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  • 大伙肯定都觉得大象怕老鼠...其实不然,大象真正怕的居然是蜜蜂!Don: Hey Yaeuml;l, have you ever heard that old wives' tale about how elephants are afraid of small rodents like mice and rats? Yaeuml;l: Yeah, Don. But like many old wives' tales this one is incorrect, as the experiment has been done several times. For example, a few years ago John Stossel of the TV show 20/20 introduced a mouse to some circus elephants and the big guys didn't even blink an eye. D: Hmm. And what if the rodent was a big as a cow? Do you think the elephant would be afraid of something that big? Y: Well I don't know, but I can tell you the thought of a rat that big is definitely creepy me out! Rodents that big don't exist do they? D: Well not today, but four million years ago they did! A record setting twenty-one- inch-long rat skull was discovered in Uruguay. It is thought to have belonged to a rat the size of a bull. Y: Ahh!! D: Not to worry though, analysis of the skull led researchers to conclude that the big rat ate only veggies. Y: Phew! D: So elephants would likely not fear such a large rodent either. Y: Then that old wives' tale is likely wrong no matter the size of the rodent! But did you know that elephants are afraid of something smaller than a common mouse? D: Really? What's that? Y: Bees. Scientists have noted that elephants tend to avoid trees with beehives, will run away if they hear buzzing, and have been seen fleeing from the little buzzers over long distances. D: Hmm. I guess its time to revise that old wives' tale then isn't it?07/77765
  • The Definition of "My Country" Unpatriotic? Olympic Athletes hail from one nation, compete for another.All the remarkable athletes. You know the athletes go to the Olympic to represent their countries, right? That’s clear from the parade of nations in the opening ceremony to the playing of the national anthem for gold medal winners. But Stephanie Saia reports the definition of what country an athlete belongs to is getting just a bit blurry. The only thing Russian about Becky Hammon is her fanny pack. Everything else is apple-pie American. “You know, I stand an honor of my country. Always my hand will be across my chest. I am one of those people that still believe the pledge of allegiance should be said in school every morning.”But tomorrow the WNBA player from South Dakota will put a jersey on for Russia and play against the ed States. Playing for an old Cold War enemy and being a formidable point guard, Hammon has brought the brunt of criticism. But she is among / countless athletes playing for other nations at the Games.“Pretty sure, the Canadian / track and field teams of Nigeria?". "Azerbaijan, for a lot Korean girls, that game had got them married to Azerbaijanis. /”A French man won Togo’s first gold/ medal after only being to the African nation once. When people look to the Russia versus Georgia beach volleyball game for political metaphors, they realize the Georgian players were actually Brazilian. And the entire US table tennis team is from China, not to mention the woman’s volleyball coach. 