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MOSCOW Russia has deported several Polish and one German diplomat in recent days, the latest in a series of tit-for-tat expulsions that have come along with mounting tensions between Russia and European governments over the crisis in Ukraine.莫斯科——近日,俄罗斯驱逐了几名波兰外交官和一名德国外交官,这是一系列针锋相对的驱逐事件中最近的一起。之所以会采取这种举动,是因为俄罗斯与欧洲国家的关系,因为乌克兰危机而变得日益紧张。The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Monday that ;a number of Polish diplomats; were being sent home in retaliation for the ;unfriendly and unfounded; expulsion of Russian diplomats from Poland this month.俄罗斯外交部周一宣布,“一些波兰外交官”将被遣送回国,以回敬波兰本月对俄罗斯外交官“不友好且无根据”的驱逐。Separately, the German government said on Monday that one of its diplomats had been asked to leave Russia in what it called a ;retaliatory measure,; confirming a report in Der Spiegel over the weekend.德国政府周一单独表示,一名德国外交官被要求离开俄罗斯,德方称这是“报复性举措”。德国政府的这一表态印了《明镜》杂Der Spiegel)周末的一篇报道。Czarek Sokolowski/Associated Press俄罗斯驻华沙大使馆,摄于周一。俄罗斯与波兰官方确认,两国相互驱逐了对方的外交官。Relations between Russia and the West are at their worst since the Cold War, despite the tentative cease-fire between the Ukrainian government and the pro-Russian separatists in Ukraines southeast. Fighting has continued to simmer there, and each side has accused the other of repeatedly violating the agreement.俄罗斯与西方的关系进入了冷战以来最糟糕的状态,尽管乌克兰政府与乌克兰东南部的亲俄分裂分子已初步达成停火协议。当地的战斗仍难平息,双方都指责对方多次违反协议。Meanwhile, Western governments have imposed sanctions on Russia for its seizure of Crimea and its support for the rebels, and Moscow has retaliated with import bans on some Western products.同时,因为俄罗斯夺取克里米亚并持反叛分子,西方政府对其实施了制裁;作为回应,莫斯科也开始禁止进口一些西方产品。The rhetorical temperature has been rising. President Petro O. Poroshenko of Ukraine said in an interview with the German newspaper Bild that though Ukraine prefers peace, it is ;prepared for a scenario of total war.;双方的措辞也变得日益激烈。乌克兰总统彼得罗·O·波罗申科(Petro O. Poroshenko)在接受德国报纸《图片报Bild)的采访时说,虽然乌克兰更希望和平,但它“已经为爆发全面战争做好了准备”。For his part, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia told the German television station ARD in an interview released on Sunday that he was concerned about ;ethnic cleansings; in Ukraine and the possibility that the country could become ;a neo-Nazi state.; He said that Russia would not allow Ukraine ;to annihilate everyone there, all of their political foes and opponents,; suggesting that the Russian military could carry on more covert incursions into eastern Ukraine.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin)则在周日播出的一则采访中,告诉德国电视台ARD,他对乌克兰的“民族清洗”和乌克兰变为“一个新纳粹国家”的可能性感到担心。他表示,俄罗斯决不允许乌克兰“消灭那里的所有人,他们所有的政敌和对手”,这表明俄罗斯军方将对乌克兰东部发动更多隐蔽的进攻行动。Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany warned in a speech in Sydney, Australia, on Monday that the mounting frictions could have grave consequences.周一,德国总理安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)在澳大利亚悉尼的演讲中警告称,不断升级的擦可能会带来严重后果。Stressing the importance of learning the lessons from the world wars that devastated the Continent, Ms. Merkel said that ;old-fashioned thinking in spheres of influence, where international rights are being trampled, cannot continue.;默克尔强调,各国必须从世界大战中汲取教训,称“关注势力范围的旧式思维,即国际权利遭到践踏的局面,不能再继续下去”。According to a copy of her speech released by her office in Berlin, Ms. Merkel noted that ;there are still powers in Europe that refuse reciprocal respect and conflict resolution through democratic means that follow the rule of the law, that count on the alleged right of the strong and disregard the strength of the law.; She added, ;This is exactly what happened at the beginning of the year, when Russia annexed Crimea in violation of international law.;根据默克尔在柏林的办公室所发布的演讲稿,默克尔指出,“欧洲仍有些大国拒绝互相尊重,拒绝通过符合法治原则的民主途径来解决冲突,而是依赖于强国所宣称的权利,不尊重法律权威。”她接着说,“今年年初的情况正是如此,当时俄罗斯违反国际法,吞并了克里米亚。”Ms. Merkel lamented the damage that had been done to ;the friendship that has been established between Russia and Germany in the past 10 to 15 years,; relations that she said were ;a good foundation for the development of relations, not only between our two states, but also between Russia and Europe as a whole.;默克尔对“俄罗斯与德国在过去105年里建立的友谊”受到破坏感到惋惜,她形容这种友谊“为发展两国关系,以及俄罗斯与欧洲的关系,奠定了良好的基础”;It will be a pity if we let it go to waste,; she said.她说,“如果白白糟蹋这种友谊,那会很可惜。”European Union foreign ministers decided on Monday to broaden the unions sanctions against individual leaders of the pro-Russian rebellion, but did not adopt any new economic sanctions against Russia.欧盟各国外长周一决定,扩大欧盟对个别亲俄叛乱领袖的制裁范围,但没有对俄罗斯实施新的经济制裁。The diplomatic expulsions have often come with direct or veiled accusations of spying.上述驱逐外交官的举动,通常伴有直接或含蓄的间谍指控。The Russian Foreign Ministry statement about the Polish diplomats on Monday said they were being deported ;for activity incompatible with their status.; It did not give specifics about the expelled diplomats, but an official in the Polish Foreign Ministry said they were three military attaches and one employee in the embassys political section.俄罗斯外交部周一就驱逐波兰外交官一事发表声明称,这些外交官因为“一些不符合他们身份的行为”遭到驱逐。声明没有提到这些外交官的详细情况,但波兰外交部的一名官员表示,遭到驱逐的是三名武官和使馆政治处的一名官员。The official, speaking on the condition of anonymity under the ministrys rules, said Poland had expelled equivalent people from the Russian embassy in Warsaw several weeks ago. ;We expected Russians to respond in exactly the same manner, and so they did,the official said. ;As far as we are concerned, the case is closed.;这名官员表示,波兰在几周前驱逐了俄罗斯驻华沙大使馆的四名官员。