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zY5ceqcHq.(71]0z|oaY6!QLeHobSEvery nation tried to present its culture through its pavilion and all of these nations have a long history. How to present an old culture in a modern age, how to make the culture modern, was the question. There were many excellent answers. Undoubtedly, So many engineers and designers have devoted their energy into the design and building of Shanghai Expo Pavilions.-OLVV@n-+Tp!wRN(JnHk每一个国家都试图通过展馆来表现其文化魅力,这些国家历史非常悠久rLx[.B8ml#1I。如何在现代表达古老文化,如何使文化现代化,是个需要思考的问题#pFB7,4|n。当然并不具有唯一性,而且大多都是精绝伦的l)DrmRib~ILU2。毋庸置疑,很多工程师和设计师把精力投入到上海世会展馆等系统设计和制造上IYD-|1HD~*CY^G。 M^[7%[!~uD词语解释: ZeI2.+!blLIAQOX%y51. pavilion n. 场馆 9[ifVqu~PDx5TjyjFHy2. culture n.文化^Z;qXcC%7D3. excellent a. 精的 #vk5131wElzdF(0yKK4H^X1Qq_J;QEQM~1d1,V-Yub5J201111/161896

South of the tree line, the winters are shorter,林木生长线以南 冬天更短了so trees grow faster and taller因此树木长得更快更高and forests begin to appear.树林已现雏形As the warm, humid air from the south当来自南方的暖湿气流meets the cold, arctic air,遇到北极的冷空气the moisture it carries crystallises and snowflakes前者携带的水分便凝结成冰晶和雪花fall from the sky.从空中徐徐飘落Each crystal forms around a particle of dust.每片雪花都以一粒灰尘为中心All have a six-fold symmetry且具有六边对称性but no two have ever been found with exactly the same shape.但世界上却没有两片完全相同的雪花Their variety and complexity is breathtaking.雪花的多样性和复杂性令人叹为观止Each snowflake is water waiting每片雪花都将在春天融化to be released in spring.化作生命之泉For this reason, snow is the lifeblood因此 雪是这片寂林of these silent forests赖以生存的命脉and all that live here depend on it in one way or another.一切生命都以某种方式依赖着它Some, like the great grey owl,其中 以乌林鸮为例appear in spring for the boom times,它们在春天万物复苏时出现then vanish like phantoms.然后像幽灵一样消失Others, like their lemming prey,另一些 像它们的猎物旅鼠are here year-round beneath the snow,则整年都待在雪下insulated from the cold air above.以抵御外面的严寒 /201210/205148

Make your romance an affair to remember with a surprise marriage proposal. These ideas will help you catch your love off guard.浪漫一点,进行意想不到的难忘的求婚。以下建议会给你的恋人最大的惊喜。Step 1 Tell no one1.保密Tell no one. Even if friends and family dont slip up with words, they could give away the surprise with their behavior. If you need help with your surprise proposal, ask people who dont know your intended.不要告诉任何人。即使你的家人和朋友不泄露半句话,他们的行为也会表现出来。如果你的意外求婚需要帮助,找一些不知道你的打算的人。Step 2 Make it random2.随机Propose during an unplanned moment -- a random day at a nothing-special location that holds no meaning for either of you.Its an easy way to pull off a surprise marriage proposal -- they wont be expecting it!在没有计划的时刻求婚——随机的一天,没有任何特别,对你们中的任何一方都没有特殊意义的地方。这样出人意料的求婚非常简单——他们肯定想不到!Step 3 Time it3.安排时间Plan a romantic evening or weekend getaway -- something that has ;wedding proposal; written all over it -- and then pop the question the day after youre back.安排一个浪漫的夜晚或周末一起外出——找一个上面写满“求婚”的物品——当你们回来的时候把这个物品拿出来。Step 4 Be creative4.有创意Be creative. Make an online proposal and have a friend send the link, saying it’s a hysterical they’ve got to watch. Or try a twist on the restaurant proposal: Arrange for the server to bring dinner on a plate that has Will You Marry Me? me written on it.有创意一点。制作网上视频求婚片段,让朋友发送链接,就说是他们看过的一个非常精的视频。或者尝试在餐馆求婚:安排务生奉上写有“可以嫁给我吗?”的盘子。90 percent of women surveyed do not want to be proposed to at a sports event via Jumbotron.90%的受调查女性不希望在电视机超大屏幕的体育赛事前接受求婚。Step 5 Incorporate it5.融合Incorporate your proposal into their daily routine. A marriage proposal will be the last thing on their mind, so its sure to be a surprise. Good luck!将你的求婚融入他们的日常生活习惯中。求婚是他们最意想不到的事情,所以肯定会是一个惊喜。祝你好运!1 in 4 women hated the way their fiancé proposed to them, according to a survey.根据一项调查,四分之一的女性不喜欢他们的未婚夫求婚的方式。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/230385

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