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Ruth: Akane, youve got a new skirt!鲁斯:茜,你买了条新短裙!Akane: I do. Thanks for noticing.茜:是啊。多谢关心。Ruth: Oh, thats OK. So are you quite into fashion?鲁斯:不客气。你很喜欢时尚吗?Akane: Well, I do like to buy stuff now and then.茜:嗯,我有时很喜欢买东西。Ruth: Yeah, and was that the last thing you bought?鲁斯:好,那这条裙子是你上一次买的东西吗?Akane: Ah, Id say so, yes.茜:嗯,我想是的。Ruth: So do you spend quite a lot of money on clothes?鲁斯:那你会在衣上花很多钱吗?Akane: Ah, no, I like to look for bargains.茜:不会,我会喜欢找便宜的东西。Ruth: Oh, good plan.鲁斯:哦,好办法。Akane: Yeah.茜:是啊。Ruth: And was that skirt a bargain?鲁斯:那这条裙子便宜吗?Akane: Oh, yes it was.茜:很便宜。Ruth: How much was it?鲁斯:多少钱?Akane: It was actually only 1,300 yen. (Wow) Yeah. Thats about 13 Canadian dollars.茜:只要1300日元。(哇)对。大约13加元。Ruth: Thats such a bargain. Thats fantastic.鲁斯:那真便宜。太棒了。Akane: Yeah, it was.茜:没错。Ruth: So how often do you go shopping?鲁斯:你多久去购物一次?Akane: Um, not too often, maybe about once a month.茜:嗯,不是很频繁,大概一个月一次。Ruth: Once a month. For clothes?鲁斯:一个月一次,买衣吗?Akane: Um, yeah, just to browse around, look around. Um, I might not always buy something, but once in awhile I do.茜:对,就是随便逛逛。我可能不是总会买东西,只是偶尔会买。Ruth: And where do you go?鲁斯:一般你会去哪里?Akane: Well, I like to go to the local market, and things like that, cause I think thats the best place to find bargains.茜:我喜欢去当地市场或类似的地方,因为我认为那里是最适合找便宜东西的地方。Ruth: Do you normally try clothes on before you buy them?鲁斯:你在买衣之前会先试穿吗?Akane: I do. I prefer to try them on before I buy them. Its not always possible though.茜:会的。我在买之前要先试一下。不过有时并不能试穿。Ruth: So if you buy something at a market, so you try it on first?鲁斯:如果你在市场买东西,你会先试穿吗?Akane: Well, yes I would ask the person if I can try it on. If they say no, then I would try to see if it fits or not right on top of my clothes and make a good guess.茜:对,我会问售货员我是否可以试穿。如果他们说可以,那我会穿上试试,看看是否适合我,好好看一下。Ruth: Do you ever buy clothes which are second hand, which other people have aly worn?鲁斯:你买过二手衣吗,就是那些别人穿过的衣?Akane: I used to be really into vintage clothes when I was younger. Yes, theres a huge area in Toronto where Im from where there are many shops with vintage clothes, and I used to go there all the time.茜:我年轻的时候非常喜欢旧衣。我来自多伦多的一个大地区,那里有许多出售旧衣的商店,我以前经常去那里。Ruth: Wow. So there kind of dated clothes are they?鲁斯:哇。那里卖的是旧衣吗?Akane: Yes, they are. They are second hand clothes. Theyre used and theyre very cheap and very fashionable.茜:对,没错。是那些二手衣,已经穿过的衣,这些衣既便宜又时尚。Ruth: Oh, that sounds fantastic.鲁斯:哦,听起来真棒。Akane: Yeah, it is.茜:是啊。Ruth: Does anybody else ever buy you clothes? Do your parents buy you clothes sometimes?鲁斯:有其他人送过你衣吗?你父母会给你衣吗?Akane: Um, I suppose they used to when I was younger, but not anymore, because you know, I like to choose my own things.茜:我小的时候他们经常给我买衣,但是现在不再给我买了,因为你知道我喜欢自己挑选衣。Ruth: Of course, yeah.鲁斯:当然了。Akane: But once in awhile I might go shopping with my mother, and if theres something I like she might buy it for me if its a special occasion.茜:不过我有时会和我妈妈一起去购物,如果有我喜欢的东西,又是特殊场合,她会买给我的。Ruth: Oh, thats generous.鲁斯:哦,真是大方。Akane: She is.茜:的确是。Ruth: Alright, well thanks for that Akane.鲁斯:好,茜,谢谢你和我们分享。Akane: Alright.茜:不客气。 译文属 /201411/34416113. Im always tied up with my work.我总是忙得不可开交。还能这样说:I always have my hands full.I am on the go.