33 foreign-born athletes are on team USA.The Olympics have come to represent universal values of peace and friendship. But at the end of the day, it is a competition between nations. And some say those athletes that choose to play for other countries are traitors.If you play in this country, live in this country, and grow up in the heartland, you know, if you put on a Russian uniform, you are not a patriotic person in my mind.But Hammon says she did everything she could to get on the US team, it still wasn’t enough. When it became a choice between participating in the world’s greatest sporting event and watching from the sidelines, it was easy for 31-year-old Hammon.If I was 26, 25, I probably wouldn't have made this decision to play for Russia, / I would held out and hope that ed States would have come back around.So Hammon chased her dream. There’s nothing more American than that, even if she had / chased it all the way to Russia.Stephanie Saia, A news, Beijing.很多奥运会运动员更改国籍,为其他国家而战。这是不爱国的表现吗?所有的耀眼夺目的运动员。大家都知道,运动员是代表他们的国家参加奥运会的,对吗?从奥运会开幕式上每个国家的代表仪仗队到为奥运金牌获得者奏响的国歌都可以得知,这是毫无疑问的。但是 Stephanie Saia的报道让我们对一个运动员的国籍感到越来越模糊。对贝基哈蒙来讲,唯一能体现出和俄罗斯相关的地方只是她的队,其他方面她仍然是一个彻底的美国人。“你知道,我为我的祖国感到骄傲。我仍然会把手放在胸前,我仍然和所有美国人一样,相信那些上学的时候每天早上宣誓的忠诚的誓言。”但是从明天开始这位来自南达科他州的WNBA运动员就将身着俄罗斯的战衣,和美国队相抗衡。为冷战时期的老对手而战,并且作为一个杰出的控球后卫,让哈蒙受到铺天盖地的批评。但是她只是众多更改国籍为他国而战的众多外籍兵团中的一员。“确实如此,就好象尼日利亚的田径代表队里的加拿大运动员一样?”“还有阿塞拜疆,很多韩国的姑娘们就因为更改国籍参加奥运会而嫁给了阿塞拜疆人。”一个法国人由于去了多哥西非共和过一次,为这个国家赢得了第一枚金牌。当人们在俄罗斯对垒格鲁吉亚的沙滩排球中寻找政治喻意时,他们意识到其实格鲁吉亚的选手是不列颠人。美国所有的桌球选手都是来自中国,更不用说美国女子排球的教练。美国代表队中有33名外籍运动员。奥运会代表和平和友谊,但是归根结底,它是国家之间的竞争。有人说那些更改国籍为其他国家而战的运动员是叛徒。如果你在这个国家比赛,在这个国家生活,在这个国家的心脏地区长大,而你却穿上俄罗斯的制,那么,在我的心里你就不是一个爱国的人。但是哈蒙说,她曾尽最大努力留在美国队,但是仍然被教练排除在参赛名单之外。对于已经31岁的哈蒙来说,在参加世界上最大的体育盛事和做一个普通观众之间选择,是非常简单的事。“如果我还是二十五六岁,可能我不会决定为俄罗斯而战,我会坚持等待下次机会,等待美国能够凯旋归来。”所以哈蒙是在追求她的梦想。这正是她体现出美国人特点的方面,即使她为了追求这个梦想而投靠了俄罗斯。patriotic 形容词 爱国的 blurry形容词 模糊的 污脏的;污斑的 formidable 形容词 可怕的,令人畏惧的 难以克的,难对付的 巨大的;杰出的 metaphor 名词 隐喻(一种修辞法) 象征200811/56459
  • There is only one way to treat weakness and that is to exploit it. There is only one way for Chin to survive. And that is through conquer.All 10,000 Zhao prisoners will be executed. And Ying Zheng defines his quest for empire, bloody, utterly ruthless and totally dependent on the army. For 2000 years, no one had any idea what that army was really like, but now it can be seen frozen in time. For Jeffery Riegel, this is an opportunity to answer his first great question about the emperor's meteoric rise to power. Militarily, how did he do it?Joining Riegel is Dr. Yuan who has devoted his entire career to understanding these mysterious figures and the military power of the first emperor. To date, they have unearthed over 7,500 individual warriors. In all respects, except living flesh and blood, these were real soldiers.The people who made these figures and arranged, and arranged them were following real military procedures. So this really represents what the Chin army looked like. This gives us an idea of Chin military formation and the way in which the Chin army was actually put into the field.The big surprise was that the front three lines were highly mobile infantry. It appears these were the emperor's sharp troops. Behind them came the heavy infantry who in turn were supported by columns of chariots, and sweeping up behind - a fast moving cavalry. But it's not just the procession of the army's formation that has astonished the researchers. It's the weapons they carried.07/78065
