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Im Bear Grylls.Im gonna show you what it takes to get out alive from some of the most dangerous places on earth我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我将向您展示 如何从地球上 最危险的地带 逃出生天Ive got to make it through weak and challenges.我将身涉险境 面临生死考验In the sort of places you wouldnt last a day without the right survival skills.周遭炼狱 没有生存技巧 你命在旦夕 而我要设法突出重围Now Im in Montana,known as the Big Sky Country.我正身处蒙大拿州 人称苍穹之州Its a vast wildness largely untouched by man.Its where the fun start.这里是广袤的荒野 人迹罕至 好戏要开始了In this unforgiving territory,Ill draw on all my survival skills as I face off with steep gullies,在这片严苛无情的地域 我得凭借我的求生技能 挑战陡峭的深沟perilous ravine and torrential waterfalls.危险的峡谷和湍急的瀑布From this huge mountains to the vast plains,challenges dont come any tougher.从延绵不断的山脉到漫无边际的原野 挑战之难可谓无以复加Im 9,500 feet up,whats know as the backbone of America.This is Montana.这里海拔为9500英尺 此地被誉为美国的脊梁 这就是蒙大拿Im about to paraglide into one of the harshest area in the country.我将滑翔到美国环境最恶劣的山区中All of this are the Rocky Mountains.目光所及尽是落基山脉It ran 300 miles from Canada all way down to New Mexico.它延绵300英里 从加拿大一路延伸至新墨西哥州This land of extreme is one of the harshest regions in the ed States.这里极端险峻的地貌 成为美国环境最恶劣的区域之一In this type to terrain, nothing is easy.面对这种地貌 无任何轻松可言Got strong winds, pretty bold line for paragliding.风很大 此时滑翔降挺要胆量的Its no doubt of this.Its gonna be exciting fly.Ok, lets get in the air.毫无疑问 此次飞行将刺激非常 好了 准备起飞201608/457791Four years ago, we started to wonder.四年前,我们开始思考,What would shopping look like if you could walk into a store, grab what you want, and just go?如果你可以走进一间商店、拿走想要的东西然后就离开的话,购物会是什么样子?What if we could weave the most advanced machine learning, computer vision,如果我们能结合最先进的机器学习、计算机视觉and AI into the very fabric of a store so you never have to wait in line?以及人工智能,将那些整合成一间商店,让你永远不必排队等候呢?No lines, no checkouts, no registers.不用排队、没有收银台、没有收款机。Welcome to Amazon Go.欢迎光临Amazon Go。Use the Amazon Go app to enter; then put away your phone and start shopping! Its really that simple.使用Amazon Go应用程序进入;接着把你的手机收起来,开始血拼吧!Take whatever you like—anything you pick up is automatically added to your virtual cart.真的就是那么简单。喜欢什么就拿什么--你拿的任何东西都会自动新增到你的虚拟购物车中。If you change your mind about that cupcake, just put it back.如果你改变买杯子蛋糕的主意,把它放回去就行了。Our technology will update your virtual cart automatically.我们的技术会自动更新你的虚拟购物车。So how does it work? We used computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion, much like youd find in self-driving cars.所以这是怎么运作的呢?我们运用计算机视觉、深度学习算法、多重感测融合,大致就和你会在自动驾驶汽车上看到的技术一样。We call it Just Walk Out technology. Once youve got everything you want, you can just...go!我们叫它“拿了就走”技术。一旦你拿好想要的所有东西,你可以就...走人!When you leave, our Just Walk Out technology adds up your virtual cart and charges your Amazon account.当你离开时,我们的“拿了就走”技术会结算你的虚拟购物车,然后从你的亚马逊账户收取费用。Your receipt is sent straight to the app, and you can keep going.你的收据会直接传送到应用程序,而你就可以继续前进。Amazon Go. No lines, no checkout. (No, seriously.)Amazon Go。不用排队、没有收银台。(没有,真的。)201702/491565

