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Todd: Hello! What is your name?你好!你的名字是?Kentaro: My name is Kentaro.我叫健太郎?Todd: Kentaro. And what is your full name?健太郎。你的全名是?Kentaro: My full name is Kentaro Sugimori.我的全名是健太郎杉森。Todd: Sugimori.杉森。Kentaro: Mm-hm.嗯。Todd: OK. And where are you from?你来自哪里?Kentaro: Im originally from Hamamatsu city. Which is in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.我来自日本静冈县浜松市。Todd: Oh, really. Shizuoka is a nice place.真的。静冈县是个好地方。Kentaro: Oh, really!Have you been there?真的!你去过那里吗?Todd: Yeah! I used to live there.是的!我曾在那里住过。Kentaro: Oh. Great!太棒了!Todd: Tell me about Japan.跟我说说日本。Kentaro: Well, Japan is, compared to the states, its small, homogeneous, however and its also has its own culture.和其他国家相比,日本很小,民族种类单一,但日本有自己的文化。Todd: OK. Yeah. Yeah. I agree. Japanese culture is very, very unique.是的。日本文化非常独特。Kentaro: Mm-hm.嗯。Todd: What is the capital city of Japan?日本的首都是哪里?Kentaro: Tokyo.东京。Todd: Tokyo.东京。Kentaro: I believe so.我想是的。Todd: OK! Yeah, and who is the leader of the country?好的!谁是日本的领导人?Kentaro: Well, our political leader is Mr. Prime Minister Koizumi Junichiro.我们的政治领导人是首相小泉纯一郎。Todd: OK.好的。Kentaro: But our psychological leader will be our Emperor.但我们的精神领袖是天皇。Todd: OK. Nice, and do you like the Prime Minister?好的,你喜欢日本首相吗?Kentaro: Yes, I like him.是的,我很欣赏他。Todd: OK. Yeah, me too. Alright. Thanks.我也是。好的,谢谢。注:译文属原创,,。 /201301/219795

Freedom Choice and Responsibility自由 选择 责任I love choices.我爱选择。I love to walk around in bookstores-not because I can buy all the books,我喜欢在书店里徜徉,不是因为我能买下所有的书,but because I could buy one book, and I have so many to choose from.而是因为我可以买一本书,我有这么多的选择。I like buffets.我还喜欢自助餐。I rarely get to go to them, but when I do,虽然我很少去,但是当我去的时候,the first thing I do is walk around and see what the choice are.我做的第一件事就是四处逛逛,看看有什么选择。I also like the internet.我还喜欢互联网。It seems like cyberspace really doesnt have any limits.看来网络真的没有任何限制。There are so many things to discover--- like space.有这么多的东西等待发现-比如空间。Sometimes, I think we dont appreciate the freedom that we have.有时候,我觉得我们不喜欢我们拥有的自由。We are free to make many different choice.我们可以自由地做出许多不同的选择。From the food we eat--- to the places we visit--- to the people we meet--- to the classes we take and on and on and on.从我们所吃的食物到我们去的地方,我们见的人,我们所上的课程等等。but freedom has dangers. If misused, it can be harmful.但自由也有危险。如果滥用,将会带来危害。I could pile a mountain of food on my plate and NOT to eat it.我可以将山一样的食物堆在我的盘子里,而我则不去吃它。it would be a waste. but thats a choice I have.它会是一种浪费。但这是一个选择。The Internet has dangers, too.互联网也有危险。If parents are not careful and dont supervise what their kids can see--- well kids can lose some of their innocence because of freedom.如果父母对他们的孩子所看到的不留神也不监督,那么孩子们会因为自由而失去一些他们的无辜的。Theres a reason for legal age limits when it comes to driving, gambling, drinking,somking, and voting.当涉及驾车、、酗酒、吸烟、和投票时法律会有年龄的限制。Until we reach that age, we arent free to do those things.直到我们到了那个年岁,否则我们去做那些事将不会被赋予自由。 /201204/179721What I think we really need is a change.我们应该做个改变。Good idea. Take a couple of weeks off. Get some sun. Take Jonah fishing.好啊!休息几周,去晒太阳,带着乔纳去钓鱼。No, a real change. A new city.不,要真正的改变,迁居他方。Someplace where every time I go around a corner I dont think of Maggie.一个不会让我想到玛吉的地方。What might have happened and knowing I could have done something.有所为却不为而遗憾终生。What do you think? Its just cold feet, isnt it?你觉得呢?临阵退缩是吗?Everybody panics before they get married. Didnt you?每个人婚前都会紧张,你呢?Yes, I did.我也是。Thank you very much, Dennis. I feel so much better just having blown this off.谢谢,说出来我舒多了。Anytime.不客气。 /201210/206399