  • Back to basics节能以人为本Energy efficiency is not very flashy. That may be a selling point能源增效并不那么高高在上,也许它还是个卖点。Hope those are energy-saving bulbs希望大家都使节能灯泡WHEN Richard Sanchez heard from a friend that the city of San Antonio would pick up most of the costs of installing a new lighting system in his barbershop, he quickly made a call. The city was running a new programme called City Lights, funded by a m grant from the stimulus, designed to make energy-efficient improvements to small businesses. But Mr Sanchez was not exactly motivated by greenery. “It was way better than our older lighting, which was costing twice as much,” he explains.一位朋友告诉理查德.桑切斯,要是他为自己的理发店申请新型照明系统的话,圣安东尼奥市政府将承担大部分初始安装费。随即桑切斯先生便拨打了报装电话。圣安东尼奥市在年推出一项名曰“城市照明”的计划,政府投入两百万补助,旨在小型商业企业中推广能源增效。但温室效应对环境的影响并不是打动桑切斯先生的真正原因。他给出的解释是:“新安装的灯具比过去的强多了。耗电量是过去灯具的一半”For many years energy efficiency was the poor relation to cutting-edge clean technology initiatives like wind and solar. But now the more workaday strategies are getting a new look-in. Efficiency measures can often save as much power as the more glamorous efforts can produce, at a fraction of the cost. One widely used estimate comes from a report from McKinsey, which reckoned that America could reduce its non-transport energy consumption by roughly 23% by 2020 through efficiency savings alone.多年来,能源增效就好像风能和太阳能这样的高端清洁能源的穷亲戚一样不起眼。而当下更切合实际的推广策略使人们对能源增效有了新的认识。增效举措常常能比那些更风光的清洁能源节省下一样多的电能,而成本只占一小部份。要知道,要想产出如此大的电能,投入不菲。年McKinsey提出的一份报告被广泛地提及。报告中预计,仅能源增效这一举措,到2020年,美国的非交通能源消耗就会减少大约23%。 Some cities have come up with specific targets for efficiency. In San Antonio, the municipally owned power provider, CPS Energy, has plans to cut its consumption by 771 megawatts through energy efficiency by 2020, using various incentives and nudges. Customers who buy highly efficient cooling systems rather than the minimum-standard kind can, for example, get a rebate to make up the difference in price. As the more efficient systems yield lower bills, this is quite an attractive proposition. The 771MW figure represents about 10% of the utility’s current generation capacity, or about as much as a typical coal-fired power plant can produce. This summer, in fact, CPS announced that it will shut down a 900MW coal-fired plant by 2018, a Texas first.美国的一些城市已经提出有针对性地节能目标。在圣安东尼奥市,国有发电企业CPS Energy, 计划通过推广多种鼓励计划和促进手段,通过能源增效,使用电量在2020年下降771兆瓦。举例来说,消费者在购买高效节能制冷设备,而不是最低节能标准的机型时,其中的差价由政府买单。节能项目越多,未来电费越低,这个议题实在是太能吸引眼球了。之前所提及的771兆瓦等同于当前公用系统发电能力的10%,即一家普通燃煤发电厂的发电量。事实上,在今年夏天CPS就已宣布,将在2018年首先关闭一家位于得克萨斯州境内,额定发电量为900兆瓦的燃煤发电厂。Environmentalists hailed the announcement: coal is the most villainous fossil fuel. As with the customers, though, the city’s motivation was mostly pragmatic. San Antonio has its share of greenish priorities—downtown redevelopment, an electric fleet—but in deciding to close the coal-fired plant, the spur was simply cost. Installing a scrubber that would have brought the coal plant in question up to the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards would have cost half a billion dollars. The utility was keen to put off that expense, if not avoid it altogether, by making up the demand with natural gas or solar. Julián Castro, San Antonio’s mayor, argues that the energy efficiency is a complement to the latter, rather than a competitor. “One of the ways to bridge the time that those renewables need is by reducing the need for new energy,” he says.