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宅女的生活:上班时想睡觉,睡觉时想上班。"It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return,but what is the most painful is to love someone and never finding the courage to let the person know how you feel." 爱上一个不爱自己的人是痛苦的。但最痛苦的,莫过于你所爱的那个人并不知道你爱他,而你也没有勇气让他知道。 /201108/151027GEMINI MATE 双子座 You can play a heartless game using your keen intellect, charm and sex appeal to your advantage. You can easily persuade any sign to have a passionate affair with you, however a long-term relationship is another story. You aren't likely to stay in any union that restricts, confines or holds you back in any way. 你可能会利用你的才智、魅力和性吸引来玩一场无情的感情游戏。你可以轻易地打动任何一个星座的人与你发生一段,但长期的交往就是另外一回事了。你不会停留在一段束缚你或拖你后腿的关系中。    GEMINI amp; ARIES: This is one of your best matches. You both have a high energy, a thirst for adventure and spontaneity. Passionate, sudden and compelling this union can last.  双子座和白羊座:这是你的最佳搭档之一。你们都精力充沛,向往冒险和自然。你们的结合充满和意外,引人注目。 /201109/154080为什么喝酒时要碰杯?喝酒碰杯的习俗有很多种解释。一种是早期欧洲人认为碰杯的声音可以驱逐恶灵。另一种解释坚持认为碰杯时双方各将自己的酒向对方的酒杯中倾注一些,从而明酒中无毒。这么多选择里尼选择相信哪一种?Claim: The ritual of clinking glasses evolved from efforts to prove that the drinks contained therein were not poisoned.声称:碰杯的仪式起源于确认杯中有无毒药  False错误  Q: Why do people clink their glasses before drinking a toast?Q:为什么喝酒时要碰杯?  A: It used to be common for someone to try to kill an enemy by offering him a poisoned drink. To prove to a guest that a drink was safe, it became customary for a guest to pour a small amount of his drink into the glass of the host. Both men would drink it simultaneously. When a guest trusted his host, he would then just touch or clink the host's glass with his own.A:过去常常有人认为在酒杯里放毒来谋杀敌人,为了实酒是安全的,宾客会把杯中一部分酒倒进主人杯中已成为一种习俗,然后主宾同时喝下去以明无毒。当宾客信认主人时,两人就只是碰一下杯子。  Origins: Many explanations have been advanced to explain our custom of clinking glasses when participating in toasts. One is that early Europeans felt the sound helped to drive off evil spirits. Another holds that by clanking the glasses into one another, wine could be sloshed from glass to glass, thereby serving as a proof the beverages had not been poisoned. Yet another claim asserts that the "clink" served as a symbolic acknowledgment of trust among imbibers who did not feel the need to sample each others' drinks to prove them unadulterated.起源:喝酒碰杯的习俗有很多种解释。一种是早期欧洲人认为碰杯的声音可以驱逐恶灵。另一种解释坚持认为碰杯时双方各将自己的酒向对方的酒杯中倾注一些,从而明酒中无毒。然而还有另一种则认为:碰杯是一种象征性的相信酒是干净的,不需明有没有放毒。 /201008/110628

God Pan had an ugly face. He took care of the goat of Zeus but feared to sing with other gods. God Pan admired the harpist fairy in heaven but dared not express his love for her.牧神潘恩长得很丑。他日日看管着宙斯的牛羊,却不敢与众神一起歌唱;他一直爱慕着神殿里弹竖琴的仙子,却不敢向她表白(这一切都只因为他丑陋的外表。潘恩害羞而自卑,也没有什么法力,在天界几乎不名一文)。Nobody could understand his true heart behind his ugly face. There was a lake on the end of the Milky Way. No one dared to get close to it because it was cursed. Anyone setting foot in it would become a fish. But Pan did not care about it as he knew nobody would notice him even if he was in the masses. He preferred to play the flute and hoped fairy would hear him.没有人了解他那丑陋的外表下掩藏着的炽热的心,也没有人愿意走近他去聆听他那动人的箫声。在天河的尽头有一个湖泊,是谁也不敢涉足的,因为它的水是被诅咒过的,任何人踏进河水一步都会变成鱼,永远也变不回来。但是潘恩无所顾及,他知道即使自己在最热闹的地方也不会有人注意,还不如就在这湖泊边上吹箫,或许仙子可以听见呢!On day, when the gods got together for a banquet, a monster with many heads and eyes from the black forest rushed into the hall. This monster was overwhelmingly strong so that all the gods escaped instead of fighting it. However, the harpist fairy was scared stiff and stood there. While the monster rushed at her, the timid and shy boy Pan picked up the fairy and ran away. Suddenly, Pan remembered that cursed lake and ran towards it. The monster was aware of the curse in the lake and stopped chasing them.然而有一天,正当众神设宴欢聚的时候,黑森林里的多头百眼兽却突然窜进了大厅!这只怪兽呼天哮地,排山倒海,所有的神都无法制它,于是纷纷逃离。正弹着竖琴的仙子被吓坏了,她呆立在那里,不知道如何是好。眼看怪兽冲着仙子而去,胆小而害羞的潘恩却猛地跳了出来,他抱起仙子就跑,怪兽紧紧追赶。潘恩知道自己根本跑不过怪兽,情急之中忽然想起了天河尽头的湖泊,于是拼命的向湖泊跑去。怪兽也知道那湖泊的厉害,它暗笑潘恩的愚蠢,往那里跑岂不是自寻死路!But unexpectedly, Pan set his feet in the lake but held up the fairy. The fairy was grateful, but half of Pan’s body had become a fish. Then, Zeus created a constellation called Capricorn to remember Pan. Therefore, Capricorn people are like Pan, who have a cautious and introverted character.但是怪兽万万没有想到,潘恩竟义无返顾的踏进了那个湖泊,他把仙子高高擎在手中,自己站在湖泊的中央。怪兽这下没了办法,只好放弃。等到怪兽离开以后,潘恩才小心翼翼的挪到岸边放下仙子。仙子十分感激想把潘恩拉上来,但是潘恩的下半身已经变成了鱼!宙斯以他的形象创造了魔羯座,而魔羯座的人们也像潘恩一样,严谨而内敛,对于幸福有着自己独特的理解。 /201109/153247

