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Give Us Less Homework Weekend 周末少给我们留点儿作业 -- :51: 来源: Give Us Less Homework Weekend 周末少给我们留点儿作业  We have to spend the whole day studying except three meals. We have many interests. We love music, dance and sports. We like ing and watching TV. A two-day weekend can get us from our lessons, and we can do what we like. But teachers don't think so. They make us do a lot of homework. We are really tired of homework. We usually don't do it until Sunday night. Often we do it carelessly. The poor homework makes teachers angry.  A horse runs faster after a good rest. Please give us less homework, and leave us more free time.  除了一日三餐,我们不得不学习一整天我们有许多兴趣我们爱音乐,爱跳舞,爱运动我们喜欢读书,喜欢看电视两天的周末时间可以使我们摆脱学业,干点自己喜欢的事可是老师不这样想,他们让我们做许多作业我们真的讨厌这些作业,总是星期日晚上才开始写我们经常做得很粗心,这么差的作业让老师很恼火  马儿歇好了才能跑得更快请给我们少留点作业,留给我们更多的空闲时间陈家祠英语导游词 --01 :37:33 来源: The Chen Family Temple陈家祠   【Introduction】   The Chen Family Temple was an ancestral[?n’sestr?l]adj.祖先的, temple of the Chen families in Guangdong Province. As a Chinese saying goes, “people of the same surname were in the same Family 500 hundred years ago.” This adage [’?d?d?]n.谚语,格言is known to all in China and is certainly true as applied to适用于the fact that people of the Chen families in the 7 counties of Guangdong Province jointly共同地,联合地 built this temple, in 189 in the present –day Zhongshan Qi Road, as a place of their clannish 自成一帮的activities on special occasions as well as a shrine offering sacrifices[’s?krifais]n.牺牲, 舍身;献祭, 供奉;祭 to their common ancestors[’?nsist?]n.祖先, 祖宗. Otherwise called Chen Clan[kl?n]n.宗族, 家族; 氏族 Academy[?’k?d?mi]n.专科学校, it was also a school children of the Chen families. In 1959, it was converted[k?n’v?:t]vt. vi.(使)转变, into the Guangdong Folk Art Museum, the temple structure itself is a comprehensive[,k?mpri’hensiv]adj.广泛的, 综合的 expression of the exquisite[’ekskwizit]   adj.精致的, 精美的 Guangdong folk arts and crafts.工艺   Covering a ground space of ,000 square meters, with a floor space of 6,00 square meters, the temple is built in the traditional Chinese architectural [ɑ:k?tektr?l] 建筑学的;建筑上的 style. It is laid out in a symmetrical [s?’metr?k?l]adj.对称的;匀称的 way, with the longitudinal [l?nd?i’tju:dinl]adj.经度的,纵向central line as the axis[’?ksis]n.轴;轴线, 中心线 and the structures on one side corresponding 符合的, 一致的 exactly with those on the other. Its wide-open main halls and the lattice-walled格子框架wing-rooms are interspaced 留…的间隔,留空隙的by courtyards 庭院,院子and connected with corridors, and huge suspended悬浮的 or floor screens as well as solid brick walls are used as partitions[pɑ:’tin]n.分开, 分割;分割物, 隔墙 between halls and courtyards and between rooms; thus creating an artistic effect of being structurally compact but appearing spacious[’speis]adj.宽敞的 and magnificent, and producing a contrasting对比的 effect of the big with the small, the high with the low, the open with the hidden and the true with the false.   Another feature of the temple structure is that all the houses are gable[’ɡeibl]n.尖顶屋两端的山形墙 roofed, with two slopes[sl?up]n.斜坡, 斜面to drain away使流走(双檐滴水) the rainwater, which is the traditional style of roof structure corresponding to相当于..., 与...相一致houses the people in old China and to temple buildings of this kind.   In the feudal society [’fju:dl]adj.封建的社会of old China, a strict hierarchy[’hai?rɑ:ki]n.等级制度was med. Under this social estate [is’teit]n.土地, 财产system, everything was rigidly严格地stratified分层的. The size, height and color of a house and even the style of its roof must match the social status [’steit?s]n.身份, 地位;情形, 状况of its owner or user. That’s why, in the mer imperial[im’pi?ri?l]帝王的palaces, all the back houses servants and soldiers are low and gable-roofed with grey tiles [tail]n.瓦片, 瓷砖, but the main buildings in the middle have yellow roofs with slopes on four sides.   While being constructed in the national style of architecture[’ɑ:kitekt]n.建筑学, 建筑术;建筑风格, 建筑式样, the temple structure is unique in the way it is decorated, the way that is characteristic[,k?rikt?’ristik]adj.特有的, 典型的 of this province. Stone-carvings, brick-carvings, lime sculptures, [la?m] [’sk?lpt]灰雕 ceramic figurines[si’r?mik]adj.陶器的[,f?gj?’ri:n]n.