应用:tie sb. to work 工作缠身;tie sb. hand and foot 捆住某人的手和脚,使某人不能行动自如;tie oneself in knots 结婚;tie in with sth. 有某事一致或有联系14. I dont even have time to catch my breath.我连喘气的机会都没有。还能这样说:I dont have any chance to take a break.I have no time to rest.应用:knock the breath out of sb. 使某人大吃一惊;take breath 歇息;waste ones breath 白费口舌;speak under ones breath 低声细语;save ones breath 不做声,沉默15. Could you stay late?你能晚点儿下班吗?还能这样说:Could you work overtime?Could you leave here for exra work?应用:be here to stay 被普遍接受;stay ones anger 息怒;stay clear of sth. 避免涉及某事;stay put 待在原地,固定不动16. Dont work too hard.别过度劳累。还能这样说:Dont be overtired.youd better not work too tired.应用:be hard done by 亏待,苛待;die hard 习惯不易根除;hard at it 竭尽全力;as hard as nails 冷酷无情,铁石心肠的;hard facts 客观事实 /201411/340841Finn: Come on, Feifei! We are going to be late - this party is my big chance!芬:快来啊,菲菲!我们快要迟到了——这个派对是我很大的机会!Feifei: Im almost y, Finn! Hi, Im Feifei. Finn has invited me to his posh uncles party. He knows lots of celebrities!菲菲:我马上就好,芬!大家好,我是菲菲。芬邀请我去参加他叔叔豪华的派对。他认识一大堆名人!Finn: Come on! And lots of musicians... Im a bit of a rocker myself, and this might just be my chance to meet someone famous... Come on!芬:算了吧!还有很多的音乐人...我本身算是个摇滚歌手,这是我见某些著名人士的机会...快点!Feifei: Coming!菲菲:来了!Finn: Maybe join the band... live the rock star life... oh, this is my one big chance! Come on or Ill miss the boat!芬:或许加入乐队...过摇滚明星的生活...哦,这是我的大机会!快点要不我就会错失良机!Feifei: Boat?! Why didnt you say it before?Here I am.菲菲:船?!你之前为什么没有说?我马上就来。Finn: A lifejacket!?芬:一个救生衣?!Feifei: Of course! We are going on a boat! I am afraid of water - I cant swim!菲菲:当然了!我们要去船上!我害怕水——我不会游泳!Finn: Feifei, theres no real boat! In English, when we use the expression to miss the boat we mean that we are too late to take advantage of a good opportunity.芬:菲菲,并没有真的船!在英语中,当我们用“错过船;这个短语,意思是我们错失了好的机会。Feifei: No boat at all?菲菲:完全没有船?Finn: Not even a canoe. Listen to these examples.芬:连独木舟也没有。听一下这些例子吧。If I hadnt bought a new flat last year I would have missed the boat. Properties are more expensive now.如果我去年没有买新公寓我就会错失良机。房地产现在更贵了。I should have travelled the world when I was young. Now I have a family to take care of. I might have missed the boat.我年轻的时候本应该环游世界的。现在我需要照料家庭。我错失了良机。Feifei: Oh, OK, so to miss the boat is to miss an opportunity by being late. It makes sense.菲菲:哦,好的,所以“错失良机”意思是太晚了以致于错过了一个机会。言之有理。Finn: Yes, but were not going to make it on time now, unless... we take my uncles helicopter! Its parked in a field nearby. Come on!芬:是的,但是我们现在需要准时到达,除非...我们乘坐我叔叔的直升机!它停在附近的草坪上。快来!Feifei: Helicopter! Wait a minute, Finn.Now I am really y.菲菲:直升机!等一下,芬。现在我准备好了。Finn: Feifei, is it what I think it is? A parachute?!芬:菲菲,这是我想的那个东西吗?一个降落伞?!Feifei: Well of course it is! I cant swim and I cant fly either. And Im afraid of heights!菲菲:当然了就是!我不会游泳也不会飞。而且我恐高!Finn: OK, dont you worry. Lets just go to the party. We dont want to miss the boat, do we?芬:好吧,不用担心。我们快去派对吧。我们不想错失良机,不是吗?Feifei: We dont want to miss the boat or the helicopter. Bye.菲菲:我们不想错失良机或者错过直升机。再见。Finn: Bye.芬:再见。 /201401/274549

