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  Kang Yilong, a regular cinemagoer in Beijing, said the actual price of a ticket is often twice the amount of the minimum price.,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 榴莲族Durian clanDurian clan refers to those ill-tempered co-workers who have been working many years and are hard to get along with, just like the smelly fruit with thick thorny skin.榴莲族,是对职场中有一定工作资历,但脾气像榴莲一样又臭又硬,不好相处的群体的称呼 Unlike the strawberry clan, who are newbies in the workplace, people in the durian clan are accustomed to workplace routines, andmay be experiencing a kind of job burnout after many years of hard work. As aresult, they might easily show their hot temper in the office.相对初入职场的草莓族来说,榴莲族已经入职多年,工作对于他们来说,也许早已脱离了兴趣爱好,每天只是过着部就搬的日子如此情况下,榴莲族们对职业的疲劳感会越来越深,对人对事,自然少了些随和,多了些暴躁 In addition, people in the durian clan often dont look so well due to years of overwork and signs of aging. And as old hands inthe workplace, they usually have thicker skin than others. 除此之外,长期熬夜加班再加上岁月的痕迹,让榴莲族的脸色不怎么好看,而且“职场老油条”的榴莲族们,往往脸皮都比较厚[本节目属] 99Disappointment(失望)-- :3:31 Disappointment(失望)Sentences(句子)1.That's a shame.真可惜.That's a real let-down.真叫人失望3.Oh,no!糟了! .How disappointing!真令人失望!5 .I was rather disappointed.我很失望6. It wasn't as good as I'd expected这不如我原来想象的那么好7. 1 have to admit I'm very disappointed.我得承认我很失望8. I'dexpected it to be much better..我原指望它会好得多9.Your decision is a great pity.你的决定非常令人遗憾. It's too bad that the supermarket has closed.超市关门了,真糟糕Dialogue(对话)Model 1A:Oh, no! My wallet is missing.糟了!我的钱包没有了B:Where did you put it?你放在哪里的?A: In my handbag. But now it's gone.放在我的手袋里,可现在不见了B: May you've put it in your pockets.也许放在你的衣口袋里了Model A: Why do you look unhappy?你怎么看起来不高兴呢?B: I'm rather disappointed at not to see him没给他送行我太遗憾了A:Oh,cheer up! He'll understand you.别闷闷不乐的啦,他会理解你的B: I hope so.希望如此Model 3A:That's a shame. Our football team lostyesterday's match.我们的足球队在昨天的比赛中输了,真遗憾B: Oh,come on.You can't always win.想开点儿,你们不可能总是赢呀A: I hope the rest of our players will think so,too.别的队员也这样想就好了B: I believe they will.我相信他们会的

  你喜欢什么电影?-3 :55:7 A:Hello, Jason, there is going to be a screening of Final Destination 3 at our campus cinema tomorrow. I plan to go to see it.杰森,你好,我听说明天晚上学校电影院放映"死神来了3",我想去看.B:Is it a horror movie?这是恐怖电影吗?A:Yeah, I love horror movies. Would you like to go with me tomorrow?是啊,我最喜欢恐怖电影.你想和我一起去吗?B:No way. I will be scared out of my wits.打死也不去.我会被吓得魂飞魄散的,A:That's funny, I didn't know a big fellow like you could be so soft and timid on the inside.老兄,没看出来啊,你胆子竟然这么小.B:Hey, how would you like to taste my fist?嘿,你说什么呢?想尝尝我的拳头吗?A:Alright, all joking aside, what kinds of moveis do you like?好啦,不开玩笑啦,那你喜欢什么电影?B:Um, let me see, romance, comdedy. documentary, action, science fiction, animated and so on.哦,让我想想.爱情片,喜剧片,纪录片,动作片,科幻片,卡通片,等等.A:That is to say, you like all genres except horror movies.总而言之,除了恐怖片,其他你都喜欢,B:Yeah. It seems like we don't speak the same language as far as movies are concerned.是的.看起来在电影方面我们达不成共识了.A:Not quite. I also greatly enjoy romance and comedy.也不是,我也很喜欢爱情片和喜剧片.B:The Notebook is this type of movie."恋恋笔记本"就是这类的爱情喜剧片.A:Really? I haven't heard of it.是吗?我怎么没听说过这部电影啊.B:Well then, this could be a nice opporty to enjoy it together. I bet you'd love it.那正好,你可以借此机会和我一起欣赏了,你肯定会喜欢的.A:Ok. I can't wait to see it. Let's go!好吧,我都迫不及待了,咱走吧.亲爱的听众朋友,这里是“话说地道美语”空中答疑解惑课堂我是Juliet第课第一讲留下的习题,不少朋友已经通过邮件方式把功课寄给了我那么,今天我针对出错点对部分习题做详细的讲解以及由该习题而做些知识拓展 我们来看第一大题,题目要求是根据中文完成句子第一小题是—— 恐怖分子把那些人质当做他们手中的王牌The terrorists the hostages ace in the hole. 参考如下:regarded,as,an完整的句子为:The terrorists regarded the hostages as an ace in the hole. 正确完成这道题,有两个要点第一是掌握“把......当做”“把......视为”“把......看做”的短语该题是使用regard...as这个短语表述这个意思的短语还有很多,下面我们就来看看1. look uponon sthsb as sthsb It means "to consider something (or somebody) to be something (or somebody)". example: She's looked upon as the leading authority on the subject. 她被视为这门学科的权威人士 有的朋友在习题中用到了look on with这个短语,这个短语是“以...看待”的意思,不是“把...看作”的意思It means "to consider sbsth in a particular way. example: They looked on his behaviour with contempt. 他们对他的行为不屑一顾. view sbsth as sbsth It means "to think about sbsth to be sbsth". example: When the car was first built, the design was viewed as highly original. 这辆车刚出时,其设计被看作是独具匠心 同样也有朋友用到view...with这个短语这个短语同look upon...with一样是(以某种方式)“看待”的意思 example: She views him with suspicion. 她以怀疑的目光看待他3. take sbsth as sbsth It means "to have a opinion of somthing". example: She took what he's said as a compliment. 她把他所说的当做是荣誉 很多朋友们用到了take...这个短语Take ...这个短语是有把...看作的意思,但是它侧重于指“把...错误地认为”,“把...错误地看作”It means "consider somebody or something to be somebody or something when you are wrong". 意思是误认为Look at the following sentences: Even the experts took the painting a genuine Van Gogh. 甚至是专家都把这画看做是Van Gogh的真迹I took the woman with you your sister. 我误认为和你在一起的那个人时你Of course I didn't do it! What do you take me ? 那件事当然不是我干的你把我当成什么人呀? 作为consider这个意思讲时,有一个短语我们可以积累它是taken overall,意思是总的看来例如:Taken overall, our permance is a success. 总的看来,我们的演出是成功的. consider sbsth (as) sbsth It means "to have a opinion of something". example: This reward is considered as a great honour. 这项奖被视为极大的荣誉He considers himself an expert on this subject. 他把自己看做是这门学科的专家如果细心的朋友会发现第二个例句少了as这个单词,是个病句不是的,consider sbsth as sbsth这个动词短语结构中的as时可以省略的那么consider...as与consider... to be等同例如刚才的第一个例句“This reward is considered as a great honour.”可以说为"This reward is considered to be a great honour." 同样句中的to be可以省略 第二,就是注意不定冠词在名词前如果这个名词的音标的第一个音标是元音的话,就要用an,不要用a 亲爱的朋友们,今天的习题就到这里下回继续Thank you! Listeners, see you!若您对本期课程有任何疑惑,不妨加入可可口语交流QQ交流群,群号为:89,与大家共同探讨或者您以邮件形式发送到我的信箱:leinadancingroom@qq.com,我会在第一时间问你解答疑惑 13

