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3 Make your dieteating plan a healthy one.第三节 制定一个健康的饮食计划The best weight-loss plan,say experts at the American Dietetic Association.helps you shed pounds AND keeps you healthy in the long run.It should:美国营养协会的专家说,最好的减肥计划可以帮助你摆脱过多的体重,而且到头来让你保持健康这样的计划应该:.provide all the nutrients you need.·提供你所需的所有营养品.fit your personal tastes and eating habits.·符合你的个人口味和饮食习惯.keep you from feeling hungry.·不会让你感到饥饿.keep you from feeling fatigued.·不会让你感到疲劳.allow you to eat meals away from home in a normal fashion.·让你出门在外也可以饮食正常.be something you can follow the rest of your life.·是你在未来一生中可以遵循的计划This last point is the most important. Your goal is to establish new eating patterns. You don’t want to lose the weight .then go back to the same old way of eating that put on the pounds in the first place.最后一点是最重要的你的目标是要建立新的饮食模式如果你不想减肥,那就回到当初会让你增加体重的饮食方式吧健身短语1. in the long run 最后,终于. allow sb to V 允许某人(做··…3. in the first place 当初 3858THE quest by NSA leaker Edward Snowden for a safe haven has taken a turn toward Latin America, with offers for asylum coming from the presidents of Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela.国家安全局泄密者爱德华#8226;斯诺登的避难要求已经转向拉丁美洲,来自玻利维亚、尼加拉瓜和委内瑞拉的总统愿提供庇护。Bolivian President Evo Morales says Snowden is welcome in his country. He said yesterday he is making the offer as a protest against the US and European nations temporarily blocking his flight home from a Moscow summit because they suspected his might have Snowden on board.玻利维亚总统埃沃#8226;莫拉莱斯说斯诺登在他的国家是受欢迎的。他昨天说他提供庇护是抗议美国和欧洲国家临时阻断他从莫斯科峰会回国的航班,因为他们怀疑斯诺登可能在其专机上。Morales follows Presidents Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela and Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua in making the offer. Morales earlier said he was willing to consider asylum for Snowden, the same position taken by Ecuador, which is another of Bolivias leftist Latin American allies.莫拉莱斯是继委内瑞拉总统马杜罗和尼加拉瓜的丹尼尔#8226;奥尔特加之后提出接收的。莫拉莱斯早些时候说他愿意考虑庇护斯诺登,厄瓜多尔也持同样的立场,这是玻利维亚在拉丁美洲又一左翼盟友。Morales says he has not yet received a formal petition for asylum from Snowden.莫拉莱斯说他还没有收到斯诺登正式的申请庇护。Declaring Bolivia has ;no fear; of the US and its European allies, Morales said he would be willing ;to give asylum to the American, if he asks.;声明玻利维亚“不惧怕”美国和它的欧洲盟友,莫拉莱斯说他愿意“给予这位美国人庇护,如果他要求”。来 /201307/246887Keep the change please不用找零了Excuse me, driver. Let me off here, please.抱歉,司机,让我在这里下车吧Well, it not the supermarket you want.可这里不是你要去的超市啊?I have just changed my plan.我刚刚改变了计划OK.好的Here is the fare and keep the change please.这是车费,不用找零了 8396

