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佛山手术治疗早泄的费用三水区医院男科And then I did that thing where you call your phone and you are listening for it.然后我就打给我的手机 听它在哪里And, um, you know,so I had my ear all over on the sofa cushions,and by the drawers,and then I had my ear on the ground.你知道 然后我把我的耳朵贴在沙发垫上听了个遍 也趴在抽屉边听 然后还趴在地上听It was like Tonto waiting for hurt a buffalo or something.这就像游侠唐托在伺机伤害只水牛之类的一样And after that you know you still havent found it.就算如此 你还是没找到你的手机And you really really start to panic.And then you remember there is like,你就真心开始恐慌了 然后你记起来a picture on your phone that you took last weekend in Vegas你手机里有一张上周在维加斯拍的照片that you probably should have erased.Cause remember what happens in Vegas only saves in Vegas if you hit delete.本来应该删掉的 因为要是你删了 那么在维加斯发生的一切都只是在记忆里而已So at this point you are losing hope.And you start to wonder about your iPhone.所以这时候 你觉得肯定找不到了 你就会开始想你的手机And how many calls have I missed?Do I getting messages?Is it losing its charge?有多少未接来电 新短信吗 是不是快没电了Is it getting cold?Is it thinking about me?手机是不是降温了 它考虑过我的感受吗And after finally all all that you realize it was in your front pocket.在最后的最后 你突然想起来它就在你的上衣口袋里All along.Is that?UhIts the worst thing.If your phones in your pocket right now,Hold on tight.Cause we are about to dance.它一直都在 是这样吗 哦 这是最糟糕的事了 如果你的手机现在就在你口袋里 你得紧紧抓住它 因为我们要跳舞了 /201511/410365顺德新世纪医院割包皮多少钱 Our first guests hands down one of the funniest comedians around this weekend.我们的第一位嘉宾是本周 最受瞩目的喜剧演员And shes hosting the 2015 MTV Movie Awards.她即将主持2015美国MTV电影大奖Please welcome the fantastic Amy Schumer.下面有请艾米?舒默How are you?Good You know we did no see that coming at all.最近怎么样 很不错 没想到你跳了段舞蹈Its a surprise to everybody. Its even to you, maybe.让大家都受惊了 你自己也没想到吧Including myself, yes. You did not know youll do it.对 我也没想到我会来这么一出 你自己也没想到你会这么跳Wow. So, uh, hi.Hi. Hows the...The poster doing, that we gave you?哇 嗨 嗨 那个 我们给你的那个海报怎么样了Well, I realize when I got home that it was a hustle hustle gift.我回到家的时候 我发现那份礼物太拥挤了What!? Its you got me that that portrait and I live in Manhattan.什么 你给了我那幅肖像画 我住在曼哈顿So my apartment is the size of this chair.所以我的公寓差不多和这椅子差不多大So it takes up my whole apartment.Oh, no. Yeah.所以基本上占据了我整个公寓了 不会吧 对Why dont you move here?Then youd have a bigger place.为什么不搬来这里生活 那样公寓就大一点了Do you like it here?But... I mean I dont fit in here.你喜欢这里吗 是 但是我不适合这里Just look straight body type and I got to let my arms register as legs,看看我这的身材 我的胳膊和腿就跟长反了一样and it just like...Why is that octopus on sunset? Is that...看起来就像 看那个夕阳下的章鱼Its not for me out there. No.Its not. You know. No, but...这里不适合我 不吗 真不适合 不 但是What do you do when youre here?I cry.Okay.I just sit in my room,balling, no, I..你在这能干什么 哭 好吧 我就坐在房间里 缩成一团 /201603/429302Car parking停车场Four wheel fever四轮热Even with a mayor, Bristol may not get a coherent transport policy即便市长出马,布里斯托尔也不见得能出台一个合理的交通政策Try and put a ticket on this贴张罚单试试CLIFTON, in Bristol, is an unlikely hotbed of political activism. Behind high streets filled with independent cafés, posh delis and expensive flower shops sit grand Regency houses. Yet three times this year residents and businessmen have marched through the streets of Bristol—first carrying a coffin and then, twice, with a tank—to protest against plans by the mayor, George Ferguson, to roll out stricter parking regulations. Their discontent hints at the powerful sense of entitlement felt by Britains car owners. It also highlights the limits of devolved government.