小雕像,小塑像,, wood-carvings or artistic objects of iron-casting 铁铸can be found everywhere. They are made into flowers and trees, insects and birds, animals and human figures 人像and even architectural complex n.综合体, 集合体. These works of art are used not only the purpose of decoration but are also symbols[’simb?l]n.象征, 标志;符号 or implications[,?mpli’kein]含义, 暗示of one thing or another, or depictions [d?p?kn] 描写of various scenes from stories of Chinese history and legends. example, the peony flower is a symbol of richness and wealth, the twin lotus flowers on one stalk stand an affectionate挚爱的couple of husband and wife and the lion sculpture, power and dignity [’diɡniti]n.庄严, 端庄, 尊严.   【Outside the Main Entrance】正门外   The Stone Lion and the Unicorn-like Animal双狮和独角兽     Here (in front of the temple) are two granite [’ɡr?nit]n.花岗岩, 花岗石statues [’st?tju:]n.雕像of the lion that exists in reality. 实际上,事实上 The one playing a ball is male and the other patting a baby lion is female. Such lion statues can also be seen in other parts of the country, squatting [skw?t]vi.蹲坐; 蹲majestically [m?’d?estik]adj.雄伟的, 威严的;壮丽的at the main entrances of the houses the upper class of old China, because they are a symbol of power and dignity.   But the unicorn-like animal on the roof, with a single horn on its head, is a fictitious [f?k’t?s]adj.假的, 虚构的animal that is peculiar to Guangdong province. During the Ming Dynasty (68-), natural calamities自然灾害 [k?’l?miti]n.灾祸, 灾难were of frequent occurrence [?’k?r?ns]n.发生, 出现;事件; 发生的事in the area. At that time, man was absolutely powerless对某事无能为力的bee nature. When calamities occurred[?’k?:]vi.发生; 举行, people had no choice but to resort to采取superstition [,sju:p?’stin]n.迷信, 迷信行为. They looked upon natural disasters as demons[’di:m?n]n.恶魔,恶鬼 and ghosts and created this beast of prey 捕食to expel [iks’pel]vt.驱逐, 赶走them. So, this unicorn-like animal is a mythical想像的;虚构的beast [bi:st]n.兽that is endowed with赋予supernatural power n.超自然的能力to exorcise 驱除evil spirits.   The Sculpture of Gourds葫芦雕— A Token象征 of a Flourishing Family 繁荣的, 昌盛的家族     The sculpture of gourds [g?:d, grd, gd]in pairs on the roof or in other places of the temple is a token of a flourishing family with ever-increasing不断增长的 members. It incarnates[?n’kɑ:n?t]赋予(思想、精神等) the Chen family’s desire[di’zai?]愿望, 欲望, 心愿 that its clansmen would live and multiply [’m?ltiplai] (使)增加;(使)繁殖continuously连续不断地,接连地 like gourds growing luxuriantly [l?g’?ri:?nt, l?k’?r-]adj.茂盛的,郁郁葱葱的 to propagate [’pr?p?ɡeit]vt. vi.繁衍, 增殖 successively接连着,继续地. This is because the gourd is a seedy多种子的plant and its many seeds will propagate in great numbers.   Masterpieces of Brick-carving     On the wall on either side of the main entrance is a picture carved on bricks, depicting [di’pikt]vt.描绘; 描画;描述different stories from Chinese historical[his’t?rik?l]adj.历史(学)的 novels. They are regarded as representative works of the exquisite[’ekskwizit]adj.精致的, 精美的 Guangdong brick-carving.   The Guangdong brick-carving is unique in the technique of its making. It is made in such a way that different parts of a picture are carved separately on small pieces of y-made fired bricks bee they are laid onto a wall to m an integral [’intiɡr?l]adj.构成整体所必需的whole, whereas但是 those of other provinces are made by carving a whole picture on a big piece of adobe [?’dbi:]n.风干土坯,风干砖坯;(制风干砖用的)灰质粘土 (unburned brick) bee it is fired into a hard cube and embedded[im’bed] 嵌入onto the wall. The mer entails 需要 much more precision [pri’sin]n.精确度, 准确(性)and skill and so is more exquisite and is of greater artistic value.   Liu Qing Taming驯a Fierce [fi?s]adj.凶猛的; 凶狠的Horse 陈家祠 英语 导游词My House -- :58:33 来源: My House We have a new flat. It’s on the third floor. there are there bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a big living room. I have my own room now. It’s big and nice. there is a big curtains and an airshy;shy;-conditioner. It’s nice. I love my new room very much.Shool ort Day --3 ::6 来源: Shool Sport Dayshoolsport dayyesterday we have a shoolsport day. tom runs fast .so, he was in the 0m race.he wom a gold medal.ann jumps long.so, she was in the long jump. she won a bronze.we all did our best and had fun.

