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That has always been the history of progress in America.美国曾经的进步都已成为历史。Think of the suffragists who gathered at Seneca Falls in 1848 and those who kept fighting until women could cast their votes.想想1848年,聚集在塞尼卡福尔斯的选民,他们不懈奋斗直至女人拥有投票的权利。Think of the abolitionists who struggled and died to see the end of slavery.想想废奴主义者们,他们为看到奴隶制的终结而奋斗牺牲;Think of the civil rights heroes and foot soldiers who marched, protested, and risked their lives to bring about the end of segregation and Jim Crow.想想人权斗争的英雄和徒步行军的士兵,他们前进、抗议、至死不渝地将种族隔离和种族歧视推向死亡。Because of them, I grew up taking for granted that women could vote and, because of them, my daughter grew up taking for granted that children of all colors could go to school together.正因为有他们,我成长在女人可以选举的时代;正因为有他们,我的女儿成长在不同肤色的孩子们可以在一起上学的时代;Because of them, Barack Obama and I could wage a hard-fought campaign for the Democratic nomination.正因为有他们,巴拉克·奥巴马和我可以为民主党的提名候选参加这样一场激烈的竞选;Because of them and because of you, children today will grow up taking for granted that an African-American or a woman can, yes, become the president of the ed States.正因为有他们和你们,如今孩子们成长在黑人和女人可以当美国总统的时代。And so --when that day arrives, and a woman takes the oath of office as our president, we will all stand taller, proud of the values of our nation, proud that every little girl can dream big and that her dreams can come true in America.因此,当那一天来临时,一个女人宣誓成为总统时,我们将站得更高,更加为我们国家的价值观自豪,为每个美国的小姑娘都能自豪地拥有一个远大的梦想,并且她的梦想是可以实现的。And all of you will know that, because of your passion and hard work, you helped pave the way for that day.你们将会明白,正因为有你们的热烈感情和艰苦奋斗,才为那一天的到来铺平了道路。So I want to say to my supporters:因此我想对我的持者说:When you hear people saying or think to yourself, ;If only,; or, ;What if,; I say, please, dont go there.当你听到有人或你自己想说“如果……该多好”或“要是……就好了”时,我说,你一定不要这样。Every moment wasted looking back keeps us from moving forward.每次回望过去都会耽误我们向前迈进。201411/340445America is about giving everybody willing to work a chance, a hand up, and Id welcome a serious discussion about strategies we can all support, like expanding tax cuts for low-income workers who dont have children.美国是一个会给每个愿意工作的人机会的国家,我欢迎大家提出可行性战略,如为无子女低收入人群减税的方案。But there are some areas where we just have to be honest, its been more difficult to find agreement over the last seven years.但在过去七年里还有其他难以达成一致的领域。And a lot of them fall under the category of what role the government should play in making sure the systems not rigged in favor of the wealthiest and biggest corporations.比如,政府应该扮演怎样的角色,才能保制度不向最富有的财团和大公司倾斜。Its an honest disagreement. And the American people have a choice to make.这是确实是个分歧。在此,美国人民需要做出选择。I believe a thriving private sector is the lifeblood of our economy.蓬勃发展的私营经济是我们国家经济的命脉。I think there are outdated regulations that need to be changed, and theres red tape that needs to be cut.我认为,其有些过时的规则需要改变,有些繁文缛节需要摒弃。But after years of record corporate profits, working families wont get more opportunity or bigger paychecks just by letting big banks or big oil or hedge funds make their own rules at everybody elses expense.在企业连续多年利润破纪录之后,如果让大、石油巨头或对冲基金制定只对自己有利的规则。Middle-class families are not going to feel more secure because we allow attacks on collective bargaining to go unanswered.或者允许对集体谈判的攻击置之不理,工薪阶层就无法获得更多机会和更多薪水。Food Stamp recipients didnt cause the financial crisis; recklessness on Wall Street did.引发经济危机的不是那些领食物券的人,而是华尔街那些鲁莽行事的人。Immigrants arent the principal reason wages havent gone up; those decisions are made in the boardrooms that all too often put quarterly earnings over long-term returns.移民人口不是阻碍薪酬上涨的原因;那些决议是由董事会的人提出的,他们经常将季度分红看得比长期回报还重。201602/425376I grew up on a steady diet of science fiction. In high school I took a bus to school an hour each way every day. And I was always absorbed in a book, science fiction book, which took my mind to other worlds, and satisfied, in a narrative form, this insatiable sense of curiosity that I had.我是看科幻小说长大的。高中时,我每天坐一小时的公交车上下学。我总是沉迷于科幻小说,这些书将我带到了另外的世界,用叙述的方式满足了我无止境的好奇心。And you know that curiosity also manifested itself in the fact that whenever I wasnt in school I was out in the woods, hiking and taking ;samples;, frogs and snakes and bugs and pond water, and bringing it back, looking at it under the microscope. But I was, you know, I was a real science geek. But it was all about trying to understand the world, understand the limits of possibility.大家知道好奇心可以通过事实表现出来。每当我不在学校,我总会在树林里游荡,寻找一些“样品”,比如青蛙、蛇、虫子或者池水,我把它们带回家放在显微镜下观察。你知道,我是一个真的科学发烧友。但我只是在试图了解这个世界,想找到潜力的极限。And my, you know, love of science fiction actually seemed to be mirrored in the world around me, because what was happening, this was in the late 60s, you know, we were going to the moon, we were exploring the deep oceans. Jacques Cousteau was coming into our living rooms with his amazing specials that showed us animals and places and a wondrous world that we could never really have previously imagined. So, that seemed to resonate with the whole science fiction part of it.你知道,我对科幻小说的热爱或许是那个时代的写照。因为所发生的事情,你知道,这是60年代末期,人类登上了月球,同时还去探索深海。雅克·库斯托的特别节目走进了我们的客厅,让我们看到了不同的动物和地方,一个我们以前想都没有想过的世界。这或许和科幻小说可以产生共鸣吧。And I was an artist. I could draw. I could paint. And I found that because there werent, you know, games and this saturation of CG movies and all of this imagery in the media landscape, I had to create these images in my head. You know, we all did, as kids having to a book, and through the authors description put something on the screen, the movie screen in our heads. And so, my response to this was to paint, to draw alien creatures, alien worlds, robots, spaceships, all that stuff. I was endlessly getting busted in math class, you know, doodling behind the textbook. And that was, the creativity had to find its outlet somehow.我是一个艺术家。我会画画。我也会画油画。我发现,你知道,没有计算机游戏和电脑合成技术,没有媒体的那些影响,我只能自己在脑海中创造这些形象。我们像孩子们一样,读书的时候会根据作者的描述在脑海中想象出一些画面,一些电影的画面。我对此的反应是是画一些外星生物,外星球、机器人、宇宙飞船等东西。在数学课上,我总是在数学课本上,你知道的,乱画。那是发泄创造力的一种途径。 /201310/262332

