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原味人文风情:Family Tree《族谱》New York Times best selling author Barbara Delinsky joins us to discuss her explosive novel Family Tree, which delves into the hot-button issues of race and family.纽约时报的畅销作家Barbara Delinsky加入我们讨论她那充满爆点的小说《族谱》,探究种族和家庭等敏感议题。Barbara, welcome!Barbara,欢迎!Thank you, Michele. Its a pleasure.谢谢,Michele。这是我的荣幸。The couple in the novel, Dana and Hugh are white, but they give birth to a child who has African-American features. Is this even possible?小说中的夫妻,Dana和Hugh是白人,但他们生出了一个拥有非裔美国人特征的孩子。这实际上是有可能的吗?This is very definitely possible. Genetics is a very interesting field, and for the sake of this book, I did a lot of research. Certain traits can lie dormant for generations. Suddenly we can have a child whos got red hair, and we dont quite know where it came from. It can be a mix of different genes, or it can come from a family member from way back. The latest DNA tests are able to determine where we came from, literally, on four different levels: Asian, European, Native American and African. Now we can have a test and find out what percentage of each of these races we are. Racial purity is very very rare.这是非常肯定有可能的。遗传学是个非常有趣的领域,为了这本书,我做了很多研究。某些特征能够潜伏数个世代。突然之间我们会有个长着红头发的孩子,而我们不大清楚它是从哪儿冒出来的。它可以是不同基因的混合,或者它可以从久远之前一位家族成员而来。最新的DNA检测能够判定我们打哪儿来,丝毫不夸张地,以四个不同的标准:亚洲人、欧洲人、美洲印地安人和非洲人。现在我们可以做个检测然后找出我们身上这些每个种族所佔的百分比。纯种是非常非常稀有的。Authors often get the germ of a story from real life.作家时常从真实生活中得到故事的楔子。Maybe I an article about Thomas Jefferson, because there was a lot of attention about the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren who he perhaps sired, and the racial element involved in that.也许我读了一篇关于Thomas Jefferson(美国第三任总统)的文章,因为有许多目光集中在可能是他生出的孩子、孙子以及曾孙身上,以及牵扯在那其中的种族要素之上。Dana and Hugh are so different, and yet so similar.Dana和Hugh如此不同,然而又如此地相似。Dana comes from a family that doesnt really know its history, much as mine does not. She doesnt even know who her father is, or was. She doesnt know anything about him. Dana becomes who so many of us are, who would, in some very human ways, like to know where she came from. But then again, its a little bit frightened of knowing, because shes not sure if shes going to be pleased.Dana来自一个不全然了解其历史的家族,就很像是我的家族一样不了解。她甚至不知道父亲是谁,是否健在。她不了解任何关于他的事情。Dana变成我们之中的很多人,愿意以一些非常人性的方式,想要知道她打哪儿来。但再者,知情是有点令人害怕地,因为她不确定是否会开心。Hugh knows everything about his family and takes pride in his family tree.Hugh知道他家族的所有事情,并以他的族谱而自豪。I found that interesting that you use knitting and stitch work as a metaphor in your book. Why?我发现那很有趣,在书里你用编织以及缝纫作为一种象征。为什么?Theres been a resurgence of interest in knitting in this country, and that is something that has been around for generations and generations, so knitting becomes a parallel legacy to all those that are discussed in Family Tree.在这个国家,一直有个对编织的爱好的复生,而那是某个已经存在了一代又一代的事情,所以编织成为在《族谱》书里谈论到的所有那些人共同的遗产。What is the most significant message that you want to relay to your ers?你想传达给读者最有意义的讯息是什么?I want them to think about the fact that things are not always as they seem, that people may look to be one thing, and not be that thing, and that theres often personal anguish involved in this.