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安庆海军安庆医院看男科怎么样安庆包茎怎样处理安庆市第六人民医院治疗阳痿多少钱 “I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up。” My friend’s father used to say that all the time. He was in his mid-40s。“我还不知道自己长大了想干什么。”我朋友的老爸以前总这么说。他已经人到中年了。 A lot of people live their lives having no clue what they want. They usually follow the American Dream without a second thought, just because that’s what’s expected of them。很多人浑浑噩噩过日子,不清楚自己想要什么。他们通常想都不想就追随所谓的“美国梦”,因为这就是他们被寄予的期望。If you ask me, that’s a pretty lousy way to live your life. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I’d like to point out that you have only one life; make the most out of it and do things that make you happy. And you should start right now!在我看来,这种生活方式很不好。虽然听上去俗套,但我还是想说:人只有这一辈子,何不尽情享受并努力过得开开心心呢?而且,你现在就可以开始!If you don’t know what you really want in life, you’re not alone. Thousands, if not millions, of people wander the earth every day without a quest. If you don’t want to spend your life wandering aimlessly, you can use the following 7 tips to find out exactly what you want in life。其实,不只是你不清楚自己真正想要什么,成千上万个人每天都在茫然度日。如果你不想毫无目标地混日子,那就试试下面7个贴士,弄清自己在生活中想要什么吧。1. Be selfish自私一点You can’t pinpoint exactly what you want in life if you’re constantly sacrificing your time and dreams for other people. You have to put yourself first. Ask yourself: If you weren’t tied down by your job, family, friends, or anything else, then what would you be doing right now? Always remember that it’s okay to put yourself first, because if you don’t, then no one else will。如果你总为他人牺牲时间和梦想,那你很难准确发掘自己的真正渴望。你得先把自己放在第一位。扪心自问:如果不受工作、家庭、朋友或其他羁绊,那你现在可能在干什么?请记住:你可以优先考虑自己,因为除你之外,再也没有人会这么对你了。2. Regret nothing永不后悔Don’t feel bad for being selfish. It’s your life. It’s time for you to live it exactly the way you want to. If you constantly regret things you did or didn’t do in the past, then you won’t be able to move forward. Don’t live in the past. Live in the present…and the future!不要因为自私一点而感到不安。这是你的人生,你应该按自己的意愿去生活。要是总为过去的事后悔,那你会很难继续前行。不要沉溺于往事。活在当下,看向未来!3. Figure out what you need明白你需要什么Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you need. Sit down and think about what you need the most. Is it your family? The freedom to express yourself? Love? Financial security? Something else? If it helps, you can make a list of priorities. Also think about the kind of legacy you want to leave behind。有时要明白自己需要什么并不容易。请坐下来仔细想想你最需要什么:家庭、自由表达自己、关爱、经济安全,抑或其他?可行的话,你可以列一张次序清单。另外,也考虑一下自己希望留下什么遗产。4. Determine what really bothers you搞清什么最让你心烦You can soar only by pushing back against something you don’t want. Figure out what upsets you, and be specific about it. Don’t just say that you hate your office job. Pinpoint exactly why you hate it. Could it be your micromanaging boss? Your workload? Your meaningless job title? Or all of the above? What bothers you, and how can you fix it? How much do you want to fix it?只有抛开讨厌的东西,你才能振翅飞翔。想想什么使你心烦,一定要具体。不要简单说你讨厌上班,而应具体弄清究竟讨厌上班哪一点:是因为吹毛求疵的老板吗?工作量太大?职称不起眼?或全都有?什么使你心烦并该如何应对?你又愿意付出多少去解决?5. Determine what makes you truly happy发现什么让你真正快乐There’s no waste to life if you’re happy living it. Your happiness is the root of your desires. So take a few moments and really think about what makes you happy. Is it traveling? Being around children? Owning a successful business? Your significant other? Financial freedom? Once you pinpoint the one thing that makes you happy the most, you’ll have a pretty clear idea of what you should strive for in your life。开心度过的生活才算完满。快乐是愿望之源。所以,花点时间想清楚什么使你开心——旅行?和小孩玩乐?事业有成?伴侣?还是经济独立?一旦找到最让你开心的那件事,你便能明确知道自己该努力过怎样的生活。