我想成为校长(I want to be a headmaster) -- ::7 来源: 我想成为校长(I want to be a headmaster)  I want to be a headmaster when I grow up. I think that’s a good job. My school is in the est. It’s very beautiful. I go to work by Benz at eight o’clock in the morning.  The teachers in my school are kind and patient. The female teachers in my school are good looking and young. The male teachers are handsome and strong.  They are all hardworking so they get good salary. The children in my school have three classes in the morning. In the afternoon, they play and pick up mushrooms or strawberries in the est.  They have no homework. They are very happy! At four o’clock in the afternoon, I go home with kinds of mushrooms and fruits in my Benz. They are my dinner.

面试问题-- :5:   A:Hello,Modern English.Drew here.  你好,洋话连篇,我是Drew  B:hi,buddy,it's marco .  嘿哥们儿,我是  A:How can I help you today?  今天想聊些什么?  B:Well.I am going an interview tomorrow. Can you give me an idea of what the interviewer will ask?  明天我要参加面试你能帮我想想他们都会问什么问题吗?  A:well,they may ask you to tell them about your educational background and your working background.  他们会问你关于你的教育背景和工作背景的问题  B:But they can see my resume.it's all in there.  但是他们可以看我的简历,都在那里呢  A:I know,but sometimes.interviewers may want to hear you say it.Then,you may be asked your viewpoint on why you feel you're qualified the job,give them all your qualifications and how you think they fit with the position you are applying .Questions like "what sort of experience do you have and what are your goals?' are closely relately to this ,also.  我知道,但是有时面试者们想听你自己说然后他们会问你为什么你觉得自己能胜任这份工作把自身的优势都说出来,告诉他们你有能力胜任这份工作有些问题象你有什么经验和你有什么目标是紧密联系的  B:ok,what else?  好的,还有什么其它的吗?  A:they may want to know how the company will benefit,with your answers to questions like''what can you offer this company?'and why should I hire you?'  他们也许还想知道你会为公司带来什么样的利益会问象你能为公司带来什么,或是我们为什么要用你  B:I see,what about salary?  我知道了那工资呢?  A:umm,they may ask you what kind of salary you had in mind,of simply tell you what the company is offering . I think the latter is more likely a starting position.especially if you have little or no experience.and if they are seriously considering hiring you.they will probably want to know when you would be able to start working. And basically,that's about it.  噢他们可能会问你觉得工资应该是多少,或简单的告诉你公司的打算我想从基层做起的话,后者的能性要大一些尤其是你没有工作经验的话,如果他们真的考率要用你的话,他们可能会问你,你什么时候会开始工作,一般就这些了  B:oh,thanks,drew,you've helped me a lot.  写了,Drew.你帮了大忙了  A:anytime,bro.let me know how it works out.  没事儿,兄弟,别忘了告诉我结果  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]why do you feel you are qualified the job?这句话在面试中经常问到,但它却不好答要多用一些技巧,尽量把自己的能力表现出来[]what sort of experience do you have? Sort of和kind of一样,表示某种的意思,另外,它还是一个流行的口语,当你表达不清的时侯,用这个词来调整一下  [3]when would you be able to start working?通常的回答是ASAP .as soon as possible.  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ie:What does "***" mean ? "***"是什么意思?]  relocate resume asset HR

家门前那棵树(The Tree in Front of My House) -- :00:19 来源: 家门前那棵树(The Tree in Front of My House)  there is a tall tree in front of my house. i love it very much. when spring comes, the thick leaves make the tree beautiful and lively. and in summer, my parents and i often sit under the big tree and enjoy the cool air.  but when autumn comes, the leaves will turn yelow, and fall from the tree. and then, it stands there in the cold wind alone. i am sad, too.  mother tells me the tree wil grow bigger and taller in the coming spring. i feel happy again.    我家门前有一棵高高的树,我很喜欢它当春天来临时,茂密的树叶使得它显得又漂亮又有生机而在夏天,我和爸爸妈妈经常坐在大树下乘凉  可是当秋季来临时,树叶变黄了,落到地面上  那时,树孤零零的立在寒风中,我也很伤感妈妈告诉我说来年春天树会长得更大更高,我又开心了!

我们老板一切照章办事-- :6:1   My boss does everything by the book.   我们老板一切照章办事   Do everything by the book.就整个是个“本本主义”   常出差的人对book一定不陌生,因为book做动词时是“预定、预购”的意思,比如“订机票”是book a plane ticket.

我爱我的家庭(I love my family) -- 1:: 来源: 我爱我的家庭(I love my family)i have a happy family.there are three people in my family.my father,mother and i.i am in nan chang shi nian middle shool, class ,grade 7.my father is a doctor he very busy.my mother is teacher.she has studies very much.my father is thrity-three years old.my mother is thrity-three years old,too. i love my big family.

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