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The other day, my boyfriend and I went to eat crayfish. I was gobbling the food, busy with biting off the crayfish#39;s head, my hands dripping red oil from holding it, when he suddenly asked me, ;What would have happened between us if I had taken you here when we first met?;前几日,我和男友出去吃小龙虾。我正在大快朵颐,忙于吸着小龙虾的头,吃龙虾的手沾满红油,此时他突然问我:“如果我们第一次约会时我就带你来这儿吃小龙虾,那么我们之间会发生什么?;Well, I think you might have fallen in love with me immediately, as we share the same eating habits,; I joked.我开玩笑说,“你一定会马上爱上我,因为我们有着同样的饮食习惯。”Although we did not eat oily street food on our first date, I demonstrated a strong appetite. We dined on Yunnan cuisine and finished six dishes, barely leaving leftovers.尽管我们第一次约会时并没有吃路边摊,我仍表现出了非常好的胃口。我们去吃云南菜,二人吃掉了六个菜,基本全都吃光了。His ability to order food we both like impressed me. After that, we had several other meals before we become lovers.他能点出我们都爱吃的菜,这尤其让我印象深刻。自那以后,我们又一起吃了几顿饭,就成了男女朋友。On China#39;s popular dating show If you#39;re the one, the host Meng Fei once said that one of the things he looked for in a partner is whether they can eat together. A popular online post recently echoed Meng#39;s sentiments. The writer said one of the happiest things in the world is eating and gaining weight together with your lover. This won recognition among many Net users.在中国收视率非常高的相亲秀节目《非诚勿扰》中,主持人孟非曾经说过,他择偶的标准之一是看两人是否能吃到一起。最近很火的一篇文回应了孟非的观点,这位作者说,世界上最幸福的事之一就是,与你相爱的人一起享受美食,一起长胖。这引起了很多网友的共鸣。I partly agree with this love doctrine. Considering how many meals we need to eat with our other half, if we share the same dining interests, about one-fifth of our waking hours together will be happy and satisfying.我只部分认同这个爱情观点。这得看我们要和另一半一起吃多少顿饭。如果我们有着共同的饮食习惯,那么在我们醒着的1/5的时间里,我们就是快乐的、满足的。If he likes spicy food and I can#39;t eat spicy things, or if he likes meat and I#39;m a vegetarian, we will find that, aside from the other troubles lovers need to overcome, in eating alone we aly have too many things to worry about.如果他喜欢吃辣而我不能吃辣,或者他喜欢吃肉而我是素食主义者,我们会发现,除了情侣间通常需要克的问题外,我们会在吃这件事上多出很多困扰。Many people also use eating style as a reference for character traits when deciding if they can be with someone. This could have some scientific basis. Juliet Boghossian, a behavioral food expert, said different eating styles are linked to different traits. For instance, slow eaters tend to be more stubborn, while fast eaters lack balance when it comes to prioritizing.有相当一部分人还将饮食习惯作为性格的参考,以决定是否与其交往。这可能有一定的科学依据。行为饮食专家Juliet Boghossian表示,不同的饮食习惯与不同的性格有关。比如,吃饭速度慢的人往往比较顽固,而吃饭速度快的人则在遇到优先选择问题时应付不来。I asked my friends whether eating habits could be a factor that influences their choice of partner. Many said they would compromise if they only have disagreements in taste.我问过我的朋友们,饮食习惯是否是影响他们选择伴侣的一个因素。有很多人表示,如果仅仅是在饮食口味上有分歧,那他们会妥协。;If we can#39;t get along in other areas, such as table manners, which can reflect character traits and breeding, it would be hard for us to be together,; one of them said.其中一人说,“如果我们在其他方面意见不合,比如能反映出一个人的性格和教养的餐桌礼仪,那么两个人就很难在一起。” /201604/436256B News –A crocodile-sizedcreature that lived 242 million years ago was the first known vegetarian marinereptile, according to new fossil evidence.B新闻 – 一种生活在2.42亿年前鳄鱼大小的生物,是已知最早的海洋爬行类食草动物,新的化石据显示。Two specimens unearthed in China revealdetails of the animal#39;s skull and how it fed.