You graduates came to Harvard at a different time. You know more about the worlds inequities than the classes that came before. In your years here, I hope youve had a chance to think about how-in this age of accelerating technology-we can finally take on these inequities, and we can solve them.在座的各位同学,你们是在与我不同的时间来到哈佛的。你们比以前的学生更多地了解世界的不平等。在你们的哈佛求学过程中,我希望你们已经思考过一个问题——在这个技术加速发展的时代——我们最终怎样应对这些不平等,以及我们怎样来解决这些问题。Imagine, just for the sake of discussion, that you had a few hours a week and a few dollars a month to donate to a cause-and you wanted to spend that time and money where it would have the greatest impact in saving and improving lives. Where would you spend it?为了讨论的方便,请想象一下,假如你每个星期可以献出一些时间、每个月可以捐献一些钱——你希望这些时间和金钱,可以用到对拯救生命和改善人类生活有最大作用的地方。你会在哪儿花费它们?For Melinda and for me, the challenge is the same: how can we do the most good for the greatest number with the resources we have.这也是美琳达(注:盖茨的妻子)和我面临的问题:我们如何能使我们所拥有的资源发挥其最大的作用,为最多的人做有益的事情。During our discussions on this question, Melinda and I an article about the millions of children who were dying every year in poor countries from diseases that we had long ago made harmless in this country, measles, malaria, pneumonia, hepatitis B, yellow fever. One disease I had never even heard of, rotavirus, was killing half a million kids each year-none of them in the ed States.在讨论这个问题的过程中, 美琳达和我读到了一篇文章,说在那些贫穷的国家,每年有数百万的儿童死于那些在美国早已不成问题的疾病:麻疹、疟疾、乙型肝炎、黄热病,还有一种以前我从未听说过的轮状病毒。这种疾病每年导致50万儿童死亡,但是在美国一例死亡病例也没有。We were shocked. We had just assumed that if millions of children were dying and they could be saved, the world would make it a priority to discover and deliver the medicine to save them. But it did not. For under a dollar, there were interventions that could save lives that just werent being delivered.我们震惊了。心想,如果几百万儿童正在死亡线上挣扎,而且他们是可以被挽救的,那么世界理应把发现并派送药物拯救他们作为头等大事。但是事实并非如此。那些价格还不到一美元的救命的药剂,并没有被送到他们的手中。201405/297321

Xin nian kuai le!Every year, families and friends come together in the spirit of giving and happiness to celebrate the Lunar New Year. …The monkey signifies intelligence, innovation and enthusiasm. The Chinese-Canadian community has played an important role in building our country and defining our heritage.Every day, we are reminded of the economic and cultural contributions you have made and continue to make to our country. You were a great example of Canada’s great strength – our diversity. As we reflect on the past year and look forward to the New Year with optimism, I wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous Year of the Fire Monkey.Gong xi fa cai! 201602/427786

Lets show them that the way you look is just one part of your identity and that the truth is we love them for who they are and what they do and how they make us feel.让我们向他们表明长相只是身份的一部分,而事实是我们爱他们是因为他们是谁和他们的所做所为以及他们给我们的感觉。Lets build self-esteem into our school curriculums.让我们在学校的课程中设置自尊心科目。Lets each and every one of us change the way让我们每一个人改变we talk and compare ourselves to other people.我们谈论自己和跟他人比较的方式。And lets work together as communities,让我们作为团体一起努力,from grassroots to governments,从基层到政府,so that the happy little one-year-olds of today become the confident changemakers of tomorrow.以便这些今天一岁大的快乐的孩子成为明天自信的变革者。Lets do this.让我们这样做吧。201507/387932

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