I do not like the quarrel and do heartily wish that the king would yield and consent to what they desire,我不喜欢战争 并且衷心希望国王投降 接受他们的条件so that my conscience is only concerned in honour and gratitude to follow my master.跟随我主出征的唯一原因 只是为了表达尊敬和感激I have eaten his b and served him near 30 years and will not do so base a thing as to forsake him.我蒙他恩惠为他务差不多30年了 绝不会在此刻卑鄙地弃他不顾In the third week of August, 1642,Charles raised his standard.The Rubicon had been crossed.1642年8月的第三个星期 查理举兵 他破釜沉舟决意一战The honour of holding Charless personal flag in the battle fell to Sir Edmund Verney.为查理擎举王旗的光荣任务 落在了埃德蒙·瓦内爵士肩上He swore only death would prise it from his hands.他誓死保卫这面王旗By the time the Royalist army arrived at Edgehill,its prospects had been transformed.到保皇党军队抵达边山时 形势已大有改观It was now about 20,000 strong,about 14,000 of whom took up position on the ridge in the afternoon of October 22nd.他们现有精兵两万名 其中一万四千人在10月22日下午 驻扎在了山脊之上At the top of the hill were the king and his two sons,山顶站着国王和他的两个儿子Charles, the Prince of Wales,and the nine-year-old James, Duke of York,查理 威尔士王子 以及九岁的詹姆斯 约克公爵along with Prince Rupert and his toy poodle, Boy.和鲁珀特王子跟他的宠物波威It was here that Charles I planted his flag.就在此地 查理一世竖起了王旗 /201703/498616

Like De Montfort, Bruce had pinned his personal cause to the flag and to the passions of his country.如同德·蒙德福特 布鲁斯将自己的毕生精力 都投入到对祖国的无限热爱当中Unlike Edward I, Robert was not just a warlord who hammered the country to his will.不同于爱德华一世 罗伯特不是一个粗暴的军阀 将个人意志凌驾于国家之上He had managed to forge a true alliance with the people,他成功地使国家上下一心 官民同乐A community of the realm that,when united and led by King Robert I could win its freedom.这样一个由罗伯特一世所领导的 君民团结的国家 必定能赢得自由And so the emboldened Scots take the war to the English.日益强大的苏格兰人主动向英格兰发动了战争For 22 years,The Scots raided and terrorised huge areas of northern England. reaching as far south as Yorkshire.在22年的时间里 苏格兰人袭击和掠夺了 英格兰北部至约克郡的大片领土Abbeys and castles fell,Cities paid the Scots off to avoid destruction.Villages were trashed.修道院和城堡在战火中倒下 城市付钱给苏格兰人以求自保 村庄被捣毁The border raids on a weakened enemy were what youd expect.当英格兰衰弱 其边境遭侵犯 完全是预料之中的In may 1315, Robert Bruces brother Edward landed here in north-east Ireland near Carrickfergus Castle在1315年5月 罗伯特·布鲁斯的兄弟爱德华 来到爱尔兰西北 靠近卡里弗格斯城堡的地方with a formidable Scots army of many thousands of men.带着一数千人的强大苏格兰军队What the Bruces were doing, in effect,was opening a second front against the English empire.实际上 布鲁斯兄弟此举 是为了开辟对抗英格兰帝国的第二前线 /201611/476147

  Yep, Philippa!好 菲利帕I hate this!我真讨厌这项Dont throw, push.别往下扔 要推出去I cant... I cant clear the yellow line.我做不到...我扔不到黄线那Three metres 70, so that gets you one mark.3.7米。你可以得一分You just need, you know, 30 more centimetres and youll be done.你只需要再多扔三十厘米就好了You know, a rulers length, and then youll be fine.就一把尺子那么长就行了She got 5.3 and shes really annoyed.她扔了5.3米 她很恼怒Howd you do in the run? I cant remember.你跑步成绩怎么样?我记不住了Howd you do in sit-ups?仰卧起坐的成绩呢Its the only one you havent passed.这是你唯一没及格的一项I know, but I dont even care about passing.我知道。但我不关心及不及格I just think its a really bad, like...我就是感觉太糟糕了 就是...Why? I just dont think comparing yourself to others is a good, healthy lifestyle.为什么?我不觉得把自己和别人比是一种健康向上的生活方式This is the experience, isnt it?这就是种经历 是不是And this is what its like. And I know youre supposed...