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A five-bedroom Tudor-style house in a Queens neighborhood in New York City that US President Donald Trump lived in briefly as a child was sold to someone from China a price that is more than double that of other houses in the area, according to media reports.据媒体报道,美国总统唐纳德·特朗普位于纽约皇后区的儿时故居于近日被中国人买走这是栋都铎风格的建筑,内有5个卧室买家出价被曝是该区同类房屋均价的两倍以上The New York Times reported that the buyer ;is a woman from China; and said the purchase price of $. million came in an auction by Paramount Realty USA.《纽约时报报道称,买家“是一名中国女人”,经由美国派拉蒙房产中介拍卖,房舍售价万美元The house was built by Trump father, Fred, in 190 and the president lived there until he was about years old. The family then moved to another house Fred Trump built nearby.该房屋是由特朗普的父亲弗雷德于190年兴建,特朗普在此住到岁,才随全家搬到附近另一栋也是由他父亲盖的更大的住宅;This property is so much more than just real estate; it the childhood home of the 5th President of the ed States, and it a part of history,; Misha Haghani of Paramount Realty USA, told A News.“这已不是简单的房产,这是美国第5任总统的儿时旧居,是历史的一部分”派拉蒙房产中介美莎·哈根尼向A新闻透露;I did have some expectation that the purchaser would be a huge Trump supporter from within America,; Haghani told the Times. He declined to reveal the identity of the buyer. ;But it is entirely possible that the purchaser is a huge Trump supporter from outside of America.;哈根尼在接受《纽约时报采访时表示:“我本来以为买家会是特朗普的国内持者但是结果发现买家完全可能是美国境外的特朗普持者”Cathy Han, a New York real estate agent specializing in marketing properties to Chinese buyers, told the newspaper that she was not surprised that a Chinese buyer may have purchased the house.专门从事将房产出售给中国买家的纽约房地产经纪人凯茜·韩告诉报社,对于中国人购得该房产,她一点也不惊奇;When I saw it was Trump birth house property sale, I knew immediately it would get a lot of attention from Chinese buyers,; said Ms Han. ;I know he is a controversial figure in the States, but among Chinese people, Trump is a very popular kind of character in China.;“看到特朗普出生的房子在售,我立即想到,这会吸引大批中国人的注意”韩女士说“我知道特朗普在美国是一个颇具争议的人物,但在中国人圈子里,他是一个非常受欢迎的人物” 50。

In a world dominated by consumerism and the accumulation of wealth, some people have decided to revert to a simpler way of life.在一个以消费主义为主导,财富至上的社会里,一些人决定回归一种更简单的生活方式By ridding themselves of everything they deem unnecessary or wasteful, they live in a commy based on subsistence and barter.他们想要远离那些他们认为没有必要甚至是资源浪费的事情,他们想要生活在一个只具有基本生活条件,依靠物物交换为生的社会中What most hope to achieve is to have an almost zero carbon footprint and a life in harmony with nature. Here are some such places around the globe.他们最大的愿望就是实现碳的零排放,与自然和谐相处以下便是全球各地的近乎原生的;世外桃源;.Lasqueti -- Canada.拉斯克蒂--加拿大Just an hour boat ride from Vancouver in western Canada, between the mainland and the island of Vancouver there another, smaller island called Lasqueti, roughly the size of Manhattan, where some 00 people reside.从加拿大西部城市温哥华乘船仅1个小时,就可以来到一个叫做拉斯克蒂岛的地方,它地处内陆和温哥华岛之间,是一个较小的岛屿,面积和曼哈顿的大小相差无几,岛上居民约00人These people have decided to live completely off grid by growing their own crops and aging what they can find on the island itself.这些人早就决定要完全脱离城市,以种庄稼为生,只在岛上搜寻可以利用的东西Most of their electricity is provided by solar panels, wind turbines and small scale hydroelectric plants. Some still use old fashioned fossil fuel generators, while others dont use electricity at all.