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  • By the mid 1800s, the horse and the cowboy had come to symbolize the wild west. And of course, with the cowboys came cattle. As the bison quickly vanished from the landscape, cattle filled their place. 到19世纪中叶,马与牛仔成为了辽阔西部的象征。当然,既然提到牛仔,那么一定会提到牛。随着北美野牛快速地从大陆上消失,家牛取代了他们的位置。Meanwhile increasing numbers of the tame horses escaped into the wild. These feral horses became known by the Spanish name, mustang. They put extra pressure on the dwindling bison numbers by competing for their grazing sites and drinking holes. 与此同时,越来越多的被驯的马儿逃到了西部。这些野马成为了西班牙语中所称的“木斯塘马(mustang)”,它们数量的上升也给北美野牛的存活增添不少压力,它们与北美野牛争抢草原和水源。Mustangs form social groups led by a dominant stallion, echoing their prehistoric relatives that lived here during the Ice Age. 木斯塘马是一个群居的种族,由一匹占统治地位的公马领导整个族群,这一点和它们冰河时代栖息于此的史前亲戚相同。Bred to carry the weight of a rider, mustangs are larger than those early wild horses, but they still display the same kind of behavior. 木斯塘马是供人骑乘的,从体重看,他们比那些之前的野马体型更大,但是两种马匹的行为有很多相同之处。By the early 1800s, the wild horse was well and truly back in North America, but how did other wildlife on the continent survive alongside growing human populations?19世纪早期,野马真正回归北美大陆,但是大陆上其他的野外生物是怎么在人类数量速度增加的情况下存活的呢?Some wild creatures did the reverse of mustangs by becoming tame and choosing to live close to people. The purple martin became an unofficial mascot for native inhabitants in the eastern half of the continent. Here people erected special nesting sites to encourage the birds to stay.一些野外生物也和木斯塘马一样选择了追随人类并被其驯。在大陆的东半侧,北美洲紫燕在当地居民眼中是一种吉祥物。在这里,人类为紫燕建巢并希望这些鸟儿留在这里。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载。201311/266549。
  • But most significant of all, the jaguar has a tell-tale trademark. Instead of going for the neck or snout like most cats do, it kills with a crushing bite through the skull into the brain. This makes the jaguar prime suspect in this case. Even the glyptodonts defences had a fatal flaw. 但最重要的是,美洲虎有一个独特的特点,与大多数猫科动物不一样的是,美洲虎捕猎时不会直接撕咬猎物的颈部或者面部,它会在猎物的头骨上直接给予猎物大脑致命一击。这使美洲虎成为了这个头骨的“首要嫌疑凶手”。尽管雕齿兽的防卫有一个致命缺点。13,000 years ago, another very different kind of hunter reached this warm corner of the continent. Floridas springs have produced an unparalleled record of these first people, examples of their craftsmanship and hunting expertise, including razor-sharp flint spear points. 13000年前,另一批不同的猎人来到了这片大陆的角落。佛罗里达的泉水中记录了第一批人类无可比拟的技艺以及狩猎技巧,例如,带着锋利石头的箭头。The area was rich in flint for making weapons and in animals to hunt. And with the milder climate, these people probably had an easier life than their contemporaries further north. Small clues to their arrival have survived undamaged over 13,000 years—spear points, fishhooks and other glimpses of their daily life showing the versatility of these first inhabitants of the Sunshine State. 这片区域有着足够多的锋利岩石来制造武器,也有着足够多的猎物。当气温回暖后,这些人类的生活可能会比他们北方的同胞们更加舒适。13000年过后,还是能够发现他们来到过这里的痕迹——箭头,鱼钩。他们在这里生活的另一些痕迹表明,这些首批来到“阳光州”的人类技能多种多样。They hunted a wide range of ice age animals and Florida possesses a unique record of one such encounter. The skull of an extinct bison restored here was discovered in one of the rivers. Planted deep in the top of the skull was a flint spear point.这些人类捕杀过大多数的冰河时代动物,对此,佛罗里达拥有一个独特的据明这一事实。在这里保存着一只灭绝的北美野牛的头骨,它被发现于一条河流之中。在头骨的深处,有一个绑着锋利石头的箭头。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载.201307/250436。
  • But in 1893, it wasnt the river or the geology that was to be protected, rather the local antelope herds.但在1893年,它可不是河流或地貌特征,而是是被保护,当地有成群的羚羊。Policing methods proved adequate though, hunting remain widesp and the antelope population remains a fraction of what it once was.虽然明投入了足够多的治安管理力度,但狩猎仍然屡见不鲜,而且羚羊的数目仍是曾经的少数。Today, the entire park is named after its central feature, the massive and thundering waterfall, which the indigenous people had named Angrabies.今天,整个公园因为其特点而命名,大规模,雷鸣声般的瀑布,土著居民将其命名为安格拉贝斯。Angrabies might mean a place of great noise, but this spot is deliciously quiet.安格拉贝斯可能意思着一个很大噪音的地方,但我现在所处的这个地方却是很安静。Some 12 kilometers from the Falls, birdsong and a gentle breeze are all that accompanied me along this days river walk.距离瀑布12公里处, 鸟鸣声,阵阵微风都陪伴着我这一天沿河行走的旅程。After wandering through swine grasses, bleached white by the sun.稍作徘徊后,这里被太阳染成了白色。201311/263040。
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