“我们预料到俄罗斯人会以同样的方式回应,他们的确这么做了,”该官员说。“就我们而言,事件已经结束。”根据外交部的规定,这名官员要求匿名。Poland deported the four Russian diplomats in connection with the arrests of a Polish Army officer and a Russian-born lawyer. Marek Biernacki, Polands minister of justice, said both men were spies for the Main Intelligence Directorate, Russias largest foreign intelligence agency.波兰逮捕了一名波兰军官及一名生于俄罗斯的律师,驱逐四名俄罗斯外交官的举动与此事相关。波兰司法部长马雷克·别尔纳茨Marek Biernacki)表示,被捕的两人都是俄罗斯总参谋部情报总局(Main Intelligence Directorate)的间谍,该机构是俄罗斯最大的对外情报机构。The German case was similar. The report in Der Spiegel said Germany had expelled a Russian diplomat for spying while stationed at the Russian consulate in Bonn, prompting the Russians to send a German diplomat home.德国驱逐事件的情况与此相似。德囀?明镜》杂志报道,德国因为一名俄罗斯外交官在俄罗斯驻波恩领事馆任职期间从事间谍活动而将其驱逐,促使俄罗斯将一名德国外交官遣送回囀?;We deeply regret this unjustified action, and have made this clear to the Russian government,; said a German government official who did not give his name, in keeping with policy regarding sensitive diplomatic issues. He declined to give any further information.一名德国政府官员表示,“我们对这种不正当的行动深感遗憾,并已经向俄罗斯政府阐明这一态度。”根据涉及敏感外交问题的政策,这名官员要求匿名。他拒绝透露更多信息。Russia has leveled spying accusations of its own. On Saturday, a report on Russian state television claimed that Aleksejs Holostovs, a former member of the Latvian Parliament, had been expelled from Russia. In the report, Mr. Holostovs said he was sent to Russia to spy for Latvias intelligence services, which he said were controlled by the C.I.A.俄罗斯也提出了间谍指控。周六,俄罗斯国家电视台报道称,前拉脱维亚国会议员阿列克谢耶斯·霍洛斯托夫斯(Aleksejs Holostovs)被驱逐出俄罗斯。霍洛斯托夫斯在报道中表示,他被派到俄罗斯,是为拉脱维亚情报机构开展间谍活动,他称该情报机构受美国中央情报局(CIA)控制。Russia has also claimed to have arrested an Estonian intelligence officer, Eston Kohver, on Russian soil carrying ,000 in cash and a Taurus pistol. Estonia has said that Russian agents crossed the border under the cover of smoke grenades and electronic jamming to abduct Mr. Kohver.俄罗斯还声称,在俄罗斯境内逮捕了一名爱沙尼亚情报官员伊斯顿·科瓦Eston Kohver)。科瓦尔携带着6000美元(约.7万元人民币)现金和一把金牛座(Taurus)手。爱沙尼亚表示,俄罗斯情报人员在烟雾弹和电子干扰的掩护下,越过边境劫走了科瓦尔。来 /201411/343221

Is fat really an electoral issue?肥胖真的影响竞选吗?Even before Bridgegate and questions around his conservative credentials began to erode Chris Christie’s poll numbers, his weight was a point of contention in discussions about whether the New Jersey governor would make a credible presidential nominee.甚至在桥门事Bridgegate)之前,在针对克里斯·克里斯Chris Christie)保守政绩的质疑开始影响他的持人数之前,这位新泽西州长的体重已经是他能否成为总统候选人的讨论焦点。Back in 2012, Barbara Walters asked Mr. Christie whether “you couldn’t be president because you’re too heavy?And in a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll released in February, 53 percent of New Jersey voters found that he did not have the “right lookto be president despite the fact that he had lost significant amounts of weight after lap-band surgery in 2013.2012年,芭芭拉·沃尔特Barbara Walters)问克里斯蒂“你是否会因为太胖而无法成为总统”。今月发布的拉特格斯-伊格尔顿民意调查(Rutgers-Eagleton Poll)发现3%的新泽西投票人认为,克里斯蒂没有总统的“样子”——尽管他013年接受胃束带手术后,体重已经下降了很多。But while that in turn gave way to all sorts of editorializing about whether the ed States was a fattist country, and so on, it turns out that the weight thing, when it comes to political campaigns, is not in fact solely an American question.由此出现了各种社论,讨论美国究竟是不是世界上最胖的国家。不过,事实明,在政治竞选中,体重不只是美国独有的问题。It has popped up in Britain, too. And as its electoral cycle kicked off last week, when Prime Minister David Cameron officially asked the Queen to dissolve Parliament, it was front and center, thanks to an interview Mr. Cameron gave to The Times of London, in which it was revealed that he had lost 13 pounds in three months by renouncing peanuts and cookies and cutting down on carbs.这个问题也出现在英国。上周,英国首相戴维·卡梅David Cameron)正式提请女王解散议会,启动大选。体重问题成为当时的一个焦点。卡梅伦在接受伦敦《泰晤士报The Times)采访时称,通过不吃花生和饼干、减少碳水化合物的摄入,他在三个月里减了13磅。This came after an earlier pledge to lose weight made in January on B Radio Sussex, in which the prime minister called his efforts to slim down “a great patriotic struggle.”今月,首相卡梅伦在B萨塞克斯电台节目中发誓减肥,说自己的减肥是“伟大的爱国行动”。And it was followed by praise for Chancellor George Osborne’s previous and significant weight loss, achieved by going on the 5:2 diet (the one made popular by the Jennifers Aniston and Lopez in which you eat what you want for five days, and then effectively fast for two).之前,财政大臣乔治·奥斯本(George Osborne)通过5:2减肥法(随心所欲吃五天,然后有效禁食两天,这种方法因被詹妮弗·安妮斯顿[Jennifer Aniston]和詹妮弗·洛佩兹[Jennifer Lopez]采纳而广为流行)明显减轻体重,获得人们的赞扬。As the race to become the next prime minister begins two years of Western electoral cycles, with Canada expected to go to the polls later this year, America about to descend into a 16-month race that began last month with the Ted Cruz declaration, and France gearing up for its 2017 election, the weight card is shaping up pun intended into something of a modern strategic tool. At least (and this is particularly interesting) among the men.英国首相选举拉开了西方国家两年大选期的序幕:加拿大有望在今年晚些时候开始投票;上个月,特德·克鲁Ted Cruz)宣布参加美国总统选举,标志着为期16个月的美国大选开始;法国正在017年大选做准备。“体重牌”正成为一种现代战略手段。至少在男竞选人当中是这样(这一点特别有趣)。In 2012, part of Fran#231;ois Hollande’s pre-election makeover involved a public promise to diet (one of his less flattering nicknames was “Flanby and a subsequent 15-kilogram (33-pound) weight loss. In 2006, Mike Huckabee, a potential candidate from Arkansas, actually published a diet book, “Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork.Jeb Bush has revealed he follows the Paleo diet. Such history would suggest that where Mr. Cameron has gone this time around, all three may soon follow. (Mr. Huckabee, who has gained a fair amount of girth in the last few years, certainly has opportunity here.)2012年,弗朗索瓦·奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)的预选策略包括公开承诺减肥(他的一个不太好听的绰号是“Flanby牌焦糖布丁”),后来他减了15公斤006年,阿肯色州潜在总统候选人迈克·赫卡Mike Huckabee)出版了一本减肥书——《不要再用刀叉自掘坟墓了Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork)。