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2019年02月16日 14:20:30

The divide between Russia and the rest of Europe, spurred by the Syrian civil war, appears to be growing deeper. 由于叙利亚内战的刺激,俄罗斯和欧洲其它国家间的分歧似乎日益加剧。Three Russian warships reportedly canceled a planned refueling stop at a Spanish port as they made their way toward the Middle East.据报道,三艘前往中东的俄罗斯军舰在西班牙港口取消了计划的加油。NATO put Spain under immense pressure to not allow the stop. The secretary-general of the alliance said he was concerned the warships might be used to attack Syrian civilians.北约给西班牙巨大的压力不允许停留加油。联盟秘书长表示,他担心军舰可能被用来袭击叙利亚平民。But Russia denied the refuel was ever going to happen, saying the vessels have plenty of fuel for the entire voyage. The Spanish foreign ministry said the ships pulled out after Spain wanted to make sure they wouldnt attack Aleppo.但俄罗斯否认曾经加过油,表示船只有足够的燃料完成整个航程。西班牙外交部称船只退出,在西班牙确认他们不会攻击阿勒颇后。Spain has let dozens of Russian ships refuel in that port over the past few years, but criticism of the practice is rising, and its uncertain whether Spain will let it continue.在过去的几年里,西班牙让数十艘俄罗斯船只在该港口加油,但对这一做法的批评正在上升,西班牙是否将继续这样做还不确定。译文属。201610/474932哈尔滨一院医生值班The Bayeux Tapestry is shockingly explicit in exposing the extent of the carnage and mutilation.贝叶挂毯十分露骨的 展示了屠杀和毁尸的细节But it was the English army that was eventually, and very, very slowly, ground down.最终是英格兰军队 渐渐地 十分缓慢的被击退William began exploiting weak points,settling into an alternating rhythm of archers and cavalry.威廉开始利用对方的弱点 反复利用弓箭手和骑兵进行交替攻击The arrows now shot high into the air and fell,弓箭向高处射出 急坠之后not onto the front line but the heads of the unprotected men behind them.越过前排士兵 直中后方没有头盔的士兵How did Harold himself die?哈罗德是怎么死的Lately there has been an attempt to the death scene in the Tapestry as though he was the figure cut down by the horseman,最近有人试图解读 挂毯上哈罗德死亡的一幕 认为他似乎是那个被骑兵砍死的人not the warrior pulling the arrow out of his eye,the story you and I grew up with.而非我们从小听到的那个 从眼中拔箭拔的战士It seems to me perfectly clear that the words ;Harold Rex;不过在我看来 眼部中箭的人occur directly and significantly above the arrow-struck figure.头顶出现的哈罗德·莱克斯字样不言自明Then certainly the knights would have been on him, cutting him down,leaving him disembowelled.当然骑士 有可能和他交手 并将他打落马下 将他开膛破肚The Thanes bravely mounted a last stand,defending the body of their king,but for many it was a lost cause.护卫们筑起了最后的防线 誓死保护他们国王的遗体 大多人都束手就擒It was time to save ones neck, to get out of the way.为了保命 他们给敌方让了路 /201608/460322哈尔滨市可以做引产的医院有什么原味人文风情:In a Moment of Vision...当灵感来临时...Its the height of the Gold Rush, 1850s, California. A young tailor named Jacob Davis notices that his gold-mining customers are wearing through pants faster than they can patch them. In a moment of vision, Davis adds reinforcing metal rivets to his pant design, strategically placing them at points of strain, like the corners of pockets and the base of the fly.当时是淘金热最高峰,1850 年代的加州。有一位名叫 Jacob Davis 的年轻裁缝,他注意到他那些开采金矿的顾客们把裤子穿破的速度比他们补裤子还快。灵机一动,Davis 在裤子设计中加入加强的金属铆钉,策略地将铆钉放在受拉扯的点上,象是口袋角落和拉鍊底部。The enhanced trousers are soon in high demand. In order to take out a patent on the highly successful riveted pant, Davis needs a business partner. He approaches the supplier of his cloth, a dry goods merchant by the name of Levi Strauss. Strauss and Davis begin manufacturing pants out of denim and continue to modify the design to accommodate their customers. It is rumored that the removal of the crotch rivet was due to a complaint from the miners that squatting too near a campfire in their typical ;underwear-free fashion; could be painful.强化版的裤子很快就大受欢迎。为了取得这件极为成功的铆钉裤的专利,Davis 需要一位合伙人。他找上他的布料供应商,一位叫作 Levi Strauss 的布商。Strauss 和 Davis 开始用丹宁布制造裤子,并持续改良设计来符合客户需求。有传闻说拿掉裤裆处的铆钉是因为矿工们的抱怨,他们说以他们平常「不穿内裤的风格」,这样蹲离营火太近时会痛痛的。Jeans continued to be modified and diversified over the years, eventually becoming an everyday fashion item for both work and play by the 1960s. Today, 96 percent of American consumers own at least one, if not many, pairs of jeans.牛仔裤多年来不断改良并有更多样貌,最后在 1960 年代成为工作和玩乐都能穿的日常时尚单品。现在,有百分之九十六的美国消费者就算没有很多件,也至少拥有一件牛仔裤。201706/511427TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/475085呼兰区治疗妇科炎症多少钱