煤是对环境破坏最大的矿石燃料。难怪关闭燃煤发电厂的消息一出,环保持者为之欢呼雀跃。但对于消费者来说,市政府的鼓励措施才是最实惠的。圣安东尼奥有自己的环保首要目标:市区内城重修和公共交通电动化。但在关闭燃煤电厂上,促使市政府下决心的却是真金白银。为燃煤发电厂安装一个净化器将花费5亿美元,而且还有可能会招致环境保护局对标准是否达标而挑三拣四。要是花了大钱还引来了环保局的质疑就太不划算了。公用局强烈主张不购买这套净化系统,转而增加天然气或太阳能的发电量来缓解用电需求。圣安东尼奥的市长,Julián Castro提出能源增效是对天然气和太阳能发电的一种补充,而不是竞争。他表示:“在再生能源转化的时期,可行方式之一就是减少对新能源的需求。”It may be that cities like San Antonio are unusually well-placed to pursue energy efficiency. Having a municipally-owned utility, for example, helps local politicians plan an energy portfolio that meshes with their other concerns; this is one reason why nearby Austin Energy, which is owned by the tech-centric city of Austin, has an unusually strong renewables standard. But the energy efficiency approach could have broad appeal. The benefits are easily realised, the costs are reasonable, and the risks of something going wrong are relatively small.或许,像圣安东尼奥这样的城市在大力推广能源增效方面拥有罕见的优势。比如,某些由市政府所有的公用局,可以帮助当地政客把能源策略和他们关切的其它问题联系起来共同组织。邻近的Austin Energy归将奥斯汀市,该市将科技发展摆在突出位置,罕见地制定了极为严格的可再生能源标准,其原因之一也在于此。不过(尽管圣安东尼奥可能还是个特例)能源增效这一方式还可以吸引更多城市参与其中。好处容易实现,花费更为合理,而走弯路的危险却相对较小。201111/160306
  • President Bush Bids Farewell to the Nation布什告别演说回顾过去展望未来  U.S. President George Bush delivered his farewell address to the nation Thursday night. Mr. Bush used the occasion to reflect on the past and look toward the future. 美国总统布什星期四晚上向全国发表告别演说,利用这个机会回顾过去,展望未来。This has been a week of "lasts" for President Bush - the last press conference, the last cabinet meeting, and the last broadcast speech to the nation.  对布什总统来说,这个星期有许多的“最后一次”-- 最后一次记者会,最后一次内阁会议,还有最后一次向全国发表广播讲话。"Tonight, with a thankful heart, I have asked for a final opportunity to share some thoughts on the journey we have traveled together and the future of our nation," he said. 布什说:“今晚,怀着一颗感恩的心,我要用这最后一次机会,和大家一起回顾我们走过的路程,并展望我们国家的未来。”He reflected on his first national address from the White House, a speech to a country reeling in shock, grief and anger from the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  布什谈到他在白宫向全国发表的第一次讲话,那是2001年9-11恐怖袭击之后向一个沉浸在震惊、悲伤和愤怒中的国家发表的讲话。"As the years passed, many Americans were able to return to life much as it had been before 9/11," he said. "But I never did." 布什说:“随着岁月的流逝,许多美国人得以基本恢复到9-11之前的生活。但是我一直没能这样做。”Once again, as he has often done during his final days in office, the president defended his record and was nostalgic. "There are things I would do differently if given the chance. Yet I have always acted with the best interests of our country in mind," he said. 和他在总统任期最后这些日子里经常做的一样,布什再次为自己的记录辩护,并表现出对白宫岁月的留恋。他说:“如果有机会,我会以不同的方式处理一些问题。但是,我一直是把国家的最高利益放在心里的。”Most recent past presidents, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, chose to deliver a farewell address from the Oval Office. But President Bush opted to speak from the East Room of the White House Thursday night, in front of an audience that included members of the military, firefighters and educators whose stories he said touched him during his eight years in office."In citizens like these, we see the best of our country - resilient and hopeful, caring and strong," he said.With only five days left until Inauguration Day, Mr. Bush reflected on the peaceful transfer of power that will occur when Barack Obama takes the oath of office and becomes the first African American President of the ed States. 