6. Let people around you know what you’re trying to achieve让身边的人知道你的目标Don’t keep your goals and desires to yourself. Voice it all out! If you tell people what you’re trying to accomplish, they will most likely support you and give you new ideas. Sometimes mother does know best!不要将目标和愿望藏在心里。讲出来吧!如果你把目标告诉别人,他们很可能会持你并给你出主意。有时别人确实知道什么才最好!7. Stay positive。保持积极Life doesn’t always go how you want it. Don’t feel dismay as your plans stray. Take control. Instead of freaking out, try your best to roll with the changes. You will get there someday. You’re just taking a little detour. Sometimes a positive attitude is all you need to keep going。生活并不总是如你所愿。就算计划泡汤也不要沮丧。要稳住。不要惊慌失措,而应努力顺应变化。总有一天你会实现目标的。只是目前遇到一点挫折罢了。有时积极心态才是你最需要坚持的。 /201507/386962Back in 1986, Hiroaki Ota, a Japanese psychiatrist, identified Paris Syndrome: a state of psychological trauma experienced by first-time Japanese visitors to the City of Light when they discovered that the French capital was far grittier than the glamorous vision they were expecting.1986年,日本精神病专家太田广明(Hiroaki Ota)提出了“巴黎综合症”:当首次来到“光之城”(巴黎别称——译者注)的日本游客发现巴黎远非他们所期待的那么光鲜的时候,他们会经历一种心理创伤状态。Three decades on, an even larger number of Chinese visitors to France — attracted by the same visions of fashion, romance, culture and history as Japanese tourists in the 1980s — are grappling with similar culture shock. But while some have been afflicted, the allure of France — and Paris in particular — remains extremely potent.30年后,在同样的时尚、浪漫、文化和历史愿景吸引下,人数更多的中国游客蜂拥而至巴黎。就像上世纪80年代的日本游客那样,他们遭遇了类似的文化冲击。但是,尽管一些人感到郁闷,但法国(尤其是巴黎)依然具有强烈的吸引力。The results of the latest large-scale annual survey of Chinese outbound tourists by China Confidential, a research service from the Financial Times, show that France remained the most popular long-haul destination among Chinese travellers and the sixth-most-popular destination overall, up from tenth in the 2014 survey. This was borne out by official tourism statistics showing that France received 2.2m Chinese visitors last year, a jump from 1.7m in 2013.英国《金融时报》旗下研究机构《中国投资参考》(China Confidential)对中国出境游客进行的最新年度调查显示,法国依然是中国游客最向往的长途旅游目的地,而且在所有旅游目的地中排名第六,高于2014年调查中的第十位。这得到了官方旅游统计数据的佐,后者显示,去年法国迎来220万名中国游客,高于2013年的170万人。In fact, rising incomes, cheaper flights and easing visa restrictions are increasingly turning French holidays from a luxury commodity into a mainstream Chinese consumer experience. Almost a quarter (24.5 per cent) of 1,288 surveyed travellers (all of whom had made at least one overseas trip in their lifetimes) said they had visited France in the past. Even among lower-income travellers, about 15 per cent had visited France.实际上,由于收入不断增长、机票价格下降以及签条件放宽,去法国度假正从一种奢侈商品变成中国消费者的主流体验。在1288名受访游客当中(这些人至少有过一次出国旅游的经历),近四分之一(24.5%)表示,他们曾去过法国。即便在较低收入的受访游客当中,也有约15%去过法国。This French love affair looks set to continue: 17.7 per cent of respondents said they planned to visit France this year, ranking it the most popular destination among travellers who have made previous overseas trips, ahead even of increasingly popular short-haul destinations such as Japan (17.5 per cent) and South Korea (14.7 per cent).这种对法国的痴迷看起来还会持续下去:17.7%的受访者表示,他们今年计划去法国旅游,这让法国成为最让出境游客向往的旅游目的地,甚至领先于日本(17.5%)和韩国(14.7%)这些日益流行的短途旅游目的地。France overwhelmingly remains the dream global destination for Chinese tourists, chosen by 31.6 per cent of respondents, well ahead of second-placed Italy (20.9 per cent) and little changed from the 32.5 per cent that cited France as their dream destination in China Confidential’s 2014 survey.法国遥遥领先地依然是中国游客梦想的全球旅游目的地,31.6%的受访者选择法国,远高于排名第二的意大利(20.9%),与《中国投资参考》去年的调查结果没有什么变化——去年有32.5%的受访者将法国列为自己梦想的旅游目的地。