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Malaria is a big problem and there the poison snakes as he hikes his way through the jungle.疟疾是一个大问题,他徒步穿过这片森林时毒蛇也构成了威胁。They spend a month to building a telescope in the middle of the jungle.他们花了一个月的时间来构建在丛林中的一架望远镜。The day of the eclipse, raining is coming rolling down.就在日食的当天,雨不期而至。He is crashed. Phenomenal disappointment, but then suddenly amazingly,他遭到了打击。非常的失落,但是突然之间,令人惊讶的是,a gap in the clouds, he sees a black moon, 在云的空隙中,他看到了一个黑色的月亮,they begin to take photographs right then.他们就在这个时间开始拍摄。They just start the device, the mirror begans to rotate,在他们正启动设备时,镜片开始旋转,and then you put the photograph place in the end of the telescope.然后你把照片板放在望远镜的最后。They holds the photos next, everything is going to be very correctly.他们举着下一张照片,每件事物都相当正确的进行着。Take it out, take it out a new photograph, put it in, take it out,把它取出,拿出来一个新照片,把它放入,再次取出,take a new photograph and take in.拍摄新照片并放入。You try to get many as you can.你试图尽可能多的拍摄。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/183435皖河农场医院治疗男性不育多少钱安庆远大男科医院看男科好吗Shell calls the wells relatively simple,but will drill them as though they are the most complicated prospect in thecompany has ever done. Why? Deepwater Horizon and the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.尽管壳牌(Shell)认为井本身并不复杂,但仍会像公司迄今为止最为复杂的远景地区那样进行钻探。为什么?因为深海地平线,因为曾经的墨西哥湾灾难。Wed have been tone deaf if we had thoughtthat it could be - would have been business as usual after the DeepwaterHorizon.如果我们认为在深海地平线之后可能——或者说可能已经一切正常,我们会表现的充耳不闻。Could this happen again like Shells Arcticwells, the disastrous Macondo well was exploratory, but Shell, unlike BP, hasno plans to bring up oil this summer. It will need a much bigger platform to dothat.这种事情可能再发生一次吗?壳牌勘探的北极井会否像灾难性的马康多油井(Macondo well)一样呢?但是,壳牌,与英国石油公司(BP)不同,今年夏天并没有出油的计划。这需要一个更大的平台。Shells wells will be capped and abandoned.The biggest difference, depth. Shell will be drilling in less than 200 feet ofwater in up to 8,000 feet below the seabed. Deepwater Horizon drilled through5,000 feet of water than more than 13,000 feet below the sea floor. Thepressure differences, enormous.壳牌公司的油井将会被封堵并被放弃。最大的区别在于,深度。壳牌的钻井水深不超过200英尺而海床以下最大深度不超过8000英尺。而深海地平线的钻井水深为5000英尺且海床以下超过13000英尺。压力差异是巨大的。The pressures are roughly about a third ofwhat youd see in a typical deepwater well.就如你所看到的,压力大约是标准深海油井的三分之一。Like all wells, Shell will use blowoutpreventers. Unlike BPs Shells blowout preventers will lie beneath the seabed,so a rig can disconnect more safely in case of emergency.与所有的油井一样,壳牌将会使用防喷器。与英国石油公司(BP)不同,壳牌的防喷器将置于海床之下,这样,在紧急情况下,钻机可以更安全地断开连接。As a part of what happened in the postDeepwater Horizon world, all these blowout preventers were actually broughtback to what we call original equipment manufacturer standards.作为出现在之前的深海地平线事件中的部分,实际上,所有带回的这些防喷器实际上就是我们所说的原始设备制造商的标准。In case of a blowout, Shell will have onhand a capping stack, thats what brought an end to the Gulf disaster.万一发生井喷,壳牌可以就近封堵叠加,这样就可以结束海湾灾难。Here we go. 下面我们看这里。For drivers like Erinn Shmaeff, who has amountain of bills and a three-year-old to raise, she think there should be roomfor exploration, but none of the risks of another Deepwater Horizon.对开车的人来说,例如ErinnShmaeff,她有大堆的账单要付,还有一个三岁的孩子要抚养,她认为石油勘探是必要的,但是不得有再次发生深海地平线事故的风险。I would want to know like where it wouldbe, Id want to know how damaging it would be to the environment if it wouldhave an impact on the local wildlife.我想知道它(油井)会在哪儿,如果它会对当地野生生物造成冲击,它又会对环境造成怎样的破坏。Regulators insist the risk in the Arctic is acceptable. With no easy oil left to find, itis only hard choices from here on out.监管机构坚持在北极的作业的风险是可以接受的。现在,已经没什么易于开发的油田,因此,这只是一个艰难的选择。Miguel Marquez, CNN, Anchorage, Alaska.美国有线新闻网(CNN)记者Miguel Marquez于阿拉斯加州安克雷奇报道。201210/202759安庆包皮手术哪家做最好