就是这样的。我知道你应该...Theyre used to doing it.他们习惯这么做Its just a shock to us cos weve never done this sort of, like, competition every week.但我们觉得很震惊 因为我们从来没有每周都进行比赛这样Im a perfectionist, so I get really hard on myself and really self-critical.我是个完美主义者,我对自己的要求非常严格,我会怪自己不争气I just dont think competitions like this is my sort of thing.我觉得自己真的不擅长这样的竞争方式Right, you need to stop, OK? Stop.好了 别哭了 好吗 别哭了I cant stop. But you can. You can stop,我停不下来。你可以 别再想了because you have to concentrate on the things that you are good at.因为你得把注意力放在你擅长的事情上Theres nothing to hide, theres nothing to be ashamed of, OK?没什么要遮掩的,没什么可羞愧的 明白吗You need to hold your head up high.你要挺胸抬头Youve been trying so hard.你一直都很努力It doesnt work, though. But listen to me.但没成功。但听我说This is how it is.人生就是如此Lets go get a drink and calm down.我们去喝点东西冷静一下Youve taken onboard what Ive said?我说的你都听进去了吗Its really hit home to me why we set students in PE.为什么要让学生们上体育课,我觉得这个原因至关重要But effectively, this Chinese way,但其实这个中式方法this, theyre being told that their best isnt good enough.让学生们明白自己尽力做到的最好还是不够好It just puts so much pressure on them to pass这给学生们增加了巨大的考试压力and if they dont pass, they feel like a failure -如果他们挂科了 他们会感觉像个失败者and it just breaks my heart to see, to see students get so upset.看到学生们如此沮丧,这太让我伤心了201605/442391

  Its funny the things you forget.你可能会遗忘一些搞笑的事情I went to see my mother the other day, and she told me this story that Id completely forgotten about how,前几天我去看望我妈妈 她给我讲了一个我已经毫无印象的故事when we were driving together, she would pull the car over,曾经我们正在开车 她想停车and by the time she had gotten out of the car, and gone around the car to let me out of the car,当她下车 绕着车走了一圈 然后让我出来的时候I would have aly gotten out of the car and pretended to have died.我已经下车 躺在地上装死Because thats how you die.这么赞的死法And I remember, that was a game I used to play with myself to entertain myself whenever I was bored or frustrated. Settle down我记得以前每次我感到无聊难过的时候 我就跟我自己玩装死的游戏 让自己冷静下来People say we live in an age of information overload. Right?人们常说我们生活在一个信息泛滥的时代 对吧I dont know about that, but I just know that I get too many marketing emails.我不知道那是不是真的 我只知道我收到了太多的垃圾邮件I got a marketing email from a supermarket firm, which will remain nameless for predominantly legal reasons,我收到过一个来自超市集团的营销邮件 由于法律原因不提到它的真实名字but which Im going to call ;SafeMart.;我们就叫它“安全超市”好了I got an email from them, and it went like this, it said:我收到一封他们的邮件 内容大概是;Just three weeks until SafeMart at Kings Cross opens!!!;“还有三周安全超市就要在国王十字路口开张啦!!!”And I resented this, because not only do I not remember signing up to that,我讨厌这种邮件 因为我不仅记不得我何时订阅过这样的消息but I resent the fact that they appear to think that I should be excited about a shop opening.而且我对他们似乎认为我会对一个超市的开业感到很兴奋这一事实感到厌恶So what I did was I scrolled down to the bottom of the email, and I pressed, ;Unsubscribe.;所以我要做的就是 把鼠标滑到邮件的底部然后点击“退订”And I thought thatd be the end of it.我想这件事就算过去了But a week later, I got another one that said, ;Just two weeks until SafeMart at Kings Cross opens!!!;没想到 一周后我又收到了一封邮件 上面写道 “距离国王十字路口开张只有两周啦!!!”And I thought, obviously, I havent clicked hard enough.我想 应该是我上次没有退订成功So I tried it again. Right?