黑龙江中医院妇产科怎样哈尔滨2个月无痛人流手术价格栏目简介:A French theater group will put on a musical version of ;The Girl, the Devil and the Windmill; at the citys Lyceum Theater next Tuesday as part of the Croisement Festival. The show will be in French with Chinese subtitle.201702/492617Come on, man. Lets go. Let me see a little bit.来孩子们,让我看看你们的绝活。One, two. One, two, three. One, two, three. Oh, yeah. Come on. Come on, boy. Yeah.一二,一二三,一二三。棒极了!棒极了!One, two, three. Yeah, come on, boy. Yeah. One, two, three, four.一二三。太酷了!一二三四。Ohh. Nice. Yeah. Lets go, boy. Yeah. Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta. Thats nice. Touch him.棒极了!太棒了!Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta。太棒了!打他。Come on, baby. Let him have something. Yeah!太酷了!让他打你。耶!Yeah! I like that, man. Let me see that. Let me see that. Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta.耶!我喜欢这个!让我试试。Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta。Let me take this watch off, man. Let me get some of that. Lets go.让我把手表摘了。让我也来试试,开始。No, no. Oh, where you going to?不不不,你去哪?Oh, I dont need no gloves. These gloves aint going to fit, man.我不需要手套。手套不太适合我。No, these. They do. They aint going to fit me.这些不行。你能戴上。它们不合适孩子。Look at my hands. What you doing?看看我的手。你要干嘛?Messing around with me? Im the champ.你们要在这儿捣蛋?我可是冠军。The champ is here! The champ is here!冠军在此!冠军在此!Ooh! Lets go. Come on, man. Let me get loose.好了,开始吧!Let me go. Hold tight, hold tight, hold tight. Let me slip on over here.来吧,等一下,等一下。等我戴上它。Come on, man. Let me get nice with it.来吧孩子。看看我的。Come on, man. Let me get some.来吧,看我的。Swing at my head. Swing at my head.朝我的头打,朝我的头打。Yo! I was nice. Used to be nice. I used to be nice. Boy, Im so tired right now.哟!我曾经是非常出色的拳击手,非常出色。哦,累死我了。Boy. Come lay down on the coach if youre sleepy.天啊,如果你困了可以在沙发上躺一会。Boy, come on over here. I want to see you do something else, too.过来孩子们。我想让你们展示点别的。So, fellas, check this out.朋友们,看这个。We got us a little gym over here.小型健身房。Lets go on and do a little work.走,去展示身手吧。Yeah. Okay, fellas. So what we going to do first?好,接下来我们先做什么?The pull-up bar. We going to do pull-ups.向上引体。我们要做引体向上。Come on. Lets go. Here. Lets turn around this way.好吧,动起来。让我们转过身来。Cant reach it. You cant reach it? Lift me up.爬不上去。你爬不上去?帮我放上去。You doing it wrong.你做错了。Huh? You got your feet on the ground. You cheated. I didnt have my feet on the ground. Yes, you did.什么?你脚落地了。你犯规了。我没有。你有。If you was on your bar, you had your feet on the ground. You get on your bar. You was doing it like this. I was not doing like that.你才是脚着地的那个。你上去。你刚才这么做来着。我没有这么做。You stay on your bar.你上去。Okay, so what we doing next?那么,我们接下来做什么?The jump rope. Boy.跳绳。天啊。You not tired now.你休息好了吧。We doing 20. You doing 20. You, too. 20 seconds.我们做20个。你做20个。你也是!20秒。Yeah, my rope too short. Ready, set, go. Go. 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.好的,我的绳子太短了。好了吗,开始。20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1。Here, come on over here and let me show you something. Let me show you what this is right here.来过来,我给你们看样东西。看看这是什么。Sit down over here.坐下来。That right there, see, this is where you get, put in some serious work.坐在这里,你们要真正地了解一些事情。Oh, dont look bored.哦,别显得那么无聊。This is where you get educated about the game of boxing. Unh-unh.这里是你们了解拳击的地方。恩恩。This is where you sit down on a bench.你现在坐在长椅上。And you get lazy. You get lazy?你偷懒了。你偷懒了?Yeah, you get lazy on the bench.你们在长椅上偷懒。Thats why I brought you over here, so you could see what its like. Im not getting lazy! So you dont get lazy.我带你们过来,是让你们看看偷懒是怎么样的。我没偷懒!这样你们才不会偷懒。This is where lazy people sit.这儿是懒人坐的地方。Then if youre saying this is where lazy people sit, youre sitting on it.你说这是懒人坐的,那你现在就坐在上面。Youre lazy. Im not lazy. Im,Im coaching. Im coaching.你偷懒。我没有。我是教练,教练。Here, man. They told me.他们告诉我说,I bet you sit down now.这回你们该坐下了吧。Now, Uh-huh. Now, if you sit down, you get ice cream. I done.现在,谁坐下,谁有冰激凌吃。我坐下了。Yeah, thats what I thought. One more time, for Daniel and Steven!这是我想要的。为丹尼尔和史蒂芬鼓掌!201706/514953尚志市做人授TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480345黑龙江阳光医院属于公立还是私立

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