Neil: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. My names Neil.尼尔:大家好,欢迎收看地道英语节目。我是尼尔。Helen: (Sigh) And Im Helen.海伦:(叹气)我是海伦。Neil: Oh Helen, that was a very heavy sigh.尼尔:海伦,那真是沉重的叹息啊。Helen: A heavy sigh? By that, you mean a big sigh?! Well, I suppose it was. Its just Ive been trying to lose some weight but my diet is not working.海伦:沉重的叹息?你的意思是说长出了一口气吗?!嗯,我想是这样的。我一直在努力减肥,可是我的节食没起作用。Neil: So how heavy are you exactly?尼尔:那你现在有多重?Helen: Im not going to tell you my weight!海伦:我是不会告诉你我的体重的。Neil: OK but my advice is to cut down on the biscuits, eat more fruit and stick to the diet!尼尔:好吧,我的建议是少吃饼干,多吃水果,坚持节食!Helen: Yeah, yeah, yeah!海伦:对,对,没错!Neil: Sorry, am I getting too heavy?尼尔:抱歉,我是不是太严厉了?Helen: Heavy? You mean youre putting on weight too?海伦:重?你是说你也胖了吗?Neil: No! Heavy can have another meaning. Used informally, it can mean serious or intense. Have a listen to this:尼尔:不是!heavy这个词还有其他的意思。在非正式用语中,可以表示严肃或者强烈的意思。来听下面的例句:Our relationships getting a bit heavy. I think we need to go out more and have a bit more fun.我们的关系变得有点儿紧张。我想我们需要多出去,享受更多的快乐时光。Neil: And another informal use of the word can mean difficult.尼尔:这个词另一个非正式用法表示难。That was a heavy lecture! I had trouble understanding it all.那节课真难!我完全无法理解。Helen: A heavy lecture–Ive been to a few of them!海伦:很难的课程——我也上过一些难以理解的课程!Neil: Me too. But Helen, we can also use the word heavy in a more formal way to mean intense:尼尔:我也是。不过海伦,我们还可以用heavy的正式用法来表示“强烈”。There was such a heavy fog I couldnt see where I was going.雾太浓重了,我几乎看不见我要去哪里。The flooding was caused by days of heavy rain.持续几天的强降雨引发了洪水。Heavy fighting broke out after the governments announcement.政府发表声明以后,爆发了激烈的战斗。Helen: So heavy in those examples also means intense, bad or strong. What about a heavy drinker or a heavy smoker? What does that mean?海伦:所以在这些例句中,heavy同样表示强烈的,糟糕的或者是强大的。那heavy drinker或者heavy smoker又是什么意思呢?Neil: Heavy here means to indulge to a great extent.尼尔:这里heavy的意思是在很大程度上沉迷于某件事。Helen: Well thats not me–but there is one kind of heavy I do like to indulge in.海伦:哦,那可不是说我,不过有一种heavy我确实很沉迷。Neil: And whats that?尼尔:那是什么?Helen: Heavy metal!海伦:重金属!(Turns on heavy metal music)(播放重金属音乐)Neil: (shouting) Thats a little heavy on my ears. Turn it down! What a noise!尼尔:(大叫)这对我来说太吵了。关小点声!太吵了! /201406/306096

Todd: Hey, James!嗨,詹姆斯!James: Yeah!嗨!Todd: Lets talk about seasons.我们来聊一聊季节。James: OK.好的。Todd: James, what is your favorite season?詹姆斯,你最喜欢的季节是什么?James: My favorite season is spring.我最喜欢的是春天。Todd: Yeah, why is that?为什么是春天?James: Because its not so cold but its not so hot that Im sweating on the train. I can go to the beach. I can relax with my friends outside. Its very nice.因为春天的天气不是很冷也不是很热,参加训练正合适。我还能去海边玩儿,和我的朋友一起出去。天气非常好。Todd: OK. What is your least favorite season?好的,你最不喜欢的季节是什么?James: My least favorite season in Japan is the rainy season ...because I dont like rain at all.我最不喜欢的是日本的雨季……因为我一点儿都不喜欢雨。Todd: OK. What season are we in right now?好的。我们现在正处于什么季节?James: Right now it is the very end of winter. It is just starting to become spring.现在正是冬天的末尾,我们即将迎来春天。Todd: Whats the weather like today?今天的天气怎么样呢?James: Today, its very sunny. Its a little cool. A little breezy. Its very nice. I enjoy it.今天天气很晴朗,威风,有一点冷。今天天气很好,我很喜欢。注:译文属原创,,。 /201212/217205

Lorelai: So, Hannah, you must have a lot of wonderful stories to tell.罗蕾莱:汉娜,你一定有很多精的故事可以与大家分享。Hannah: Not really. I mean there are just so many. But I dont want this evening to be all about me.汉娜:哪有的事。我是说,虽然有很多故事,但是我不想让今晚全都以我为中心。Hannah: I mean, everybodys stories are important, right, Jackson? You just started college.汉娜:我是说,每个人都有一些故事,对吧,杰克逊?你刚刚开始上大学。Hannah: Tell us about your classes.汉娜:说说你的课程吧。Jackson: Yeah. Uh...I really like...I think my favorite part is...杰克逊:是的,我的课程,我非常喜欢,我最喜欢的部分就是…Jackson: Dad, that your little boy is growing up into a man.杰克逊:老爸,你的小男孩已经长大成人了。 /201209/54