在中国出土的两个标本显示了这种动物的颅骨和进食方式的细节。Named Atopodentatus, scientists say itshammer-shaped skull helped it to feed on underwater plants.科学家说,这种名为须齿龙的动物有着锤形颅骨,可帮助它以水下植物为食。Only a handful of marine reptiles, livingor extinct, are known to be herbivores.众所周知只有一小部分现存或灭绝的海洋爬行动物是食草动物。Dr Nick Fraser of National MuseumsScotland, who worked on the fossil, said it belongs in the pages of achildren#39;s storybook by Dr Seuss, which depicts animals with a strange jumbleof features.研究这个化石的苏格兰国家物馆的弗雷泽士说,这种动物应该存在于瑟斯士写的儿童故事书中,这些书描绘的动物混杂了一堆奇怪的容貌特征。The reptile was ;a bizarre, bizarreanimal;, he explained. ;We envisage it scraping algae and the likeoff rocks underwater. ; ;Herbivorous marine reptiles are very rare -this is the oldest record that we know of.;这是一种“奇形怪状的爬行动物”,他解释说。“我们认为它刮下水底岩石上海藻之类的东西为食。”“食草类海洋爬行动物非常罕见– 这是我们所知的最古老记录。”The first fossils of the creature werediscovered a few years ago. It was named Atopodentatus unicus, which is Latinfor ;unique strangely toothed;.这种动物的第一个化石于几年前发现,被命名为独特齿须龙,拉丁文意为“独特的长着奇怪牙齿的动物”。New fossils unearthed in China#39;s YunnanProvince by Chun Li of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology andPaleoanthropology in Beijing give a detailed picture of the animal#39;s skull.由北京“古脊椎动物与古人类研究所”的李春在云南省出土的新化石,提供了独特齿须龙颅骨的详图。The discoveries, unveiled in the journal,Science Advances, show that rather than having a zipper-like snout aspreviously thought, the animal had a wide hammer-headed jaw filled with peg-likefront teeth.公布在《科学进展》上的这个发现,显示了独特齿须龙并没有以前认为的那样有着像拉链一样的口鼻部,而是有着长满了钉子样前牙的宽大的锤头状颌骨。He said Atopodentatus helps tell a biggerstory about the world#39;s largest mass extinction 252 million years ago.他说,齿须龙有助于帮助讲述更大的有关2.52亿年前世界最大规模物种灭绝的故事。It lived at a time when the Earth wasrecovering from the loss of 90% of all marine mammals. ;The existence ofspecialised animals like Atopodentatus unicus shows us that life recovered anddiversified more quickly than previously thought,; he said.齿须龙生活的时期,是地球从损失了90%的海洋哺乳动物中恢复元气的时期。“像独特齿须龙这样的特别动物的存在,向我们展示了生命恢复和变得多样化比以前认为的要快。” /201605/442611Xuejiawan, a small village in northwestern China#39;s Gansu province, used to be known as a hotbed of fortune-telling.薛家湾,是一个位于中国西北部甘肃省的小村庄,曾因作为占卜文化的发祥地而被人所熟知。Near provincial capital Lanzhou, Xuejiawan, with a population of 600, has a history of fortune-telling that dates back many generations. The people of Xuejiawan were often compared to gipsies. They spent months on the road and making their living through prophesy based on the I Ching (Book of Changes) and other mystical texts.薛家湾在甘肃省会兰州市附近,这座约有600人口的村庄有着世代相传的占卜传统。薛家湾的村民与欧洲的吉普赛人一样,他们常年漂泊在外,通过研究易经和其它神学著作来替人算命谋生。;People moved from place to place and had no land to grow crops in the village, so every spring, they would take their donkeys, dogs and children and hit the road,; said Gao Jinjiang, a villager in his 50s. ;They only came back for winter,; he added.该村一位名叫高锦江的五十多岁的村民表示:“这里的人们从一个地方搬到另一个地方,在村里没有耕地,所以每到春天,他们便拖家带口,牵着驴和上路,只有在冬天才会回到村里。”After the founding of the People#39;s Republic of China in 1949, villagers were allotted land and started to settle down.在1949年新中国成立后,村民分到了土地,便纷纷开始定居下来。;My grandfather was a famous mystic, and my father inherited his gifts,; said Gao, who only tells fortunes part-time, though he is still among the most popular in the village, mostly due to his family background. He gets invitations from customers from Beijing and Shanghai. On a recent trip he save a couple from breaking up.