杰布·布什(Jeb Bush)曾透露他采用旧石器时代饮食Paleo diet)。这样的历史表明,既然卡梅伦能实现诺言,这三个人可能很快也会减肥成功(在过去几年里,赫卡比的腰围已经减了不少,他肯定能成功)。Fitness, for obvious reasons, has always been part of the leadership arsenal, with the workout photo op seeming almost de rigueur, be it jogging (Bill Clinton, Mr. Cameron); golf or basketball (Barack Obama); or hunting (Vladimir Putin). But the public discussion of executive waistline issues is a relatively new development. And presumably a calculated one.显然,健身始终是展示领导能力的武器,发布锻炼照片几乎是常规做法,不管是跑步(比尔·克林顿[Bill Clinton]、卡梅伦);打高尔夫球或打篮球(巴拉克·奥巴马[Barack Obama]);还是打猎(弗拉基米尔·普京[Vladimir Putin])。不过,公众对国家领袖腰围的讨论是相对较新的发展——很可能是一个蓄意策划的发展。Party leaders need to use every tool at their disposal, including personal weight battles. At least judging by how it is working in Britain.政党领袖需要利用自己能够配的所有手段,包括个人减肥。至少,目前看来,这种手段在英国有用。After all, one of the biggest complaints about Mr. Cameron is that he is part of the old-boy network: a former member of Oxford University’s exclusive Bullingdon Club and hence too removed from the experience of average Britons to be able to understand their concerns. Admitting to a shared human weakness (and on the human weakness scale, a yen for fatty food is relatively harmless) serves to render him accessible. He can relate. Your problems are his problems.毕竟,民众对卡梅伦最大的一项不满在于,他是老伙伴关系网中的一员:他曾参加牛津大学极度排外的布灵顿俱乐Bullingdon Club),因此与普通英国人的生活离得太远,无法理解他们关注的东西。承认自己有一个人类共同的弱点(在人类弱点的天平上,喜欢吃油腻食物相对无害)能让他显得更可亲近。他跟你有关系。你的问题也是他的问题。Paired with Mr. Cameron’s admission in Woman amp; Home magazine that his wife, Samantha, buys his clothes for him, the diet discussion casts the Tory leader pretty neatly as a regular Joe.卡梅伦接受《妇女与家庭Woman amp; Home)杂志采访时承认,他的衣都是妻子萨曼Samantha)买的。再加上关于减肥的讨论,让这位托利党领袖看起来很像普通人。A regular Joe who has (this is key) won the battle. Stuck to his plan. Did what he said he would do. Exercised discipline. And otherwise exemplified qualities that are generally considered desirable in a leader. Especially one engaged in justifying an austerity drive.一个能战胜自己(这是关键)的普通人、坚持计划、实践承诺、严于律己。这些优秀品质通常是人们希望在领导人身上看到的,尤其是对一个推行紧缩政策的领导人来说。Indeed, it is probably not a coincidence that the political weight stories are all success stories.具有政治用意的减肥故事都以成功告终——这很可能不是巧合。Just as it is probably not a coincidence that the one thing that is never mentioned regarding a female candidate, be it Hillary Clinton or Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party or Marine Le Pen, is her weight. Clothes and hair are fair game, it seems, but weight is the off-limits topic.人们从来不提女候选人的体重——不管是希拉釷克林顿(Hillary Clinton)、苏格兰民族Scottish National Party)的妮古拉·斯特Nicola Sturgeon),还是玛丽娜·勒庞(Marine Le Pen)——这很可能也不是巧合。谈论她们的装和发型似乎还算公平,但体重是禁忌话题。Indeed, when the Christie-poundage brouhaha began, there was some Twitter noise about the discrepancy (“Just wondering why the press always makes an issue of Chris Christie’s weight but never mentions Hillary’s ampleness?shannon allen @usacsmret), but it never found any real traction. Weight is so bound up in classic questions of gender discrimination, identity and eating disorders that no one dares go there. (Except, maybe, Susie Orbach.)的确,当关于克里斯蒂体重的争吵开始时,有些人在Twitter上质疑这种差别待遇(“只是不明白为什么媒体总是讨论克里斯·克里斯蒂的体重,却从不提希拉里的丰满?”shannon allen@usacsmret),不过,这样的质疑从来没有引起很大反响。体重问题太容易触发性别歧视、身份和饮食紊乱等老生常谈,所以没人敢碰(当然,也许除了苏茜·奥巴赫[Susie Orbach])。Unless the subject is a man.除非谈论对象是男人。We go on and on about how unfair it is to women in positions of authority that their fashion statements are endlessly discussed and dissected, as opposed to their vocal statements (though I would say the two are related).权势女人的装风格总是被没完没了地讨论和剖析,而她们的主张却没有引起那么多关注(虽然我认为这两者是相关的)——我们经常抱怨这样的不公平。Yet here is a case of appearance-centric talk that is men-only. And it is a discussion that has been started largely by the candidates themselves, to their own ends. Which is why I would guess it is going to continue.围绕外貌的讨论仅限于对男士。这些讨论大多是候选人自己发起的,是为了实现他们自己的利益。所以我觉得这种情况还会继续。At least if Mr. Cameron comes out on top on May 7. After all, Jim Messina, one of the masterminds of President Obama’s 2012 re-election, is working with the Cameron team. He’s going to be looking for another candidate to coach soon enough. This may give him something to chew on.至少如果5日卡梅伦获胜的话,情况还会是如此。毕竟,目前卡梅伦团队中有吉姆·梅西纳(Jim Messina),他曾是巴拉克·奥巴马2012年第二次竞选总统时的主要策划者之一。如果卡梅伦获胜,他很快将再找一位候选人进行指导。这是他大做文章的一件事。来 /201504/371233

