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哈市第四医院检查白带多少钱牡丹江医学院红旗医院在那儿黑龙江省九院在哪个区 I think when most of us go into an exhibition like this, we dont think about all of the work thats gone into it, and an exhibition of this scale requires hundreds of people whore working together, from scientists to engineers to artists and designers. But absolutely none of it will be possible without the starting point of the hard evidence, the fossils themselves, because if we never found their bones, we wouldnt ever have known that these ancient animals ever existed.我认为大多数人进入这样的展馆时,并不会想到里面有什么,而且这种规模的展览要求有数百名工作人员一起工作,从科学家到工程师,从艺术家到设计师。但是没有确凿的起点——化石作依据,万事皆不可能实现。如果未曾找到过恐龙的化石,我们绝不会知道这些原始动物曾经存在过。Luis has come to the southeastern corner of Utah. Today this is wild west country, a stop-off on the way to the Grand Canyon, and its past is equally epic.刘易斯已经来到犹他州东南一角。今天的这里是西部蛮荒地区,是去大峡谷的必经之地,但过去的这里同样史诗般重要。All the rocks you can see around here are mostly of Jurassic Age, so this is prime dinosaur country.四周所看到的岩石大多是侏罗纪时代的,因此这里就是原始恐龙的国度。At the time of the Jurassic, the dinosaurs were in their prime. And this was their home. But it was a very different world. Back then this area was a wash with streams and flood plains. It was the perfect habitat for the largest land animals that had ever lived, the sauropods, long-necked, plant-eating dinosaurs.在侏罗纪时代,恐龙发展到鼎盛时期。这里就是它们的家园。但在那时却是另一个大不相同的世界。那时这里被河流覆盖,洪水泛滥。这里是大型陆地动物的完美栖息场所,蜥脚类恐龙,长颈食草类恐龙曾在这里生活。Its just a phenomenal place. Its beautiful and its filled with clues about the ancient life.现在这里只是一处风景胜地。景色美,到处都藏着古生物的线索。In a vast desert, most of us wouldnt have a hope of finding those clues. But if you know what you are looking for, the hint of a different colour on the ground is all it takes.在一望无际的沙漠地带,大多数人对找到这些线索不抱期望。但如果你知道要寻找的是什么,只需寻找地表不同的颜色就可以了。原文译文属!201209/197937Science and technology.科技。Exercise and addiction.锻炼也会上瘾。Fun run.奔跑的奥秘。People, it seems, have evolved to be addicted to exercise.人类似乎在进化过程中对锻炼上瘾了。AS THE legions of gym bunnies and jogging enthusiasts who race out into the spring sunshine every year clearly demonstrate, running can be fun. More specifically, running triggers the release of brain chemicals called endocannabinoids that create a potent feeling of pleasure. As their name suggests, these endocannabinoids work in the same way as the active ingredient of marijuana.那一大批在春日和煦的阳光中奔跑着的健身爱好者无不向我们展示着奔跑的乐趣。更确切地讲,在奔跑时人体内有一种化学物质被释放,从而使人产生一种强烈的愉悦感。正如其名字的含义一般,这些endocannabinoids有着跟大麻中的有效成分一样的效果。From an evolutionary standpoint this surge of endocannabinoids, and the ;runners high; it creates, make sense. For ancient humans, remaining fit enough to run after game and away from predators and enemies was vital for survival. Yet whether other mammals are also driven to exercise by endocannabinoids has remained a mystery. Now a study led by David Raichlen of the University of Arizona has revealed that the runners high does exist in other species, but not in all.从进化论的观点来看,人体内endocannabinoids水平的上升及由此而生的;赛跑者的亢奋;对人类的发展是有意义的。那些远古时代的人类,为了能够顺利追捕到猎物并从其他猎食者的追击中逃脱,必须将身体状态始终维持在一个良好的水平。既然人类如此,那么其他哺乳动物是否也会在endocannabinoids的内在驱动下而进行锻炼呢?这仍是个未解之谜。现在一项由Arizona大学的David Raichlen士领衔的研究已经在其他哺乳动物体内---并非全部都有——发现了endocannabinoids的存在。You expect me to what?你猜我在干什么?Dr Raichlen hypothesised that endocannabinoid-driven exercise highs would be found in those mammals that gain an evolutionary benefit from being fast on their feet: antelopes, horses and wolves, for example. However, he also thought that they would not be present in those which are known for being quick and agile, but not for running, like ferrets. To test these ideas, he and a team of colleagues devised an experiment that monitored the endocannabinoid levels of different species after they had been walking or running on a tmill.Raichlen先提出了一个假设:像羚羊,马和狼这样一些因拥有;飞毛腿;而在进化过程中受益的哺乳动物中也存在着;锻炼产生的兴奋;现象;而那些以灵动著称,却非凭奔跑文明的动物,如雪貂,则不会出现此现象。