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Step 1: The Trick魔术再现 Take a spoon, hold right here, and watch. Watch how its getting softer and softer, and actually its bending, its bending and, it bends. 取一把汤匙,这样保持,并且聚精会神。看,它正自己变得更柔软,实际上它在弯曲,它弯了,最后折了。 Step 2: The Method 魔术揭秘OK, I will reveal the trick for you. What you need is just a regular spoon; you can use any spoon. If you dont have a spoon, you can use a fork, anything. To prepare this trick what you have to do, you have to start bending the spoon, bending it several times, but youre going to have to stop before it breaks. So, let me show you. Now you can see that the spoon is almost about to break. If you bend it well, and stay straight, and it will look exactly like a spoon, and you wont be able to see the cut if you move the spoon. So then what you have to do is take the spoon, cover it with your fingers, and you end up breaking the spoon. OK, I aly break it. So thats one way you show it and slowly let it fall. Watch. Its bending, its bending, its bending and, it bends. 好的,我将会揭示窍门。你所需要的只是一柄普通汤匙。你可以使用任何汤匙。如果你没有汤匙,你可以用一把叉子,什么都行。你要做的准备工作就是你开始不停的弯曲勺子、弯曲了好几次,但你要在它折断前停止。因此,让我示范给你。现在你可以看见这勺几乎要折断。如果你弯的很好,而且保持笔直,它将会看起来就像普通汤匙一样,在你移动的时候,折痕不可能被发现。所以你要做的拿着汤匙,用手指盖上,之后弄坏它。好的,我已经把它折断。所以你要展现它慢慢的被自然之力折断。看。它在弯曲,弯曲,弯曲,最后折断。 201201/166912


2013世界经济论坛在达沃斯召开 201301/222097

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays Shout Out goes out to Mr. Apfelds social studies classes at All Saints Catholic School in Fort Worth, Texas.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了Apfeld先生的社会学习大课堂。The U.S. Defense secretarys office is located in what building?美国国防部长的办公室在什么建筑里?Here we go now.现在开始。Is it at the U.S. Capitol, Pentagon, White House or Fort Knox?它是在美国国会大厦,五角大楼,白宫还是诺克斯堡?Youve got 3 seconds. Go.你有3秒钟的时间,开始!The Defense Departments headquarters is in the Pentagon, one of the worlds largest office buildings.美国国防部的总部在五角大楼,世界上最大的办公建筑之一。Thats your answer and thats your Shout Out.那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: There might be a new person behind that desk in the Pentagon soon.不久之后,会有一个新人坐在在五角大楼办公桌的后面。On Monday, President Obama announced his nominee to be the next secretary of Defense, former Senator Chuck Hagel.周一的时候,奥巴马总统提名前参议员查克#8226;哈格尔为下任国防部长。Hes a Republican who served 12 years in the U.S. Senate and hes also a veteran who fought in the Vietnam War.他是在美国参议院工作12年并曾参加过越南战争的共和党人士。If hes confirmed as the next Defense secretary, hell be the first enlisted soldier to eventually hold that office.如果他被确认成为下一任国防部长,他会是第一个坐上这个位置的参过军的人。Hagel has made some controversial statements in the past and that could lead to some challenges during his confirmation process.哈格尔在过去曾做过一些有争议的声明,这可能会让他的确认过程受到一些挑战。Yesterday, the president also nominated John Brennan to be the next director of the CIA.昨天,总统也提名约翰#8226;布伦南为下一任中央情报局局长。Right now, Brennan is the presidents chief adviser on counter-terrorism.现在,布伦南是总统的反恐事务总顾问。He worked at the CIA for 25 years, so getting the job as director could be seen as kind of a homecoming for him.他在中情局工作25年了,因此得到局长一职对他来说可以被看做是一种回归。 /201301/220037

2011-2012赛季欧冠1/4决赛次回合一场焦点战在斯坦福桥球场展开争夺,英超豪门切尔西主场迎战葡超劲旅本菲卡。上半场兰帕德点球破门,本菲卡边卫佩雷拉被红牌罚下;下半场艾马尔角球助攻哈维-加西亚头球破门,补时阶段替补出场的梅雷莱斯世界波反超,切尔西2-1击败本菲卡,最终切尔西两回合3-1淘汰本菲卡晋级4强,将和巴萨相遇争夺决赛资格。Chelsea hosted Benfica in another second leg tie of the quarter-finals. The London side held a 1-nil advantage coming into leg two and they were awarded a penalty after 21 minutes. Javi Garcia ran into Ashley Cole inside the area.Frank Lampard would then step up and convert from the spot, making it 2-0 on aggregate - Chelsea taking control at home. And the Portugese side were not helped in the 40th minute. Maxi Pereira paid the price for a foul on John Obi Mikel. The visitors were reduced to ten men as Pereira earned his marching orders with a second yellow card.Chelsea had a golden chance to put this one out of reach just after the restart, but Ramires can’t get this one to go - the Brazilian midfielder missing with the heel from a metre out.And Benfica would take the initiative for much of the second half. Javi Garcia headed home on 85 minutes to make the aggregate score 2-1. Benfica would push for an equalizer as a second goal would bring them level at 2-2, and they would qualify instead on away goal difference.But with time running down, Chelsea substitute Raul Meireles would take matters into his own hands as he ran unchallenged for almost 70 metres before smashing the ball past the keeper to seal the score at 3-1 on aggregate. Chelsea booked a place in the last four and will face defending champs Barcelona.201204/177084

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