  Here the latest scoop of celebrity gossip: Chinese TV actress Tang Yan admits she and fellow actor Luo Jin have become an item. And in an era of social media, of course she announced it on weibo. Almost instantly, the news shot to the most searched and discussed topic on Chinese social media.Other celebrities have handled their relationships quite similarly. How has exposure led to income? 530

  少儿英语情景对话:我喜欢学校-- :51:50   I like school  我喜欢学校  ChinChin: I like school.  Mimi: Me too. I like books.  Mimi: I like to learn.  ChinChin: How many students are in your class?  Mimi: It's small. Only students.  Buba: I don't like school.  Mimi: Why?  Buba: Our teacher's lessons are hard.  Buba: And the teacher gives us too much homework.  Mimi: Yeah. I have a lot of homework,too.  Costa: Hello guys. What's up?  Mimi: Nothing much.  Mimi: We were talking about school.  Costa: School? I love school.  Mimi and Buba: Really?  Costa: Then,how was school today?  Costa: Hahaha,it was a lot of fun.   晨晨:我喜欢学校  咪咪:我也是我喜欢看书  咪咪:我喜欢学习  晨晨:你的班上有多少个学生?  咪咪:很少只有个学生  布巴:我不喜欢上学  咪咪:为什么呢?  布巴:我们的老师讲的课太难  布巴:而且老师给了我们很多的功课  咪咪:是的我也有很多的功课  科斯达:朋友们,你们好怎么了?  咪咪:没什么  咪咪:我们在谈论学校  科斯达:学校?我爱学校  咪咪和布巴:真的吗?  科斯达:那么,今天在学校要干啥呢?  科斯达:哈哈哈,这一定很有趣。


  A deceased stuffed giraffe has been drawing people attention at a Zoo in Wuxi, East China Jiangsu province, during the past ;Golden Week; holiday. The zoo goal was to notify visitors of the dangers of feeding their animals. Is this clever or creepy? 58

  ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Ways to overcome your confusion and find the joy:攻克迷茫、找到快乐 Focus on what you know.关注你所了解的When you are confused it can be easy to get stuck in a web of consistent, repetitive thoughts that appear to have no end and no beginning. To clear this, start focusing on what you know and what you feel sure about. When you do this, it will automatically help to weaken the cloud of confusion over your life.当你困惑时,很容易陷入持续反复、没头没尾的想法中去要清除这些想法,就要专注于你所了解的、确信的东西这有助于逐渐消散你生活中的困惑 Be patient.要有耐心Being confused is a sign of change and you may need to let the journey unfold a little bit more bee you make a decision. Be at peace with that, and be at peace with the fact that you dont have all the answers. Just accept the way things are and trust that inspiration will reach you when the time comes to make a decision.困惑也是一种改变信号,也许你需要把眼前的道路看得更清楚一些,才能作出决定用平常心看待它,也要接受你无法拥有所有的接受万物本来的样子,相信当你做决定时,灵感自然会浮现【知识点讲解】focus on vt.集中在例句:We must concentrate our attention on efficiency.我们必须把注意力集中在效率上They zeroed in on the suspicious man.他们的注意力集中在那个可疑分子身上make a decision 做决定例句:Well kick some ideas around and make a decision tomorrow.我们先酝酿一下,明天再作决定I dont want to put pressure on you to make a decision, but we havent much time left.我并不想催你做决定,只是我们剩下的时间已经不多了更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属] 655

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