There are days that leave the best of us feeling worn outand stressed.  生活中我们总会有感到筋疲力尽、压抑不堪的时候。  But ventingyour frustrations is the worst thing you can do, according to scientists.  但科学家研究发现,发泄你的怨气是最糟糕的方法。  Instead, it is better to 'positively appraise' the cause of your stress with acceptance and humour as these are the most effective coping strategies for people dealing with failures.  相反,你最好能“积极评估”压力产生的根源,以接受和幽默的态度来面对,因为这是应对挫败的最有效策略。  Researchers from the University of Kent had 149 students keep a diary for between three to 14 days.  肯特大学的研究人员让149名参与调查的学生记日记,为期3天到14天不等。  Each day, the students detailed their most bothersomefailure, the strategies they used to cope with the failure and how they felt at the end of the day.  学生每天记录他们遭遇的最令人懊恼的失败、克挫折的对策、以及一天结束时的感受。  Their coping strategies included using emotional or instrumental support; self-distraction; denial; religion; venting; substanceuse; self-blame; and behavioural disengagement.  他们的应对策略包括情感或物质持、分散注意力、拒不接受、寻求宗教信仰、宣泄、使用药物、自我批评、以及行为解脱。  Of these, using social support; denial; venting; behavioural disengagement; and self-blame coping had negative effects on satisfaction at the end of the day.  这些策略中,寻求社会帮助、拒不接受、宣泄、行为解脱、及自我批评会削弱一天结束时的满足感。  The more students used these coping strategies in dealing with the day's most bothersome failure, the less satisfied they felt.  受访学生在应对一天中最令人烦恼的挫折时,这些策略使用得越多,他们越是感到不满足。  In contrast, positive reframing or trying to see things in a more positive light; acceptance and humour coping had positive effects on satisfaction.  相比之下,积极地重新规划、尝试以更积极的眼光看待问题、容忍、幽默的处理态度会增加满足感。  The more students used these coping strategies in dealing with failures, the more satisfied they felt at the end of the day.  学生在应对挫折时,这些策略使用得越多,一天结束时满足感越高。 /201107/144435

美国:"We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas…"Have you heard that song? Yup! It's Christmas time! This Christmas, I stayed with my "host family"1. It was an amazing experience to see how a typical American family would celebrate the biggest western festival of the year.Christmas, like our Spring Festival, has a meaning in itself. Christmas Day, which is on December 25, is the birthday of Jesus Christ--the son of God. That's why it is called Christmas. On that day, Christians would get together with their families to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. But nowadays, the religious meaning of Christmas has become less emphasized. To many families, it is just a time of family reunion and the ever-exciting present-giving.Our school had been on winter vacation since December 11. I stayed at my friend, Stephen Stapczynski's house--his family was my "host family". Although Christmas was still more than ten days ahead, the festive spirit had aly been teeming everywhere. The Christmas tree had aly been set up, and on every windowsill, there were Christmas lights. On the first day I arrived at their house, Stephen and I helped Mrs. Stapczynski put decorations on the Christmas tree. The tree looked so nice with all the lights on and the beautiful ornaments dangling from its branches.As Christmas came closer, the whole neighborhood had made preparations too. Some people would hold parties at their houses, inviting all their neighbors to come. So every night, if you went out, you would see a long line of cars parked in front of some house--a party's on!What's more, the Christmas decorations that some people put on their windows and in gardens were just amazing. On one night, we went out in our car for a "tour of lights". There was one street that was so famous for its lights that it got its way into the local paper. We had a hard time finding the well-hidden street, but it turned out to be worth the effort. Lights shone brightly in front of nearly every house, on trees, bushes, doors, windows…everywhere, taking different shapes, making it seem almost like daytime. Huge inflatable figures in the front gardens were waving to us: there were Santa Clauses2, of course, chuckling merrily away; and there were also