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重庆宫外孕手术费用多少钱重庆市第六人民医院处女膜修复当地时间2日中午12时30分左右,两艘快艇在帕塔亚附近海域相撞,造成两名中国游客遇难,另有多名中国游客受伤。 相关文本:A speed-boat-crash off Thailand's Pattaya coast has killed two Chinese tourists. At least 14 others on board have been injured in the accident.The two speed boats crashed Wednesday noon, about one hundred meters offshore. All the injured were immediately sent to Pattaya Memorial Hospital.A hospital coordinator says besides the nine Chinese mainlanders and a Hong Kong tourist, two British, one Pakistani and one Thai tourists have been injured in the accident.He says eight of them have been discharged with minor injuries. Six Chinese, including the one from Hong Kong, still in hospital. Two of them are in intensive care and in a stable condition.The two victims died on the way to the hospital. The coordinator says they have been sent to the nearest public hospital for possible autopsies. Officials from the Chinese Embassy in Thailand have arrived in Pattaya to help investigate the accident. Gao Zhenting, councilor of Chinese Embassy in Thailand, said, "We contacted Pattaya police, hospitals and travel agencies immediately after we received the report. Several officials have reached the scene to offer sympathy to the injured and relatives of the dead. We have asked for all-out efforts to treat the injured and a thorough investigation into the accident. The Thai vice transport minister has also arrived in Pattaya to help handle the remaining issues."The embassy says the 29 Chinese nationals were with a tour group organized by Wuhan Spring International Travel Service in China's Hubei Province. The travel agency says staff are heading to Thailand to take care of the tourists and other issues.12/90952重庆市第三人民医院修复处女膜多少钱 UN Agency Suspends Aid Deliveries in Gaza Because of Violence联合国援助机构暂停在加沙救援活动The U.N. relief agency has suspended operations in Gaza because of the danger posed by Israeli military action. The decision was made as Israel pressed its air and ground offensive amid a rising civilian death toll and international efforts to halt the violence. 联合国援助机构暂停在加沙的救援活动,因为以色列的军事袭击构成危险。在此同时,以色列在平民伤亡人数不断增加、国际社会努力制止这一暴力的情况下继续发动空袭和地面进攻。A local U.N. driver was killed as he was loading humanitarian supplies onto trucks at a border crossing. In another incident a clearly marked U.N. convoy in Beit Hanoun came under fire in what U.N. officials described as deliberate targeting. 当地的一名联合国司机在一个过境点往卡车上装载人道救援物资时遇害。此外,一个明显标有联合国记号的车队在拜特汉诺遭到火力攻击,联合国官员说,这是有意针对联合国的袭击。Two days ago Israeli forces fired on several U.N. run schools in Gaza, in one instance killing more than 30 people. 两天前,以色列军队向联合国在加沙开办的几个学校开火,其中一次有30人丧生。U.N. spokesman, Christopher Gunness said the organization had no choice but to suspend operations in Gaza. 联合国发言人贡内斯说,联合国除了暂停在加沙的救援行动外别无选择。"And, they are suspended until the Israeli army can guarantee the safety and security of our personnel, of our convoys and of our installations," he said. 他说:“我们要暂停救援,直到以色列军队能保联合国人员、车队和设施的安全。”Israel also came in for heavy criticism from the International Red Cross and stands accused of hampering ambulance access to civilians. 以色列也受到国际红十字会的严厉批评,以色列被指控阻碍救护车前去抢救平民。ICRC Deputy Director for Operations, Dominique Stillhart described an instance of ICRC and Palestinian Red Crescent Society workers having to wait four days to reach a group of bombed houses. 国际红十字会行动部门的副主任斯蒂尔哈特说,又一次,国际红十字会合巴勒斯坦红新月会的工作人员等了四天才能前往一片被炸毁的房屋。"We reached it and finally found in one house four children still alive next to their dead mothers, in another house 15 survivors, many of them wounded and yet in another house more corpses that we finally managed to evacuate," said Stillhart. 斯蒂尔哈特说:“我们抵达了那里,我们在一栋房子里找到了四个还活着的孩子,他们身边是已死去的妈妈。在另一栋房子里,我们终于设法把里面的尸体搬走。”Israel's military offensive is nearing the end of its second week amid daily air, ground and naval bombardments against what Israel says are Hamas related targets. 以色列的军事进攻已经进行了差不多两星期了,他们每天都从空中、陆地和海上针对他们所称的哈马斯相关目标进行轰炸。The aim, Israel says is to stop Hamas rocket fire into Israel and in the longer-term keep Hamas from being able to rearm.  以色列说,他们的目的是制止哈马斯向以色列发动火箭攻击,而他们的长远目标是阻止哈马斯重新武装。