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上饶市第二人民医院割双眼皮手术多少钱上饶水光针去鱼尾纹哪家医院好47.This is for you这是给你的Useful Expressions常用语句1.This is for you,thank you.这是给你的,谢谢你。2.I hope youll like it.我希望你会喜欢它。3.Please give me a bill.请给我账单。4.Could you give me some small change,please?请你给我一些零钱好吗?5.How about service charge?务费是多少呢?6.Where can I change money?我到哪里能换到钱呢?7.Its a small gift for you.这是给你的小礼物。8.Does it include service charge?这包括务费在内吗?Practical Conversation实用会话A:Have you finished?你吃饱了吗?B:Yes.The dinner was excellent!是的,这餐食太棒了!A:Would you like some more coffee?你要再来多点咖啡吗?B:No,thank you.Check,please.不,谢谢你,请买单。A:Yes,sir.One moment please.是的,先生,请等一会儿。A:Heres the check.账单在这儿。B:Heres fifty dollars.Will you bring me the receipt?这里是50美元,请你给我收据好吗?A:Heres your change.这是找你的零钱。B:Please keep the change.请不用找零了。A:Thank you very much sir.非常谢谢你,先生。 /201503/361045上饶吸脂一般要用多少钱 unit 299 买钢笔dialogue 英语情景对话A:Can I help you?A:你要买点什么?B:How much is this pen?B:这钢笔多少钱?A:Ten Yuan.A:10元。B:And how much is this pencil?B:这铅笔多少钱?A:One Yuan.A:1元。B:Heres fifteen Yuan.B:这是15元。A:And heres your change. Please check if it is correct.A:这是找你的钱。请核对是否正确。B:OK, thats right.B:嗯,没错。A:Welcome to come again.A:欢迎下次光临。B:OK.B:好的。 /201601/420737上饶横峰县鼻翼整形多少钱

