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Zhao Yitong, 7, a fitness instructor in Anshan, northeast China Liaoning province, still keeps physical exercises including yoga and pole dancing during her pregnancy. She even keeps the abdominal muscles in the ninth month of pregnancy. Her photos and story went viral online.今年7岁的赵艺桐是中国东北辽宁省鞍山市的一名健身教练,在期仍然坚持瑜伽和钢管舞等体育锻炼她甚至在怀九月时仍有腹肌而后,她的照片和事迹在网上迅速走红Zhao is gymnastics and pole dancing instructor. In the fourth month of the pregnancy, she still participated in a national pole dancing competition and finished sixth in duet dancing. ;At that time no one knew I was pregnant. If they did, no one would allow me to participate in the competition,; Zhao said.赵艺桐是一名体操和钢管舞教练她在怀四个月时还参加了国家的钢管舞比赛,取得了双人组第6名的好成绩“当时没人知道我怀,知道了估计也就不会让我参加了”赵艺桐庆幸地表示Thanks to the uninterrupted exercises during the pregnancy, Zhao is proud to still keep the abs. ;Bee the pregnancy, I had six-pack abs. During the pregnancy, the uterus has stretched, pushing the abs aside to waist. However, they still can be seen when I do the strength exercises,; Zhao said.多亏了期不间断的锻炼,赵艺桐对现在还能有腹肌感到很自豪她说:“在怀之前我有六块腹肌怀后由于子宫拉伸,腹肌移位到了腰部但是当我做强度练习时,腹肌仍然清晰可见”Zhao said that her family members were at first against her exercise, but they became quite supportive later. ;They know that I love sports and I also have adapted to this exercise. They no longer opposed anymore,; Zhao said.赵艺桐表示,她的家人最初都很反对她锻炼,不过后来,他们也大力持她她说:“家人都知道我热爱运动,我自己也早已习惯了锻炼他们就不再反对我了”Zhao said that her husband actually cared a lot about the baby health. He kept asking the doctor if the baby was in good condition when she had four-dimensional ultrasound last time. The doctor told him that the baby is even better than normal. Zhao is expected to give birth in early April. She hopes everything will go well.赵艺桐说,她的丈夫一直非常关心宝宝的健康状况在她上次做四维超时,丈夫还一直问医生胎儿是否一切都好医生表示胎儿情况要比一般的宝宝还要理想赵艺桐的预产期在四月初她希望一切顺利Zhao photos and story triggered hot debate online. Some netizens admired what she did. Some thought that she only cared about her interest, regardless of the baby health.赵艺桐的照片和事迹在网上引起了激烈的讨论部分网友非常羡慕她,但也有一些网友认为,她只考虑个人的兴趣,完全不顾及胎儿的健康Ma Xin, a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, said: ;If the woman does exercise frequently bee pregnancy, it normal and healthy if she keeps doing it.; She added the mother strong abs can prevent the back pain during the pregnancy, facilitate accouchement and help postpartum recovery.妇产科医生马兴说:“如果女性在怀前经常做运动,那么期坚持锻炼也是正常的,健康的”她补充说道,强壮的腹肌能缓解期的腰酸背疼,有助于分娩和产后恢复 69While a falling leaf is indicative of the approaching autumn and a wild flower can be the epitome of heaven, a photographer from Michigan has transmed a humble tea kettle into a vessel reflecting the beauty she encounters on her journey through life.一叶落而天下知秋,一花开则世间见微一位来自密歇根的摄影师用一个平凡的茶壶记录下其生命旅程中的美好瞬间Instead of resorting to phones or selfie sticks, Esha Biswas has chosen to record the most memorable moments in her life - including her graduation ceremony - by taking selfies reflected on the shiny surface of a metal kettle.不用手机,也不用自拍杆,伊莎·比斯瓦斯利用金属茶壶的镜面来记录下生活中最珍贵的时刻,这其中就包括她的大学毕业典礼;I was fascinated by the way the kettle stretched and transmed the world around me; it seemed to contain a whole little world inside of it, with my figure always at the center of the globe,; Biswas told My Modern Met, a US-based photography website.比斯瓦斯告诉美国知名摄影网站My Modern Met::“茶壶镜面将周遭世界的影像拉伸、变形,我对此深感着迷;仿佛它里面还包藏着一个小小的世界,而我总处在中心位置”The unconventional photographer has taken over 30 selfies over four years in an attempt to record the world around her in the polychrome globe. And she not finished yet – “The Tea Kettle Adventures” is an ongoing project.不走寻常路的摄影师比斯瓦斯,为记录周遭多的世界,在过去四年间已自拍30多张而且,她并不准备到此为止--“茶壶奇遇”还将继续From her dorm in the University of Michigan to the exotic boulevards of Paris in France, the kettle that always accompanies her provides a kaleidoscope lens displaying her thrilling life experiences.从密歇根的大学宿舍到法国巴黎的林荫大道,茶壶始终相伴左右,记录下她多姿多的生活Reflecting miscellaneous scenes featuring flaming red leaves, snow-bound paths, flourishing flowers and a sparkling Christmas tree, the kettle has become much more than a household appliance, instead acting as a multi-dimensional blotter engraved with numerous slices of daily life.