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Ups and Downs of Elevator Etiquette 起伏的电梯礼仪陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他走出电梯,刚好遇到美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)A: Hi Chen Hao, you look upset. Whats wrong?C: 电梯太挤了,我差点就没下来。A: Why couldnt you get off?C: 我从一楼大厅上电梯的时候是第一个,所以就站到了最里面,到了三楼后,很多人挤进来,就把我堵在了里面。A: Sometimes people on elevators can be quite rude and treat others with sheer indifference. They dont seem to realize that the rules of manners apply to elevators as well.C: 坐电梯都有些什么规矩呢?A: To start with, if you had waited to get on the elevator, you would have been near the front and not had to push your way through the crowd to exit.C: 我是怕人多,挤不上去,所以上电梯的时候总是抢在最前头。A: Theres always another elevator.C: 你说的对,我只上两层,以后不用第一个就挤进去。A: When you got on, you should have stepped to the side near the door so you would be out of the way of others trying to follow.C: 但是如果是到顶楼设计部去,就应该站到最里面了吧?A: You reminded me. I am planning to see the new media exhibit on the 20th floor this afternoon. Would you like to go with me?C: 我也正打算去呢。那咱们下午见。Amy和陈豪下午一起坐电梯上楼去看展览。C: 挤死我了,有些人坐电梯真是不讲礼貌。A: At the least the man at the front of the elevator who was not getting off until the top floor was polite.C: 我也注意到了。他每到一层都会走出去,帮下电梯的人拦着门。A: Another polite move when you are standing by the elevator panel is to figure out which buttons hold the doors open and which ones close them.C: 对啊,有一次我赶到电梯门口时,门几乎已经关上了,里面的人看到我,马上按了Open的键,才让我开会没迟到。A: As an added courtesy, offer to push the appropriate floor for the people who cant reach the buttons.C: 其实这些都是最基本的礼节嘛。A: One last thing...when the elevator arrives and the door opens, stand back. Give people room to exit. Besides if you dont, you could get run over.C: Amy, 说了这么多,能总结一下坐电梯的规矩吗?A: Elevator etiquette is simple. Be considerate. If you will be exiting soon, stand near the door. If you will be one of the last to get off, stand near the back.C: 总而言之,坐电梯也要讲礼貌,让大家都感到方便。 /201208/196158


  第一句:I am the sales manager of our company.我是我们公司的销售经理。A: May I take the liberty to introduce myself to you? My name is Dick Brown. I am the sales manager of our company.我可以冒昧地自我介绍一下吗?我叫迪克·布朗。我是我们公司的销售经理。B: How do you do?你好。A: How do you do?你好。第二句:Im the HR director of our company.我是我们公司的人力资源主管。A: My name is Helen Levin. Im the HR director of our company.我叫海伦·莱文。我是我们公司的人力资源主管。B: Miss Levin. Nice to meet you.莱文。很高兴认识您。A: Nice to meet you, too.我也很高兴认识您。 知识点延伸:在商务会面中,最正式的称呼有三种,即应当称呼交往对象的行政职务、技术职称,或是其泛尊称。泛尊称,指的是先生、、夫人一类可广泛使用的尊称。其他表达法:This is Mr. Wang, manager of our company.这是王先生,我们公司的经理。How do you do? My name is Jack. I am the lead of the team.您好!我是杰克,项目组的负责人。 /201205/184132。

  Sara在公司走廊上看到同事Henry.Sara: Hi Henry, how was your weekend?Henry: Excellent! I went down to the malland got myself one of those new minicomputers.S:You mean the new Orange SuperCom 4? Ive seen ads for those on TV!They look really cool.H:They are pretty cool. It has Wi-Fi, a huge memory and super fastprocessor. Plus, its so small it fits in a shirt pocket....look, here it is.S:Wow...its so thin! Hey Mark, check out Henrys new toy!Henry 情绪很好,因为周末他去买了一个最新款的迷你电脑,the new Orange SuperCom4, 有无线宽带,大容量存储,超快处理器。而且,体积小到能装在衬衫口袋里。Sara看了觉得很酷,叫同事Mark过来,check out Henrys new toy. 看看Henry的新玩具。Mark说:M:Ah....the Orange SuperCom 4, eh? Its all the rage these days. -Mustve cost you a pretty penny.H:Actually it was a tad bit expensive. I signed up for an earlywaiting list, but because demand was so strong, I did have to shell out acouple extra hundred dollars for it.M:I saw news reports that people were lining up around the block infront of Orange Computer stores. Some people were even camping out overnightwaiting for the store to open!Mark不用看就知道Sara说的是Orange SuperCom4,因为Its allthe rage these day. 这是现在最潮的。说一件事情是all the rage 意思是时下最流行的。比如Skinny jeans are all the rage. 时下最流行穿细腿牛仔裤。Mark猜,It mustvecost you a pretty penny. 你一定花了不少钱。cost a pretty penny 是价格不菲的意思。Henry 承认,因为订购的人多,Idid have to shell out a couple extra hundred dollars for it. 我确实不得不多交了几百美元。to shell out 意思是出钱。Mark说,新闻里说,为了买这款新电脑,不少人在Orange SuperCom电脑专卖店前大排长龙,甚至有人camp out overnight 夜里在商店门口露宿。Henry说:H:I didnt camp out, but I did have to stand in line for about fourhours.S:Is it really worth all the effort? Im not that devoted toanything. If the wait is longer than 15 minutes, count me out.M:Some people are ;early adopters; of technology. They justhave to get their hands on the latest product.H:Yep, thats me...I got my first computer when I was 14, and fromthat day onward I was hooked. Every time a major new product comes on themarket, Ive just got to get it! Ill bet Ive spent tens of thousands ofdollars on IT products over the years.Henry说,自己虽然没彻夜露宿,但确实排了四个小时的队。Sara表示不解,说不管买什么,如果要排十五分钟以上的队,count me out. 我就免了。Mark说,有些人就是科技“潮人”,earlyadopters of technology. 有什么新产品,他们都得在别人前面用上。They have to get their hands on the latest product. 这里所说的to get their hands onsomething 意思是得到。Henry承认自己就是这种人,14岁有了自己的第一部电脑后,I was hooked. 我就着迷了。这么多年,不知道在科技产品上花了多少钱。 /201303/229669