现在距新总统宣誓就职还有5天,布什谈到,当奥巴马宣誓就任为美国第一位黑人总统时,人们将看到权力的和平交接。"Standing on the steps of the Capitol will be a man whose story reflects the enduring promise of our land. This is a moment of hope and pride for our nation," he said. 他说:“站在国会山台阶上的这个人,他的故事折射出我们国家持久的希望。这将是我们国家一个充满希望和骄傲的时刻。”In recent days, the president has said he is y to return to Texas and life as a private citizen. But aides say they detect a bit of wistfulness in his voice. 最近,布什总统表示,他已经准备好,回到德克萨斯州,开始一个普通公民的生活。不过,他的助手们说,他们察觉到布什的语气中有一丝失落感。Ken Walsh, the veteran White House correspondent for U.S. News and World Report magazine, says there is certain poignancy when a president prepares to leave the spotlight. 肯·沃尔什是“美国新闻与世界报导”杂志驻白宫资深记者。他认为,当一位总统准备淡出公众的视线时,总会对一些问题难以释怀。"And there is always a sense of not only 'what I could have done as president," but also, a sense of 'am I being given the credit for what I did? Am I being treated too negatively,'" he said. 沃尔什说:“除了‘作为总统,我还可能怎样做’之外,还会有一种感觉,就是‘我的努力都得到承认了吗?人们对我是不是负面评价太多了?’”The speech was the president's last public event until next Tuesday - when he welcomes Barack Obama to the White House and the two travel to Capitol Hill for the inauguration of the 44th President of the ed States. 星期四的讲话是下星期二之前布什总统最后一次公开活动。下星期二,布什总统将欢迎奥巴马入主白宫,然后两人一起到国会山,参加美国第44任总统的就职仪式。01/61165
  • The U.S. government has been sending dancers and musicians on international goodwill missions for decades. Now, for the first time, it is sending artists abroad as cultural ambassadors.几十年来,美国政府不断派遣舞蹈家和音乐家到世界各地去展开亲善活动。现在,美国政府第一次要派遣艺术家作为文化使者到国外去。The Obama Administration's new cultural diplomacy program is called smART Power. The Bronx Museum of the Arts in New York oversees the initiative. 奥巴马政府新的文化外交项目叫做“聪明实力”或者是“艺术实力”。纽约的布朗克斯艺术物馆被选来负责这个计划。smART Power"I think it's fantastic," says Holly Block, the museum's director. "The Bronx Museum itself has done quite a few projects related to community engagement and [having artists] work closely with the community, as well as international artists all over the world. So this fits perfectly. This is the first opportunity I think we've ever had where we're actually able to send U.S.-based artists outside [the U.S.]. Normally we receive artists."物馆负责人哈莉·布鲁克说:“我觉得这简直太棒了。布朗克斯物馆本身就参与了好几个和社区有关的项目,我们的艺术家能够和社区以及世界各地的艺术家紧密合作。这件事对我们非常合适。这是我们第一次有机会把美国的艺术家派到国外去,通常是我们接待来自其它国家的艺术家。”Block says visual artists - including painters, sculptors, architects, designers - may apply for the program starting January 3.布鲁克说,视觉艺术,包括绘画、雕塑、建筑、设计等领域的艺术家,从明年1月3号开始可以申请参加这个项目。"They will submit their materials with a concept," she explains. "We'll expect them to write a small narrative on what they would like to do. But the idea of this project is really special in the sense that you need to think about community and think about visiting this place and creating a project that's in relationship with maybe some topic that's aly going on there, or some of the ideas that you bring to them. We will be working very closely with the artists in selecting partner sites to receive the artists and help them realize their work."“艺术家们需要提交一些资料,显示要表达的概念。我们期待他们简单写写他们要做什么。但是这个项目的特殊之处在于,艺术家需要考虑他们要去的地方的特色,提出一个和当地正在进行的一些项目相关的计划,或者给当地人的建议。我们会和这些艺术家紧密切合作,挑选接待他们的伙伴机构,并帮助他们完成计划。”201012/120188
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