“我的爷爷是一位远近闻名的算命先生,父亲从我爷爷那里继承了这门技能。”高锦江对记者说到,他目前虽然只是利用业余时间为人算命,但由于家族背景的原因,所以在村里仍旧十分出名,并且经常受到来自北京、上海等地的邀请,最近他刚刚挽回了一对夫妻的婚姻。;I used the I Ching to determine their fortune, leading them to believe in unity and harmony,; he said.他说:“我运用易经里的理论来预知他们的命运,让他们信奉相合相爱的哲学。”Fortune telling is by no means a stable source of income. ;Sometimes I earn thousands of yuan from a happy customer, but occasionally, I have to pay for my own trip and earn nothing at all,; he said.然而,算命并不是一项稳定的收入来源,高锦江说:“有的时候客人高兴了会付我上千元,而有时又一无所获,甚至要自己掏路费。”Gao now spends most of his time growing garlic and cabbages, earning 20,000 yuan a year.高锦江目前主要靠种植大蒜和卷心菜为生,每年有两万元的收入。Now, only a few dozen elderly people have knowledge of the I Ching, and far fewer actually practice the craft. Young people have distanced themselves from complexities of the I Ching and found jobs outside the village.如今,除了少数的老人对于易经还有所研究之外,越来越少的人以此为生,年轻人更是抛弃了高深莫测的易经,离开村庄去城市里工作。Gao#39;s son and daughter live in Lanzhou. His son works at an IT firm. ;Fortune-telling? ; Gao shook his head. ;Young people are not interested at all.;高锦江的儿女如今都住在兰州,他的儿子在一家IT公司工作,当被问到“儿子会算命么?”时,高锦江摇着头说:“年轻人对这一套没有兴趣。” /201603/434806Nearly 250,000 people have been told toleave their homes amid fears of further quakes in Japan, an aid agency says.由于担心会发生更多地震, 近25万人被告知离开家园,某援助机构说.Naoki Kokawa, advisor to the Japanese RedCross Society, told the B that more medical teams were being dispatched toevacuation centres.日本红十字会顾问古川直树对B说, 正在向疏散中心派出更多医疗队.Two powerful earthquakes hit thesouth-western island of Kyushu last week killing at least 42 people. More than1,000 people are injured and there has been widesp damage to buildings,houses, roads and bridges.上周, 日本西南部九州岛遭遇两次强震, 导致至少42人罹难. 超过1千人受伤, 楼房屋宇和道路桥梁大面积损坏.About 30,000 rescue workers are looking forsurvivors. Police said 11 people are still missing, public broadcaster NHKreported.约3万救援人员搜寻生还者. 警方说, 11人仍然下落不明, 公共广播公司NHK报道说.Some evacuees have complained about limitedfood supplies, saying they had just two rice balls for dinner, reports said.Others complained about a lack of water.部分被疏散人员抱怨有限的食物供给,说他们正餐只有两个饭团, 报道说. 其他人则诉苦缺水.Without water and electricity, we can#39;t doanything. Without the TV, we can#39;t even get information about disaster reliefoperations,#39;#39; Megumi Kudo told the Associated Press while queuing for water ata community centre in Aso city. We can#39;t take a bath - not even a shower.#39;#39;“没水没电,我们啥也干不了. 没电视, 我们连救灾新闻都看不了.”工藤惠对美联社说, 她在阿苏市某社区中心排队领水. “我们没法洗澡, 连冲澡都不行.”But, responding to opposition criticisms ofthe relief effort in parliament, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe insisted thegovernment was doing its best. ;We are striving to improve livingconditions for the people who have sought refuge,; he said. ;Today,tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, we will be working toward a fullrecovery.;但首相安倍在国会回应反对派对救灾努力的攻讦时坚称, 政府在竭尽所能. “我们正力争改善避难人员的生活条件.”他说. “今天,明天,后天, 我们将朝着全面恢复努力.”Saturday#39;s magnitude-7.3 quake struck at01:25 (15:25 GMT on Friday) close to the city of Kumamoto, which had been hitby a magnitude-6.4 quake on Thursday night. Both quakes were shallow, causinghuge damage to roads, bridges and tunnels. Big landslides cut off remotemountain villages.