为了检验这些猜想,Raichlen和由其同事所组成的团队设计了一个实验——对在跑步机上行走,奔跑过后的动物体内的endocannabinoids水平进行监控。The experimental animals in question were ten people, eight dogs and eight ferrets. Dr Raichlen had them run or walk on the tmill for 30 minutes. Since running and walking speeds differ from species to species, the speed at which the tmill moved was varied so that it raised the heart rates of the different participants to the same level. Running speeds were thus set at 2.5 metres a second for people, 1.83 for dogs and 0.84 for ferrets. Walking speeds were set at 1.25 metres a second for people and 1.1 for dogs. The ferrets proved too easily distracted to walk consistently on the tmills and were thus left to sit quietly in their cages for this part of the study. Each participating animal ran for one session and walked for one other, and did so on separate days, to avoid exhaustion. Before and after each session, blood was drawn from each and the endocannabinoid levels in it were measured.被考虑用来进行实验的动物有以下三种:十个人,八条和八只雪貂。Raichlen士先让他们在跑步机上行走或奔跑30分钟。由于不同的动物速度不一,所以跑步机的传送带速度设置是以使不同动物的心率达到同一水平为依据。这样设置的结果便为:奔跑速度为人类2.5米/秒,1.83米/秒,雪貂0.84米/秒;行走速度为人类1.25米/秒,1.1米/秒。雪貂由于太易分心,没办法让它持续在跑步机上行走,所以在进行该部分实验时它们被留在了笼中静静地坐着。每只动物会跑一段走一段,为了避免动物们出现筋疲力尽的情况,实验是分成几天进行的。在实验前和试验后,动物们都会被抽血以检验其中的endocannabinoid水平。The researchers report in the Journal of Experimental Biology that, after 30 minutes of walking (or sitting in a cage), participants endocannabinoid levels did not rise. After running, however, the average humans endocannabinoid levels rose from 2.4 picomoles per millilitre (pmol/ml) to 6.1. Dogs showed a similar trend, with levels rising from 2.4 pmol/ml to 8.0. Ferrets were different. Although they did show an increase, from 3.0 to 3.9 pmol/ml, this was not a statistically significant rise. These findings suggest that dogs experience a ;runners high; but ferrets do not.研究人员在《生物学实验》杂志中提到,在经过30分钟的行走(雪貂是呆在笼中)之后,参加实验的动物的endocannabinoid水平并没上升。然而在奔跑过后情况则有所不同:那10个人的平均endocannabinoid水平从2.4 pmol/ml上升到了6.1 pmol/ml。的变化趋势与人类似——由2.4 pmol/ml升至8.0 pmol/ml。唯独雪貂例外。他们的endocannabinoid水平虽亦有所上升——3.0 至 3.9 pmol/ml,但仍处于统计学上可不被纳入考虑的范围内。这些发现表明中同样存在着;赛跑者的亢奋;现象,而雪貂则没有。Dr Raichlen argues that it makes sense for ferrets not to have systems that reward cardiovascular activity, since such exercise consumes a lot of energy, may cause injury, and is not crucial to the stealthy hunting technique of sneaking down burrows and killing rabbits in their sleep. What is not clear is whether the endocannabinoid reward is an ancient mechanism that has been lost on branches of the mammalian tree that do not need it, or is something that evolves quickly in species which become active. Given that humanitys arboreal simian ancestors would presumably have had little need to run, it is probably the latter. But to be sure Dr Raichlen will need to put animals far less co-operative than ferrets on the tmill.看来雪貂体内并不存在对心血管活动进行阳性强化刺激的系统,Raichlen士认为这对雪貂的发展同样是有意义的,要知道太剧烈的运动会消耗掉过多的能量, 甚至引发受伤,且这并非是雪貂捕猎技术中的关键——它们一般只需偷偷溜进兔子窝并在兔子们熟睡时将其杀死即可。仍有待考的是,究竟这种endocannabinoid刺激机制是从远古时代起即为哺乳类动物所拥有(但在一些不需此机制的哺乳类分中渐渐退化),还是从某些活跃的个别物种中进化出来的?鉴于人类的祖先—类人猿是树栖动物,据推测它们很少有奔跑的需要,因此正确结论很可能是后者。但若要确认此假设,Raichlen士需将更多如雪貂般不太合作的动物哄上跑步机。 /201209/199733哈市阳光妇儿医院贵吗