安庆市第一人民医院男科咨询安庆肾病专科医院Sergio Mendes ensured that the international image of Brazil was still that of an easy-going, exotic paradise. 塞尔吉奥·门德斯确保巴西的国际形象仍然是一种随和的、奇异的天堂。But back in Brazil, the reality was rather different.但是回到巴西,现实却截然不同。Life was not easy. 生活非常不容易。The soldiers had inherited serious economic problems, but the early days of the military regime were not as repressive as many on the left had feared. 士兵们继承了严重的经济问题,但早期的军事政权并不像许多左翼人士所担心的那样专制。And there was a new form of mass entertainment, television. 而一种新形式的大众形式逐渐出现在人们的视野当中,这就是电视。In the 60s, sales of TV sets in Brazil boomed, and the most popular programmes included live music contests. 在60年代,电视机的销售在巴西非常繁荣,最受欢迎的节目包括现场的音乐比赛。These festivals were organised by rival TV companies in Rio and Sao Paulo and were very different to Eurovision, for they featured the very best new singers in the country.这些节日都是相互竞争的电视公司在里约热内卢和圣保罗组织的,而和欧洲的显著区别在于,他们精选在乡下最好的新歌手。 注:听力文本来源于普特 201302/226504安庆市立医院割包皮手术价格Books and Arts; Book Review;New fiction;Rings of truth;文艺;书评;新小说;真实的故事;Gold. By Chris Cleave.《赤子之心》,克瑞斯·克里夫著。Novels about sport are notoriously hard to pull off. It seems somewhat odd for a literary mind to care how often a ball makes it to the back of the net or how long it takes to sprint down a track. Yet that need not be so. The classic quest narrative—in which an individual overcomes obstacles to achieve a goal—could be a template for any single match or sporting career. “Gold”, Chris Cleaves third novel, is a skilful demonstration of the form.写一部关于体育运动的小说,显然是有难度的。让文学去关注一粒球怎样入网,冲刺终点需要多长时间,看起来多少有点奇怪。然而,事实也不尽然。古典文学所追求的叙述方式往往是一个从克障碍到实现目标的过程。这其实和任何一场单独的比赛或者体育项目的逻辑是一致的。《赤子之心》——克里夫的第三本小说,正是这种叙述方式的巧妙呈现。This is the story of Zoe, Kate and Jack, three obsessive race cyclists who meet as young hopefuls. There is bike geekery and Lycra aplenty. As the title suggests, Mr Cleave even dares to set his story around the Olympics, the ultimate sporting circus. Yet this is no niche book for aficionados looking for a brief summer distraction.书中讲述了三个人的故事:若伊、凯特和杰克——三个狂热的自行车车手,年轻有为,志同道合。故事里有高水准的自行车“极客”。正如题目所暗示的,克里夫甚至刻意让故事游离在奥运会——那终极的竞技场的边缘。但是,此书也绝对不是为了在炎夏给体育迷们提供一份短暂的消遣。Instead, cycling is the backdrop for a deeper exploration of the struggle between the physical and the psychological. Into the love triangle and professional exertions Mr Cleave throws eight-year-old Sophie, diagnosed with leukaemia only days before the Olympics and fighting a different type of battle to the finish.相反,自行车运动化为了背景。小说在这背景上深入探讨了灵与肉的挣扎。除了三角恋、职业上的进取,克里夫还讲述了苏菲的故事:一个年仅8岁的孩子,在奥林匹克运动会开幕前被诊断出白血病,在生命的尽头处,打了一场特殊的生死之战。At times the book seems slightly sentimental. Sophie and Kate are a little too good to be true; Zoe a bit too deranged and calculating. Yet “Gold” works as a novel because Mr Cleave manages to make the er care about what it takes to win—or even to take part.书中,有些地方的行文会略显情绪化。苏菲和凯特美好得不真实;若伊则又太神经兮兮且斤斤计较。然而,《赤子之心》之成其为小说,在于克里夫将读者的关注点,引向夺冠前的征程,或者说整个参赛的过程,和夺冠与否无关。The small details speak loudly. As the story opens, Zoe stands terrified as 5,000 people chant her name—yet she is equally frightened that one day they may stop. On another occasion she lingers and stares at Kates bike before a race and implants the idea that something could be wrong; she wins the mental advantage, and the quicker start. By such tiny glances and irrecoverable moments lives are changed, a lesson that reaches beyond sport. The moment of winning a gold medal, by contrast, can almost seem disappointing.小细节里有大蕴义。譬如小说开场,5000名观众反复喊着若伊的名字,这让站在台上的她紧张极了;然而若有一天人们不再这么做,她同样会害怕。另外一个场景,在一场比赛开始前,若伊故意徘徊着,盯住凯特的自行车,让对方觉得自己的车子出了毛病。于是她赢得了心理上的优势,在起点上抢占了先机。但是这种伎俩和自私的光景被某种高于体育的精神改变了。相形之下,夺取金牌的时刻,几乎让人沮丧。Mr Cleave knows what makes a good story. Here, his concern is not with macho physicality or crossing a line, but with the endless and enduring human endeavours: love, death and what is left when hopes and dreams are crushed or fulfilled. A book to savour long after the Olympic games are over.克里夫懂得如何把故事讲得精。在书中,他关心的不是体魄的强壮或某一次的胜利,而是无休止的人类的奋斗:爱情,死亡,以及在希望和梦想或破灭或兑现之后,我们的人生还剩下些什么。这样一本书,适合奥林匹克运动会结束后细细品味。 /201212/212386安庆石化医院治疗早泄多少钱

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