布里斯托尔的克里夫顿不太像是政治激进主义的温床。在满大街独立咖啡馆的后面,精致的食品店、高档的花店坐落在华丽的摄政风格房屋里。然而这已是今年第三次居民和商人们在布里斯托尔街上游行了——第一次带了一个棺材,第二次带了一辆坦克,他们反对George Ferguson市长推出更严格的停车规章计划。他们的不满暗示了英国车主们强烈的权利意识。这也显示出了地方政府的不足。Bristol is one of the most congested cities in Britain. Traffic during the evening rush hour moves more slowly than anywhere except Belfast, Edinburgh and London. Fashion and official prodding have put more bicycles on the roads: bike traffic has grown by 25% since 2003. But car use has not dropped. Getting around in the city can be unbearable, concedes Mr Ferguson: “If were just one great bloody traffic jam were not going to be an economically thriving city.”布里斯托是英国最拥堵的城市之一。除了贝尔法斯特、爱丁堡和伦敦外,这里晚间高峰期的交通比任何地方都缓慢。时尚和官员督促使得道路上出现了更多的自行车:自2003年以来自行车交通上涨了25%。但汽车使用率却没有降下来。在城市间穿行可以说令人无法忍受,Ferguson承认说:“若我们是这样拥堵的一个城市,那么要变身成经济发达之城是不可能的了。“Bristol was the only city to vote for a mayor in a series of plebiscites held in 2012; nine others rejected them. And Bristolians plumped for a man who promised to do something about traffic. Mr Fergusons first pledge was “getting Bristol moving”. He has abolished Sunday parking charges. But the mayor is also in the process of introducing tighter parking restrictions beyond the city centre, often in places where parking is currently free, along with 15 resident parking zones. Locals will pay 48 (81) for the first permit to park near their homes.布里斯托尔是2012年举行的一系列公民投票中唯一一个投票选举市长的城市;其他的九个城市都反对。布里斯托尔居民选举了一个承诺要解决交通问题的人。Ferguson的第一个保是要“让布里斯托尔动起来”。他废除了星期天停车收费制度。但这位市长同时也计划在市中心外的区域加强停车限制,这些区域通常目前是免费的,还包括15个居民停车场。市民将为获得在家附近停车的第一许可而付48英镑(81美元)。Under current plans, businesses will only be allocated a handful of parking permits. Employees who do not get them will have to find other ways of getting to work in a city with a less than wonderful bus network. This irks business owners. “Potentially 45 minutes will be added to a long commute,” complains Jonathan Marchant, who works at an accountancy firm in Clifton. Other companies are threatening to move out of the city.在现有计划下,商家们将仅分得少数停车许可。没有停车许可的职员将只能在这个公交系统不尽完善的城市寻找其他通勤的办法。这令公司老板们不胜心烦。在克里夫顿一家会计公司工作的Jonathan Marchant 抱怨道:“这将可能给通勤时间加上45分钟。”其他的一些公司威胁要搬离城市。Mr Ferguson has much less sway over public transport than the mayor of London does, which makes it harder to lubricate unpopular changes. When Ken Livingstone, the former boss of London, introduced a controversial congestion charge to the city in 2003 he was also able to promise to lay on more buses and pump a successful transport system with cash. All Mr Ferguson can really do is negotiate with the privatised bus operator to bring down fares and extend routes slightly. For big projects he depends on largesse from Westminster even more than London mayors do. And cash to spend on big projects is tight these days in any case.相较于伦敦市长,Ferguson在公共交通的问题上显得有心无力,这也使得这个政策很难缓和那些不得人心的变化。当伦敦前任市长Ken Livingstone于2003年开始收取饱受争议的拥堵费时,他有能力许诺开通更多的公共巴士并投入资金构建一个成功的交通系统。