Hamas has continued to fire rockets into southern Israel. And at least three rockets were fired from southern Lebanon into northern Israel, raising initial fears that Lebanon's Shiite militant group Hezbollah may be trying to open up a second front of fighting.  哈马斯仍继续向以色列南部发射火箭弹。而其中至少有三枚火箭是从黎巴嫩南部发射到以色列北部的,这令人担心黎巴嫩的什叶派真主党可能企图开辟第二条战线。But, Hezbollah says it had nothing to do with the attack and the general view now is that it was an isolated incident, likely the work of a splinter Palestinian group in Lebanon. 但是,真主党表示,他们与有关袭击无关。人们一般认为,这是一次个别事件,很可能是在黎巴嫩的一小股巴勒斯坦集团势力所采取的行动。01/60725Cola warPepsi and Coca-Cola are branching out to offer healthier alternatives for consumers. CNN's Richard Lui reportsOn this week’s Fortune First, Coke or Pepsi.It is the question that has fueled the rivalry known as the 'cola wars' for decades, but the fight is no longer just about the cola.Americans are drinking less carbonated sodas and they want healthier things. Coca Cola launched Coke Zero, a calorie-free drink sweeter than Diet Coke and recently purchased Vitamin Water. The company also created 'Make every drop count ,'an interactive program which encourages coke drinkers to live healthy and active lifestyles. Pepsi is not missing a beat either.They’ve been buying healthier brands, Naked Juice, Star Foods, one of their key divisions is Quaker Foods which of course makes a variety of healthier alternatives. They had a whole chain of fast food restaurants they don’t own those any more. One of the things that they have done which is kind of innovative is they put together a theatre group. Basically it’s an alternative to the focus group.These plays don’t promote Pepsi so much as healthy lifestyles to the audience of retail Executives and Pepsi sales teams.Coke and Pepsi are not the only companies that are struggling to meet consumer demands. Many fast food giants have added healthier options to their s.Rivalries are ultimately always a good thing for the consumer at least because they spur competitiveness. Notes: Theatre group: 剧组02/62500重庆市爱德华妇科医院网上咨询地址

九龙坡南岸区做不孕不育多少费用Early Returns Show Tight Race in Ghana Presidential Vote加纳总统选举难分胜负 In Ghana, election officials are counting the votes from Sunday's elections and unofficial returns show that with more than one-third of the constituencies tabulated, two leading candidates are in a tight race for the presidency. 加纳的选举官员正在清点星期天选举的选票。非官方的选举结果显示,在已统计出来的超过三分之一的选区中,两位角逐总统的主要候选人得票率旗鼓相当,不相上下。Voters in Ghana were closely following vote tabulation in the country's 230 constituencies Monday as election officials predicted official results would take a few days to be completed. 加纳的选民在密切关注着全国230个选区的点票工作。与此同时,选举官员预计,官方的计票结果要几天后才能完成。Officials report high voter turnoutVoter turnout was high Sunday as Ghanaians chose a new president and parliament.  选民星期天的投票率很高。加纳选民将选举一位新总统和新一届议会。An official with a team of international observers from the Carter Center, David Carroll, said the polling was largely calm.  卡罗尔是“卡特中心”国际观察小组的一名官员。他说,总体来说投票情况相当平静。"This has been quite an orderly and peaceful process and, importantly, a high turnout. But most importantly it is a very competitive process and a very tight race," he said. “投票在相当有秩序、平和的气氛中进行。重要的是投票率很高。但是最重要的是,选举竞争非常激烈,胜负难分。”Observers from the European Union, the Commonwealth and the West African Economic Community, ECOWAS, echoed this assessment.  来自欧盟、英联邦、西非经济共同体的观察员也对选情做出了类似的评估。President John Kufuor is retiring after eight years in office. The candidate of his New Patriotic Party, Nana Akufo-Addo, was running neck-and-neck with opposition candidate John Atta-Mills of the National Democratic Congress of former President Jerry Rawlings. 加纳总统库福尔在执政8年后将退休。他所在的新爱国党候选人纳纳.阿库福-阿多同反对党、前总统罗林斯领导的“全国民主大会党”候选人约翰.阿塔-米尔斯之间的角逐不分上下。Analysts say election shows citizens maturing in political gameThe public affairs head of Ghana's Electoral Commission, Christian Owusu-Pare, noted there had been some campaign incidents, but indicated these had not prevented a free and fair vote. 加纳选举委员会公共事务负责人奥乌苏-佩尔指出,竞选活动中出现一些状况,但是他表示,这些事件并没有影响自由和公正的投票。"