With the number of Chinese visitors to France likely to grow further in coming years, this should continue to provide a significant boost to the French economy. Even though average spending by visitors to France was slightly lower than in China Confidential’s previous surveys — in line with broader trends — it nevertheless remained far higher than spending by Chinese visitors to all other destinations, averaging Rmb44,488 (,175). Spending on shopping also remained far higher, averaging Rmb19,620, driven by continued strong purchases of French luxury goods, although shopping spend was down from Rmb23,779 in last year’s survey, again in line with trends seen both at home and abroad.随着今后几年去法国旅游的中国游客数量进一步增加,法国经济应该会继续获得巨大推动。尽管中国游客去法国的平均出为4.4488万元人民币(合7175美元),略低于《中国投资参考》前几年的调查数据(这符合中国出境游客的整体趋势),但它仍远高于中国游客在其他任何国家的旅游出。由于中国游客大量购买法国奢侈品,他们的购物出也比在其他国家高得多,平均为1.9620万元人民币,尽管低于去年调查的2.3779万元人民币,这同样符合国内外的趋势。All of which points to the challenges faced by rival tourism authorities in displacing France in the imaginations of Chinese travellers. Despite making it significantly easier for Chinese visitors to get visas, the US, for example, ranked tenth in terms of most visited destinations last year and failed to make the top 10 in terms of destinations that respondents planned to visit or in terms of their dream destinations.所有这些都表明,其他国家很难取代法国,成为中国游客梦想的旅游目的地。例如,尽管已经大幅简化了针对中国游客的签手续,但在去年游客人数最多的旅游目的地排名中,美国依然仅列第十位,而在受访者计划旅游的目的地或者梦想旅游目的地排名中,美国未能进入前十名。France, it seems, continues to have that special something. If only there was a way to describe it.法国似乎依然有些特别的魅力,要是有办法描述这种吸引力就好了。 /201505/374638安庆潜山县妇幼儿童人民中医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

太湖县人民医院前列腺炎多少钱Teachers may seem strict and boring but I bet they crave for being a student again and have fun. Probably, that is why this school teacher from Thailand carried away while checking test papers.教师通常是又严厉又乏味的,不过我相信,他们内心也渴望能再和学生一样愉快的玩耍。大概正由于此,这位泰国的老师在批改试卷时着实“任性”了一回。 Students usually doodle when, either they finish exam early or they don’t know what to write on the question paper. These doodles are mainly unfinished and totally random. However, this school teacher took the opportunity to complete the unfinished doodles with his own artistic skills. After a while, when students noticed what their teacher was doing, they started drawing more and requested to add more stuff. 当学生们在考试时间截止前完成了试卷,或者不知道该在试卷上写什么的时候,他们常常在试卷上涂鸦。这些涂鸦之作往往是未完成的随性之作。可是,这位老师却趁此机会,运用自己的美术天才续画了这些未完成的涂鸦画。后来,当学生们发现老师的续画作品之后,他们开始变本加厉的画画,要求老师再接着他们的作品画下去。A few of these drawings only needed a little touch from the teacher while others got new body parts or characters.下面这些涂鸦画中,有的只需要老师画龙点睛,有的则被加上了新的主体或者人物。 /201504/369452安庆治疗前列腺炎最好的医院 安庆做尿道口整形术多少钱

安庆市做包皮包茎在线 With their intoxicating spices and complex flavours, Indian curries are enjoyed the world over.印度咖喱因其美味的香料以及多样的风味风靡全球。Now, in a study of more than 2,000 recipes, scientists have discovered the secret behind curry#39;s popularity on a molecular level.现在,通过对2000多种食谱的研究,科学家从分子水平上发现了咖喱风靡全球背后的秘密。They claim that unlike Western dishes that tend to pair similar flavours together - such as beer and bee f - Indian dishes use at least seven ingredients that do not contain overlapping flavours.他们解释道,并不像喜欢把味道相近的东西在一起的西方的吃法(例如牛肉加啤酒),印度菜中一股要用至少七种不同风味的食材。Researchers at the Indian Institute for Technology in Delhi looked at how often overlapping flavour comp ounds were used in a dish#39;s ingredients.位于德里(印度城市)的印度研究所的研究人员着重研究了菜肴中具有相同风味的化合物出现的频率。They reviewed of recipes on TarlaDalal.com, studying the subtle molecular-level differences that distinguish the cuisine, according to a report in the Washington Post.