35 My new holliday plan第35章假期新计划David: Where are you planning to go for your next holliday?你下个假期打算去那儿?You: Huangshan in Anhui province.打算去黄山,安徽省内。David: Have you ever been there?你去过那儿吗?You: I have never been there. I only heard that Mountain Huangshan is very beautiful and the best mountain in all of China. In the summer, its breathtaking. Its also very high.我没去过,只听说黄山很美丽,有中国最美的山景。夏天的景色让人叹为观止,同时它也很高。David: How will you plan your trip there?你打算怎么去呢?You: First, Ill buy a train ticket. A friend of mine lives in Anhui. If I want to go to mountain Huangshan, I can go to her home first. And we can go to Muntain Huangshan together. She will take me there. I would stay at her place.首先我要买一张火车票我有个朋友住在安徽。如果我想去黄山,我要先到她家里去,然后她会把我带到黄山那儿去,在去之前我就住在她家里。David: I s it close?近吗?You: No. Its far away from Beijing, maybe 7 hours by train. And Mountain Huangshan maybe too far. Perhaps strain my vacation, I will go to Maintain Taishan, which is located in Shandong province.不,离北京有点远,坐火车要7个小时。也许黄山太远了,假期又短,我还是去黄山好了,它就在山东省内。David: I am not familiar with the Huangshan or Taishan, but I have heard of Hongtashan.我对这两座山都不熟悉,不过我听说过红塔山。You: Hum, hehe...额,这个……David: In the USA. ,we like to go on roadtrips. We get in a car and drive somewhere. Sometime to a natural site, sometimes just to another city. But travelling during hollidays can be a big headache, because it is so crowded everywhere.在美国的时候,我们喜欢公路旅行。我们一般是驾车前往,有时去一个自然风景处,有时候干脆去另一个城市。但是在假期时候出去旅游就是个大难题,因为到处都是人山人海。You: There are too many people travelling at the same time during the hollidays. I dont like the crowds.假期期间旅游的人太多了,可谓人头攒动,我不太喜欢这种场面。 /201209/201889今天分享的这个词组是“have a thing for someone or something ”意为“强烈迷恋某人或某物,特别喜欢某人或某物”。精台词:Old Movie stars you’d have liked to fuck when they were young.说说在他们年轻时你想跟他们上床的老电影明星。I’d have to say Sophia Loren.我想说苏菲亚罗兰。My dad had a thing for her.我爸很喜欢她。双语例句:He has a thing for models.他特别迷恋模特。Susan has this thing for cute young guys.苏珊喜欢年轻的帅锅。Why do all men have a thing for manipulation ?为什么所有的男人都有控制欲呢? /201410/337815My names Ruth and Im from a small village in England. I live quite near Nottingham and Ive lived there for most of my life actually. Nottingham is quite famous for Sherwood forest, where Robin hood was supposed to live and as a child I spent some of my time in Sherwood Forest playing.我叫鲁斯,我来自英国的一个小乡村。我住的地方离诺丁汉很近,实际上我大部分时间都生活在那里。诺丁汉因舍伍德森林而闻名,那被认为是罗宾汉生活的地方,而我小时候也经常在舍伍德森林里玩耍。I live in a village and its actually a mining village with about 1,000 or 1,500 inhabitants. Theres really not very much to do there. Theres a shop and a post office, a school and my mom teaches at the school.我生活在一个小村庄,实际上那是个采矿村,只有1000或是1500名居民。那里其实没有什么可以做的事情。村庄里有一个商店,一个邮局,一个学校,我妈妈就在那所学校里教书。I did actually live in Edinburgh for one year and that was quite different from life in my village because there was so much more to do and there were so many more people and there was so much more traffic, but I think actually I prefer living in a village because, well, if you want to go out to the shops, if you want to go to the cinema, you can go to the nearest town, or to the nearest city, but you can always escape city life and you can always go back to where its quiet and more peaceful and where everybody knows each other, but if you live in the city you cant really escape it, and I dont really like the noise of the city so I think I will probably live in a village for the rest of my life.我曾经在爱丁堡生活过一年的时间,那里的生活与我们村庄的生活非常不同,因为那里有太多可以做的事情,而且那里也有很多人,而且交通流量也更大,不过我想我更喜欢生活在乡村,因为如果你想去商店,如果你想去看电影,你可以去最近的城镇,或者去最近的城市,你可以逃离城市生活,回到那些安静又宁静的生活,而且在村庄里所有人都互相认识,但是如果你生活在城市里,你就不能逃离那里的生活,而且我真的非常不喜欢城市里的噪音,所以我想我会在村庄里度过我的余生。译文属 /201409/327171

水瓶座(1.21-2.19)You are the one I have been looking for.你就是我一直在追寻的人。(好直白哦) /201208/196348经典句型:But Im afraid my skin is very sensitive. 但是恐怕我的皮肤很容易过敏。A:Do you want to try this toning lotion?甲:你想试试这种化妆水吗?B:But Im afraid my skin is very sensitive.乙:但是恐怕我的皮肤很容易过敏。A:Dont worry. Its the very product that matches your skin.甲:别担心。这种产品正适合你的皮肤。经典句型:I have an oily skin. 我的皮肤是油性的。A:I have an oily skin. Which pressed powder suits feme?甲:我的皮肤是油性的。哪种粉饼适合我呢?B:This product is for the oily skin.乙:这种产品是油性皮肤用的。A:There are always bumps on my face.甲:我的脸上总是有小疙瘩。B:Then you should do deep cleaning every week.乙:那你需要每周做深层清洁。句型讲解:你是什么样的皮肤呢? normal中性,oily油性,dry干性,sensitive敏感性。 /201410/336073嘉宾:Debbie Mason 话题:美容英语-走近时尚炫酷“发型师”单词拼写: 1、Funky 2、Bob 3、Stereotype重点俚语: 1、Vast majority 2、Future-proof 3、Progression in their jobs 4、Outsource a haircut问题: 1、Why are most of the people taking up hairdressing still girls? 2、What makes hairdressing a good job, according to Fizer? 3、In which sector might people who did NOT go to university find jobs? /201311/263933

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