火红的叶片、白雪皑皑的小径、绚烂的花朵以及闪闪发光的圣诞树...茶壶记录下各式各样的美好事物,如同一份多维度记录册,载入无数的生活片影,早已不是一枚普通的家居用品了Through the photos, Biswas hopes to ;urge people to look more closely at the world around them - even if it means looking at a pot of tea.;比斯瓦斯希望她的照片能够“呼吁人们更加关注身边的世界--即使一壶茶也有它的精”She added that even familiar places like bedrooms and backyards can become perfect spots photography as long as we endeavor to discover frivolous beauty in our sometimes prosaic lives.她还表示,只要我们善于在平淡的生活中发现细微的美丽,即使像卧室、后院这样很熟悉的地方,也可以成为拍照的绝美场景 61Lesson Bar Services 酒吧务Key Sentences(重点句子)7.An aperitif or some white wine?一份开胃酒还是一些白葡萄酒?75.A Sunrise Beer.一杯日出啤酒76.How about our special cocktail?尝尝我们的特制鸡尾酒怎么样?77.Do you serve soft drinks?你们有软饮料吗?78.But how about a non-alcoholic cocktail?不过,尝尝不含酒精的鸡尾酒,怎么样?79.It sounds interesting.Ill take that.很有趣,我就要这个了0.Let try the draught.让我们尝尝罐装的吧1.What can I make you tonight?今晚给您来点儿什么?.Ill have a Scotch.给我来一杯苏格兰威士忌3.Give me a Chivas Regal.给我来一杯 Chivas Regal..And how would you like your scotch,straight or on the rock?您要的苏格兰威士忌要放冰块吗?5.Now how much do I owe you?我该付您多少钱?6.You can hold the payment of the bill until you decide to leave if you like.您可以等到要走的时候再付账7.OK,here is 5 yuan,and you can keep the change.好,给你5元找的钱你可以留下8.That very kind of you.But there is no tipping in China.谢谢您的好意,先生但是在中国不准收小费 1936

When a patient shows up at a hospital with severe abdominal pain and an ultrasound reveals a mass in his stomach, it only logical to think first of a tumor, perhaps cancer.当一名有严重腹痛症状的病人出现在医院,并且超声诊断结果显示在胃部有块状物的时候,医生的第一反应往往是肿瘤,并且有癌症的可能And that just what surgeons at Amritsar Corporate Hospital in India at first assumed, according to a hospital news release. But then they put a camera down into the man stomach ;and saw a very different kind of thing,; Jatinder Malholtra, the chief surgeon, told The Washington Post.根据印度阿姆利丹的社区医院发布的消息显示,该院的外科医生起初也是这么认为的主治医生贾汀德·马赫塔拉在接受《华盛顿邮报采访时表示,当把微型摄像头伸到该男子的胃部时,却有了;不同寻常的发现;So different was it, they had never seen such a sight. And they found not just one of these things but many of them.如此反常的病症连医生都未曾见过,他们发现在该男子体内不仅仅是有一个而是几十个这样的物体The things were knives, pocket knives, each about seven inches long. ;In years, Ive never seen such a patient,; Malholtra said in an interview. ;I was amazed.;那些不明物竟然是长约七英寸的小折刀马赫塔拉医生在采访时说道:;我当时也震惊了,我从医二十多年来从未遇到过这样的病人;;We asked the patient whether he had consumed these knives in a few days or a few months,; said Malholtra. ;He said he had taken in number in the last two months.;;当我们询问病人是否清楚这些刀在他体内的时间时,病人称在过去的两个月里他总计吞下把刀;马赫塔拉医生说A team of five surgeons opened the patient up. They found exactly knives, just like the man said.由五位外科医生组成的医疗团队为该病人进行了开腹手术,他们在其体内,正好发现了如病人所说的把小折刀But while some of the knives were folded up, some were not. Their blades exposed, the man was bleeding profusely. He could not have survived much longer, Malholtra added.不过这些刀中有一些是折起的,而有一些是打开的,刀刃露在外面,病人出现了大出血的症状马赫塔拉补充说道,他不太可能活这么长时间Perhaps the man, a -year-old police officer, had miscalculated. Perhaps his appetite knives was greater than even he knew. After all, a man who eats knives is not normal也许是这位在警察局工作的岁病人数错了,亦或是他这种;吃刀;的欲望已经超乎自身的意识,毕竟这种;吃刀;的人很难说是精神正常的They did another scan in the operating theater and sure enough, found another , bringing the total to 0.医生在手术室里对该病人又进行了一次扫描,果然又发现了把刀,这样在该病人体内总共发现了0把刀Why would a man swallow any knives, let alone 0?到底该男子为什么要;吃刀;,更何况是0把?The man simply said ;I dont know why. They were taken on impulse only.;据该男子简单地表示:;我也不知道为什么,我就是因为一时的冲动吃了它们;In fact, there is a condition called Pica, once described in the Journal of the American Board of Medicine, as ;common, but commonly missed.;实际上,有一种叫做;异食癖;的病,曾被美国医学协会成为;一种普遍,但是又一般被忽略的疾病;Pica, said the . ;is the compulsive eating of nonnutritive substances. Although it has been described since antiquity, there has been no single agreed-upon explanation of the cause of such behavior.;论文中称,;异食癖;一般表现为;对于某些无营养物质的高度痴狂,虽然从很久之前就对这种疾病有过记载,但至今为止医学界对引起此种病症的原因仍没有一个统一的解释; 633

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