然后我又退订了一次 这样应该好了吧Lo and behold, a week passes, you guessed it,没想到 过了一周你猜怎么着;Just one week until SafeMart at Kings Cross opens!!!;“还有一周安全超市即将在国王十字路口开张啦!!!”And heres the problem: The internet gave us access to everything;but it also gave everything access to us.这就有问题了:互联网让我们与世界相连 同时也让所有东西与我们相连Its hard enough to discriminate between the things that genuinely matter in this world and the minutiae of life,我们可能就会很难分辨世界上真正重要的东西和生活中琐碎的事without having emails about supermarket chains and Candy Crush Saga.没有关于连锁超市和糖果传奇(一款手机游戏)的邮件And I was really annoyed with them,我真的是烦透他们了and I thought, OK, I was about to write a strongly worded email,于是我想该是写一封严厉谴责他们的邮件的时候了which I can do quite well.我很擅长这种事儿And I thought, no Im going to find the game.然后我仔细想想不我要陪它们玩下去So I replied to it, and I said, ;I literally cannot wait!!!!;所以我回复了它 我写到“我真是等不及了啊!!!”;What do you need from me?;“我可以为你们做些什么呢?”They got back to me; a guy called Dan said,一个叫 丹 的人给我回复了写道:;Hi James. Ive asked a colleague to help me with your query.;“詹姆斯 你好 我刚刚邀请了一名同事来处理你的请求”Like it needs help.好像他才需要帮助吧And I said, ;Whats the plan, Dan?我说:“你们有什么打算呢 丹?Im thinking fireworks, bouncy castle ...;我能想到的是开业的烟花充气的城堡……”;Im not sure what you mean.;丹:“我没搞懂你的意思”I said, ;Im just tremendously excited about the opening!;我说:“我太激动啦!你们要开业啦!”;Do you want to book the bouncy castle or shall I?;“你打算订充气城堡 还是我来订?”He said, ;I think you have misunderstood.;他说:“我觉得你可能误会了”;A new store is opening, but there is no celebration planned.;我们确实要开业但是没有打算要举行开业典礼I said, ;But what was all the Three weeks until, Two weeks until emails? I was getting excited.;我说:“但是你们每周都有发那些开业倒计时邮件啊 让我都白激动了啊”;Im sorry youre disappointed.; I said, ;Not to worry.丹:很抱歉 让您失望了 我说:“没事Lets do something anyway!不管怎么样我们还是做点什么吧!Besides, the deposit on the bouncy castle was non-refundable.;再说充气城堡的订金已经不能退了;If we dont use it, were out a few hundred quid, Dan.;如果我们不用它我们就浪费了几百块呢 丹”He said, ;Mr. Veitch, Im not responsible for anything you have ordered.;他说:“威驰先生我对您所订购的东西没有任何责任”I said, ;Lets not get into who did what.我说:“我们先别说谁做了什么Bottom line: you and I are in this together.;无可否认 我们现在已经在一条船上了;Question: Will you be there to make sure people take their shoes off?;请问:你愿意一直在旁边看着保别人都把鞋子脱了吗?”Ill be honest, then my relationship with Dan deteriorated somewhat,实话实说 那之后我跟丹的关系在某种程度上就恶化了because the next email I got was this:因为我发现下一封邮件是这样写的:;Thanks for your email - your Case Number is;“感谢您的邮件 您的处理编号是”Thats outrageous. I said, ;Dan?;这真是让我哭笑不得 我说:“丹 在吗?”And I got -- and I was just like, this is and I, I然后我收到的还是 这 让我And I said, ;Danny?;我说:“丹哥 你在吗?!”And I thought, this is terrible. All Im doing is collecting case numbers.我觉得 这太糟糕了我一直在收到这些处理编号I said, ;D-Dog?; ;The store is now open.;我说:“是电子吗?”“超市现在开张了 丹”I said, ;But Dan, they must have wondered why there was no bouncy castle.;我说:“但是 丹大家都会想为什么没有充气城堡吧”And then we were back to this.然后又变成了处理邮件And that might have been the end of the story,故事应该在此就结束了but I remembered that anything everything但是我突然发觉 任何事 每件事even something as mundane as getting out of a car, can be fun if you find the right game.甚至于一些日常小事儿 如下车只要掌握了正确的玩法都能变得有趣So, this is what I replied:所以 我就回复到:And we just, uh It was like we were dancing.