that, you took your chance in the packed common prison,如若付不起 就只能和其他犯人挤牢房sleeping on the floor,no air, no sanitation,and smallpox waiting to get you.夜宿地板 没有新鲜空气 没有卫生设施 极有可能染上天花;Who are the real criminals?;到底谁才是真正的罪犯Was the cry on the streets, in coffee houses,and in the newspapers of London.这个话题在街头巷尾 在咖啡馆 甚至在报纸上都有广泛讨论Everywhere you looked,the line between the law enforcers and the law breakers seemed arbitrary.环顾四周 你会发现执法者与犯法者的界线 模糊不清In 1725,the Lord Chancellor was convicted of embezzling 80,000 pounds.People had had enough.1725年 大法官因挪用公款八万磅被判罪 人们已忍无可忍 /201705/510884秀山土家族苗族自治县看女性不孕哪家医院最好的 疯狂英语900句 03-8相关专题: /200704/12521巫溪黔江区武隆县治疗输卵管不通多少钱

重庆复通输精管多少钱 You#39;re so good, because everything you#39;re saying, it just is so natural for你太厉害了 你么一句话都说出的那么自然you just to give those notes like that.就像给大家小贴士一样And you just signed on for season 13, right?你刚刚签下了第十三季 对吧?Yes, I can#39;t wait. Good, so there#39;s a break.是哒 我已经迫不及待啦 好 那先来一段广告And then Gwen comes back with the rest of those guys, and then you come back.回来的时候 我们会和剩下的那些人一起 然后你也来I know, I#39;m getting jealous. I just saw them out there right now, filming.我懂 我有些小小的嫉妒啦 我刚看到他们在外面拍摄And it#39;s hard, I miss my chair. Yeah.对我来说 有点难 我想念我的座位 恩Yeah, I know, someone else#39;s ass is in my chair right now, I don#39;t like it.恩 我知道 别人的屁股正蹭在我的位子上 我不喜欢But I guess it used to be her ass, and I#39;m now in her chair, so.不过我猜 以前可能是他的屁股坐在了我的位子上 所以You#39;re territorial with chairs. Yeah, hell, yeah. Good. Of course. No need to curse.椅子是你的领地 对啊 我的妈太对了 好 当然 不用爆粗口啦All right, so there#39;s a photo that got a lot of attention of your engagement ring.好吧 所以你订婚戒指的照片 吸引了很多人的注意Uh-oh. Are you wearing it right now? I am. So congratulations.啊偶 你现在带着吗 带着呀 那 恭喜你啊Okay, so listenI actually don#39;t really talk about it that much恩 听着 我其实不爱多谈这个事儿but I think something that people should understand is I think young people in但我觉得人们应该学会理解普通的年轻人general, and what we wear, and what a relationship and我们穿什么 我们怎么界定双方之间的关系a commitment means is very different to what tabloids like to make it mean.婚姻的承诺 和小报上传说的那些流言蜚语有很大的区别I think young people have a different idea of partnering我想年轻人对于伴侣的界定 有他们自己的理解and not feeling that this necessarily means this is going to而不是说 一段关系一定要有have a legal document signed and dated.法律文件的签署 和正式的约会Because it#39;s really- sharing a life with someone因为 这其实是和伴侣共享一种生活and not about a legal paper that tells me anything-而不是一张法律文书上写的任何东西even though I fought so hard for LGBTQ rights so they#39;d be able to get married即使为了LGBTQ人群争取结婚的权力 我已经付出了极大的艰辛but I don#39;t even really want to. Yeah, right. Yeah. So it#39;s fun.但并不是我想要这么去做的 恩 对 恩 所以说这很好笑Well, I think the reason you fight whether you want to or not我觉得 无论是不是出于你的意愿 你去争取这份权力is just- everybody should have the exact same rights.仅仅是因为 每一个人本就都应该享有同样的权力It#39;s very weird cuz this is real jewelry.这有点怪怪的 因为这是一颗真的珠宝And most of my jewelry is made out of gummy bears and cotton candy. Uh-huh.而我的首饰 大部分都是小熊糖或者棉花糖做成的 啊哈And they don#39;t look that good together, cuz they kind of mix up.它们看起来不那么像样 因为他们会混在一起So sometimes I replace it with an actual unicorn or a Looney Tune.所以有的时候 我会把它们换成独角兽或者《宝贝一家通》里面的角色(比如兔八哥)And he#39;s kinda like, what#39;s going on?他就会说 发生了什么It#39;s like, well, this really isn#39;t my aesthetic, but I#39;ll wear it cuz you love me.就像 好吧 这其实不是我的审美 但我还是会戴着 因为你喜欢我啊God. He could#39;ve saved a lot of money by giving you a gummy bear ring or something.天哪 那他可以省下好多钱 就给你一个小熊糖的戒指或者其他的I know. I know, good girl to have. Aw! I can just wear cotton candy.我懂 我懂 一个好女孩值得有用 啊哦 我可以只戴棉花糖的戒指的 Article/201706/515310酉阳土家族苗族自治县哪家医院看男科好重庆看子宫内膜异位症哪家医院最好的



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