上饶激光祛斑医院最近我们办公室来了一个实习生。她在广播方面没什么实践经验,可是特别聪明好学,又很勤奋。我觉得她很有发展潜力。我和我的同事们都认为,有一个习惯用语用在她身上正合适。那就是: diamond in the rough.Diamond是钻石的意思,而rough, 意思是粗糙的,未经雕琢的。连起来,diamond in the rough, 字面意思是粗糙的钻石,实际上就是我们在中文里所说的“未经雕琢的璞玉”。上面例子里谈到的那个实习生就是这样。She may not be an established broadcaster, but she shows potential. Shes a diamond in the rough. 她现在还不是一名播音员,但是她很有潜力。她是一块未经雕琢的璞玉。下面的例子里,一个刚买房的人对他的房子有什么跟别人不一样的见解呢? 我们来听听看:例句-1:My friends dont have a very high opinion of the house I bought. True, its small and outdated. But the way I see it, its my diamond in the rough. Once I build an addition on to it, install new windows, doors and give it a fresh coat of faint, itll be quite inviting.这段话是说:我朋友都觉得我刚买的房子买亏了。这房子确实不大,而且装璜也过时了。但是我觉得这幢房子很有潜力。一旦我重新装修,安上新的窗户和门,重新粉刷,这房子肯定能焕然一新。我相信他很善于投资房地产,因为他能够意识到什么房子有翻修的价值。我的一个好朋友也是这样,她从来没有投资过房地产,不过她投资对了人。在她和她男朋友恋爱的时候,大家都不看好,可是她认为她男朋友是个潜力股。事实明,her husband then started a great business. He was a diamond in the rough after all.******Diamond in the rough, 未经雕琢的璞玉。对于教练或者教师来说,发现这种潜力股的能力很重要。下面的这名网球教练就试图说大家他发现了一个很有潜力的新球员。我们来听听看:Samanthas coach has tried to convince anyone who will listen that hes discovered the next great tennis star. But nobody believes that shes a diamond in the rough. No matter how much she trains, they think its doubtful that shell ever become an exceptional player.这段话是说: 萨曼塔的教练试图让其他人相信他真地发现了未来的网球明星。但是没有人相信她是一潜力股。不管她怎么训练,大家都怀疑她是否能成为一名出色的网球选手。一般来说,很难想像所有人都是错的。不过也有很多例子说明真理有时候确实会站在少数人那一边。说起diamond in the rough这个短语的起源,最初人们用这个短语来指那些还没有经过雕琢的,特别是那些可能被打造成高贵珠宝的宝石。现在,我们用这个短语的引伸意义,来形容那些非常有潜力的人和物品。 /201704/499947上饶广丰区做双眼皮修复手术费用 For:正方辩词:Credit card has more advantages than disadvantages.信用卡的优点多于缺点。I think the most advantageous part of the credit card is its use. Due to the simplified processes of the operations, credit cards are even used in the groceries, too. Credit cards can make it easier to buy things if you dont like to carry large amounts of cash with you. In addition, having a credit card will help you build a good credit history which is very important in applying for things such as loans, rental applications in the future.我认为信用卡最大的优势便在于它的使用方式。由于它简单的操作过程,信用卡甚至在杂货商店也能使用。它可以帮助我们在外出购物时免去携带大量现金的烦恼。另外,使用信用卡还能够帮助你积累良好的信用记录,这对将来申请贷款和租赁意义重大。The credit card is very useful in my life. It permits me to purchase first and pay later. Therefore, it is helpful to handle some emergencies when the cash is limited.信用卡对我的生活非常有帮助,它能够让我;先消费,后还款; 。因此,当遇到紧急情况而又现金不足时,信用卡就帮了大忙。Against:反方辩词:Credit card has more disadvantages than advantages.信用卡的缺点多于优点。In spite of having some advantages, I think, credit cards have more disadvantages. The first disadvantage regarding credit cards is theft concern. If you lose your credit card anyway, it could be a disaster. The person who gets your credit card could buy objects by using it. so you will have to face big problems.虽然信用卡给我们带来了很多便利,但是却为我们埋下了更多隐患。第一个隐患就是信用卡偷窃。如果信用卡被偷,那你将会大难临头。小偷会刷你的卡大量消费,所以你很可能会陷入大麻烦中。In addition, credit cards are inviting people to spend more money that they dont have yet. As a result, people may fall into debt because of their credit card purchases. Some credit card companies have fees or penalties for late payments or not being able to pay the minimum owed; once the amount owed begins to rise, the interest a person will owe the credit card company may become quite costly.另外,信用卡会促使人过度消费,从而使持卡人陷入债务危机之中。在某些信用卡公司,持卡人如果推迟还款或者无能力付最小限额的债款,他们就必须额外交付相应的费用或被罚款。而且一旦欠款增加,持卡人所需付的利息也会越来越高。 /201501/356242上饶驼峰鼻整形手术

广丰区瑞兰美白针多少钱13. Favorite Movie 13.最喜欢的电影A: Whats your favorite movie?A:你最喜欢的电影是什么?B: ;The Grand Budapest Hotel.; Why do you ask?B:“布达佩斯大饭店”。你为什么这样问?A: I was wondering what types of movies you liked.A:我想知道你喜欢什么类型的电影。B: Well, thats my favorite movie, but I like all sorts of movies.B:嗯,那是我最喜欢的电影,但我喜欢各种类型的电影。A: Oh, okay, but why do you like that movie so much?A:哦,好的,但你为什么那么喜欢那部电影?B: Because it has action, adventure, comedy, and wonderful acting.B:因为它有动作、冒险、喜剧和精的表演。A: How many times would you say you have seen it?A:你会说你看过这部电影几次了?B: Too many to say. I watch it at least twice a month.B:太多次了。我至少两个月看一次。A: Really, you like it that much?A:真的吗,你那么喜欢它?B: Its a really good movie. You should watch it.B:这真是一部好电影。你应该看看。A: Could I borrow it? I dont have money to buy it.A:我可以借它看看嘛?我没有钱买。B: Yes, I could lend you the movie, but be careful with it. B:是的,我可以把这部电影借给你,但是要小心。\译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/408183 unit 309 购买教课书dialogue 英语情景对话A:Can you help me find my books?A:你能帮我找到我要的书吗?B:Certainly, do you have your school schedule? The books are arranged by course number and instructor.B:可以,你有没有带课程表?所有的书都是按照课程编号和任课老师排序的。A:Oh, I see. Thank you.A:哦,我明白了,谢谢。 /201601/423128万年县妇幼保健人民中医院割双眼皮多少钱上饶市韩美整形医院修眉手术多少钱



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