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Pain疼痛There is a phrase no pain no gain,it used a lot by coaches ,teachers, and parents.有一句话是没有痛苦就没有收获,许多教练、教师及家长都在使用它The idea is that good things dont come easily ,we have to work them ,the more we invest the big we reward,so pain could be mental or physical.这个想法是好的东西来之不易,我们通过努力争取,我们越投入,得到的奖励也越丰厚,所以疼痛可能是精神上或身体上的Sometimes when we are in tough or painful situation, we can grow from it,有时,在艰难或痛苦的情况下,我们会成长,but sometimes the pain doesnt go away, and it becomes a burden it wave us down,但是有时候痛苦并不会离开,而是成为一种我们的负担then too much pain makes a negative ,it makes us dark.而太多的疼痛使人消极,会使我们变得阴暗I was running around yesterday and spring our ankle I will be better in a few days I was done it bee,我昨天在跑步的时候扭伤了脚踝,我在几天内就可以恢复,曾经也有过类似的情况,I think it occurs all tall people ,but it also give me a chances to reflect on the value of half in time without pain.我认为所有高的人都会出现类似的情况,但它也给我一个机会去反思在没有痛苦时候的价值I know someone would migrate headaches all time that people is unable to function well when it has a pain ,that would be hell ,compared to him,我知道有人会在痛苦时的所有的时间将其迁移,那将是地狱, 而与他比起来,I have a good ,some people have high ratio of pain ,我还是不错的,而有些人却要经历很多次痛苦they can handle of a lot of pain ,it doesnt bother them much,他们能应对大量的痛苦,这不会妨碍他们很多,but other people cannt take the pain ,they complaint about slightest injuries even if it doesnt seems that bad,但是其他人无法承受痛苦,他们抱怨轻微的受伤,即使看上去不是那么糟糕,I guess that everyone has different way to handling the pain.我想每个人都有不同的方法来处理疼痛I am just glad that the most of part my life is pain free.我只是高兴我生命的大多数时候没有痛苦Talk about it谈论下面的话题Have you ever been injured, did you ever break a bone?你曾经受过伤,你曾经骨折过吗?Have you ever really sick more than a couple of days?你可曾真的一病就是几天?Have you ever gone to emergency room?你去过急诊室吗?What was like?Do you agree with a No pain no gain philophy?是什么情况?你同意不经一事,不长一智的说法吗?What kind of physical or mental pain have you experienced?你经历过什么样的身体或精神上的痛苦吗?Do you have high or low ratio of pain?你所承受的痛苦频率高还是低?Can you give me an example of good pain ?你能给我举个好痛苦的例子吗?The pain of troubles is considered to be very extreme?疼痛的问题被认为是非常极端的吗? 197Joann: Oh, are those pictures of your kids? Artem: Yes. These are my three daughters and these are my two sons. Joann: Your sons look so alike. Are they similar in personality, too? Artem: It’s funny you ask that. My wife and I are always saying how different they are from one another, even though they’re the closest in age. Sergey, the younger one, is moody and a little timid, while his older brother, Dennis, is talkative and cheerful all the time. Joann: That’s really interesting. You know, I have an older sister and we’re only a year apart, but we have very different personalities, too. When I was little, I was bad-tempered and I always fought with my brothers and sisters, while my sister was a little angel. She was always patient and generous. I really looked up to her. Artem: It’s hard me to believe that you were ever bad-tempered. You’re so even-keeled now. Me, on the other hand, I was a selfish and stubborn kid. I’m surprised that my parents put up with me. Joann: I’m sure you’re exaggerating. All kids are a little selfish and stubborn, I think. Good thing most of us grow out of it as we get older. Artem: Well, that may be true, but according to my wife and kids, I’m still the most stubborn person in the world. They may be right. 5331Courteney: Which of these vendors do you think we should go with?柯特妮:你认为我们应该选择哪个供应商?Dante: Im really hesitant to make a decision until weve pondered the options a little longer. We dont want to make any rash decisions.丹蒂:我要思考一段时间后再做决定,现在我有点犹豫不决我们不想草率做出决定Courteney: Weve sat on this long enough, dont you think? I know youre of two minds about whether we should be switching vendors in the middle of the year, but I think it the right move. We had sound reasons doing this, remember?柯特妮:我们搁置这个问题的时间已经够长了,你不觉得吗?我知道在年中更换供应商的问题上你还心存犹豫,但我觉得这是正确的举措我们有正当的理由这么做,记得吗?Dante: Yes, yes, I know that it wasnt a split-second decision, but whether itll really save us money is debatable.丹蒂:是的,是的,我知道那不是个即时决定,关键是在节省资金方面还有争议Courteney: I have to disagree with you there. Weve both seen the reports and I dont think there are any ifs, ands, or buts about it. Were going to save money.柯特妮:在这一点上我必须反对你我们都看过报告,我认为不会有任何“如果”“但是”存在我们肯定会省到钱Dante: Okay, Im willing to make a tentative decision to go with GreatDeal Corp. as our new vendor, as long as that decision isnt set in stone. Well revisit this decision in six months to see if theyre working out.丹蒂:好吧,那我就初步决定和 GreatDeal 公司合作吧,不过这个决定也不是一成不变的我们有六个月时间来重新审视这个决定,看事情进展得是否顺利Courteney: I can live with that. Now, can we discuss my raise?柯特妮:我接受你的决定现在,我们来谈谈给我升职的事情?Dante: Raise? That definitely something Ill need to ponder a lot more.丹蒂:升职?这件事我肯定需要更长时间来考虑原文译文属! 7501

choicea choicemake a choicethe courage of making a choiceMorality may consist solely in the courage of making a choice抉择一个抉择做一个抉择有勇气做出抉择品德可能仅仅在于有勇气作出抉择choice:选择、抉择;实用短语:the choice of words 词的选用;实用例句:He made a careful choice.他做了谨慎的选择

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