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Emily Mortimer and myself, we hail from the U.K., where we pride ourselves on having a Stiff Upper Lip.艾米莉·莫迪默和我从美国发来问候,我们正在这里玩一个叫做木头人的游戏We are raised to be unflappable and keep our emotions in check.我们从小就被教育遇事要保持冷静,控制住自己的情绪But we now live in America now and we want to put our emotional resolve to the test.但我们现在都在美国,我们想测试一下自己控制情绪的能力Ladies and gentlemen, we will now attempt the most emotional challenge imaginable.女士们先生们,我们即将尝试的是我们所能想到的最能引起情绪波动的场景To test if we can keep a stiff upper lip, we will exchange our wedding vows!为了测试出我们是否能很好地控制自己,我们将会宣读婚礼誓言Hello, I am father Reggie Watts from our lady of funk, perpetual funk.你们好,我是雷吉·沃茨。一个脾气暴躁的天主教神父We are gathered here today to join two of my favorite people in the universe.我们今天聚集在这里,是为了见我最喜欢的两个人的结合Mr. James Corden, leader of the LLS Show on CBS.詹姆斯·柯登先生,CBS深夜秀的主持人Emily, everything that you have done has been absolutely incredible.艾米莉,你的所有表演都令人惊叹I will say that HBO#39;S Doll and Em couldn#39;t exist without you.HBO的《俩好》若是没有了你,将不复存在So without further ado, with my powers invested who I am.那么话不多说,藉着上帝赐予我的权力James, would you like to begin? Thank you.詹姆斯,你先开始可以吗?好的Emily, I love you.艾米莉,我爱你You are the light of my life. You are the light of my life.你是我的生命之光。你是我的生命之光You are the reason for me getting up—I can do this. I can do this.你是我振作的理由——我能做到的。我能说完Nothing is more important—没有什么比——Nothing is more important—没有什么比——Keep it together. Keep it together.冷静。冷静Stiff upper lip. Stiff upper lip.不要有情绪波动。不要有情绪波动God, this is hard. Since the day—since—天,这太难了。自从那天——自从——OK. All right. All right. Just take a breath.行了。差不多了。可以了。深呼吸Emily, please, then you would.艾米莉,到你了James, you are the best person I have ever met.詹姆斯,你是我遇到过的最美好的人I love you so much. I love everything...I love everything about you.我深爱着你,我深爱着...我深爱着你的一切I love—I love the way you make me feel. I love the way you make me think.我爱——我爱着你带给我的感觉。我喜欢你让我联想到的一切I love the way you make me laugh!我喜欢你逗我开心Sorry. It#39;s OK. It#39;s fine. It#39;s fine. I got it.抱歉。好了,好了,没事。让我来Take a deep breath. Stiff upper lip. Stiff upper lip. Stiff upper lip.深呼吸,保持冷静,保持冷静,保持冷静James. Yeah. OK. Stiff upper lip. Stiff upper lip. OK.詹姆斯,好。冷静,冷静,好了Emily. Yes?艾米莉。嗯I promise to always take care of you.我承诺我会永远照顾你I promise to be strong for you.我承诺我会永远保护你I promise to be there for you because you#39;re my rock.我承诺我会永远守护你,因为你是我的依靠Please. Please. No, no, no, no. Please.好了,好了,停停停停,差不多了I think that it is obvious that these two love each other so dearly, so very much that很显然,这两人都如此深切地爱着对方,那么it is at this point that I would like to say with great privilege,此刻藉着上帝赐予我的权力,by the powers invested in me—by the power invested—I can#39;t.我庄严地——藉着上帝赐予——我做不到Ladies and gentlemen, Emily Mortimer!女士们先生们,今天的嘉宾是艾米莉·莫迪默That was Stiff Upper Lip. We#39;ll be right back.以上是我们的木头人游戏。精马上回来 Article/201706/513901Part 2(食) 4(1):对话-在麦当劳英语口语900句文本下载 /200708/16827At Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba on Chicago#39;s north side, there is one key ingredient that could make or break Executive Chef Matt Holmes#39; .芝加哥北部有一家名叫Ba-Ba-Reeba的咖啡馆,店里主厨马特·福尔斯做菜时需要一种非常重要的食材,可以这么说,成是它败也是它。We feature it in our paellas, which are our signature dish here at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba,这味食材主要就是用在肉菜饭,也就是我们Ba-Ba-Reeba的招牌菜当中,as well as use it in a dessert and some other dishes as well, so it#39;s incredibly important to have high quality saffron.另外在一道甜点和其他菜里面也有用到,所以能买到高品质的藏红花是非常重要的。It is a staple in cuisine throughout Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean,藏红花是亚洲、中东和地中海等地区经常用到的食材,but less so in the ed States, where saffron—while a million market is not well-known.但在美国却用途较少,这个价值6000万美元的市场依旧鲜有人知。But Rumi Spice, Holmes#39; saffron supplier, is hoping to change that.