而Ferguson能做的只是与私有巴士运营商协商降价并稍微延长路线。在大项目上,他仰仗于来自威斯敏斯特的慷慨,这一点甚至超过了伦敦市长。而近些时无论在任何方面大项目的资金都很紧张。Worse, Mr Fergusons reach does not extend far. Around two-thirds of metropolitan Bristol is under his control; the other third is run by another council, South Gloucestershire. This makes co-ordinating transport policy tricky, and increases the likelihood that politicians will squabble. Even if the mayor succeeds, the metropolis might not benefit much. In Clifton, a suspension bridge links Bristol with North Somerset. “Everybody and his daughter will park there and walk across,” predicts one resident. Rather than solving a citys traffic problem, Mr Ferguson might just end up pushing it elsewhere.雪上加霜的是,Ferguson的权力范围并不广。布里斯托尔约三分之二的辖区在他的控制之下,另外的三分之一由南格洛斯特郡议会管理。这使得共同协商交通政策变得棘手了,并增加了政客们发生争吵的可能性。即便是市长成功了,这座城市也许也不会从中受益很多。在克里夫顿,一座吊桥连接了布里斯托尔和北萨默赛特郡。一位市民预测:“每个人,包括Ferguson本人的女儿都会将车停在那儿,然后走过来。”与其说解决了城市的交通问题,不如说Ferguson只是将这个问题推向了别处。译者:王颖 校对:张娣 译文属译生译世 /201507/389666顺德新世纪医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱

佛山市第二人民医院男科预约New data from NASA indicates that Pluto has a massive amount of water on the surface frozen as ice.美国航空航天局的新数据表明,冥王星表面存在大量冻结水。A false-color image map derived from infrared observations shows an abundant area of water ice on Plutos surface.来自红外观测的假色图像显示,冥王星的表面有大面积水冰。Using a spectral array instrument, NASA discovered that the water on Pluto is also mixed with frozen methane, nitrogen, and carbon monoxide.使用光谱阵列仪器,美国航空航天局发现,冥王星上的水也混合冻结的甲烷、氮和一氧化碳。The data was collected during a July fly-by of the distant celestial object by the New Horizons spacecraft.数据收集于“新地平线号”宇宙飞船,其在七月对这个遥远的天体进行近飞探测。译文属。201601/424797佛山哪家医院泌尿科最好 she was celebrating herself,its very happy他在为自己庆祝呢 很快乐Im not gonna judge you all but my first guest might,I dont know我不会对你们的歌声指指点点 但是我的第一个嘉宾可能会 我不知道my co-worker for only two more days is here.Simon Cowell is here只与我共事两天多的同事开了 西蒙·考威来了this is his last interview before he leaves American Idol这是他离开美国偶像前的最后一次访谈了and I dont know who im gonna carpool with anymore,I dont know,also on the show ive wanted him here forever我也不知道接下来我又将与谁一起拼车了 我不知道 在我的节目上我永远欢迎他before i even had a show,I wanted hime to sing for me and hes here today在我有自己的秀之前 我想要他为我唱首歌 今天他终于来了finally,Jack Johnoson is here and theres this amazing place here in California that i heard about最后 杰克·约翰森也来了 我听说加利福利亚有一个很棒的地方and when i hear aobut things that this is so inspiring.they rescue abused farm animals我听说了一些事 是多么激动人心 在哪里在农场里遭受虐待的动物得到救助its called ;the Gentle Barn;,Ive been twitting about it它被称作是“温柔之乡” 我曾经推特介绍过它Portia had a chance to visit there and brought some cameras with her鲍西亚有机会去那里参观了一下 还带去了一些相机and im gonna show you what she saw in the few minutes but it really is a pretty speical place,I cant wait to show you this place我将用几分钟的时间为大家展示她的所见所闻 那真的是一个非常特别的地方 我等不及要跟你们展示这个地方anyway, if youve been watching the show,You know that Greyson Chance is an amazing,12 year old singer that we found on Youtube对了 如果你曾经看过我们的节目 你应该知道我们在Youtube上发现了 一个12岁的音乐奇才格雷森·切斯just 2 weeks ago and when we found hime,he had maybe a couple of thousand views on Youtube就在两周以前 当我们发现他时 他在youtube上拥有几千个观众since he was on the show,hes got over 30 million views.incredible在他参加完我们的节目后 他已经拥有了超过三千万的观众 难以置信 /201606/447721佛山什么医院比较好

