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People tend to engage in unpleasant but necessary activities, such as paying bills or doing housework, when they are in a good mood and choose pleasurable activities as a way to feel better when they are in a bad mood, according to new research by a psychologist at Stanford University.根据斯坦福大学一位心理学家的一项新研究显示,人们在愉悦状态下倾向于处理一些必要却痛苦的事项,比如买单或者做家务。而情绪消极时,又会选择做一些愉快的事情。;These findings clarify how emotions shape behavior and may explain how humans trade off short-term happiness for long-term welfare,; said James Gross, a professor of psychology who studies emotions and how people control or regulate their emotions.研究情绪以及人们如何控制情绪的心理学教授詹姆斯·格罗斯表示:“这些研究剖析了人类的情感如何塑造其行为,并揭示了人类如何在短期快感与长期幸福间寻求平衡。”;Overcoming such trade-offs might be critical for our personal well-being and our survival as a species.;“正确处理这种平衡关系对于个体的健康乃至人类种族的生存都是至关重要的。”In their study, Gross and his fellow researchers used a smartphone app to randomly survey the activities and moods of more than 60,000 people over an average of 27 days, and found that mood plays a strong role in how people decide to spend their time each day.在研究中,格罗斯和和他的团队利用一款手机应用,来随机调查记录了6万名接受测试者在27天内的行为和情绪。结果显示,心情对于人们决定如何度过每一天起着非常重要的作用。Gross and his co-authors of a paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences call this dynamic ;hedonic flexibility,; namely people tend to use their good mood as a resource, allowing them to work on challenges, thus delaying short-term gratification for long-term benefits, such as regular sleep, stable employment and a clean, well-organized personal environment, all of which are linked to good mental and physical health.格罗斯和合著作者发表在《美国国家科学院院刊》上的一篇文章将这个动态过程称为“快乐的灵活性”,即人们将积极情绪视为资源,用以消耗在挑战性工作中,推迟短期满足感从而获取长期幸福感。比如规律的睡眠、稳定的雇佣关系、清洁有序的个人环境等,这些均有助于提高我们的心理和生理健康水平。The study showed that ;hedonic flexibility; was consistently practiced in a range of daily choices made by respondents, such as when an upbeat mood helps one endure a long line at, say, the post office or grocery.研究显示,“快乐的灵活性”始终如一的体现在受试者的一系列日常选择中,比如积极的情绪能帮助人们忍受在邮局或者杂货店排起的长队。Suggesting that the ability of people to leverage a ;good; mood to complete important but unpleasant tasks and use a ;bad; mood to experience pleasurable activities may hold the key to happiness and well-being.格罗斯认为,利用积极情绪来完成重要却不那么愉快的事,利用消极情绪来感受愉悦,这可能是幸福快乐的真谛。Gross said the research confirms how human emotions shape behavior and may help persons become less focused on short-term pleasure and more centered on long-term stability.他表示,该研究确认了人们的情感如何塑造其行为,并帮助人们少追求短期快感,更专注于培养获取长期幸福的能力。 /201609/466157。

Many studies have hinted that alcohol, in moderation, can do a heart good. But new research suggests that moderate drinkers are no more likely than teetotalers to have clear arteries.很多研究暗示,适度饮酒对心脏有好处。但是新的研究表明,适度饮酒者并不比不饮酒者的动脉更顺畅。The scientists looked at almost 2,000 patients who underwent CT angiography -- an imaging test that detects ;plaques; in heart arteries.科学家观察了大约2000名经历了CT血管造影的患者,血管造影是一种检测心脏动脉中的;斑块;的成像测试。Overall, there was no association between people#39;s drinking habits and their odds of showing clogged vessels.总体而言,人们的饮酒习惯和他们出现血管阻塞的几率之间没有联系。Researchers said an advantage of the new study is that it used objective measurements.研究人员表示,这项新研究的一个优点是它使用了客观测量的方法。;No prior studies have assessed the relationship between alcohol consumption and the presence of coronary heart disease,; said lead researcher Dr. Julia Karady. ;We could not find any relation between the presence of coronary artery disease and alcohol consumption.;首席研究员朱莉娅·卡拉迪士说:;之前的研究没有评估饮酒与冠心病之间的关系。我们没有发现冠状动脉疾病和饮酒之间的任何关系。;At the same time, she added, there was no evidence that heavier drinking raised the risk of clogged arteries.同时,她补充说道,没有据表明重度饮酒会增加动脉阻塞的风险。However, groups like the American Heart Association (AHA) warn against excessive drinking, because it can raise blood pressure and contribute to heart failure and other cardiovascular problems.然而,美国心脏协会(AHA)等团体告诫人们不要过度饮酒,因为它可以使血压升高并导致心力衰竭和其他心血管问题。In general, ;moderate; is defined as no more than one glass of alcohol a day for women, and no more than two a day for men.一般来说,;适度;定义为女性每天不超过一杯酒,而男性每天不超过两杯。But those studies do not prove that alcohol, itself, protects the heart -- in large part because alcohol also carries risks.但是这些研究不能明酒精本身能保护心脏--很大程度上是因为酒精也会带来风险。 /201612/483863。