但福尔斯的藏红花供应商Rumi Spice却希望能够改变这种情况。;We are named after Juhalladin Rumi,“我们以Juhalladin Rumi命名,he#39;s a 13th century poet and philosopher who was born in present day Afghanistan, and a Sufi mystic.作为一位13世纪的诗人和哲学家,他出生在当代阿富汗,是苏菲派神秘主义诗人。One of his most famous sayings is, #39;Where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure.#39;;他曾说过一句特别著名的话:‘何处有毁损,何处就有希望看到宝藏。’”Kimberly Jung and Keith Alaniz are two of the founders of Rumi Spice,金伯利和基思都是Rumi Spice的创始人之一,both are U.S. military veterans who served in Afghanistan and returned with more than just combat experience.同时二人也都是曾在阿富汗役的美国退伍军人,而他们回到祖国,带回的可不仅仅只是战斗经验。;I was never able to resolve just going to Afghanistan, spending time, leaving and never thinking about the place again,“我从没有一次只是单纯的到阿富汗去,呆上一段时间就离开,然后再也不去想这个地方,especially when you form relationships with people who live there and you understand that, you know, the families.;尤其是当你和生活在那的人建立了很好的关系,从而非常了解他们之后。”Those relationships formed the core of the business strategy for Rumi Spice,这些关系构成了Rumi Spice经营战略的核心,increasing demand for saffron in the U.S. produced by Afghan farmers they met in Herat province.增加美国对藏红花的需求,为他们在赫拉特省遇到的种植藏红花的阿富汗农民寻找销路。Abdullah Faiz is the chancellor of Herat University,阿卜杜拉是赫拉特大学的校长,which is working with Purdue University in Indiana该校目前正在与印第安纳州的普渡大学合作,to develop a special program with Afghan saffron farmers in new markets for them in mind.联合阿富汗种植藏红花的农民,共同在新市场制定一项特别的规划。The department of food technology will teach and give training for the farmers to produce the saffron with hygiene quality.食品技术部门会对农民们进行教育培训,教它们生产出卫生质量过关的藏红花。In this case, I well found myself will be able in the future to produce saffron without pollutions.在这种情况下,我发现未来我们完全可以生产出无污染的藏红花。The good thing about Rumi is they have a premium product that#39;s fantastic to use.关于Rumi非常好的一点是,他们的产品质优价高,加到菜里面味道很棒。And you are kind of doing double duty with the program that they have with helping farmers in Afghanistan and helping women, and而且这个规划实际上完成了双重任务,因为一方面他们是在帮助阿富汗的农民和女性,being a positive influence instead of just selling a product, so you really get the best of both worlds.另一方面除了销售产品,他们还产生了非常积极的影响,完全是两全其美。Investors are taking note.这也引起了投资者们的注意。Rumi Spice attracted 0,000 investment commitment from entrepreneur Marc Cuban on the TV show ;Shark Tank,;企业家马克·库班在电视节目“创智赢家”中承诺给Rumi Spice 25万美元的投资,signaling his faith in Rumi Spice, and the potential for saffron grown in Afghanistan.表明了他对Rumi Spice以及阿富汗藏红花潜力的信心。Kane Farabaugh, VOA news, Chicago, Illinois.VOA新闻,凯恩·法拉鲍于芝加哥伊利诺伊州为您播报。 Article/201706/515285Anyone expecting to find in it some sort of primitive constitution如果有人想在《大宪章》中 看到原始宪法的雏型is going to be in for a bit of a shock when they the details,那么当你了解了它的内容 恐怕会有些震惊because the liberties enumerated here boil down largely to tax relief for the armoured and landed classes.因为其中罗列的许可条款 基本概括起来 就是给骑士和地主阶级减免税收But even if the Magna Carta is filled with the moans and belly-aching of the barons,然而尽管《大宪章》里 都是贵族们的满腹牢骚that belly-aching turned out to have profound consequences for the future of England.事实明 这些牢骚对英国的未来 产生了深远的影响For, by putting so much weight on the authority of a common law,王室如此强调《普通法》的权威the Angevins had stirred in the nobility a dawning realisation that this was their law too.这也就唤醒了贵族们 幡然醒悟 这也是他们的法律A generation before, the barons couldn#39;t have cared less about the rights of men held in prison for unstated causes.以前的贵族对莫名入狱的 犯人的权利根本不屑一顾That was what happened to commoners.平民才有这种遭遇But under John, bad things had happened to them land stolen, widows hounded,heirs made to disappear.但约翰在位期间 他们也难逃厄运 土地被盗 寡妇被纠缠 子嗣失踪Now was the time to use the weapons Henry II#39;s revolution in justice had put into their hands,是时候利用亨利二世 司法革命的武器抗争了And, by an amazing irony, the Angevins became the schoolmasters of their own correction.