岛上大部分的电是由太阳能电池板、风力涡轮机和小型水电站提供其中一些人仍在使用旧式的化石燃料发电机,甚至有一些人根本不用电The homes these people live in are rustic and very cozy, and one member has even taken up residence in an old school bus which he fuels up with vegetable oil.这些居民的家具有乡村特色,并且很舒适其中一位居民甚至住在一辆旧校车上,而这辆车是用植物油发动的Another built his home from natural and recycled materials, as well as old tires which make up the walls.还有一幢用天然可再生材料修建起来的建筑,它的墙是用旧轮胎搭建的Everything is very well organized and even going to the toilet on the island has its own manual called ;How to Shyte on Lasqueti; which talks about composting, greywater and septic fields, and is found on the commy website.岛上的一切都井井有条,甚至在岛上上厕所都会有一份指南,叫做;在拉斯克蒂如何拉大便;,这份指南是关于堆肥法、污水处理和化粪池的讲解,相关信息可以在社区网站上找到Most members are ;professional musicians, published authors, some small scale manufacturers, some commercial agriculture as well as professional consultants in education, engineering, estry and alternate energy; according to their site.访问他们的网站可知,岛上的大多数人都是;职业音乐家、出版作家或一些小型厂商,还有一些某些领域从事农业商品化和专业顾问的工作,这些领域包括教育、工程、林业和替代能源;Some even maintain several Bamp;Bs on the island. According to Statistics Canada, Lasqueti Island has the most highly educated commy in British Columbia.一些人会在岛上经营几家温馨的家庭旅馆从加拿大统计局的数据来看,拉斯克蒂岛是不列颠哥伦比亚省中受教育程度最高的社区9.The Rainbow Gathering9.虹之会The Rainbow Gathering is not a permanent place where people live all year round.虹之会不是一个可以常年居住的地方It is however a commy, or rather several commies, which come together every year about a month in different locations in the ed States, Canada, Mexico, Russia and Europe.但是,它的确是一个社区,或者说是由几个社区聚集起来的,因为每年有大约一个月的时间,会有来自不同地方的人聚集到这儿,这些地方包括美国、加拿大、墨西哥、俄罗斯和欧洲The gatherings in the Western Hemisphere are mostly influenced by Native American beliefs and way of life.聚集到西半球主要是受到土著美洲人的信仰和生活方式的影响In the ed States these gatherings have been taking place every July since 197, in different ests across the country.美国从197年开始,每年7月都会有一次聚会,地点在全国不同的森林中The Rainbow Family of Living Light describes itself as ;the largest best coordinated nonpolitical nondenominational nonorganization of like-minded individuals on the planet.;虹之家称自己为;地球上规模最大最好的非政治性非教派非政府组织的志同道合的一群人;When they meet, somewhere around ,000 to ,000 individuals come together. They look to sp ideas of peace, respect, harmony between people, eco-living and offer an alternative to modern day trends of capitalism, consumerism, mass-media and general wastefulness.每年大约有1万至万人聚集在一起他们传递着和平、尊重、人与人之间的和谐以及生态居住的概念,提供了一个现代社会发展趋势,可以替代资本主义、消费主义、大众媒体和普遍浪费Everybody is free to join a Rainbow Gathering and nobody is in charge. This however has led to some controversy about the annual event since there were two deaths that took place at the gathering in .任何人加入虹之会都是免费的但是因为年集会时有两人死亡,所以在这件事之后,人们对虹之会产生了一些争议There are also many instances of drug use and traffic and people who live in the vicinity of the event usually are afraid of the ;Rainbows;.而且因为这里仍然会发生类似吸毒案件和交通事故这样的事情,所以住在附近的人常常会有一些害怕;虹;But large numbers of people put together will almost always produce some ;bad apples;. Nevertheless, most of the members are decent individuals who wholeheartedly follow their belief systems and teachings.但是很多人聚在一起难免会产生一些;坏分子;,他们大部分的人还是全心全意地遵守着他们的信仰和教义,都是正派的人8.Freedom Cove -- Canada8.