  So this is what the future of the ed Kingdom comes down to? Harry Potter versus EuroMillions. On September 18, Scotland will vote on independence. The news that JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter oeuvre, has decided to give #163;1m to the Better Together campaign is a welcome boost to the pro-union campaign. Until now, it has struggled to match the financial firepower of the pro-independence campaign, which has benefited from #163;3.5m donated by Chris and Colin Weir, a couple who won #163;161m playing the EuroMillions lottery in 2011. All told, the Weirs account for about 80 per cent of the funding received by the Yes campaign.那么,联合王国的未来将归结于哈利#8226;波特(Harry Potter)对战EuroMillions游戏吗?98日,苏格兰将举行独立公投。《哈利波特》系列小说作者J#8226;K#8226;罗琳(J. K. Rowling)决定向Better Together运动捐款100万英镑,对于这个持统一的团体而言,这是一个可喜的提振。在此之前,该团体一直很难与持苏格兰独立的Yes运动的财力媲美,后者获得了011年赢得EuroMillions 1.61亿英镑大奖的克里#8226;韦尔(Chris Weir)和考琳#8226;韦尔(Colin Weir)夫妇350万英镑的捐款。韦尔夫妇的捐款占到了Yes运动已收到捐款的80%左右。The idea that the UK’s survival might hinge on the political preferences of two lottery winners is unsettling. And the Scottish referendum is not an isolated example. Across the world, from the US to Asia, elections and political campaigns are shaped by massive donations by rich individuals.联合王国的存亡可能取决于两位者的政治倾向,这一想法令人不安。苏格兰公投并非一个孤立的例子。举目当今世界,从美国到亚洲,选举和政治竞选活动都受到富人巨额捐款的影响。The financial flows behind these political whims can be complicated. On a recent stay at the Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino in Singapore, which is owned by Sheldon Adelson, it struck me that I was watching Chinese gamblers enrich an octogenarian American billionaire, who would in turn use the money to fund Republican political candidates who support Israel. Most parts of the world seemed to be affected, one way or another, by the spinning fruit machines of Singapore.这些政治愿望背后的资金流动可能很复杂。在最近入住谢尔登#8226;埃德Sheldon Adelson)拥有的新加坡酒店——滨海湾金沙大酒Marina Bay Sands)期间,我突然想到:我正在目睹中国赌客让一0多岁的美国亿万富翁变得更富,这位富翁进而会用这笔钱资助那些持以色列的共和党政治候选人。全球多数地区似乎都会以某种方式受到新加坡的影响。Mr Adelson’s political donations have so far been lavish but not particularly effective. According to The Washington Post, he spent more than m backing losing candidates in the last US presidential election. This time round, he intends to place his bets more carefully and, according to an aide ed in the Post, is looking for a Republican candidate “who has convictions but is not totally crazya more difficult task than it sounds, given the state of the party.迄今,埃德森的政治捐款一直很慷慨,但不是特别有效。据《华盛顿邮报Washington Post)称,在上次美国总统大选中,他曾捐款000万美元,但他持的候选人最终都落败。这一次,他准备更为谨慎地下注,《华盛顿邮报》援引他的一名助手的话称,他正物色一位“有信念但并不完全疯狂”的共和党候选人——鉴于共和党的现状,这项任务实际上比听上去更为困难。Other billionaires have been more fortunate with their political spending. Although the precise amount of money that the Ambani family directed towards the campaign of Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, is not known, it is widely accepted that Mr Modi and his Bharatiya Janata party massively outspent the Congress party in the recent general election. The industrialist Ambani brothers were generous funders of the BJP and have, in turn, done well out of the stock market boom that followed Mr Modi’s victory.其他亿万富翁的政治出似乎更为幸运。尽管外界并不知晓安巴尼(Ambani)家族向印度总理纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)的竞选具体投入了多少资金,但人们普遍认为,莫迪及其领导的印度人民BJP)在最近大选中的出远远超出国大党(Congress party)。实业家安巴尼兄弟是印度人民党的慷慨捐款者,反过来也受益于莫迪当选后出现的股市涨势。Courting the rich is both necessary and dangerous for politicians. Tony Blair and the Labour party had to return #163;1m to Bernie Ecclestone after suggestions were made that the Formula One boss had influenced government policy on cigarette advertising. The financial relationship between Nicolas Sarkozy and Liliane Bettencourt, an elderly heiress, provoked a criminal investigation although the former French president was eventually cleared of wrongdoing.对于政治人士而言,寻求富人的持既是必要的,也是危险的。托#8226;布莱Tony Blair)和工Labour party)不得不向一级方程式(F1)老板伯尼#8226;埃克尔斯Bernie Ecclestone)归还100万英镑,因为有人称,埃克尔斯通影响了英国政府有关香烟广告的政策。尼古拉#8226;萨科Nicolas Sarkozy)与年事已高的女继承人利利亚娜#8226;贝当Liliane Bettencourt)之间的金钱关系引发了一桩刑事调查,尽管这位法国前总统最终被明是清白的。It is rare to find people who have a completely consistent attitude to billionaire-funded politics. George Soros, the financier, is a hate figure for the American right but a hero to liberals because of the causes he chooses to support. The Koch brothers, conservative industrialists, evoke similar reactions but in reverse.我们很少发现人们会对亿万富翁资助的政治持完全一致的态度。由于他选择持的事业,对于美国右翼人士而言,融资家乔治#8226;索罗George Soros)是一个令人憎恨的人物,而对于自由派而言,他却是一个英雄。保守的实业家科赫兄Koch)则引发相反的反应。Once they calm down, all sides might agree that it would be better to have political systems not so much at the mercy of the whims of individual billionaires (or, in the case of Scotland, mere multimillionaires). But this is easier said than done. In an age of front organisations and fragmented media, capping campaign contributions or spending is far from straightforward. In the US, the government attempted to place legal limits on the amount an individual could give to a single campaign. But that could not prevent multiple contributions to various political organisations, with similar goals such as the political action committees that then rallied behind individual candidates. The Supreme Court has ruled that political spending is a form of free speech making caps on individual contributions illegal, and rendering it all but impossible to rein in free-speaking and free-spending billionaires.一旦他们平静下来,各方或许都会认为,不让政治制度受到亿万富翁(或者,在苏格兰的例子里只是百万富翁们)愿望的严重影响将是更好的结果。但说起来容易做起来难。在幌子组织和媒体分化的时代,限制竞选捐款或出远非直截了当。在美国,政府试图对个人向单一竞选活动的捐款数额设置法定上限。但这不可能阻止富人向多个目标相似的不同政治组织(例如几个政治行动委员会,由其进而持个别候选人)捐款。美国最高法院裁定,政治出是一种言论自由的形式,这使得对个人捐款封顶被界定为非法,并导致社会几乎不可能迫使亿万富翁收敛言论和出。The British used to congratulate themselves on controlling election campaign spending, banning television advertising by political parties. But, in the age of social media, that measure looks increasingly beside the point.英国曾经为控制竞选出而自我庆幸,禁止政党在电视上做广告。但在社交媒体时代,这一措施看上去越来越无足轻重了。