other Christmas figures, like Rudolph3--the red-nosed reindeer--with his red nose gleaming ever so brightly; even Bart Simpson--a character in the famous comedy The Simpsons--had joined the jolly party, wearing a Santa's hat. The street set off a lot of "ooh"s and "aah"s inside the car.4 When we left, there was a line of cars in the street, all there to see the lights.Christmas is the time for exchanging presents. Stephen and Niko had been thinking about their Christmas lists (a list of things they wish "Santa"to give them for Christmas) for a long time. I didn't want to ask for anything, but the Stapczynskis were so kind to "force"me make one list as well (Mr. Stapczynski told me if I didn't make one he would chop off my legs). So I wrote down a couple of things that I would like to have, and gave the list to them--sorry, my mistake--to Santa.Finally, Christmas Eve came. There was a special Christmas service at the church at 6 p.m. It was certainly a very interesting experience for me. The priest started the service ing and sang out extractions from a holy book--The Divine Liturgy. For several times, we would stand up and pray.Sometimes, the church choir would start singing. The atmosphere was very quiet and holy. Then there was a ceremony called "The Receiving Communion". People waited in line to "receive"a spoonful of food from the priest. It was a very special Christmas tradition. The food was made from b and wine. The b represents the body of Jesus, and the wine represents his blood. After this ceremony, the priest had a speech. He reminded us not to forget the true meaning of Christmas, and let Jesus really live inside us--that is, to love the people around us wholeheartedly. I think that no matter if you are a Christian or not, this principle should be part of our lives. After the priest finished his speech, the part that I enjoyed most came: Christmas carols5. Christmas carols are songs that people sing at Christmas, such as "Jingle Bells", "We Wish You a Merry Christmas", "Silent Night"and so on. Some were very merry, others sounded quite holy, but all of them were beautiful. I closed my eyes, and let all the peacefulness and happiness that were in the songs flow through me. What a feeling it was!We went to sleep earlier that day for we had to get up early on Christmas Day to open our presents. Sure enough, when I was still half-way during a sweet dream, Stephen burst into my room and told me to get up and open presents. There were a huge pile of presents under the Christmas tree, and there was such a mysterious mist shrouding them that made me eager to see what they all were. So one by one, we went through all the presents. Mr. and Mrs. Stapczynski had bought me everything I had written on my Christmas list--and a lot more! I got music CDs, film DVDs, clothes, books… I was very happy, and I didn't know how to express my appreciation for what they had done for me.Stephen and Niko had gotten a lot of presents too, and they had aly been trying out their new games!In the afternoon, we went to Mrs. Stapczynski's brother, Uncle Stan's house. They had prepared a marvelous meal for us. A lot of their friends and relatives also came. I saw Stephen and Niko's grandparents, Yiayia and Papou (words of grandma and grandpa in Greek--Mrs. Stapczynski's parents came from Greece, so they like the boys using Greek words to call them). They were very kind to me, and treated me just like one of their family members. We had a very luxurious meal, consisting of turkey, beef, pork, and all sorts of other food.After the meal, when all the stomachs were full and everyone was feeling drowsy6 from all the food, we just sat around the table and chatted, just like what we Chinese people do at the Spring Festival. After all, Christmas, like the Spring Festival, is a time for us to get away from our busy lives, a time for family gathering, and a time to have some fun.Notes:1. host family: 寄住家庭或接待家庭。学校安排那些圣诞节仍留在美国的国际学生住在当地的寄住家庭中。2. Santa Claus: 圣诞老人。3. Rudolph: 每到圣诞节,圣诞老人乘坐驯鹿雪撬给孩子们送礼物,其中指路的驯鹿的名字叫Rudolph,它的鼻子是红色的,所以称其为"red-nose reindeer"。4. 街上的景象使车中响起一片惊奇的声音。set off: 激起,引起。5. carol: (圣诞)颂歌。6. drowsy: 困倦的。 /200908/82966

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