自由湾--加拿大Going back to Vancouver Island, but this time on its western side, we come across a small town by the name of Tofino.这次,我们来到温哥华岛的西岸,一个名为托菲诺的小城镇便映入眼帘Nearby there, in Cypress Bay, a couple by their names, Wayne Adams and Catherine King, have built with their own two hands, a floating home made out of separate platms.小镇不远处的塞普拉斯湾有一对夫妇,丈夫叫威尼·亚当,妻子名为凯瑟琳·金,他们用个漂浮的平台亲手建造了一座水上家园Each one has a specific purpose, among which there is a dance floor, a guest light house, an art gallery, a studio and five greenhouses.每一个平台搭建成的区域都各具所能,其中包含舞池、灯塔、艺术画廊、工作室以及五个温室Construction of Freedom Cove began back in 1991 and ever since, Adams, 66, and King, 59, have been living on and improving their off-grid home. He is a carver while Catherine is a painter, dancer, writer, and musician.自由湾始建于1991年那时,亚当66岁,金59岁,他们一直住在这里并不断对其进行修缮和充实,从未想过离开亚当是一名雕刻工,凯瑟琳更是多才多艺,集绘画、舞蹈、写作与音乐于一身In an interview the Huffington Post, Adams explained that ;One winter, a storm blew a whole bunch of trees down. We gathered all the wood up, took it to the fellow who owned it, but he said keep it. So we thought, time to start on the home.;亚当在《赫芬顿邮报的一次采访中讲述道:;一年冬天,肆虐的风暴把大树都刮倒了我们拾起这些树干、枝条将其送还,不料大树的主人却把这些木材都送给了我们于是我们萌生了一个念头,不如建造一个新家吧;By using old fish-farm technology, they were able to tow the million-pound house into the bay and keep it afloat. This was in February 199, mind you (just several months later).借助过去的渔场建造技术,他们得以把重量为百万磅的房屋嵌入海湾并使其漂浮其间值得注意的是,那是在199年的月(仅仅才过了几个月的时间)They grow their own fresh food in their greenhouses, as they dont have a fridge and also fish from the bay itself.由于家里没有冰箱,海湾里也没有鱼塘,他们夫妇便在自己搭建的温室里种植了各种新鲜的蔬果Initially they relied on solar panels electricity, but these broke down a while ago and now use an old generator to do the 3000 wattday job.起初,他们靠块太阳能电池板发电,然而没过多久就出故障了现在,他们用一台老式发电机来维持每天300瓦的日常用电;Living in the wilderness is constant inspiration,; King adds. ;It so incredible to wake up every morning and see all of this.;;在荒僻的旷野生活会带给人源源不断的灵感;,金补充道,;每天清晨醒来看到眼前的一切,都觉得是那么的不可思议; 01。

Many people mulate a strategy the game rock, paper, scissors, which they believe is sure to beat the competition.玩“石头、剪刀、布”的时候,许多人都有一套自己的策略,他们相信那就是自己制胜的诀窍But a new study reveals players actually dont stick to a plan, rather they become irrational when making their next move - including using the same item that was once a winner.不过一项新研究发现,玩家其实并不遵循所谓的“策略”,相反,他们常常不理智,比如会倾向赢了后出上一个手势Researchers suggest that if you want to be victorious, choose paper because most people tend to go rock.研究表明,如果你想在游戏中取得胜利,那就要出“布”,因为大多数人都倾向于出“石头”WHAT DID THE STUDY FIND?“石头、剪刀、布”里的奥秘Even if participants had a set plan their next move, their emotions would make the act irrational.即使玩家已经打算好下一个要出什么手势,情绪也会导致他们的最终决定不理智Each of the three items carries equal status, which means the only rational method is to use each one an equal number of times – any other approach is irrational, said researchers.研究员称,这三种手势赢的概率相同,唯一理智的玩法就是出每种手势的次数相同,其他的任何玩法都是不理智的The study revealed that participants followed a win-stay, lose-shift strategy in how they played the game, which means when they won a round they kept repeating their winning item.研究表示,玩家遵循着“赢了就出上个手势,输了再换其他手势”的策略,一旦赢了一局,之后就总是重复之前的手势It wasnt until they lost did they change their action.