Helen: Hello, and welcome to The English We Speak. My name is Helen.海伦:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是海伦。Rob: And Im Rob. Helen, you look like youve been rushing. Here, have some water.罗布:我是罗布。海伦,你看起来很匆忙。来喝点水吧。Helen: Oh thanks. Im a bit out of breath. My appointment at the bank took longer than expected.海伦:哦,谢谢。我有点喘不过来气。我在办事的时间比预期的长了些。Rob: You got here just in the nick of time then.罗布:你在最后时刻赶到了这里。Helen: Just in the nick of time? Shouldnt it be just in time?海伦:in the nick of time?不是应该说及时吗?Rob: You can say both. It means at the very last moment. Lets hear how this phrase is used.罗布:两种说法都可以。意思是在最后一刻。我们来听一下这个短语的用法。The English We Speak from the B Learning English这里是B英语教学频道的地道英语节目Woman 1: Alice gave birth to a baby girl last night.女1:艾丽丝昨晚生了一个女孩。Woman 2: I thought she wasnt due for another three weeks.女2:我以为她的预产期还有三周呢。Woman 1: It was early and they got to the hospital just in the nick of time.女1:是早产,他们在最后一刻赶到了医院。Man: Sarah and I were on our way to see Beyonce in concert. But she left her mobile in the office, so we had to go back and get it.男:萨拉和我在去看碧昂斯演唱会的路上,她突然想起来她的手机落在办公室了,所以我们不得不返回办公室去拿手机。Woman: Did you miss the show?女:那你们错过演出了吗?Man: Thankfully not, we got there just in the nick of time.男:幸运的是我们没错过演出,我们在最后一刻赶到了现场。Helen: In the first example, we heard one woman got to the hospital just before her baby was born. And in the second example, a couple nearly missed their Beyonce concert.海伦:在第一个例子中,我们听到一名女性正好在生孩子前一刻赶到了医院。而在第二个例子中,一对情侣差点就要错过碧昂斯的演唱会了。Rob: That wouldve been awful. You hear this phrase often used to suggest a disaster had been averted. If the action happened any later, then something awful could happen.罗布:那会很糟糕的。你听到了,这个短语通常用于说明不好的事情被避开了。如果这件事情发生了,那就会造成糟糕的结果。Helen: I see. I have another question–is this phrase a British expression?海伦:我明白了。我还有一个问题,这是一个英国表达方式吗?Rob: I dont think the phrase in the nick of time is specifically British. It originated from the UK, but English speakers from all over the world use it.罗布:我想这个短语并不是英式英语专用的。这个短语起源于英国,但是全世界以英语为母语的人都会使用这个短语。Helen: Lets listen to a few more examples then.海伦:我们再来听一些例子。Man: We arrived just in the nick of time. Another five minutes, our plane would have left without us.男:我们在最后一刻赶到了。再耽误五分钟,我们就要错过飞机了。Woman: Sam was experimenting with stir frying last night and the wok caught fire. Luke rushed in with the fire blanket just in the nick of time.女:萨姆昨晚尝试了爆炒,结果炒锅着火了。卢克在关键时刻拿着灭火毯冲了进来。Helen: That was close. Stir frying can get pretty hot sometimes. And its good that Luke didnt try to put out the fire with water.海伦:好险啊。爆炒有时会让锅的温度变得非常热。幸亏卢克没用水去灭火。Rob: That would have been a catastrophe. So Helen, are you the kind of person who likes to do things at the very last minute?罗布:要是那样就会变成灾难了。所以海伦,你是那种喜欢在最后一刻做事情的人吗?Helen: Well, Id like to think of myself as a person who can do things in the nick of time. Thanks for listening. Bye.海伦:我认为我自己是可以在最后一刻做事情的人。谢谢大家收听节目。再见。Rob: Bye.罗布:再见。 /201406/308589

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