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British men are couch potatoes who spend nearly half their free-time watching TV, an EU survey has revealed.They watch more TV than women, do less housework, less charity work and less childcare--but spend more time shopping, the poll suggests.Analysts from Eurostat, the EU's statistical office, interviewed working men and women in 10 countries.Britain, where men devoted 49% of their free-time to the box, came a narrow second to the Hungarians with 51%.German and Norwegian men watched the least TV--just over one third of their spare time.The statisticians took the average of the figures for the whole year including holidays and weekends.They broke down the "average day" into five categories--free-time, sleep, meals and personal care, travel, domestic chores and work/study.It shows that British men have four hours and 41 minutes free time each day--20 minutes more than women.But women spend nearly double the amount of time on domestic chores than men.Almost three-and-a-half hours of a woman's day is taken up with domestic work, compared to less than two hours for men.Food preparation makes up the bulk of the chores, with cleaning and shopping the next most time-consuming.They further broke down the free-time and domestic categories to reveal that men spend 137 minutes each day in front of the TV, compared to women's 114 minutes.Women spend slightly more time on socialising, resting and ing than men, but slightly less time on hobbies, sport and exercise.Universally unpopular with both sexes is culture--accounting for just 2% of both men and women's leisure time.EU statisticians interviewed people between the ages of 20 and 74 years old in Belgium, Germany, Estonia, France, Hungary, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, the UK and Norway. /200904/67543Many of us blurthe line between our private and professional lives, but we know that it is important to have a little Ramp;R every now and then, even if only for a few short minutes. Here are some tips to help you unwindand let go after a long day in the office.我们很多人都会分不清工作和生活的界限,同时我们也知道休养与恢复的重要性(小编注:Ramp;R即Rest and Recuperation,休养与恢复),即使只有一小会儿时间也不忘放松。下面就是一些小贴士,告诉我们在漫长的一天的工作之后如何放松。1.Take a bath: Nothing beats the feeling of a warm bath. Soaking in epsomsalts will help relievestress and sootheyour muscles, allowing your body to unwind after a long day on the job. Don#39;t have a bath? A hot showerworks wonders too!1.沐浴泡澡:没有什么比暖暖的泡个澡更舒的了。泡澡的时候放一点浴盐可以有效地舒缓压力、放松肌肉,让身体在一整天工作之后好好地放松一下。没有条件泡澡?洗个热水澡也能有同样的效果!2.Light a candle:Sounds simple, but candles are a small, inexpensive luxurythat create a relaxing setting throughout your home. Choosing scentslike lavenderis known to reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Candles are the easiest way to create a calmenvironment after a long day.2.点香薰烛:这个方法听起来很容易吧,但这的确是一个在家就能用的又简单又便宜的放松方法,还能给你带来奢华的享受。选择类似薰衣草这样的香薰烛能够减少压力、焦虑,缓解失眠。在一天的工作后,点一香薰烛是创造静谧舒缓环境的最简单的方法。3.Go for a walk:Many of us have office jobs that keep us indoors for a majority of the day. Set aside 20 minutes to go for a walk throughout your neighborhood. It#39;s the perfect way to get moving and enjoy the outdoors, especially during warm Summer nights.3.出去走走:我们很多人大多数时间都在室内的办公室里工作。每天在自己的小区里随意走上个20分钟,随便地动几下,好好享受室外的美好,尤其是在温暖的夏日夜晚。4.Stretch! Sitting in an office chair for several hours each day can make your body just as tight and achyas an intenseworkout. Try these simple stretchesfor desk dwellers and high-heel wearers to keep you working hard and feeling great.4.舒展身体:每天要在办公室的椅子上坐上几个小时,你的身体肯定会又僵硬又酸痛。对于长期坐办公室的人和穿高跟鞋的人来说,做些简单的舒展运动可以让自己感觉舒畅、工作也能更加努力。5.Enjoy a light :Crack open a book or magazine and escape into it. It is easy to get caught up only ing from a computer screen or eer. Flippingpages will give your eyes a much-needed break from the screen, and nonwork-related content will help you forget any office woes.5.