周六的7.3级地震于当地时间1:25 (格林威治时间周五15:25)发生在熊本市附近, 该市周四晚上已发生过6.4级地震. 两次地震均为浅表地震, 造成道路,桥梁和隧道的巨大损坏. 大型山体滑坡切断了偏远山村与外界的联系.The US military said it was preparing toprovide aerial support for Japan#39;s relief efforts. America has several militarybases and about 50,000 troops in the country.美国军方表示, 准备为日本的救灾工作提供空中援. 美国在日本有数个军事基地, 约5万军人.The earthquakes are the biggest to have hitJapan since 2011 when a 9.0 magnitude quake caused a huge tsunami, leaving morethan 19,000 dead and missing.此次地震是2011年以来日本发生的最大地震. 2011年的9级地震引发海啸,导致超过1.9万人死亡和失踪.Japan is regularly hit by earthquakes butstrict building codes mean they usually cause minimal damage.日本经常遭受震灾, 但严格的建筑法规意味着能把地震造成的损害降至最低 /201604/438566

Zhang Zhiyun (1904 ~197?)张织云(1904 ~ 197?)Zhang Zhiyun was born in Zhang Ahshan (Ahxi) a village of Panyu in Guangdong, now a city of Guangzhou. She was three when her father died and moved to Shanghai with her mother. She was one of China#39;s first generation actresses and the first Chinese film empress.张织云,原名张阿善(阿喜),广东番禺(今广州)人,三岁丧父,幼年随母移居上海,中国第一代女明星之一,中国第一位“影后”。In 1923, Zhang Zhiyun entered the Dazhonghua Filim Company through the test and Starred the silent films A Poor Heart (1924) and Amid the Battle of Musketry (1925), which made her attracting. Her appearance in Dazhonghua Film Company brought her to the attention of the Star studio.Playing the lead in a string of three popular silent films A Sincerely Pity Girl ( 1925 ) , Suspects of Couple ( 1925 ) and Lonely Orchid (1925) for Star quickly made her one of what the press New World in Shanghai termed the Mingxing studio#39;s uFour Great Dan; (actresses), a-long with Yang Naimei, Wang Hanlun and Xuan Jinglin.1923年张织云考人上海大中华影片公司,主演无声片《人心》(1924)、《战功》(1925)而引人注目。她在大中华公司初露头角后,又受聘于明星公司,主演《可怜的闺女》(1925 )、《新人的家庭》(1925 )、《空谷兰》(1925)等系列无声片。In 1926, the Shanghai magazine, New World, conducted a fan poll, which made Zhang Zhiyun No. 1 actress among Star#39;s Four Great Dan and she was selected as ;Film Empress;. In Why Not Her (1926) directed by Bu Wancang, she acted a country girl, for which had her named a “tragic Empress”.1926年,上海《新世界》杂志社举办电影皇后选举,结果张织云独占鳌头,被选为“电影星后”,其他依次是杨耐梅、王汉伦、宣景琳,于是她们被合称为明星公司中国电影早期的“四大名旦”。在卜万苍导演的《玉洁冰清》中,张织云在片内因饰演乡村少女,被人称誉为“悲剧圣手”。In 1927, she went to America with Tang Jishan and married him thus left film-dom since then. In 1931 she was abandoned by his husband, and after that, there came the sound age of films. Not speaking Chinese Language made this ; Empress; hardly be employed and had to depend on and live with her friend. In 1933, Star Company produced Disappointed Love according to her suffering. In 1935, she starred New Peach Blossom Fan, and then moved to Hongkong and acted Cantonese films. For a long time since then, she had lived a helpless life and beggared along the street. Zhang Zhiyun had starred thirteen tragic love films in her life and she was drowned by her tragic life just as the main characters in films. She died in Hong Kong in 1970s.1927年张织云随唐季珊去美国结婚,离开影坛。1931年被唐抛弃。婚变后,电影已经到了有声时代,这位“影后”不会讲国语,很难找到受聘用的机会,只好寄居朋友家中。1933年明星制片公司以其遭遇拍摄《失恋》,并由其本人主演。1935 主演《新挑花扇》。后移居香港,曾参加粤语片的拍摄,以后长期生活无着,曾沿街乞讨。张织云一生主演了13部爱情悲剧,自己和影片中的主角一样,被人生的悲剧所淹没,20世纪70年代在香港去世。 /201605/443517

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