佛山高明区有泌尿科吗 Business this week本周经济要闻Federal air-accident investigators began looking into what caused a spaceplane owned by Virgin Galactic to explode over theMojave desert during a test flight, killing one pilot. The accident is a setback for the burgeoning private space industry. Virgin Galactic had been hoping to take rich tourists to the edge of space in the aircraft perhaps as early as next year. Sir Richard Branson, its founder, promised to keep the project going and build a second spaceplane. He had planned to be aboard the inaugural passenger flight.维珍航空公司旗下的一架飞船,在测试飞行中于莫哈维沙漠上空发生爆炸,导致一名飞行员死亡。联邦航空事故调查员已对此展开调查。此次事故给热火朝天的私人太空飞行产业浇了盆凉水。维珍航空公司本来争取在明年将富翁级别的乘客送往太空边缘。公司创始人理查德·布兰森爵士承诺,将建造第二艘太空船以继续该项目。布兰森曾计划亲自参与首次太空游览。Access to the internet走近互联网Robert Hannigan, the head of Britains GCHQ intelligence agency, called for more support from internet giants such as Google and Apple in gathering information about suspected terrorists. He described social-media sites as “the command and control networks of choice” for terror groups, and criticised the extra security measures being added to the internet by companies in their efforts to deter surveillance by Western spies.英国情报机构政府通信总部负责人罗伯特?汉尼根发出呼吁,要求互联网巨头(诸如谷歌与苹果)提供更多协助,以收集疑似恐怖分子的信息。他说,互联网已经成为恐怖组织“指挥和控制的手段之一”。一些公司为防止西方间谍侵入,给网络增设了安全措施,此举也遭到了汉尼根的炮轰。Haruhiko Kuroda, the governor of the Bank of Japan, strongly defended the massive expansion of the governments quantitative-easing measures, announced on October 31st. Mr Kuroda said that he would do whatever it takes to cure Japans “chronic disease of deflation”, though critics think the scale of the new initiative will distort markets. After the policy was revealed the Nikkei stockmarket index jumped to a seven-year high and the yen tumbled against the dollar.10月31日,日本行长黑田东彦表示坚决持政府实施的大规模量化宽松政策。黑田称将竭尽全力,以消除日本的“慢性通缩”。不过批评家认为,新的量宽举措将扭曲市场机制。新政一经公布,日经指数即创七年来新高,而日元对美元的汇率下跌。Inflation in the euro zone will remain below the European Central Banks target of almost 2% until at least 2016, according to the latest official economic forecast from the European Commission, which also sharply reduced the outlook for growth next year, to 1.1%.欧盟委员会最近发布的官方预测认为,至少到2016年,欧元区的通胀水平可以保持在2%以下,而这是欧洲央行设定的目标。同时,委员会将明年的经济预期增长率大幅下调至1.1%。Americas economy grew at an annualised rate of 3.5% in the third quarter, thanks in part to increased government spending and exports. But the unexpectedly large growth of the trade deficit in September suggests that the GDP figure will be revised downwards.得益于政府财政出和出口两个方面的增长,美国经济第三季度增长率如按全年计算,达到3.5%。但出人意料的是,九月份出现了大规模贸易逆差,所以全年的GDP增速可能反而下调。Amid the rouble rubble卢布泡沫The announcement by Russias central bank that it would curb its support for the rouble pushed itto new lows against the dollar and the euro. The bank spent more than 30 billion propping up the currency in October and it raised interest rates to 9.5% just recently. Limiting its interventions will increase inflation, but also protect foreign reserves and help avert the risk of a full-scale currency crisis.