然后我们就 这就像我们在翩翩起舞It was just a beautiful relationship.就像我们是完美的关系We just kept going. It was lovely.我们就这样进行下去太和谐了But to be honest, guys, it was quite labor-intensive,但是老实说伙计们 这挺费功夫的and I had other stuff to do, believe it or not.我还有别的事情要忙 不论你信不信So what I did is I have a little email auto-replier program.于是我做了一个邮件自动回复程序And I set it up so every time it receives an email from SafeMart, it just pings one back.我设置好了程序每一次从安全超市收到邮件它就这样发送一封回去So I set it up, and it says, ;Thanks for your email - your Case Number is ;我设置好的内容是 “谢谢您的邮件 您的处理编号为”Then it has a little formula that I wrote to up the case number every time.它包含一个每次加1的小计算And I put it on the server and set it running.然后把它放入务器让它运转Ill be honest, guys then I forgot about it.坦白讲我最后把这事给忘了I checked back on it the other day, and it appears there have been a number of emails going back and forth.过了几天我回头查看邮件它显示出 来回的回复邮件Were on 21,439.达到21439篇It gives me an immense sense of satisfaction to know that这件事带给我了很大的满足感我意识到these computer programs are just going to be pinging one another for eternity.这两个计算机程序会一直这样互动下去无穷无尽And as legacies go, I dont think thats bad.这样流传下去感觉也还是不错的So guys, just remember:所以朋友们 请记住:if ever you feel weighed down by the bureaucracy如果你们感觉自己被官僚主义深深压迫and often mundanity of modern life, dont fight the frustration.或者被平淡无奇的生活压迫 不要和沮丧做无谓的抗争Let it be the catalyst for whimsy. Thank you.让它成为我们的动力 搞点小怪 谢谢201706/514374。

  He even built a giant wooden model to show the king and clergy just what they would be getting.他建造了一个木制模型 向国王及教士 展示未来的大教堂How could they not be awestruck by the huge dome当他们看到这个采用了类似显微镜的技术that used the same technology as a microscope to flood the interior with light?以便让阳光洒进教堂的巨大圆顶时 怎能不惊奇呢But there was a problem.然而还有一个问题Wren had designed his cathedral as a Greek cross,为在光学及声学上求得完美sacrificing the traditional floor plan of a Protestant church雷恩按照希腊十字架的样式设计这座教堂in favour of perfect acoustics and light.从而牺牲了传统的新教教堂的结构You can almost hear the mystified, angry complaints of the reverends.牧师们迷惑而愤怒的责怨 随处可听Where exactly is the choir supposed to go?唱诗班该站在哪里呢How do we process up a nave which isnt there?没有中殿 还怎么上中殿布道呢Mostly they said, ;Call us old-fashioned,大部分教士认为 我们确实守旧But this looks suspiciously to us like a Catholic basilica.可我们很怀疑这是天主教教堂Well be, if your partner phrase, damned If were going to let St Pauls turn into St Peters.我们会遭诅咒 如果我们任凭圣保罗教堂变成圣彼得教堂When the king joined the critics,he told him to go back to the drawing board,国王听到埋怨后 责令他重新设计Wrens normally very dry eyes are said to have filled with tears.雷恩熬夜干涩的眼睛禁不住涌出泪水He would have his chance to build his dome cathedral,他可以建造他梦想的圆顶教堂but only when it was joined to a long nave,但前提是必须加上长长的中殿something resembling a traditional church.而这与传统的教堂大同小异 /201704/505233