Featuring perfectly replicated seams, soles and shoelaces, as well as impressively realistic finish, these life-size chocolate shoes seem made of genuine brown leather.缝合线、鞋底、鞋带都高度仿照实物,并经过精心打磨,这些实物大小的巧克力鞋子就像是真正的棕色皮鞋。The Gentleman’s Radiance chocolate line is the creation of master chocolatier Motohiro Okai of Rihga Royal Hotel’s chocolate boutique L’éclat, in Osaka, Japan. 然而它们的真实身份却是日本大阪丽嘉皇家酒店旗下的巧克力店L’éclat推出的绅士光系列产品,全部出自巧克力大师冈井元弘之手。Each leather show measures 26 centimeters (10.2 inches) in length, and is crafted exclusively from chocolate, including the insole and laces. 每只皮鞋长26公分(10.2英寸),从鞋垫到鞋带均以纯巧克力定制而成,鞋身有浅棕、深棕和红棕三种色调。The shoes come in three different shades of brown leather – light, dark and red-brown – and have a realistic shiny finish which Okai achieved after a painstaking process of trial and error.经过大师的千万次尝试,整个作品如同真皮鞋一般色泽明亮。Each pair of life-size chocolate shoes comes bundled with shoe care accessories, including a shiny shoehorn made from chocolate and a jar of shoe cream that actually contains round disks of tempered chocolate.每双实物大小的巧克力皮鞋都配有一套护理配件,包括一副由巧克力制成的鞋拔子和一罐鞋油——盛放巧克力浓浆的圆盘。The workmanship and attention to detail that went into creating the Gentleman’s Radiance chocolate shoes is best reflected by the obscene price tag of a pair – 29,160 yen (US8.45). 巧克力皮鞋每双售价高达29,160日元(258.45美元),冈井元弘创作该系列作品时的匠心精神和精致做工在价格标签上得到了完美体现。Only nine pairs will be made available for purchase, and only by reservation.全球限量9双,只接受订购。If you’re actually considering spending more money on a pair of chocolate shoes than most people spend for actual footwear, you should know that reservations for the Gentleman’s Radiance line will be accepted between January 20 – February 7, with deliveries for 7-14 February, in time of Valentine’s Day.如果您正考虑以远远高出实物的价格来购买一双仿真巧克力艺术品,请记住:绅士光系列产品的订购日期为2017年1月20日—2月7日,发货时间为2月7日—14日(情人节)。 /201612/481148。

Hong Kong martial arts novelist Huang Yi has died at age of 65 after suffering a stroke last Wednesday.香港知名武侠小说作家黄易因突然中风于上周三病逝,享年65岁。Huang, whose real name was Wong Cho-keung, died in a public hospital with loved ones by his side.黄易本名为黄祖强,是在家人的陪伴下于医院走完的最后一程。Several of his martial arts works were turned into popular television series, such as ;A Step into the Past,; adopted from his novel Xun Qin Ji. It was broadcast on TVB Jade in 2001 and featured Louis Koo Tin-lok and Raymond Lam Fung.黄易的许多武侠作品都已被翻拍成颇受欢迎的电视剧,比如根据他所创作的同名小说改编成的《寻秦记》。这部电视剧于2001年在TVB播出,由古天乐和林峯领衔出演。He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1977 and once worked as the assistant curator of the Hong Kong Museum of Art.黄易于1977年毕业于香港中文大学艺术系,曾在香港艺术物馆做过一段时间的馆长助理。In the late 80s, Huang, as a lover of Chinese art, history and the Chinese classic I Ching, started to explore a new career as a writer, and picked the Chinese character Yi, or I, as his pen name.在上个世纪八十年代末,作为中国艺术、历史以及经典著作《易经》的爱好者,他开始以一名作者的身份探索一段新的职业生涯,并将黄易作为自己的笔名。In the 1990s, after the golden age of wuxia literature, the general public became increasingly skeptical about wuxia literature and it lost much of its previous aura.在二十世纪九十年代,武侠文学的黄金时代刚刚结束,越来越多的人开始对武侠文学持怀疑态度,导致武侠失去了其原有的大部分光环。However, the emergence of Huang Yi infused new life into the wuxia genre.但是,黄易的出现为武侠流派注入了新的生命和活力。From Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion to A Step Into The Past and to the now popular Da Tang Shuang Long Zhuan (Twins of Brothers), Huang Yi has combined science fiction with traditional Chinese culture including metaphysics and philosophy to create a new style of work.从《覆雨翻云》到《寻秦记》,再到现如今大受欢迎的《大唐双龙传》,黄易将科幻小说与包括玄学和哲学在内的中国传统文化结合在一起,开创了一种全新的武侠方式。 /201704/503934。