我想要他们思考几件事实,眼见不一定为凭,人们也许期盼成为某个东西而无法达成,而且这其中通常有个人痛苦牵扯在内。Barbara Delinskys Family Tree is an utterly unforgettable novel that ask penetrating questions about race, family and the choices that people make in times of crisis.Barbara Delinsky的《族谱》是本彻头彻尾令人无法忘怀的小说,针对种族、家庭以及紧要关头人们所做出的决定,提出犀利的问题。201504/369959This is one of the most这是有史以来sophisticated space vehicles ever built.人类建造的最复杂的太空探测器Curiosity is a billion-dollar rover.好奇号火星车 价值数十亿美元In six days time,在六天后it will attempt to touch down on Mars.它将尝试登陆火星Landing a big rover is a tough business.大型火星车着陆是一项艰巨的任务It means that everything about the system gets bigger这意味着系统的一切都变大了and therefore harder.因此也变难了This will be no ordinary landing.这将会是一次不寻常的着陆It will be winched down by a crane在火星空中的;天空起重机;hovering in the Martian sky.将吊着它缓缓下降Its so ambitious,这是如此雄心勃勃its so audacious,这是如此大胆创新its so unconventional.这是如此打破常规Horizon has been behind the scenes with NASAs team地平线团队与美国宇航局成员一起as they follow their rover在幕后关注着火星车across 350 million miles of space.跨越了5.6亿公里的宇宙之旅When Curiosity comes over the horizon,当好奇号出现在天际this guy is aly pointed that direction天线已经对准那个方向and as she comes up, then were talking.它一出现 我们就可以联系了重点解释:1.attempt to 企图, 努力例句:I would be the last to attempt to answer the question.我是最不可能去尝试回答这个问题。2.come over 发生,感到,从远方来例句:He has come over to China for the summer.他不远万里来中国度暑假。3.come up 发生,走过来例句:The snowdrops are just beginning to come up.雪花莲刚刚开始长出地面。 201512/412807

Vital aid for the besieged Syrian town of Madaya. A convoy with enough basic food to last 40,000 people a month is one of three which left Damascus after an agreement between the warring sides.叙利亚被围困城镇马达雅的重要救助。交战双方达成协议后,三车队之一携带足够40,000人维持一个月的食物离开大马士革。The deal to let the trucks into the rebel-held town was dependent on convoys reaching the government controlled towns of Foah and Kefraya.允许卡车进入叛军控制城镇的协议依赖车队进入政府控制的Foah和Kefraya镇。People have been trapped in Madaya for six months. The situation has been described as “quite horrific” by an aid agency which told one media outlet more than 250 people were suffering malnutrition. The ed Nations said there are credible reports of people dying of starvation.人们在马达雅被困了六个月。这一情况被一家援助机构形容为“相当可怕”,该机构告诉一家媒体,超过250人患有营养不良。联合国称有可靠报道关于人们死于饥饿。The 44 lorries had left Damascus on Monday morning carrying basic food items,medicines and surgical supplies. Twenty-one lorries were on route for Foah and Kefraya.周一早晨44辆卡车携带基本食品、药品和手术用品离开大马士革。其中21辆卡车在前往Foah 和Kefraya镇的路上。The aid arrived as France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius called on Syria and Russia to put an end to suffering in the besieged town. Russia denies targeting civilians. Peace talks are scheduled to start in two weeks.援助抵达之际,法国外交部长洛朗·法比尤斯呼吁叙利亚和俄罗斯结束被围困城市的苦难。俄罗斯否认针对平民。和平谈判定于这两周。译文属。 /201601/421487