看一些轻松读物:刷刷地翻几页书或杂志,可以让你有机会暂时离开一下电脑屏幕或者电子阅读器,让你的眼睛好好休息一下。而和工作不相关的阅读内容也能让你忘记办公室里的勾心斗角。6.Journal: Remember your teenage journal? Bring it back! Journaling can be the perfect way to unwind and reflect on your day. Journals also act as a great way to keep track of goals and inspiration.6.写日记:还记得年少时写过的日记吗?重新拿起纸笔来吧!记日记是一个放松回顾一天生活的绝好方法,也是一个追踪目标、激发灵感的好选择。 /201207/189251A Brazilian judoka accidentally broke his Olympic bronze medal when he brought it into the shower. Now he#39;s fighting to have it replaced.一位巴西柔道选手将他获得的奥运会铜牌带进浴室洗澡,结果不小心摔坏了奖牌。现在他正努力寻求换一块奖牌。Felipe Kitadai said he was carrying the medal everywhere. He took it with him to the shower as a joke, then dropped it while trying to keep it from getting wet.这位名为菲利普·基塔代的运动员说他去任何地方都带着奖牌。他觉得把奖牌带劲浴室很好玩,在他试图不让奖牌沾上水时不小心把奖牌摔坏了。Kitadai told Brazil#39;s GloboEsporte.com that the part holding the medal#39;s string broke, and now he can#39;t wear it around his neck. He said there#39;s also a small dent on it.基塔代告诉一家巴西体育网站,奖牌上用来系带子的环摔坏了,所以他现在没办法将奖牌挂在脖子上了。而且奖牌上也出现了一个小凹痕。Kitadai won the bronze in the men#39;s 60-kilogram division Saturday.上周六在男子60公斤级柔道比赛中,基塔代获得了这枚铜牌。The Brazilian Olympic Committee says it will request a new medal even though it knows the International Olympic Committee has no obligation to give Kitadai another one.巴西奥委会表示他们会努力申请帮基塔代换一块新的铜牌。不过他们也明白,国际奥委会也没有义务帮基塔代换块新的。The medals weigh 375-400g and are 85mm across and 7mm thick.The gold medal consists of just over one per cent actual gold. The rest is made up of 92.5 percent silver and 6.16 per cent copper.伦敦奥运会的奖牌重375-400克,直径85毫米,厚7毫米。金牌中仅仅包含百分之一成分的真正黄金,其余部分由92.5%的银和6.16%的铜组成。The 2012 gold medallion is therefore only worth about ?410 as raw metal – although the real value would, of course, be much higher if the medals were ever sold.2012伦敦奥运会的金牌从金属价值来看,只值410英镑。当然金牌的实际出售价格要远高于此。For a silver medal the gold is replaced with more copper, meaning the final product is worth around ?210.一块银牌中黄金的成分被更多的铜取代,它的金属总价值在210英镑左右。But the bronze medal is 97 percent copper, 2.5 percent zinc and 0.5 percent tin – and is therefore only worth about ?3.而一块铜牌中,97%的成分是铜,还有2.5%的锌和0.5%的锡,一块铜牌的金属价值仅有约3英镑。 /201208/193071Our mood can affect everything in our daily life. When we’re in a bad mood or depressed, we don’t feel like ourselves and we have a hard time concentrating or just making it through the day. When we’re happy, we feel on top of the world and y to take on anything. The food we eat can have a great impact on our mood, and if you want to look and feel good then you need to be sure to include some of the foods that will naturally lift your spirits. Here we look at several foods that are sure to raise our spirits and make us feel happier overall.集中注意力,或者只能煎熬度日。当我们感到快乐时,会觉得自己站在世界之巅,并且乐意接纳一切事物。食物对我们的情绪有很大的影响。如果你希望自己看上去精神焕发并且感觉良好,那么只需确保摄入一些可以振奋精神的食物。今天我们就要介绍给大家一些振奋精神并且能让我们更开心的食物。7 Top Feel-Good Foods七大美味食物1. Milk:those foods that are rich in calcium will naturally help to boost our spirits. Those that suffer from depression are told to take a calcium and Vitamin D supplement, and the good news is that 1-2 glasses of milk a day can be a natural mood booster that can help a person to feel happier and more productive.牛奶:具有丰富钙质的食物可以帮助我们提升士气。抑郁症患者常被建议补充钙类和维他命D。好消息是,一天1-2杯牛奶是一种天然情绪助推剂,它能让我们感到更高兴并且做事更有效率。 /201107/143554