  Im on the wild Atlantic coast of the Sahara desert.我正在撒哈拉沙漠边缘的大西洋海岸边Battling through currents,fighting to board the wreck of a fishing trawler,和海浪殊死搏斗 试图登上拖捞船的残骸but the rip currents here are vicious and Im at risk of being swept out to sea.但这里激流汹涌 我面临着被拖入深海的危险Going to have to ride the next wave.Ok, got that.得借助下一个海浪 好了 抓住了Stick on the metal bit,you want to watch out.All of it is rusty and sharp.站在有金属的地方 得很小心 它们都生了锈 还很尖利Id like to think the sailors from this got away with their lives,but not everyone is so lucky.我认为海员们都从船上逃生了 但幸运女神不会每次都降临There were some American sailors in the 1800s that got ship wrecked on this coast.19世纪初 一艘载满美国海员的船只 在这里失事You can imagine how terrifying it must have been just to be ship wrecked,and storm washed up here.你能想象 船只在海中 风雨飘摇的场景 是多么可怕They survived it and made it to shore.They thought their problems were over but they were wrong.他们活了下来 直到船靠岸 以为灾难已经过去 但他们错了They were taken as slaves by local tribes men and almost all of them died under the weight of the slave labor in this, the Sahara desert.他们被当地土著俘虏 在繁重的劳役下 几乎所有人都丧生于 撒哈拉大沙漠But to a desert survivor,discovering a wreck like this can mean hope, possibility and opportunity.但对一个沙漠幸存者来说 发现这样的船只 则意味着希望 机会和生存I want to get down to get into the hull.See whats down there.我要到船身里面去 一探究竟Thats good. Come on down.Something...Something just swam past me here.好了 下来吧 有东西 有东西刚从我身边游过去201611/479388TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/469996TED演讲视频:退役军人的新任务--救灾年复一年在海外役后,92巴仙的退役军人愿意重新投入务;同时,自然灾害接二连三发生,在世界各地大肆破坏。这两个挑战有什么共同点?Team Rubicon发起人之一杰克·伍德告诉我们退役军人可以如何有效赈灾,并且从中重新找回归属感、人生目标和自我认同感。201703/498469


  In 1524, Tyndale fled London for mainland Europe,ending up in Worms in Germany,1524年 廷代尔逃离伦敦 前往欧洲大陆 来到了德国的沃尔姆斯a city which had recently been made safely Protestant by its allegiance to the new radical doctrines of Martin Luther.这座城市在马丁·路德激进主义新教教徒的努力下 才开始成为新教徒的安全区域Tyndales English New testament was completed there by January 1526,and within weeks copies were on sale in London.廷代尔的英文版《新约》在1526年1月成书于此 数周之内 便开始在伦敦出售What followed was an English version of the Inquisition.随之而来的 便是英国的宗教审判Denunciations, arrests, book burnings, show trials.揭发 逮捕 焚书 走过场的公审Those who recanted were forced to carry before them faggots of wood,那些公开认罪之人 被迫将一捆捆的柴火携带在身前symbols of the bonfire that would consume them if they ever lapsed again.熊熊燃烧的篝火象征着 若再犯 被烧的就是他们自己And in 1530 symbolism gave way to gruesome reality1530年 这一象征终于成为了可怕的事实when a priest named Thomas Hitton confessed to smuggling in a New Testament.一位名为托马斯·希顿的牧师 供认非法带入了一本新约Condemned as a heretic,he was burned at Maidstone on the 23rd of February.他被定为异端 于2月23日在美斯顿被处以火刑The Reformation had claimed its first victim.成为了宗教改革的第一个牺牲品And cheering all this on from the sidelines was the king, Henry VIII, dutiful son of the Church,而一直在旁鼓励持这些行为的 是国王亨利八世 忠实的教会之子whose candle at Walsingham had been burning brightly for nearly 20 years.他在沃尔辛厄姆点燃的蜡烛 明晃晃地燃烧了近二十年In the winter of 1530,as the fire was lit under the unfortunate Hitton,1530年冬 当熊熊烈火在不幸的希顿脚下点燃时there was no reason to think that anything would ever change.没有理由让人认为 这个世界会有任何改变 /201612/484471

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201606/447651。



  栏目简介:Last week, the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition suspended Alibabas membership after a number of brands complained it wasnt doing enough to ensure it only sold genuine products. The company had only received membership a month ago. Yuan Chenyue tells us more.201704/499891

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