Although there have been pockets of violence here and there in the past, we have not experienced the kind of violence that we have witnessed in other African countries. But there seems to be an improvement in the situation now and it is an indication that Ghanaians are gradually maturing in this political game," Owusu-Pare said. “虽然过去这些或者那些地区曾发生过暴力事件,但是我们没经历过我们在其它非洲国家目睹的那种暴力。目前来看局势似乎已经好转。这表明,加纳人在政治活动中正逐渐走上成熟。”He acknowledged there had been complaints from opposition parties about an unexpectedly high number of newly registered voters. But he said the Commission had removed many names that had been registered more than once. 他承认,反对党对新登记选民人数高得超出寻常多有怨词。不过他说,选举委员会删除了很多重复登记一次以上的选民的名单。Carter center notes some irregularitiesCarroll said Carter Center observers had seen only a few isolated irregularities during the polling and expressed hope that the results would be accepted by all. 卡罗尔说,卡特中心的观察员在投票中仅发现了一些孤立的违法行为,并希望这些结果能被各方都接受。"Ghana is showing again that there is an unusually high level of political maturity in this country and I think we can count on Ghanaians and the major parties to have the patience to let the process run its course," said Carroll. “加纳再次展现了加纳的政治成熟度非常高。我认为,我们能指望加纳人和主要政党保持耐心,静候选举的结果出来。”Official results are expected in a few days. If no presidential candidate wins at least 50 percent of the vote a runoff election is to be held in three weeks. 官方的结果预计将于几天后揭晓。如果没有任何一位总统候选人赢得50%以上的选票,将于三个星期后举行决选。200812/58357长寿江津区做复通手术 A Look Back At 1950s Style Fashion Institute Of Technology's Valerie Steele and Warren-Tricomi Studio's Joel Warren showed Julie Chen which styles and fashion trends were hip for the whole family in the 1950s. Julie Chen: The style of 1950s is one of extremes, conservative at one hand and glamorous on the other. Joining us now Valerie Steele, director and chief curator of the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Joe Warren of the Warren-Tricomi Studio. Good morning to you both. Valerie Steele and Joe Warren: Good morning. Julie Chen: Valerie, let me begin with you by bringing out our first model (Yeah) which is what a mum looked like in the 50s. Tell me what was going on historically that would influence the fashions that we saw then. Valerie Steele: This is the cold-war period, so it s conservative, conformist, but it s also the revival of the French Haute Couture. So there is a lot of elegance and glamour. Chen: And Joe looking at her hair and her makeup, those red red lips, tell me. Joe Warren: well, the red lips were, everybody wears red lips , eye brows are very prominent, everybody penciled them in or they shaved them. When it came to hair, it was really influenced by Hollywood. You have famous brunette Elizabeth Tyler Audrey Hepburn, think about the most famous blond who is Marilyn Monroe on a cover of Playboys, she became blond and bush , she became the biggest star of all. And then of course with the hair color who else can you remember but Louise Obal and **. And she really made a statement . But it was all influenced by Hollywood, the hair. And this is what we call the plural cut Chen: Very glamorous, it looks so beautiful. Valerie Steele: and look at that waist, it s a real hour-glass shape. That s Dior s look.Chen: They were so skinny then too. OK. Thank you. Let s bring out our next look which is what a father figure looked like in the 50s. well, a pretty hip father.Valerie Steele: Yes, The hip and casual father. If you imagine him going to work, he d be the man in the great flannel suit. But they styled him as if he s going to an outdoor barbecue in the backyard and suburbia . Chen: And Joe he has a little bit of shadow on his face. Is that...Joe Warren: A little bit, but no most man clean shaven. But I think he is a little more reminisce of Paul Newman. You knew the brooding actor; you know you had Marlon Brando. It really was a time when men become more emotional. You know, it really stayed in the way they looked. (yes) Valerie Steele : You have to remember too, though, because of the conformity there was once a men s clothing advertisement that said" Dress right, you can t afford not to. " You know, people were watching you, in every pageant... judging. Chen: thank you. Let me bring out the younger look, what the young kids were wearing in the 50s. First we have what, maybe a teenage girl looked like. This I recognize a lot. Talk to us about this look, Valerie.Valerie Steele: Well she is a bobbysoxer / . You know the little bobbysoxer /instead of nylon stockings. The sandaled shoes that sort of sweeping skirt, cute little sweater. It s a very girlish look and it s a teenage look. This is really important, so not dressing like the mom but having her own style. Chen: Joe, everyone has ponytails back then.Joe: Ponytails, pigtails, you know all the women were saving their hair. And the younger women were trying to do something different, so it s a little bit more casual, jut pulled up, easy going, the makeup was easy, clean, you know, not too much. The eyebrows were an asset, the lips were always red, not too shiny. Chen: Yeah, cuz she s younger. Ok, now let s bring out her counterpart. A teenage boy,in a look that he may have had in 1950s. Valerie Steele: Yeah, this is the rebel look. Absolutely rebel without a cause. The blue jeans, the T-shirt, all like Marlon Brando. The black leather jacket all like James Dean, the Marlon The Converse sneakers. This is not the preppy look. (no, not at all)This is the bad boy look. Chen: Now, Joe would you say that the teenager of 1950s was the original metro-sexual / since they put in hair products back then. Joe: Yeah, you know, that s where the **came very popular, it was called the quaff . you know, but I think the person that influenced that most was Elvis Presley. You know, in really rock and roll looking. They were rebels, James Dean, I mean, it really reminisce of what they looked like.Chen: Yeah, We have one final look to bring out. And talk to me about what this model represents. Did she glamorous evening look. Is this only Hollywood stylists? Valerie Steele: no, this is a mix of Hollywood and Paris Haute Couture. But it s a look that ordinary American women copy that t all price point. So it s a very couturely looking dress. A lot of dress maker details and a little mink stole, that was what everyone was inspiring to. Chen: and Joe, just the final seconds. Joe: This is Audrey Herpun at her finest moment. You know, just gorgeous , glamorous, pretty holidays. I mean it really was shorter and all sides of pieces . And she had a clip on / / . Chen: I love that, looks so good. accessorize / . Chen: Valerie Steele and Joe Warren, thank you both. We like to thank. What comes around goes around for providing us with these beautiful vintage pieces. :200811/56936重庆市肿瘤医院输卵管检查多少钱

璧山潼南区去哪做复通手术好Obama Urges Quick Passage of Economic Stimulus奥巴马敦促国会通过经济刺激计划 U.S. President-elect Barack Obama is calling on Congress to move quickly on his economic stimulus plan. But some Republicans want more time to study the details. 美国当选总统巴拉克.奥巴马呼吁国会尽快批准他的经济刺激方案。不过,一些共和党议员希望有更多时间研究这项方案的细节。The incoming president says lawmakers should pass his American Recovery and Reinvestment plan, which he hopes will create three million jobs. Aides say the program could cost as much as 5 billion, but Mr. Obama says American families need help now. 这位即将上任的美国总统表示,议员们应该通过他提出的“美国复苏和再投资计划”,他希望通过这项计划创造300万个就业机会。奥巴马的助手说,这项计划将耗资7750亿美元,不过,奥巴马认为美国家庭现在需要得到帮助。"For too many families, this new year brings new unease and uncertainty, as bills pile up, debts continue to mount, and parents worry that their children will not have the same opportunity they had," he said. 奥巴马说:“对绝大多数家庭来说,新到来的一年给他们带来了新的不安和不确定性,没完没了的账单,负债累累,家长们担心他们的孩子得不到他们当时曾得到的机会。”Mr. Obama made the comments in an address recorded Friday, then distributed on radio and posted on YouTube Saturday.  奥巴马在星期五录制的讲话中做出上述表示,这段讲话录音星期六被分送到广播电台播出,并在YouTube上发表。He plans to meet Monday with the speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The president-elect also expects to meet with opposition Republican leaders in Congress in the coming week.  奥巴马打算星期一会见众议院议长南希.佩洛西和参议院多数党领袖哈里.里德。这位当选总统预计还将于下星期会见国会的共和党领袖。