根据华盛顿邮报中的一篇报道,研究人员们研究了TarlaDalal网站上的食谱,他们从分子的水平上细微的差别来区别不同的菜肴。#39;We found that average flavour sharing in Indian cuisine was significantly lesser than expected,#39; researchers wrote.研究人员写道;我们发现,印度菜肴中出现相同风味的化合物的概率比预料中要低得多。;The study found that ingredients such as garam masala and bell peppers are usually teamed up with other ingredients that have no chemical similarity.这项研究发现,像是辛香料和青椒这些材料一般都和那些与它们化学成分不同的材料搭配。This is in contrast to Western dishes that share like flavours. Chefs, for instance claim that seemingly incongruous ingredients, such as chocolate and blue cheese, can taste good together because they share similar compounds.这与西方的习惯是不一样的.例如,厨师们会说,看起来搭配不协调的东西吃起来会很好,像是巧克力加蓝奶酪,他们搭配起来味道很好是因为它们的化学成分相似。An example is acetal, which can be found in whiskey, apple juice, orange juice and raw beets. Strawberries, meanwhile, have flavour compounds that match white wine.乙缩醛就是一个例子,威士忌,苹果汁,橘汁和原料甜菜都含有这种物质.并且,草莓跟白酒也很搭。In Indian dishes, the more overlap two ingredients have in flavour, the less likely they are to appear in the same Indian dish, the scientists said.科学家说,在印度,两种食材的风味越是接近,它们就越不可能出现在同一道菜中。Researchers believe this makes the dish more tasty as the ingredients each bring their own unique flavour to the dish, rather than simply blending in.研究者相信这会使食物更加可口,因为菜中每一种材料都散发着自己独特的风味,而不是简单的混合在一块。Out of the 381 cooking ingredients in the world, the research team from that Indian food uses 200 in their cuisine.在世界上的381种烹饪原料中,研究团队发现印度菜肴中出现了其中的两百种。#39;Each of the spices is uniquely placed in its recipe to shape the flavour sharing pattern with rest of the ingredients,#39; the researchers said.;每一种香料都被唯一的使用在了适合它的菜肴中,这样能使它的味道与其他食材相得益彰.;研究人员说到。Previous research has found curry could actually be good for you, easing arthritis and even protecting people from Alzheimer#39;s.之前的研究发现,咖喱能有助于人们的健康.它可以缓解关节炎甚至还能预防老年痴呆。Most curries contain turmeric, cumin, allspice, cardamon, ginger, garlic and capsicum - spices with stro ng anti-bacterial properties.大多数咖喱含有姜,孜然多香果粉(一种香料),豆蔻,生姜,大蒜和辣椒,具有较强的抗菌性能。This is largely why they#39;re found in dishes from hot countries, where meat needs to be preserved.所以在热带国家菜肴中,我们会经常看到他们添加这类东西,因为那里的肉类需要保存。Separate studies have found that garlic, cinnamon and cumin can destroy up to 80 per cent of meat-borne bacteria, while ginger can slow bacterial growth by 25 per cent.一项独立研究发现,大蒜,肉桂,小茴香能够杀死80%的以肉为宿主的细菌,而姜可以使细菌的生长速度减慢25%。COULD CURRY BE USED TO BANISH BAD MEMORIES?咖喱可以用来消除不好的记忆吗?A spice commonly used in curry could help erase bad memories, according to a study.根据一项研究表明咖喱中常用的香料可以帮助消除不好的记忆。Curcumin, a bright-yellow compound found in the root of the Indian spice turmeric, prevented new fear memories being stored in the brain, and also removed pre-existing fear memories, researchers found.姜黄素,一个明亮的黄色化合物,在印度香料姜黄根粉末之中被发现,研究人员发现它可以阻止了新产生的恐惧记忆储存于大脑之中,并且可以删除原有的恐惧记忆。It is hoped that the findings will help develop treatments for people suffering with psychological disorders.希望该发现将有助于帮助心理障碍患者的治疗。Psychologists from The City University of New York trained rats to become scared when they heard a particular sound. Scientists assumed the creatures were frightened when they froze.纽约城市大学的心理学家训练老鼠当他们听到一个特别的声音的时候变得恐惧(条件反射)。科学家认为当动物恐惧时就会呆住。Hours later, when the same sound was played to the rats, those who had been given ordinary food froze.几个小时后,当相同的声音响起时老鼠(普通饲料饲养的老鼠)全部呆住了。Yet the rats fed the curcumin-rich diet didn#39;t freeze, suggesting their fearful memories had been erased.然而,使用丰富姜黄素饮食的老鼠并没有呆住,这表明他们的恐惧记忆已经被抹去了。 /201503/366105安庆市第一人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱安庆远大医院不孕不育



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