Plutocratic funding of politics probably cannot be stopped. So it might be some comfort to reflect that although money undoubtedly helps campaigns it is no assurance of success. If Mr Adelson’s billions really could buy the US presidency, Newt Gingrich would be sitting in the Oval Office. The curse of Sheldon has now struck Eric Cantor, the outgoing leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, and an Adelson favourite, who has just lost his congressional seat in a Republican primary to a much-worse funded, insurgent candidate.富豪为政治捐款很可能无法阻止。因此,或许令我们稍感安慰的是,尽管金钱肯定有利于竞选,但并不能确保成功。如果埃德森的数十亿美元捐款真的能够买下美国总统职位的话,纽#8226;金里Newt Gingrich)早就入主白宫了。埃德森的诅咒现在击中了即将卸任的众议院共和党领袖埃里克#8226;坎特(Eric Cantor),坎特是埃德森中意的政治人士,他刚刚在中期选举的共和党初选中,把自己的国会议员席位输给一位竞选资金远远逊于他的挑战型候选人。Similarly, while help from Harry Potter will undoubtedly be hugely welcome to the No campaign in Scotland, the polls suggest that Better Together was still well ahead before the wizard struck, and despite the EuroMillions that have been poured into the Yes campaign. Maybe voters actually have minds of their own? That would certainly make the future of the UK seem like less of a lottery.类似地,尽管“哈#8226;波特”的帮助肯定会受到苏格兰独立公投No运动的热烈欢迎,但民调显示,在这位魔法师到来之前,尽管EuroMillions获奖者向Yes行动投入了巨资,但Better Together仍遥遥领先。或许,选民实际上有自己的想法?这肯定会让联合王国的未来不那么像是一场游戏。来 /201406/308347

  Advice to visit Seattle’s Pike Place Market may border on cliché but for a good reason.来西雅图要去派克市场(Pike Place),这个建议简直有点俗气了——不过还是值得的。Whether you’re visiting Washington’s seaside city for vacation or just stopping by en route to and from the coming Sasquatch music festival, Pike Place is an easy catch-all destination for shopping, eating and just plain walking around, said Kirk Johnson, The New York Times’s Seattle bureau chief for the past three years.过去三年一直担任《纽约时报》西雅图分社社长的柯克·约翰Kirk Johnson)说,不管你是专程前来度假,抑或是去参加即将到来的“大脚怪Sasquatch)音乐节,往来途中在此停留,只要来到西雅图这座华盛顿州的海滨城市,派克市场都是轻松享受购物、美食与散心的一站式好去处。“Almost any day of the week, especially on the weekend, it’s a crazy fun scene of people shopping,Mr. Johnson said. “There’s also pretty good food.He recommends wandering into whatever place especially a hole in the wall catches your eye.“一周里的任何一天,特别是周末,在这里购物都非常棒,”约翰逊说。“美食也相当不错。”他还说,走进任何地方闲逛,都能让你目不暇接——特别是墙壁上的一个大洞。There is one specific restaurant Mr. Johnson likes: the Pink Door, which has no signage and can be found only by its rosy entrance. “It’s creative, interesting Italian,he said. “In the summer they get a lot of great fresh vegetables and probably have the best tomato bruschetta I’ve had.”约翰逊特别喜欢一个名叫“粉红门the Pink Door)的饭馆,它门口没有标识,只能靠玫红色的入口找到它。“是很有创意,很美味的意大利菜,”他说,“夏天有很多新鲜蔬菜,番茄烤面包片可能是我生平吃过最棒的。”He also recommends the nearby Pioneer Square, the oldest neighborhood in Seattle. Its historic architecture has charm, and the area isn’t bad for a lunch break, he said. The clear favorite here is Salumi which, as the name suggests, is known for its cured meats. Mr. Johnson did warn, however, that it’s necessary to plan for the fact that the restaurant has a long line as soon as it opens.他还推荐附近的先锋广Pioneer Square),这是西雅图最古老的社区。他说,不但历史建筑非常迷人,来吃吃午饭也不错。在这儿,他最心爱的餐厅当然是“萨鲁米Salumi),这是意大利语“腌肉”的意思,顾名思义,这家饭馆是以加工肉制品闻名的。不过约翰逊也告诫说,“萨鲁米”从刚一开门就会排起长队。Pioneer Square is also a portal to Seattle’s maritime world that remains alive and well. Ferry rides are a short walk away. Mr. Johnson said the ferry ride to Bainbridge Island provides “a great view of the city,and it’s not a long ride back to the mainland.西雅图的海运王国至今仍然繁荣活跃,先锋广场正是它的入口。轮渡码头就在步行不远的地方。约翰逊说,乘坐轮渡到班布里奇岛,沿途可以“饱览城市的美景”,然后坐船回来,路途不算遥远。Feel free to make a day of the waterfront, Mr. Johnson said. West Seattle is home to the city’s closest semblance of a beach, and it has a boardwalk. Farther away, you could ride the Seattle Great Wheel or explore the miles of trails on foot or riding a bicycle.约翰逊说,在海滨玩上一天也没问题。西雅图西部是这座城市最接近海滨的地方,这里有一条海滨步行道。再往远一点是西雅图天轮,你还可以沿小径步行或骑行几英里,进一步探索这个城市。At some point, you may see sculptures emerging on the horizon that would be the Olympic Sculpture Park, which is operated by the Seattle Art Museum, Mr. Johnson said, and that’s worth a visit itself. The museum, too, is “almost always interesting,he said, “and it’s a beautiful building.”如果看到若干雕塑从地平线上浮现出来,那你一定是来到了奥林匹克雕塑公Olympic Sculpture Park),它是由西雅图艺术物馆(Seattle Art Museum)经营的,非常值得一看,约翰逊说。物馆也“总是那么有趣,”而且,“是一栋非常漂亮的建筑。”People who want to experience Seattle’s nearby charms can easily do so with a bicycle, Mr. Johnson said, if they want to get away from depending on a car. He takes a ride to Chateau Ste. Michelle, a famous winery outside the city.约翰逊说,如果访客不想依赖汽车代步,骑自行车亦可以轻松体验西雅图周边美景。他就曾经骑车探访圣密夕葡萄Chateau Ste. Michelle),这是西雅图郊外一座著名的酒庄。Starting in June, he said, Chateau Ste. Michelle hosts a summer concert series on its lawn. “If it’s a nice night, and the weather is good, it’s a really great spot,he said. Or, if you prefer beer, Redhook Brewery amp; Forecasters Pub is across the street from the winery.他说,圣密夕葡萄园每年从6月开始,都会在自家草坪上举办一系列夏日音乐会。“如果赶上一个天气凉爽的美好夏夜,那真是个办演出的好地方,”他说。如果你更爱啤酒,酒庄对面就是莱德胡克酿酒厂与福卡斯特斯酒吧(Redhook Brewery amp; Forecasters Pub)。Mr. Johnson admits he still has items to check off on his own Seattle bucket list. For example, he’d like to try Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour, which follows underground passages through Seattle’s historic downtown.约翰逊承认,西雅图还有他想玩而没玩过的地方。比如说,他还打算试试比尔·斯派德Bill Speidel)的“地下之旅Underground Tour),游客可以从西雅图历史上的市中心的地下通行。The Travel section has you covered for anything Mr. Johnson might have missed including a 36 Hours guide to the city. And because we aren’t shying away from cliché, there’s always the Space Needle.“旅游”板块中还有其他约翰逊先生可能并未尽述的内容——包括西雅图36小时旅游。另外我们不怕俗套,太空针塔(Space Needle)也别忘了去。来 /201509/401291。