This is another ripe one.吃一个熟的Give it a go.尝尝吧Oh youre not kidding. Thats quite strong.不试不知道 酒精味还真足Actually the cherry taste has diminished事实上 樱桃味已经变淡了but there is a hint of alcohol.但是有一缕酒精味道This quirk of evolution -the ability to turn sugar into alcohol -这种神奇的转变 糖转化为酒精takes us way back.可以追溯到远古时代But its what we do today when we harness billions of yeast cells但是如今 我们依靠数十亿的酵母细胞to make their poison for us利用简单的化学原理using a relatively simple piece of chemistry来制造这种;毒药;that we have obsessively reproduced across the planet.全世界都沉迷于酒品制造Once wed tasted alcohol可以说 一旦沾酒it seems there was no going back.一辈子就离不开它了Like Popeye and spinach.就像大力水手吃了菠菜I would see it as part of a ritual yes. Part of my routine.对我来说 喝酒是习惯 日常所需Im in a group everybodys drinking ;Well come and join in!;一群人都在喝酒 他们会招呼我加入If I met a student who didnt drink如果有同学说自己不喝酒Id be like ;Really?!;我会说;不会吧;Theres a lot of business that gets done over a glass of wine.好多生意都是酒桌上做成的201506/382401Light bulbs used to be simple,just run a bunch of electrical current through a thin wire.until it heats up enough to start glowing,Bare filament electric lamps were first demonstrated around 1800 by Humphry Davy,and the glass bulb was added later,to keep oxygen away from the wire,so it could glow for a long time without actually burning up.早期灯泡的原理十分简单。把电流通过一段细金属丝里,直到它热到开始发光就行。1800年前后,汉弗里 戴维发明了一种灯丝裸露的灯泡,随后玻璃灯管被整合进了设计,为灯丝隔绝氧气,让灯丝更耐用而不会很快烧化。So the incandescent light bulb is 19th century technology ,and by now there is a blinding array of electric lamps,halogen light bulbs,fluorescents,mercury and sodium vapor lamps,LEDs and so on.Each one makes its own clever use of physics to achieve the life goal of a light bulb:converting electrical current into visible light.这么说来白炽灯泡其实是19世纪的技术。而现在,市场上可供选择的灯泡琳琅满目,卤素灯。荧光灯,水银或钠蒸汽灯,发光二极管等等,每一种都巧妙应用了物理原理来完成电灯的任务:把电流转化为可见光。Heres how they work:halogen bulbs have the same tungsten metal filament,as typical incandescent light bulbs,but they contain a little bit of halogen based gas in the bulb as well,The chemistry of the halogen gas,allows it to capture stray tungsten atoms that evaporate off the filament and shepherd them back to where they belong,which both prolongs the life of the filament,as well as keeps the insides of the bulbs clean and clear.我们接下来说说它们的原理,卤素灯和白炽灯一样,有一根钨制的金属灯丝,但是它们的灯泡中还有一些卤元素的气体化合物。这些化合物的化学性质,使得他们可以捕捉从灯丝蒸发的钨原子,再把它们重新附着在灯丝上,这样既延长了灯丝的寿命,还能让灯泡干净透亮。Fluorescent bulbs are basically gas-filled tubes,with electrodes as both ends,Electrical current flows one electrode to another,and when the electrons that make up the current bump into mercury atoms in the gas,the energy of the collision makes the atoms get;excited;thats the technical term,and the atoms then emit visible and ultraviolet light.荧光灯本质上就是填充了气体的管子,两端接上电极,电流在两个电极之间流动,当电流中的电子与气体中的汞原子碰撞时,碰撞的能量让原子“兴奋”起来(激发)术语就是这个?之后原子会发出可见光和紫外线。The white coating on the inside of the glass,absorbs the ultraviolet light and re-emits it as more visible light,The process is called ;fluorescence;and is the namesake of the bulb.Because the coating stops the UV light,it also keeps the bulb from giving you cancer,Unless thats what you want in which case you use a tanning bulb with a different kind of coating.灯管内部的白色涂层 会吸收紫外线在放出更多的可见光 这个过程叫做“荧光” 荧光灯就是因此命名,因为灯管里的涂层吸收了紫外线,使用这种灯泡没有致癌风险 如果你想做死的话,那你需要去照有另一种涂层的美黑灯。Vapor Lamps:Sodium, mercury and metal-halide vapor lamps,which are commonly used for lighting streets warehouse, gymnasiums and another large areas,are also tubes that run electrical current through a gas.The gas itself emits mainly visible light.so these bulbs dont need a fluorescent coating.