俄罗斯央行曾宣布减小对卢布的持力度,随后卢布对美元和欧元的汇率双双跌至新低。为了撑卢布,俄国央行于10月投入超过300亿美元,近来更是将利率上调至9.5%。减少干预将增加通胀,但也能保护外汇,并有助于避免全面货币危机。The price of Brent crude sank to a four-year low afterSaudi Arabia cut its price for oil forAmerica while raising it elsewhere, seen by some as an aggressive move by the Saudis to increase market share. With the Saudis trying to boost oil imports intoAmerica, BHP Billiton, meanwhile, was hoping to test a ban on oil exports fromAmerica by selling oil it has extracted but processed only very lightly inTexas.沙特阿拉伯降低对美油价,同时提高对其他地区的价格。此举导致布伦特原油价格跌至四年以来的新低,此举被看做沙特在有意抢占市场份额。在沙特试图扩大对美石油出口的同时,必和必拓想打个擦边球,绕过美国原油出口禁令,出口产自德州的超轻质油。A report by the IMFs internal auditor concluded that having first advised countries to adopt fiscal stimulus during the global financial crisis, the funds later push for austerity had “turned out to be a mistake and its timing unfortunate”, because the recovery was fragile. Christine Lagarde, who has led the IMF since 2011, said the auditors report benefited from hindsight.国际货币基金组织一份内部审计报告称,虽然该组织首先建议各国采取财政刺激政策以应对全球经济危机,但经济复苏如履薄冰,使得后来该组织推行的紧缩政策“成为错误时机的错误选择”。2011年就任国际货币基金组织总裁的克里斯蒂娜?拉加德认为,这份报告不过是马后炮罢了。The trial of the most senior Swiss banker to be charged with helping Americans evade tax came to a swift end, when a jury inFlorida took just over an hour to find him not guilty. Raoul Weil used to run the wealth-management division at UBS. The prosecutions case was based partly on testimony from his former subordinates, some of whom struck deals to avoid prosecution. His defence team was so confident about winning that it didnt bother calling any witnesses.近年颇有一些瑞士家因涉嫌帮助美国客户逃税而在美国受审。其中级别最高者当属Raoul Weil,他曾在瑞士联合掌管财富管理部。此案审理得相当迅速,佛罗里达州的陪审团仅用一小时即宣判其无罪。控方虽然找到了Raoul Weil从前的一些下属充当污点人,不过辩护团队信心满满,甚至没有传唤人。Alibaba issued its first earnings report since making its stockmarket debut in September. The Chinese e-commerce companys revenue in the third quarter grew by more than half, to 2.7 billion, from the same period last year, mostly because many more people inChina are using mobile devices to shop.9月上市后,阿里巴巴首次发布财报。这家中国电商第三季度营收达27亿美元,同比增幅过半。这主要得益于通过移动设备购物的中国客户大大增加。Ryanair,Europes biggest low-cost airline, reported solid earnings for the latest quarter and raised the outlook for its annual profit. The butt of many jokes about poor airline service, Ryanair has refocused on attracting business passengers and overhauled its systems, reducing its online booking process from 17 to five clicks. Its boss, Michael OLeary, who once described passengers as “idiots”, said that being nice was new to him, but was turning out to be a winning strategy.欧洲最大的廉价航空公司瑞安发布财报,显示最近一个季度收入稳定;该公司随之提高了预期年利润。瑞安曾因糟糕务为人嗤笑,如今重新关注商务客户,并彻底改进网上订票系统,将有关步骤从17项精简为5项。老板迈克尔?奥利瑞曾将旅客称为“白痴”,他表示善待他人在他的字典里是个新词,不过这招非常奏效。A tasty deal美味交易ed Biscuits, a British baker that includes Jaffa Cakes and Twiglets among its brands, was sold by its private-equity owners toYildiz,Turkeys biggest food company, for a reported 2 billion.联合饼干公司旗下坐拥佳发蛋糕和Twiglets两大品牌。私募股权拥有者将其出售给土耳其最大的食品公司Yildiz。据说收购价格为20亿英镑。译者:韦永睿 校对:江虹蕾 译文属译生译世201411/342119佛山新世纪医院新世纪顺德区新世纪男科有治疗前列腺炎吗




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