  Fifteen Chinese CEOs will join the US-China Business Roundtable in Seattle, during President Xi Jinpings state visit to the US.据报道,15位中国首席执行官将出席西雅图中美企业圆桌会议,期间,中国国家主席习近平在美进行国事访问。CEOs of Chinese companies come from different sectors, including Internet, manufacturing, energy and finance.15位中国企业的CEO分别来自互联网、制造业、能源、金融等不同的行业。Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. The company just celebrated its one year anniversary of the NYSE listing on September 9.马云,中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴的创始人及执行总裁。去日,阿里巴巴在纽约券交易所上市,现正值公司庆祝上市一周年之际。Lu Guanqiu, chairman of Wanxiang Group. The Hangzhou-based Chinese multinational automotive components manufacturing company reportedly shook hands with US firms to invest billion in Californias hotels on August.鲁冠球,万向集团董事长。其公司是设在杭州的中国跨国汽车零部件制造公司,据报道,该公司已与美国公司合作,将于8月投资加州的酒店0亿美元。Pony Ma, chairman and CEO of Tencent. As one of the investment arms of the company,Tencent Pictures partnered with the US movie studio Legendary Pictures on September to back a game adaptation slated for release next year.马化腾,腾讯公司董事会主席兼首席执行官。由于公司的投资机构之一,腾讯电影,月与美国电影公司传奇影业共同开发了一款改编的,该游戏将于明年发布。Jiang Jianqing, chairman of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. The worlds largest bank reported .45 trillion in total reserve assets in 2014.姜建清,中国工商董事长。中国工商是世界上市值最高的014年的报备总储备资产为3.45万亿美元。As their US counterparts, fifteen American enterprises, such as General Motors, Amazon, Apple, Honeywell, Microsoft and Walt Disney, will also participate in the roundtable.15个美国企业,包括通用汽车、亚马逊、苹果、霍尼韦尔、微软和迪斯尼等公司,也将出席圆桌会议。The roundtable aims to provide an opportunity for US and Chinese business leaders to discuss issues facing the two countries and explore ways to strengthen the Sino-US economic relationship, said Chicago-based think tank Paulson Institute, co-host of the event.此次会议的承办方,总部位于芝加哥的智库鲍尔森研究所表示,圆桌会议的目的是为中美两国的商界领袖提供一个平台,讨论双方面临的问题,并探讨如何加强中美经济关系。President Xi will attend the meeting and deliver a policy speech.习近平主席将出席此次会议并发表政策讲话。来 /201509/400951

  Chinas top diplomat Wang Yi said on Thursday that the world is watching Japans reactions as the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II nears.周四,中国首席外交官王毅称,全世界都在注视着日本对即将到来的世界反法西斯战争胜利七十周年纪念日的反应。The foreign minister made the comment to Chinese reporters after a meeting with his Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida on the sidelines of a series of meetings on East Asia cooperation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.外交部长王毅在马来西亚吉隆坡出席东亚合作系列外长会议期间,应约会见日本外相岸田文雄。此后,王毅对中国记者发表了自己的;Of course we are waiting to see (Japans next moves),; CCTV reported Wang as saying.“我们当然正等着看(日本接下来的举动),”中国中央电视台报道称王毅如是说。Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his Cabinet are trying to pass new security bills through Japans upper house, triggering nationwide protests as observers said the bills are believed to betray the spirit of its pacifist Constitution.日本首相安倍晋三及其内阁正设法经由日本上议院来通过新安全法案,这引发了全国范围的抗议,观察员说这一法案被认为是违反了和平宪法的精神的。Wang, a former Chinese ambassador to Japan, said that the recent changes in Japans military and defense policies ;naturally lead to concerns of many countries, especially neighboring countries;.王毅曾是中国驻日大使,他说,近来日本军事以及国防政策的变化“自然会引来许多国家的关注,尤其是其周边国家。;We hope that Japan could continue taking the path of peaceful development,; Wang said.“我们希望日本能够继续走和平发展道路,”王毅说。Lyu Yaodong, an expert on Japanese foreign policy at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that ;Japan has not resolved its history issue;, and that it is still attempting to beautify or deny its history of aggression.中国社会科学院的日本对外政策研究专家吕耀东说,“日本尚未解决其历史问题”,并且仍然企图美化或是否认其侵略史。Also on Thursday, the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of National Defense reacted to reports of Japan supplying patrol planes to the Philippines that would be used to monitor activities in the South China Sea.同样是在周四,外交部和国防部就日本向菲律宾调派巡逻机监视中国南海活动这一报道作出回应。Reuters cited four anonymous sources as saying that Tokyo wants to provide the Philippines with three Beechcraft TC-90 King Air planes equipped with surface and air surveillance radar, though Manila reportedly preferred a more advanced aircraft, the Lockheed Martin P3-C, which may have the capability to track Chinas submarine activity.路透社称有四名匿名人士说,东京打算提供给菲律宾三架配备有水面和对空监视雷达的比奇TC-90 King Air飞机,然而据报道,马尼拉则更想要更为先进的飞机——具有追踪中国海下潜艇活动性能的洛克希马丁P3-C。The US had asked Japan to provide training programs and maintenance for any planes it gives the Philippines, a US military source told Reuters.一位美国军方人士告诉路透社,美国要求日本提供其训练计划,并由日本对其提供给菲律宾的飞机进行维护。The information office of the Ministry of National Defense told China Daily in a written response, ;China hopes that the military cooperation by relevant countries contributes to the peace and stabilization of the region, not the contrary.;国防部新闻办公室在一份书面回应中告诉《中国日报》,“中国希望有关国家的军事合作能够为区域的和平和稳定做出贡献,而不是起到相反作用。”The spokespersons office of the Foreign Ministry stated that China hopes to see the parties involved do more to contribute to ;improving mutual trust among countries in the region;.外交部发言人办公室指出,中国希望看到当事人能够做更多事情来“提高此区域国家间的相互信任”。来 /201508/391916