蒸气灯:钠,水银或金属卤化物蒸汽灯 经常被用于马路,仓库,体育场和其他大型场地的照明,原理也是将电流通入充满气体的灯管中 填充的气体主要发出可见光,所以这些灯泡不需要荧光涂层。Light Emitting Diodes(LEDs):Finally,LEDSs are also like fluorescent light bulbs,except replace the gas with a tiny crystal of semi-conducting gallium,and throw away the bulb,So not like fluorescent bulbs.发光二极管:发光二极管跟荧光灯其实很像,只不过把气体换成一小块半导体晶体镓 再把玻璃灯管扔掉,其实跟荧光灯不同的?But seriously,the semiconductor has two layers,one of which provides excited electrons with lots of energy,while the other provides a place for the electrons to go and ;relax;,That IS the technical term,all you need is an electrical current to transport the electrons from the party side,to the SPA side,where they release the energy of their excitement as light,Viola! A light emitting diode!Perfect for human parties!实际上,半导体由两层组成,一层富含充满能量的激发态(兴奋)电子 另一层电子“放松”下来,这个也是术语来的(回到基态) 电流把激发态电子送到二极管的另一端,在这里电子由激发态跃迁回基态,能量以光子散发出来,铛铛!发光二极管!拿来给人类开派对再合适不过呢!201503/361964TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。201505/373005

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201601/423564At the time,当时the Church insisted that all heavenly bodies were perfect,教会坚称所有天体都是完美无瑕的圆形unblemished spheres, and that the earth地球是宇宙间was the only body in the universe that was flawed.唯一有缺陷的星体But Galileos close up view of the moons surface但伽利略看到的月球表面revealed a world that was far from perfect.是个与“完美”二字沾不上边的世界He described it as他说;rough and uneven just like the surface of earth itself.;月球表面“崎岖不平和地球表面相差无几”Perhaps it was a living world, like our own?也许月球果真和地球一样是个充满生机的世界Hundreds of years later our knowledge几百年之后of the moon had barely improved.我们对月球的了解几乎毫无长进Just how ignorant we were was revealed in 1835.人类的无知在1835年显露无遗An American newspaper published a front-page story announcing美国一份报纸的头条新闻是that herds of bison had been observed有人看到一群野牛tramping across the lunar surface.飞奔过月球表面Readers were entranced by this vision.此情此景让读者神往不已A few days later it was revealed to be an elaborate hoax.几天后就被人踢爆为骗局The only way to find out what was really on the moon想知道月球上有什么东西was to go there and take a look.唯有跑一趟亲眼目睹But over a hundred years later it still seemed时间又过了一百多年an impossible dream.登月仍然是个遥不可及的梦想All that finally changed in the early 1960s.这一切终于在1960年代初期有了转机I believe that this nation should commit itself我认为美国to achieving the goal before this decade应该在十年间达成is out of landing a man on the moon让人类登陆月球and returning him safely to the earth.并安全返回地球的目标Kennedys bid for the moon came out of a Cold War甘迺迪的登月计划battle to win over peopleshearts and minds.是一场争夺人心的冷战的产物It was an inspired move, tapping into an ancient dream.这个利用人类古老梦想的举动,堪称神来之笔Finally we would find the answers to the moons great mysteries;人类长久以来的疑问终于可以得到解答:how was it formed, what was it made of,月亮是怎么形成的?其成分为何?and was it a home for some form of life?上面有没有生物?The moon had sort of always been the symbol of the,自古以来,月亮就象征着the remote and the unreachable and here people遥不可及的事物are going to leave earth and go to the moon!