极为讽刺的是 安茹王室在这场 针对自己的变革中 扮演了导师角色 /201610/469225I#39;m gonna struggle to the day I die of allowing yourself to look at glass half empty.我要挣扎到我死的那一天,允许自己看到不如意的地方。I just feel like,I feel like, now I understand, it#39;s DNA, and it#39;s wiring我只是觉得,现在我明白了,这是遗传。and if you grow up with a mother who#39;s extremely negative,如果你在极其悲观的母亲身边长大,it#39;s a really tough situation to break out of.那么你极难打破这艰难的局面。It#39;s just proven. I#39;ve understood.这被明过了。我已理解。You grow up in a tough town, I get it.我明白你成长的环境困难重重。There#39;s a couple of issues with that.但围绕悲观有几个问题。Number one, everybody#39;s got stuff.第一,这是每个人都会有的问题。The problem is nobody cares.但没有人在意。Once you understand that nobody cares, and you#39;re complaining to empty air,一旦你了解到没人关心这个问题,你向空气抱怨,you start going in a little bit of a different direction你的人生方向已经开始有点儿不同了,and, yeah, I mean, I try to, I like putting out positivity.我的意思是我喜欢释放乐观。The small minority of people that are mad, and angry, and hateful, and dark are much louder那疯狂、愤怒、憎恨和忧郁的小群体than the big percentage of us that are happy and excited and feel great.却比幸福、兴奋和感觉良好的大部分人更喧嚣。And because the way technology works, they are much louder than they#39;ve ever been before.因为科技的应用,他们悲观的声音比以往任何时候都要大得多。And so I feel like as somebody who#39;s got full of bright light and happiness,所以我觉得作为充满正能量和幸福的人,that I need to start getting louder about that as well也应该更大声得宣扬乐观。#39;cause that#39;s the only way we#39;re gonna combat it.因为这是我们击败他们的唯一办法。If that#39;s the thing that#39;s gonna get the loudest claps so far from this conversation,如果从这次讲话开始,乐观能获得最响亮的掌声,that#39;s what we need to be focusing on.那么我们就需要重点关注它。I feel more responsibility than ever as somebody who is happy and wants other people to be happy genuinely.作为一个幸福的人,我觉得自己比以往更有责任感,也想让他人获得幸福。If you leave with anything for any of us, please take on a sense of responsibility.如果你想给我们留下点儿什么,就承担起责任感吧。that if you#39;ve got good and you feel good to start sharing that content as well如果你感觉良好,也可以开始分享乐观的内容,because the world needs more of it.因为世界需要更多的乐观。 Article/201706/515288

Dunfermline Abbey is one of those places where you can almost smell tragedy in the stonework.邓弗林修道院也是其中之一 你依然可以从那砖墙瓦缝间 嗅到历史的悲剧气息Pretty much everything you see here was built, or rather rebuilt, after 1303.你在此看到的一切 几乎都建造 或者说重建于1303年之后It was in that year that Edward I,in one of his murderously vindictive tantrums, torched the place,burnt it to the ground.也就是那一年 爱德华一世 强劲的复仇之火 在这熊熊燃烧 将整座修道院夷为平地He was, as usual, making a point.一如既往地 他想以此告诫敌人To smash up a royal mausoleum was to strike directly at Scotland#39;s sense of independent history.摧毁一座皇家陵园 实际上是摧毁了苏格兰人民对独立民族史的认同感The greatest symbol of that independence, as always, was Stirling.Its surrender took the fight out of the Scots.一直以来 苏格兰独立的象征都是斯特林 它的沦陷使苏格兰人放弃了抵抗In 1304, they submitted to Edward.Well, he must have thought, that was that.Done with Peace.A mistake.1304年 他们选择了臣 爱德华一定认为 事已至此 天下太平 他错了For what Edward couldn#39;t possibly have predicted was the emergence of a Scottish lion even more ruthless than the leopard himself.爱德华料想不到的是 觉醒的苏格兰雄狮 比他这头英格兰猎豹 更加凶残And he was, of course, the Bruce.这头雄狮就是 布鲁斯The strange thing, though, when you cashed the lord,the formidable strengths of Robert Bruce,his political cunning, his military ingenuity,奇怪的是 当我们悉数这位君王的种种 他那令人生畏的力量 狡猾的政治手腕 干练的军事才能his steely resolution, even his intermittent fits of rage,they all begun to sound rather like the attributes of a man whose work he#39;d sworn to undo.坚毅的决心 甚至那乖戾的脾气 听起来 就像是在描述那位 与他誓不两立的人Edward I.If he#39;d the book of Edward#39;s life,he would have known that lesson number one爱德华一世 如果他曾研究过爱德华的生平 会发现其中的第一课便是was not beat the foreigner,it was first win your battles at home.攘外 必先安内 /201610/474973

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