  As the first China-made large aircraft roll off the production line, plans for the larger C929 to rival the Boeing 777 are well under way.作为第一台中国本土制造的投入生产线的大型客机,C929抢占劲敌波音777地位的计划正在酝酿中。The China-made large passenger aircraft C919 that made its debut at an exhibition in November 2010 will begin to roll off the production line from Nov.2 this year. Its maiden flight is expected to be in the third quarter of next year, according to Wang Jian, chairman of the AVIC Electromechanical Company speaking at the International Forum of Civilian Aircraft Electromechanical Systems held in Nanjing on Oct. 23.2010年九月,中国制造的大型客机C919第一次在展览会亮相。今1日起,该客机将投入生产线制造。在103日于南京举行的民航飞机机电系统论坛上,中航机电系统有限公司董事长王建说,它的首次航行将于明年第三季度进行。The C919 has been developed by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), which develops home-grown passenger aircraft, including the short range jet ARJ21. The single-aisle narrow-body passenger aircraft C919 has been marketed over the past years aimed at competing with the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320.C919是中国商用飞机有限责任公司研发的,该公司研发包括短途引擎ARJ21在内的本土客机。单通道窄体的C919客机已经在过去的几年中被推入市场,目标就是和波音737以及空客320竞争。Wang said as of now, a total of 514 China-made C919 aircraft have been ordered by 21 customers around the world.王说,至今,共计514架国产C919客机已经被世1家客户预订。Wang said that according to the current plan, the C919 will make its maiden flight in the third quarter next year, or possibly in 2017.王说,依照现在的计划,C919将在明年第三季度首次航行,或者可能在2017年。The C919s ;successor; - the wide-body aircraft C929 has also entered the research stage in terms of key technologies. According to Wang, the C929 will use domestic engine and have a capacity of more than 300 passengers, aiming to replace the Boeing 777 in the future.C919的姊客机,宽体C929就关键技术而言已经进入研究阶段。王称,C929将使用国产发动机,载客量大于300人,目标是在未来取代波音777。来 /201510/406585South Korea said Friday it is withholding judgment on whether Pyongyang was behind the Sony Pictures hacking incident that analysts say threatens the financial viability of the movie industry.韩国星期五表示,暂不对平壤是否幕后策划黑客攻击索尼影业事件作出判断。分析人士说,这次事件威胁到电影行业的金融活力。Lim Byeong-cheol, South Korean Ministry spokesman said: ;It is not proper for our government to confirm whether North Korea was behind the Sony Pictures hacking incident. Regarding Sony Pictures decision to cancel the screening and release of the film The Interview, our understanding is that it was the companys own judgment.;韩国韩国统一部发言人林丙哲表示“要求我国政府确认朝鲜是否幕后指使索尼影业黑客事件是不合适的。关于索尼影业决定取消播映和发行影片《采访》,我们的理解是,这一判断是索尼公司自己作出的。”On the streets of Seoul, people are speaking out about the cancelled release of the film about a fictional plot to kill the Korean leader Kim John Un.首尔街头,民众对取消发行这部虚构阴谋朝鲜领导人金正恩的影片发表看法。Jeon Yeon-su, a Seoul resident, said: ;First, I think it was a good decision not to release The Interview because it is the best way to prevent terror, or North Koreas threats. However when it comes to the freedom of expression, another resolution should be considered;首尔居民全永素说:“首先,我认为,停止发行影片《采访》的决定是明智之举,因为这是防止恐怖或者朝鲜威胁的最好方法。不过,说到言论自由,其他处理办法也应得到考虑。;I think it is a bit unfortunate that the film release has been delayed as, in a sense, releasing the film itself could arouse citizens attention,; she added.她还表示:“我认为,影片推迟公映多少有点遗憾,因为某种意义上讲,发行这部影片本身可能会引起民众的注意。”The White House is treating a cyber attack on Sony Pictures as a ;serious national security matter, but there has been no direct condemnation of North Korea for its alleged role in the hacking incident.白宫目前将索尼影业遭受的网络攻击事件当作‘严重的国家安全问题’处理。White House spokesman Josh Earnest said: “This is something thats being treated as a serious national security matter. There is evidence to indicate that we have seen destructive activity with malicious intent that was initiated by a sophisticated actor.白宫发言人欧内斯特说:“这件事情目前正在被作为一次严重的国家安全问题处理。有据显示,我们发现了破坏活动,其意图险恶,始作俑者老奸巨猾。”The White House spokesman added that President Barack Obamas National Security Council is considering a proportionate response to the cyber attack.欧内斯特还说,奥巴马总统的国家安全委员会正在考虑应对这次网络攻击的适当措施。Sony cancelled the December 25 release of ;The Interview,; after some major theater chains chose not to show it, after a hacker group calling itself Guardians of Peace threatened to harm anyone showing or attending the film.索尼取消25日发行影片《采访》,因为一些主要连锁剧场决定不放映这部影片,此前一个自称‘和平卫士‘的黑客组织威胁伤害放映或者观看这部片子的人。The U.S. Department of Homeland Security says ;there is no credible intelligence to indicate an active plot against movie theaters.; President Obama also downplayed the threat, saying his ;recommendation would be that people go to the movies.;美国国土安全部表示,“尚无有关针对电影院现实阴谋的可靠情报。”奥巴马总统低调处理有关威胁。他说,他建议民众还是去看电影。来 /201412/349982


  Voters in Burkina Faso have voted Sunday for a new president and parliament in what is being called the countrys most open election in its history.非洲国家布基纳法索的选民星期天投票选举了新一任总统和议会。这次选举被称为是布基纳法索历史上最为开放的一次大选。Five million registered voters were eligible to select from among a slate of 14 presidential candidates.该国五百万注册选民有资格从14名总统候选人当中选出一位新总统。Twelve hours of voting ended about 6 p.m. local time. Officials have begun counting the ballots and the first results are expected late Monday. If no one earns more than 50 percent of the vote, a second round will be held.历时12个小时的投票在当地时间下午大点结束。官员们开始计票工作,最初计票统计结果预计星期一晚间公布。如果没有候选人在星期天的选举中赢得超过半数选票的话,将举行第二轮投票,以定乾坤。Former President Blaise Compaore led Burkina Faso for 27 years before trying last year to get rid of a constitutional term limit and make himself eligible for another round in office. That move brought protests that forced him to resign.布基纳法索前总统孔波雷在领导布基纳法7年之后,去年试图改写宪法,取消对总统的任期限制,以便自己再度执政。此举引发抗议,并迫使他辞职。An interim government replaced Compaore, and the election was supposed to take place in October, but a brief, failed military coup forced the process to be postponed.孔波雷辞职后,布基纳法索是由一个临时政府领导。大选原本定0月份举行,但是军方发起的短暂的失败政变,迫使选举被推迟到本周日举行。来 /201512/412953。