现在人类居然要离开地球,前往月球But if they wanted to lay claim to the moon,但美国人想拔得登月头筹the Americans had a lot of catching up to do.还得奋起直追才行Their cold war rival因为他们在冷战中的对手the Soviet Union was way ahead.苏联早就遥遥领先The Russians ambitious space programme苏联人企图心十足的太空计划produced a string of firsts产生了许多第一名:including the first satellite in orbit and the first man in space.包括第一颗进入轨道的人造卫星和第一个进入太空的人And in 1959 theyd set out to solve他们在1959年one of the moons greatest mysteries,着手解开月球最大的谜团something that had kept humans guessing for centuries.这个问题让人类猜测了好几百年What was on the far side of the moon月球的彼端究竟有什么?the side that always faces away from us?也就是永远背对着我们的那一面To find out the Russian mission为了找出would have to circle the moon for the first time.苏联人必须展开史上第一趟绕月任务On the 7th of October the probe disappeared10月7日探测器消失在月球的彼端behind the far side of the moon, and its cameras leapt into action.船上的摄影机开始拍摄For 40 minutes it snapped away并在科学家的屏息等待下whilst scientists waited on tenterhooks.拍摄了40分钟201504/371776

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201604/436904Still in appearance a Christian Roman metropolis, Damascus now is turning into the capital of a huge new Islamic empire. The head of this burgeoning empire, the caliph, is remote in his palace, and the Islamic armies are segregated in their barracks, but the people in the bazaars and streets of Damascus are about to have their new reality brought home to them in something they handle every day-money.大马士革于635年被穆斯林军队占领,尽管表面上还是一个信仰基罗马大都市,但它事实上已成为新的伊斯兰帝国的首都。这个新兴帝国的首领哈里发住在皇宫,伊斯兰军队也都住在自己的军营,与普通居民没有什么接触。但大马士革街市上的人民将通过自己每天都要与之打交道的物品一货币,将新的现实带回家中。In the 690s, Damascus merchants might not have understood that their world had changed permanently. Despite decades of Islamic rule, they were still after all using the coins of their former rulers-the Christian Byzantine emperors-and those coins were full of Christian symbolism. It was quite reasonable to think that, sooner or later, the emperor would return to defeat his enemies, as he had several times before. But he did not. Damascus has remained a Muslim city to this day, and perhaps the most visible sign that this new Islamic regime was going to last, was the change in the coinage.七世纪九十年代早期,大马士革的商人们也许并没意识到他们的世界已经彻底地改变了。虽然伊斯兰教统治了几十年,但他们仍用着前朝信仰基督的拜占庭君主的货币,上面有很多基督教符号。他们想当然地以为,基督教的君主迟早会赶走敌人,再回到大马士革,因为这样的故事不止一次地发生过。但这一次,他没有回来。直至今日,大马士革仍是一座穆斯林城市。也许这个新兴的伊斯兰帝国将要长期延续下去的最明显迹象,就是货币的改变。I want to talk about two coins. The man who issued them was Abd al-Malik, Ninth Caliph, Leader of the Faithful, to rule in succession to the Prophet Muhammad. Both coins were issued in Damascus within 12 months, across the Hijra years 76 and 77-that is, 696-697 AD. Theyre both of gold, and theyre the same size. But theyre utterly different. One coin shows the Caliph. The other coin has no image at all, and this change reveals how Islam was defining itself as a political system in these critical early years.下令铸造本文这两枚金币的人是阿卜杜勒马利克,他是继承先知穆罕默德的第九代“哈里发”一信徒的领路人。希吉拉七十六年至七十七年,即公元696年至697年,在不到十二个月的时间内,两种硬币先后发行。它们都是金币,大小相当于英国便士,分量则略重。 两枚金币的设计完全不同,其一有哈里发像,另一枚上却没有任何图案。这种变化表明,在早期的关键岁月里,伊斯兰教不仅把自己定义为一个宗教体系,同时也是一个政治系统。201508/393016

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