只要一直没输,他们就不会换其他的手势Although the optimal strategy is to pick one of the three equally and at random, most people tended to over use rock.,最佳的游戏策略是在这个三个手势中随机出任一个,且每种手势出的概率相等不过多数人总会倾向于出“石头”Rock, paper, scissors (RPS) is a game where predictions of human rational decision-making can be compared with actual permance, s the study published in the journal Scientific Reports.《科学报告杂志中写道:在“剪刀、石头、布”的游戏里,人们以为自己能做出理性的决策,但实际的表现却大相径庭Playing a computerized opponent adopting a mixed-strategy equilibrium, participants revealed a non-significant tendency to over-select rock.“计算机玩家采取了平衡策略,即出每种手势的概率相等,但真实玩家却略微表现出更爱出‘石头’的倾向”It worrying that people tended to make more irrational decisions following a loss, said Dr. Ben Dyson, lecturer in Psychology at the University of Sussex.英国萨塞克斯大学心理学教授本·戴森说道:“人们在经历失败后会倾向于做出不理智的决定,这点实在令人担忧”This could have more serious implications in higher-stake scenarios where people are competing to out maneuver one another – in economics or politics, example.“在从事其他更高风险性的事务时,这种倾向可能带来严重后果,比如说当人们需要在经济或政治领域打败对手时”These irrational decisions are driven by an emotional reaction to a negative outcome and leaves people vulnerable to a smart opponent.“不理智的决定源于人们面对负面结果时的情绪,这样的情绪会使人面对精明的对手时处于劣势”Emotion might have some distracting effect that deteriorates the quality of our thought.“情绪可能会分散注意力,降低思考质量”If we can learn to separate emotion from outcome, like successful Poker players, we might be able to mitigate this risk.“如果我们学会分开情绪和输赢结果,像成功的扑克玩家那样,或许能减少这种风险”。

A: I really like the apartment, but I was wondering if I could change some things.我很喜欢这个公寓,但是我在想我是否改变点某些东西B: What would you like to change?你想改变什么?A: I would like to have different carpet.我想用不同的地毯B: I would be willing to put in a different color carpet if you pay the price difference.如果你多付钱,我愿意换个不同颜色的地毯A: How much more would it cost?多少钱?B: It would cost between and dollars more per square yard.每平方码至美元A: While I am at it, would it be possible to switch paint colors?我住在公寓中,能改变墙壁的颜色吗?B: I would be willing to look at a different color. You need to bring me a sample.我也想换种颜色你需要拿给我样式A: When can my apartment be painted and y to go?什么时候公寓 能刷好,我能入住?B: You can have the new carpet and paint by next Monday.下周一就会换好新地毯,刷好新墙漆 189。

A: I was wondering if I could speak to someone about some concerns of mine with the pool area.我在想我能否和某个负责人说下我关注的泳池区域的问题B: I can answer any questions that you might have. What are your concerns?我能回答你的问题你忧虑什么?A: I enjoy living next to the pool, but it gets really loud out there at night.我喜欢住在泳池旁,但是现在那里晚上很吵B: The pool is supposed to be closed after :00. Are you saying that people are partying later than that?泳池应在晚上点后关闭,你是说人们晚于那个时候还在聚会?A: There have been parties out there that havenrsquo;t ended until two in the morning!有些聚会要持续到凌晨点B: Did you call the front desk?你给前台打电话了吗?A: Yes, I tried, but no one picked up.是的,我打了,但没人接听B: You can have my personal line to call if this happens again. Do not hesitate to call.如果再遇到这种情况,你可以打我的私人专线别犹豫A: Thank you taking care of this me.谢谢你的关心B: Thank you bringing it to my attention. We will send reminder memos to help people remember what the rules are.谢谢引起我对此事的注意我们会给居民发提醒函,让他们记住有关泳池的规定 9。