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Track OneWhen I was in high school I wanted to work with Zoology or Primatology在上高中时,我就想研究动物学或灵长类动物学I was fascinated with ‘human-animal’ communication我很痴迷于“人类与动物之间”的交流Which was starting to be talked about in the ‘70’s when I was a child这个话题在70年代时开始有人讨论,那时我还只是个孩子Scientists like Jane Goodall, example, who was doing this research像珍·古道尔这样的科学家当时正在做这方面的研究The emotional aspects of animal behavior动物行为情感When I first did some research in Atlanta — I was invited to visit a language research centre there当我开始在亚特兰大做些研究时,我被邀请参观当地的一个语言研究中心At Georgia State University where they were teaching chimpanzees to use sign language to communicate with the scientists在乔治亚州立大学,他们教黑猩猩使用手语与科学家进行沟通Several years going backwards and wards with Atlanta working with one particular chimpanzee我往返于亚特兰大好几年,与其中一只黑猩猩共事We used sign language as well as he used a computer system我们使用手语,黑猩猩使用计算机系统A hexagram system with 300 words — I would communicate with him on a daily basis一个囊括300词的六角形系统 ——我每天都会用这个跟他交流We would m things like ‘Going to the est’我们会用词语造句,比如说“到森林中去”He would tell me what he wanted to do — I would ‘take him out’ and we would do those activities他会告诉我他想做的事—我就会“带他出去”,一起做他想做的事You are suggesting that these primates have pretty close thinking pattern to humans你是在说这些灵长类动物的思维模式与人类相当接近This chimpanzee had a monitor in his room这只黑猩猩的房间里装了个视频监拍器One of the first things — I asked him what he wanted to do that particular day有件重要的事情是,有一天我要问他当天想做什么事He said ;I want to see my cousin;他说:“我想见见我的表亲”I asked the keeper who his cousin was — it was actually his friend, another chimpanzee that lives in another compound我问饲养员他的表亲是谁——其实那是他的朋友,那只黑猩猩住在另一区域I asked if we could take him there — ;No, you cant;我问我们能不能把他带过来——“不,你们不能”So, the chimpanzee asked me to take the monitor and go and take footage然后,我的那只黑猩猩要我带上视频监拍器,出去拍摄录像He had a keyboard system that said ;You me — show me;他有个键盘系统会说“你拍视频给我看吧”Track TwoI had to go and take the camcorder我不得不去拿便携式摄像机I took footage of this particular chimpanzee — I took it back, plugged it into his monitor我给那只黑猩猩录了像——我得把摄影机拿回来,他的监拍器He texted and said ‘I love my cousin.’他打字说 “我爱我的表亲”;How do you manage to get a chimp to learn the keyboard?;“你是怎么让一只黑猩猩学会使用键盘的?”I have no doubt about the intellect of some of the higher apes such as the chimpanzee, the gorillas, and the orangutans我丝毫不怀疑一些高等猿类的智商,比如黑猩猩、大猩猩还有红毛猩猩They are very intelligent creatures他们都是非常聪明的生物I have just been at the Melbourne Zoo — I work closely with them on their ‘Palm Oil’ project我刚去了墨尔本动物园——我和他们就 “棕榈油”项目有一些密切合作They have a big programme teaching children about one of their orangutans他们有个很大的项目是教孩子了解猩猩中的一类They are known escapologists — they find bits of metal, they pick locks and they get out猩猩是出了名的脱身术杂技演员——他们会找点金属,撬锁,然后逃脱They do it where no human can do it他们能做人不能做的事Does this make you feel very sensitive when you hear about the harsh treatment of many of the primates — in the mountains of Africa — their territory getting smaller, the hunting going on如果你听说许多灵长类动物受到残酷对待——比如在非洲的山区——他们的领地越来越少,而人类还在继续捕杀,你会不会十分敏感?I am appalled — it also reflects on how other people mistreat other humans as well我很震惊——这也反映了人们也会虐待其他自己的同类Even through racist reasons or lack of understanding这种行为一般是种族主义或缺乏理解造成的It is always this fear of the other that humans have that creates some terrible behaviour人类总是会有对其他同类的恐惧,这种恐惧致使人类对同类做出了一些可怕的行为What other parts of the world have you been into?你还去过世界其他什么地方?Worked in different zoos — Arnhem Zoo in Holland, worked in Borneo quite consistently, Atlanta在不同的动物园工作过——荷兰的阿纳姆动物园,在婆罗洲也工作了很长一段时间,还有亚特兰大 3

话说日记的插曲向来都不错,大家一起听听吧《吸血鬼日记第二季第八集插曲,是歌手The Afters的“The Ocean Wide” 歌词送上: look outsideit aly light and the stars ran away with the nightthings were said, words that well try get.it so hard to admit i know weve made mistakesi see through all the tears but that what got us hereif love is an ocean widewell swim in the tears we crytheyll see us through to the other sidewere gonna make itwhen love is a raging seayou can hold on to mewell find a way tonightlove is an ocean wideill stay right hereit where ill always belongtied with your armsdays like this, i wish the sun wouldnt seti dont want to getwhat made us feel this wayyou see through all my fearsand that what got us herelove is an ocean wide enough to geteven when we think we cant 9896

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻0.In the middle of nowhere0.这到底是哪 Stormy weather diverted our Dallas-bound flight to another airport.雨暴天气使我们本来飞往达拉斯的航班不得不转飞另一个机场As we approached the runway, the pilot came on the intercom:; those of you who are not familiar with the area,this is Lubbock, Texas.当我们的飞机靠近跑道的时候,飞行员通过对讲机说:“对于那些对这个地区不熟悉的人,这里是德州的Lubbock”;Then he paused.;And those of you who are familiar with this area,I think this is Lubbock, Texas.;然后他停顿了一下,接着说,“对于那些熟悉这个地区的人,我感觉这里就是德州的Lubbock了” 1831

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