Deep divisions over TPP as US pressures to close controversial deal.美国通过施压关闭有争议的交易在跨太平洋贸易协议产生严重的分歧。Trade ministers and representatives attend the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Ministerial Meeting in Singapore on December 7, 2013. (AFP Photo / Roslan Rahman)20132日贸易部长和代表出席了在新加坡的跨太平洋伙伴关系(TPP)部长级会议。The US is ramping up pressure to secure a Trans-Pacific Trade Deal with conditions that could undermine the national interests of nations involved. WikiLeaks documents say talks are “paralyzed,with the US refusing to compromise on disputed issues.美国正在加强压力,以确保一个可能涉及损害他国国家利益的跨太平洋贸易协议通过。维基解密文件称,因为美国对争议问题据不妥协,造成会议“无法进展”。Anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks has released two documents revealing the state of negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The deal in question includes 12 countries the ed States, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Chile, Singapore, Peru, Vietnam, New Zealand and Brunei which represent more than 40 percent of the world’s gross domestic product.反保密集团维基解密发布了两个文件揭示了跨太平洋伙伴关系协议(TPP)谈判的状态。有问题的交易包2个国- 美国,日本,墨西哥,加拿大,澳大利亚,马来西亚,智利,新加坡,秘鲁,越南,新西兰和文莱——占全球国内生产总值(GDP)的40%。The 12 nations are in Singapore this week to discuss the trade agreement. Following a closed-door meeting in Singapore, Japans trade minister Yasutoshi Nishimura told press he would like “the ed States to show flexibility.”上周,这十二个国家在新加坡讨论贸易协定,继在新加坡的一个闭门会议后,日本经济产业大臣西村泰敏告诉记者,他希望“美国表现出灵活性。;Ive aly mentioned the parts we cant budge on, so the issue is what both sides can do based on that,Nishimura said.“我已经提过我们不能让步的部分,所以在此基础上双方可就此事讨论。”西村说。Details of the deal had been hidden from the public eye until last month when WikiLeaks divulged a trove of information describing the ins and outs of the agreement. Washington has been criticized for not revealing the details of the agreement.该交易的详情本已经逃过了公众的眼睛,直到上个月,维基解密泄露出来的协议文件交代了了此次交易的来龙去脉。华盛顿一直被批评没有披露该协议的细节。WikiLeaksfiles show that there is significant disagreement over 119 outstanding issues, with the US refusing to compromise on a number of contentious issues. It is not clear from which of the 12 countries participating in the talks the leaks came.维基解密的文件表明,美国在一些争议性问题上拒绝妥协,双方在119项重要事务上有严重分歧。关2国参与讨论文件的泄漏来源并不清楚。“The US is exerting great pressure to close as many issues as possible this week,s one of the documents. “One country remarked that up until now there had been no perceivable, substantial movement on the part of the US, and that is the reason for this situation.”“美国正在不断施压,试图在本周尽可能多地结束分歧。”一个文件中如此记载。“一个国家谈道,到目前为止美国方面还没有任何可见的实质性动作,这是造成如今状况的原因。”The Obama administration has called on all parties involved in the deal to reach an agreement before the end of the year. However, disputes over key issues may lead to “a partial closure scenario or even a failure in December.”奥巴马号召有关各方在年底前达成协议。然而,12月份就关键议题的争端可能导致“一个半拉子方案或者谈判失败。”The deal has been hailed by Washington as a “number one prioritythat will boost the economies of all the participating countries. But some of the conditions have sparked criticism that the nations involved in the deal may see their interests undermined.TPP协议被华盛顿鼓吹作加速所有参与国经济的“不二选择”。但是其中部分条款引发了损害其他国家利益的批评。Among the issues blocking the agreement stipulates new powers for multinationals that would allow them to challenge country laws in privately run international courts. Washington has endorsed such powers in previous trade deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), but conditions in the TPP could grant multinational more powers to challenge a wider range of laws. Under NAFTA several companies including Dow Chemicals and Exxon Mobil have sought to overrule regulations on fracking, oil drilling and drug patents.一些阻碍谈判的争议性条款中规定了跨国公司的新权力:允许通过商办国际法庭来挑战国家法律。华府曾经在其他商贸协定例如北美自贸区谈判中推行过这个权力,但在TPP条款中跨国公司将被赋予更广泛的挑战法律的权力。在北美自贸区协定中,一些公司如陶氏化学和埃克森美孚,曾试图否决关于水力压裂法、石油钻探和药品专利的管理条例。(译者注:水力压裂法是将水或沙等注入岩层以抽取天然气的方法,主要用于页?气开采,由于大量耗水以及污染地下水等潜在问题目前对此褒贬不一)“The ed States, as in previous rounds, has shown no flexibility on its proposal, being one of the most significant barriers to closing the chapter,said a memo from one of the participating countries obtained by the Huffington Post.赫芬顿邮报获得的一个参与国的备忘录中如此写道:“就像之前的几轮谈判一样,终结这一分歧部分的最大障碍正是美国在提案中毫不妥协的态度。”Furthermore, among the rumored conditions in the treaty are new standards that would grant pharmaceutical companies new intellectual property rights. The regulations would extend patents, giving companies monopolies on new medications and potentially pushing up prices in the developing countries participating in the deal.不仅如此,传言中其他一些条款包含授予制药公司知识产权的新标准。条例规定延长专利期限,赋予制药公司对于新药的垄断权,潜在地推高参与TPP的发展中国家的国内药品价格。“If instituted, the TPP’s IP regime would trample over individual rights and free expression, as well as ride roughshod over the intellectual and creative commons,said WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in a November statement. “If you , write, publish, think, listen, dance, sing or invent; if you farm or consume food; if you’re ill now or might one day be ill, the TPP has you in its crosshairs.”维基解密的创始人阿桑奇1月的声明中说:“TTP一旦建立,知识产权制度将会践踏人权和言论自由,恣意欺凌有识之士。”“只要你阅读、写作、出版、思考、倾听、舞蹈、歌唱或者发明;只要你生产或者消费食品;只要你身患疾病或者将会生病,你就已经在TPP的准心之中了。”Rights groups have also voiced their opposition to the treaty and slammed reforms that they say would limit freedoms on the web. Organization Open Media have launched a petition against the TPP’s “extreme online censorshipand have aly collected over 100,000 signatures.右翼团体也已经表达了他们对条约的反对,抨击在他们看来会限制网络自由的改革。开放媒体发起了反对TTP“极端网络审查”的请愿,他们已经收集到了超过十万个签名。来 /201312/270515


Im looking insurance from your company.我是到贵公司来投保的Mr. Zhang met Mr. William in the office of the People Insurance Company of China.张先生在中国人民保险公司的办公室接待了威廉先生After loading the goods on board the hip, I go to the insurance company to have them insured.装船后,我到保险公司去投保When should I go and have the tea insured?我什么时候将这批茶叶投保?All right. Let leave insurance now.好吧,保险问题就谈到这里I have come to explain that untunate affair about the insurance.我是来解释这件保险的不幸事件的I must say that youve corrected my ideas about the insurance.我该说你们已经纠正了我对保险的看法This inmation office provides clients with inmation on cargo insurance.这个问讯处为顾客提供大量关于货物投保方面的信息The underwriters are responsible the claim as far as it is within the scope of cover.只要是在保险责任范围内,保险公司就应负责赔偿The loss in question was beyond the coverage granted by us.损失不包括在我方承保的范围内The extent of insurance is stipulated in the basic policy m and in the various risk clause.保险的范围写在基本保险单和各种险别的条款里Please fill in the application m.请填写一下投保单Words and Phrases外贸口语词汇insure保险;投保;保insurance保险;保险费;保险金额underwriters保险商(指专保水险的保险商)保险承运人insurance company保险公司insurer保险人insurance broker保险经纪人insurance underwriter保险承保人insurance applicant投保人insurant, the insured被保险人,受保人to cover (effect,arrange,take out) insurance投保insurance coverage;risks covered保险范围insurance slip投保单insured amount保险金额insurance against risk保险insurance clause保险条款insurance instruction投保通知insurance business保险企业insurance conditions保险条件 3685

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