Eat, But Don't Drink Up Well, in a recent study on nutrition, participants spent one month drinking a sugary beverage, and another month eating a solid, sugary food. Anyway the researchers monitored the participants' weight and eating habits. It turned out that they gained more weight in the month that they were drinking the extra calories than they did in the month they were eating them. But aren't extra calories just extra calories? Yes. But apparently solids and liquids don't digest the same way in our bodies. When you eat solids, you get full. So participants unconsciously ended up eating less of something else to compensate, which made up for some of those extra calories. When you drink, it doesn't really affect your hunger pangs because it doesn't fill you up, and so you'll probably end up eating the same amount whether you drink water or drink beer. Right. So these findings may help explain why Americans have gained so much weight over the past decade, even as fat consumption and exercise levels have remained more or less the same. So fat is entirely to blame after all? Not all by itself apparently. We simply can't continue to ignore all those extra calories people are getting from beverages like beer, whole milk, juice, sugary sodas, high protein shakes, sport drinks, specialty coffees and teas. Enough! Enough! I get it! Just try to control yourself, Don. Moderation is the key! 近日,科学家做了一项有关营养的研究,测试者在一个月内喝含糖饮料;而另一月吃含糖固体食物。 研究人员观察了受测者的饮食习惯和体重。研究结果表示,相比固体食物,受测者在喝含糖饮料的那个月体重增加的更多。 但是,增加的体重不就是吃下的热量吗? 是的,但是,很显然,固体和液体在体内消化的方式不同。吃固体的食物有饱腹感。所以,受测者会无意识地不多吃,而喝饮料无饱腹感,就会吃其它的食物来补充,这样反而吃得更多。 因为喝饮料并不能饱腹,所以喝饮料并不足减少饥饿感。所以,你可能最好注意喝饮料和饮酒,同样会让你长胖。 这些研究就解释了及时脂肪消耗和运动水平和过去几十年想当,为何美国人却长胖了这么多。 那么,脂肪就是罪魁祸首吗? 当然并非如此,我们不能再忽视其它饮料酒水途径:啤酒、全脂奶、果汁、含糖苏打水、高蛋白奶昔、运动饮料、特色咖啡还有茶。 够了!我懂了! 你要学会控制自己,适度饮食才是关键。 /201110/158021

Chinese New Year Dates农历新年,年年不同Chinese New Year falls on a different date every year. Chinese calendar is a combination of solar and lunar calendar. Chinese New Year falls on second new moon after the winter solstice(冬至). Chinese calendar has a 12 year cycle and each year is named afteranimal. Chinese believe that every person resembles an animal and thisreflects their traits. Lot of excitement can be seen in the last 15 days of New Year celebrations. Every day has a special importance to it. Chinese ritualize and celebrate each day in a customary manner. Given below are the line wise celebrations of the New Year in China:年初一:祭拜天地Day1: People began their day by offering prayers and welcome the gods ofheaven and earth. Most of the people stay away from meat to ensurehealthy living.年初二:过生日Day 2:Successively, prayers are offer to their ancestors and other gods.Chinese are strict care-taker of dogs and feed them well. This is dayis considered to be the birthday of all dogs.初三初四:走亲访友,媳妇回娘家Day3 and 4: These are very important days for the families to keep uptheir relations. It calls for every son-in-law to pay respect to theirparents-in-law.年初五:;破五;祭财神Day5: According to the traditions, nobody visits friends and relativeshouses as it would bring bad omen. They stay back home to worship theGod of wealth. The day is called Po Woo.年初六:百无禁忌,出门活动筋骨Day6: On this day, people freely meet their near and dear ones and evenvisit nearby temples to pray for their well being and high spirits.年初七:吃面条,祝长寿Day 7: This is Chinese farmers#39; day. They display their backbreaking produce. They also prepare a drink from seven different types ofvegetables. On this day, everybody eats noodles which is a symbol oflong life and fish representing success.年初八:凌晨拜天公Day8: It#39;s an other day to be celebrated with the family and friends. Theyalso offer midnight prayers to Tian Gong, the God of Heaven.年初九:玉皇大帝登场Day 9: Prayers are offered to Jade Emperor.初十、十一、十二、十三:大吃大喝,最后记得回归清淡Days 10 to 13: From 10 to 12, people celebrate the days by having sumptuous dinner with the loved ones and the 13th day is left for a very light dinner to cleanse the system.年十四:准备闹元宵Day 14: People start preparing for the celebration of Lantern Festival to be held on next day.年十五:吃元宵看灯火Day 15: Since it is the first night to see full moon, people hang out colorful lanterns, eat glutinous rice balls and enjoy the day with their families. /201201/168972

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