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黑龙江省哈尔滨市妇女医院是公立的吗Business Bihars pro-business reforms Paper tiger商业 比哈尔的利商改革 雷声大,雨点小There is more talk about reform than action in Indias poorest state印度的贫困之邦,改革都是浮云IT IS surely no coincidence that Bihar, besides being Indias poorest state, has also been its least inviting for entrepreneurs.比哈尔既挂着印度贫困邦的名头,那它的招商引资做得最差,自然是情理之中的事。That is supposed to be changing. Nitish Kumar, Bihars chief minister, has spent his five years in office fixing the roads and other infrastructure.这种现象本应得到改善,比哈尔邦首席部长Nitish Kumar于其任上的5年中,都在大兴土木,改善基础设施。Crime has fallen, so the bright and wealthy are no longer frightened off by the threat of kidnapping, extortion and murder.犯罪率降低了,显贵们不会再被绑架、勒索和谋杀的威胁吓跑。Stability has allowed local trade to flourish.稳定带来地区经济繁荣。A state official reels off an impressive-sounding list of 398 approved investment proposals—from sugar mills to power plants—worth .8 billion.当地官员甩出398份华丽丽的投资意向书,总值48亿美元,内容从糖厂覆盖到能源。That all sounds rosy, until you look for success on the ground.看上去很美,实际都是浮云。Indias tycoons have visited, and left. There is not one example of a big industrial investment to show for it.连一个大型工业投资的案例都拿不出来,无怪乎印度的商业大亨们在此地来去匆匆不留银了。Perhaps local officials are failing to spot the brightest entrepreneurs—those deft enough to avoid the bureaucrats.也许当局没有淘金的眼光,他们需要的是对避免官僚主义驾轻就熟的企业。Take the case of Husk Power Systems, formed in 2007 by three young Biharis and an American friend.拿;米糠发电系统;为例,2007年,3个年轻的哈比尔人和一位美国朋友将该计划成形。It runs 50 micro power plants in rural areas fired by burning otherwise useless rice husks.仅仅靠燃烧无用的米糠,他们在农村地区经营起50家小型发电厂。Now employing more than 250 people, the firm sells cheap electricity to 200,000 rural folk, who previously relied on kerosene lamps or candles.现在,这家拥有250多名员工的公司,为20多万农村人口提供低价电,此前人们离不开的煤油灯和蜡烛,都退出了历史舞台。Each power plant turns a profit in a few months, and Husk plans to build hundreds more in the next two years.几个月后,每个发电厂都开始盈利,稻壳公司计划在未来两年增建100多个发电厂。But that is no thanks to Bihars pen-pushers.然而,比哈尔的官员们对这些成绩毫无帮助。Scientific advisers in Delhi were ;very helpful; with permits and business contacts. But the entrepreneurs try to avoid contact with the Bihar government as much as possible.德里的科学顾问们在办许可和业务往来上称得上是;砖家;,但要和比哈尔政府打交道,企业家们都是唯恐避之不及。An early brush-off from one of Mr Kumars deputies set the standard for their treatment.一个前车之鉴就是,他们曾被Kumar先生的众多副手之一不友好地拒绝过。Ratnesh Yadav, one of Husks founders, describes constant struggles with local corruption.与地方腐败的斗争已是家常便饭,稻壳公司的创始人之一Ratnesh Yadav,有着如下讲述。A village policeman grabbed a bundle of cables for one of the first plants, demanding a bribe: the company refused, opting to bore him into submission instead.一名;村警;从最早期的发电厂强占了一大捆电缆,以此向公司索贿,公司不但没有接受,反而迫使他屈。When Husk started building a centre to train its workers near the state capital, Patna, a neighbourhood tough-guy demanded 100,000 rupees (,250) in protection money.当公司在邦首府巴特那附近建设员工训练中心时,附近的无赖寻上门来,索要10万卢比(2250美元)的保护费。This was refused, so the builders were threatened, then beaten, and a mob flattened the construction site.这一要求遭到拒绝,于是施工人员先是被威胁,接着被殴打,一群暴民还扫荡了施工场地。A Bihari property developer, while accepting that official corruption is a fact of life, laments how crooked officials in his state prefer ;taxing; inputs—the first investments made—to demanding a share in the output of an enterprise, a practice he says is more common in Bengal.比哈尔的一个房地产开发商,一边接受官员腐败的现实,一边感慨着当地政府如此狡诈,官员们倾向于投入;课税;(这个投入是投资者的首笔投资),从而要求在其企业的产出中盘剥。Bengal-style graft at least means officials have a long-term interest in seeing the business thrive.开发商说,在孟加拉,这种现象更为普遍。The state government talks some fine talk about having made things easier for businesses, such as creating a ;one-stop window; for them to submit all their paperwork.;孟式;贪污至少表明政府长期乐见于商业的繁荣。邦政府曾有精言论,说要降低商业事务办理难度,例如开设;一站式窗口;,以便商人们投放文件资料。But half a dozen businessmen, asked about the window, hoot with laughter.然而,有6位商人在窗口咨询时,遭遇了呵斥和嘲笑。It is nothing more than a postbox, says one; the papers are simply shuffled on to the same old unresponsive departments.一名商人说,这窗口充其量也就是个邮筒,那些文件被简单的混在得过且过的部门里。An investor with political clout can get things done in perhaps four visits. Otherwise, its a long wait.政商也许4次登门拜访就能把事情搞定,其他投资者,就只有;等到花儿也谢了;。 /201212/213561 哈尔滨拜泉县妇幼保健站在哪儿哈尔滨市道里区妇幼保健院打胎一般要花多少钱



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