Mr. Obama's aides had hoped to have an economic plan approved by the House and Senate before the new president takes office on January 20. But some Republicans have urged a delay to review the plan, and the legislation is not likely to pass before Inauguration Day. Mr. Obama says there is an urgent need for action. 奥巴马的助手原本希望参众两院在新总统1月21号宣誓就职之前就通过一项经济计划。但是,共和党议员要求推迟表决,以便对这项计划进行评析,因此这项议案不大可能在宣誓就职日之前得到通过。奥巴马表示,现在迫切需要采取行动。"Economists from across the political spectrum agree that if we do not act swiftly and boldly, we could see a much deeper economic downturn, that could lead to double-digit unemployment and the American dream slipping further and further out of reach," he said. 奥巴马说:“来自不同政治党派的经济学家都认为,如果我们不迅速、果断、大胆地采取行动,我们就会看到经济更为低迷,而且失业率的百分点会因此达到两位数,人们美国梦的实现会因而越来越渺茫无期。”In his Saturday address, Mr. Obama made an effort not to blame his predecessor, President George Bush for the country's economic problems, which he said "are not Democratic problems or Republican problems." And he tried to reassure hesitant Republican lawmakers that his administration would keep a close eye on how the money is spent. 奥巴马在星期六的讲话中尽量不把美国目前的经济问题归咎于现任总统布什。他说,这个问题“既不是民主党的责任也不是共和党的责任。”他还尽量让忐忑不安的共和党议员放心,新一届政府会密切关注如何使用资金。"We must demand vigorous oversight and strict accountability for achieving results, and we must restore fiscal responsibility and make the tough choices, so that as the economy recovers, the deficit starts to come down," said Mr. Obama. "That is how we will achieve the number one goal of my plan, which is to create three million new jobs, more than 80 percent of them in the private sector." 奥巴马说:“为了取得效果,我们必须有强有力的监督和严格的问责制,我们必须恢复财政责任制,必须做出艰难的抉择,这样随着经济的复苏,财政赤字才会开始减少。那就是实现我的这项经济刺激计划的头号目标的途径,这一首要目标就是开创300万个就业机会,80%以上的新就业机会是在私营部门。”Mr. Obama said more than two million Americans lost their jobs in 2008, and the nation's central bank, the Federal Reserve, estimates that one in every ten U.S. homeowners is delinquent on mortgage payments or in foreclosure. 奥巴马说,2008年有200多万美国人失去工作,美国的中央-联邦储备委员会估计,美国每十个房主中就有一个不是拖欠房屋抵押贷款就是其住房被收回从而丧失了房屋产权。01/60388 Airlines pinch passengers Major air carriers are passing increased fuel costs on to passengers in the form of surcharges and feesIt really comes down to jet fuel prices,if you think about it just as we are paying more to fuel up our cars,and on much larger scale the airlines are paying more to fuel up their planes.Jet fuel prices are up a whopping 200% over last year and that's affecting everyone's bottomline. Talk about going up,up and away,jet fuel prices are sky high and climbing.A tough combination especially for low-cost airlines.Those low fares are just simply not enough to cover the high cost of fuel.Three airlines folded under the pressuring recent weeks,ATA,Aloha and Sky Bus,all closed up shop,leaving passengers holding their bags and looking for a way home. We decided to rent a car,that is our cheapest way to get back.Vigor carriers are also feeling the pain.American,the nation's biggest has stopped tiring.Delta is looking to cut 2000 jobs.Continental has hinted it could follow suit.North Western ed say they'll fly fewer planes.And then there are the extra fees,checking more than one bag,be y to pay up an extra 50 bucks on most airlines.Wanna talk to a real person on the phone or bring fight along on your flight you got it,pay up. Airlines have to become more creative about how they make money,we are now paying for things that once were included in the cost of an airline ticket.We are paying another price too.Customer complaint shot up 60% last year according to new numbers from the Airline Quality Survey.There were more delays with one out of every four fights showing up late. Airlines trying to fuel flight's take capacity men,more people got bunt,even though they had tickets. And luggage,good luck finding it,the number of bags lost also up for the year.The airlines as an industry just returned to profit ability last year after that rough period following 9.11,that makes what's happening now,all the more paniful and it's painful for the passenger too,those higher cost at the airlines are paying most certainly are being passed on to the flying public.Lina Chow,CNN,New York.01/60971重庆市结扎后复通云阳奉节巫山县治疗卵巢性不孕多少钱




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