  Lets call it a deal成交A: If I remember correctly,time of delivery is another point in which we differ.A:我记得,对于交货时间我们意见不同。B: Thats right, Lets go into details of it.B:对。我们来具体谈一谈吧,A: Ok. I hope you can have these goods delivered before the end of September. Wed like them to be y in time for our Christmas sales.A:行。我希望你能在9月底以前交这笔货物。我们想为圣诞节备好货物。B: Christmas doesnt come until the end of the year,does it?B:圣诞节年底才到呢,对吧?A: No. But in the ed States,the Christmas season begins about a month before December 25.A:对。但在美国,圣诞购物提前一个月就开始。B:Well,Im afraid a little bit difficule for us to advanced the time of shipment.Our manufacturers are fully committed at the moment.B:哦,我恐怕很难提前发货。我们的厂家前已经全负荷生产。A: I hope you can try to get them to step up production.A:我希望你们能让他们增加产量。B: They are aly working three shifts a day to step up production as new orders keep pouring in.B:由于新订单的不断涌入,工厂已经一天三班加速生产。A: If thats the case,theres nothing to be done about it.A:这样的话,就没有办法了。B: Im sorry.B:对不起。A:Whats your last word as to the delivery date then.A:你最后定一下什么时候交货?B: By the middle of October. This is the best we can do.B: 10月中旬。这是最好的了。A: All right.Ill take your words at that.A:好吧,就依你。B: Good. Lets call it a deal. And well do our best to advance the shipment,but your letter of credit should be opened early September.B:好,就这么定了。我们会尽量提前发货,但你方信用应在9月初开出。A: I promise.A:我保。 /201508/393637

  Mark:Can you drive?Xia Dan:Yes, I have adriving license.Mark:Are you willing to drive yourself if the job requires?Xia Dan:Sure.Mark:One more thing, if you are wanted in this position, you must prepare to travel aboard frequently.Xia Dan:Thats fine with me.Mark:Would you mind relocating?Xia Dan:As long as it isnt too far from this city, I dont mind.Mark:It’s quite far away, though its located in another part of the city. Are you planning to find a boarding house nearby?Xia Dan:I think I can commute that far without any trouble.Mark:Good. Do you have any particular conditions that you want us to take into consideration?Xia Dan:No, nothing in particular. Thank you.Mark:Then youll need to know its a hard job. Youll often have to work overtime or even on weekends.Xia Dan:Yes, but I dont mind working hard.重点讲解:license许可相关词汇:driving license 驾照例句:The policeman asked to see his driving license. 警察要求看他的驾驶执照。business license 营业执照export license出口许可off license 便利商店;买酒执照 /201107/145711I'm afraid I can't give you a definite reply now. 恐怕我现在无法给你一个明确的答复.I can't make a decision right now. 我现在无法作出决定.I just need some time to think it over. 我需要时间考虑考虑.We are still a little unsure about the prospect, though. 不过,我们对于前景还是有点不能确定.There are certain points that I'll have to consider very carefully. 有些问题我得慎重考虑.That may well be so. I'm not sure. 很可能是这样的,我不敢确定.It all depends. 这得看情况而定. /201002/97143



  Catherine今天心情特别好,因为她的老朋友Jane刚出差回来,两人见面畅聊起来。其他同事见她俩这么要好,便问她们是怎么认识的,Catherine说:We hit it off and became good friends. We hit it off and became good friends.我们一见如故,成了好朋友。hit it off是个俚语,意为“与……合得来,一见如故”,当后面接人时,要用介词with,即hit it off with sb.。例如:They hit it off well with each other.他们相处得很融洽。 Benjamin:Shirley, do you still remember the scene we met for the first time?本杰明:雪莉,你还记得我们初次见面时的情景吗?Shirley: Ah, sure. We hit it off and became good friends.雪莉:啊,当然。我们一见如故,成了好朋友。背景音乐:Because of you◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201009/112840



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