  Europe is not quite the basket case it was a few years ago. But with low-as-you-can-go-growth, mounds of debt, throngs of unemployed youth and a rising tide of Euroskepticism, the European Union, to put it kindly, is still in a tough spot.如今的欧洲已经不再是几年前那个毫无希望的人。但一点点经济增长、一大堆债务、大批失业的年轻人和欧元怀疑论不断升温,欧盟往好了说也仍旧困难重重。As if the above didn’t make it obvious aly, it’s also in need of a strong leader.如果上面这些还说得不够清楚,换句话说,欧盟还需要一位强大的领袖。In theory, Europe has a spot at the top in which a real leader might sit and wield some gavel of authority, clarity, and resolute power—and that is the high office of President of the European Commission.理论上欧洲有一个最高职位,一位真正的领袖可以在这个位置上施展权威,廓清迷雾,行使绝对权力——这个职位就是欧盟委员会(European Commission)主席一职。In reality, Europe has nothing of the kind. Which would explain why few but his immediate family and a handful of bureaucrats in Brussels know precisely who the current holder of that office is. (For the record, it’s Jose-Manuel Barroso, a former Prime Minister of Portugal, law professor, and one-time student at Georgetown.)但事实上,欧洲根本没有这样一个职位。这可以解释为什么只有他的直系近亲与布鲁塞尔的几位官员明确知道目前的欧盟委员会主席到底是谁。(他就是若曼努埃尔o巴罗佐,葡萄牙前总理,法学教授,曾在美国乔治敦大学求学。)All of which brings us to Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and No. 13 on Fortune’s 2014 list of the 50 World’s Greatest Leaders. There are some who now hope that Lagarde will emerge as a candidate for the European Commission presidency—whose role is to oversee the body that proposes and enforces EU laws—when the current office-holder’s second five-year term ends later this year.由此,人们将目标投向了国际货币基金组织总裁克里斯蒂娜o拉加德,2014年《财富》全0位领导力榜样排行榜排名第13。有些人希望,今年晚些时候现任欧盟主席结束第二个5年任期后,拉加德能成为候选人,负责管理欧盟立法和执法机构。One such booster, apparently, is Angela Merkel, Germany’s well-regarded Chancellor (and No. 2 on Fortune’s World’s Greatest Leader list), who reportedly pressed Lagarde to run for the job.显然,德国总理安吉拉o默克尔就是这样的一位持者(默克尔在《财富》全0为领导力榜样榜单中排名第二)。报道称,她力推拉加德竞争这个职位。The path to the position is hardly straightforward. Merkel raised the matter with French President Francois Hollande, who generally speaking would be the one to put Lagarde forward as a candidate—something Hollande, who is loathe to lose a compatriot at the powerful IMF, is unlikely to do. So, technically, for Lagarde to be considered, she would likely have to be nominated by one or another pan-European political parties.通往这个职位的道路并非没有曲折。默克尔与法国总统弗朗索瓦o奥朗德提起过这事,一般而言,应该由法国总统提名拉加德为候选人。但奥朗德可能不会这么做,他绝不想在有实权的IMF中失去一位亲法者。因此,从技术层面,如果拉加德要加入候选人行列,她可能必须获得一个泛欧政党的提名。Later this month, European leaders will choose from such candidates. As per the EU’s purportedly more democratic rules, they must factor into their decisions the results of May’s parliamentary election. The emergent nominee must then win majority approval of the European parliament.本月晚些时候,欧洲领导人们将从这些候选人中做出选择。按欧盟据称更为民主的条例,他们的最终决定必须考虑5月份的欧洲议会选举结果。获得提名的人选必须获得欧洲议会多数通过。May’s election results suggest that the favorite may well be Jean-Claude Juncker, a former prime minister of Luxembourg and an old-school European federalist, who Merkel initially backed. The ed Kingdom’s David Cameron, however, has been openly opposed to Juncker. Hence, the backroom negotiations that led to the conversation between Merkel and Hollande, according to reports.5月份的选举结果显示,最受欢迎的很可能是前卢森堡总理克洛德o容克,也是默克尔起初持的一位老派欧洲联邦主义者。但英国的戴维o卡梅伦已经公开表示反对容克。因此,报道称,种种幕后角力导致了默克尔与奥朗德之间的对话。Getting involved in all that politicking merely to join ranks with a mélange of underweight Eurocrats, may sound like a step back for Lagarde, whose star has been rising on the international stage ever since she replaced the disgraced Dominique Strauss-Kahn as the “World’s Bankerin 2011. And, well, it probably is.参与这些政治斗争,泯然于一群无足轻重的欧洲官员之列,对于拉加德而言可能是一种倒退。自011年她取代斯文扫地的多米尼克o斯特劳斯o卡恩成为“世界的家”后,她就已经成了国际舞台上冉冉升起的明星。嗯,可能就是这样。Indeed, Lagarde has said she is not interested in the presidency. Her current job, after all, affords her a platform from which she wields considerable influence in a global conversation on the world’s most pressing issues—from rising income inequality to banking reforms to climate change.确实,拉加德已经表态,她对主席一职不感兴趣。毕竟,她当前的职务为她提供了一个很好的平台,让她可以就全球最紧迫的一些事务在国际对话中施加相当的影响力。这些事务涵盖了从收入不平等加剧,到改革,再到气候变化的大量问题。Still, one can’t blame Merkel for trying. The German Chancellor and many other top European leaders have no doubt been spooked by the dramatic gains made by anti-EU parties in late May’s elections. Lagarde, meanwhile, is regarded as a consensus-builder who can contend with the increasing dissatisfaction among EU member states—in three years Britain plans to hold a referendum on its membership—and bring positive change to the organization.不过,人们也不能怪默克尔有这样的想法。这位德国总理以及欧洲其他很多最高领导人们无疑都月底欧洲议会选举中反欧盟党派持率的飙升给吓坏了。与此同时,拉加德还被视为共识缔造者,她能够应对欧盟成员国日益滋长的不满情绪(英国计划年内就欧盟成员身份举行全民公投),同时给欧盟组织带来积极的改变。If for some reason the EU Presidency doesn’t work out, of course, there’s always the role of President of the European Council. Or President of the European Parliament. Chances are you don’t know who holds these grand offices either. But hey, we’ll give you a hint: One of them used to be a Prime Minister of Belgium.当然,如果欧盟主席因为某种原因不起作用,总还有欧洲理事会主席这个职位。再或者,还有欧洲议会主席。或许大家还不知道这些主席是谁。我们可以给你一点提示:他们中的一位曾经是比利时首相。(财富中文网) /201406/308318



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