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佛山做个包皮多少钱TOKYO — Between the futuristic ;BladeRunner;-esque toilets and the slightly terrifying (but healthier for you)traditional squatters, Japanese restrooms can be a bit intimidating for afirst-time user. And even for those who have lived in Japan for a while, usinga public toilet can still be a daunting task. So to better understand restroom woes for those coming from overseas, Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto recently surveyed 600 foreigners living in Japan about toilets in the country and what confuses them most.东京——在未来式的“银翼杀手”式的厕所和有点令人恐惧的(但对你来说更加健康的)传统蹲厕之间,日本厕所对于首次使用者来说可能有点吓人。即使对于那些在日本已经住过一段时间的人来说,使用日本的公厕仍然是令他们感到畏惧的。所以为了更好的了解外国人在使用日本公厕时所遭受的痛苦,日本厕所制造商Toto(东陶公司)最近对生活在日本的600名外国人进行了采访。First up on Toto#39;s toilet survey was aquestion about toilet choice. That is, if you were at a public restroom with Western-style (aka one you sit on) or traditional Japanese squat toilets, which stall would you go into? Unsurprisingly, over 80% answered that they preferred to sit rather than squat.The next question asked those surveyed to think back to when they first came to Japan and to remember the biggest problems they had when answering the call of nature in a public restroom. Mostpeople said that they had no idea how to use a Japanese squat toilet when theyfirst saw one. Even foreigners who came from countries with squat toilets werea little confused exactly how to use the Japanese ones. One of the Americanspolled said that he actually thought you were supposed to sit right on the toilet bowl.这个调研中的第一个问题有关于厕所的选择。即在一个同时拥有西式座圈马桶和传统日本蹲式厕位的公厕里时,你会选择哪一个?不出所料,超过80%的外国人都更喜欢坐式的。第二个问题是要求这些外国人回想自己第一次来日本时在使用公厕时所遇到的最大问题。大部分人回答说他们首次看到蹲式侧位时根本不知道要如何使用蹲式厕所。即使是那些来自拥有蹲式厕所的国家的外国人也不是很清楚要怎么使用日本式的蹲式厕所。其中一位美国人说他以为是要直接坐在日式蹲厕的坐便器上。And besides the squatters, many people recalled their utter confusion the first time they sat down on a modernJapanese ;washlet; toilet (see photo below). The many buttons on the seat ornearby control panel overwhelmed many and utterly confused people used tosimpler toilets that don#39;t need to be plugged in. And until you can Japanese, you have to rely on the little drawings that still won#39;t help you outmuch. The futuristic toilets of Japan may look cool, but many people were intimidated at first.除了蹲式厕所,很多人还回忆了首次坐在日本现代式的“卫洗丽”坐便器上。坐便器或者说附近控制板上的那么多按键让很多人无所适从。除非你懂日文,否则仅靠上面的一些图示真是相当困难。这种未来式的日本厕所看起来可能很酷,但是很多人第一次使用时都被吓到了。When asked about if they use the bidet function on the modern Japanese toilets, the number one answer was that it dida good job of cleaning up and some said they even preferred the bidet to toilet paper. And for others, they liked to use the bidet because they were alyused to using water via the bum gun to clean themselves in their home country.当被问及是否使用过其中的坐浴盆功能时,人们最多的回答是这种功能确实很利于清洁,有些人说比起厕纸他们更喜欢使用这种清洁功能。而有些人回答说他们之所以喜欢使用这种功能,是因为在他们自己国家他们就已经习惯这么做了。Perhaps the answer that should make Japan the proudest was when 93.6% of those surveyed said that Japanese publics are cleaner than those back home. And at the end of the day, even with the squatting and the confusing computer-like toilets, you can#39;t argue with a nice,clean public restroom.或许最让日本人感到骄傲的回答是有93.6%的人说日本公厕比自己国家的公厕都更加干净。虽然传统和现代的日本公厕让这些外国人在首次使用时有点不太适应,但是日本公厕的干净美好是无可置疑的。 /201501/356491佛山市南海区人民医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱 In the game of life, if it often seems like you’re on the losing end of things, you’re not alone. Life can be one giant conundrum filled with ups and downs. When you feel like you’re experiencing more downs than ups, sometimes it helps to get a little tough love once in a while. That’s why we put together this list of 10 harsh truths that will help you grow。在人生游戏中,总会感觉自己总在经历失败。你并不是一个人。人生就是一个巨大的谜题,充满了起起伏伏。如果你觉得你经历的失败多于成功,偶尔感受一点严厉之爱也许会有帮助。所以我们总结了会帮助你成长的10个残酷事实。1. Life isn’t fair。人生是不公平的Life will hand you lemons, often when you least expect it. The sooner you embrace this harsh truth, the better prepared you’ll be to handle tough situations that are sure to arise。往往在你最意想不到的时候,人生会让你尝到柠檬的酸味。你越早明白这个残酷的事实,在处理这些必将出现的麻烦事时,你就会准备得越好。2. The first step is always the hardest。万事开头难Let’s face it: changing bad habits is tough. Research proves it. Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step。” So if you want to change something, start with baby steps. Take a small action–any action–and grow from there。让我们面对这个事实:改掉坏习惯非常困难。研究实了这一点。中国的哲学家老子说过,“千里之行,始于足下。”如果你想要做出改变,就从第一步开始。做出一点小的行动,任何一种行动都行,然后就从这里开始。3. Good things usually don’t come quickly。好事情不会来得很快Great accomplishments in our lives normally don’t come easy. And if you think about it, would you have it any other way? There’s a basic psychological principle called instant gratification, which means that we expect to get rewards instantly. But sometimes you need to fight the impulses your brain throws at you and trust that the journey you’re on is the right one。我们认识中的伟大成就都来之不易。想想看,你还有别的办法吗?有一个基本的心理学 原理,叫做即时满足,意思是我们期待立刻获得回报。但有时候你要和大脑中的这种冲动作斗争,要相信你正在走一条正确的路。4. Not everyone will support you along the way。人生路上不是每个人都会持你In life, there’s no shortage of doubters, haters, and pessimists. Overcoming this harsh truth is simple: don’t listen. Choose to stick with your guns, trust your instincts, and forget about people who don’t support your goals and passions。你的人生中从来不缺乏怀疑者、嫉妒者和悲观主义者。克这个残酷的现实很简单:别听他们的。坚守自己,相信你的直觉,忘掉那些不持你的目标和的人。5. You can’t always be in control of everything。你无法永远掌控每件事 Listen, letting go is hard, especially if you’re a go-getter. But if you want to continue to grow, there are times when you need to relinquish your control on everything and let things unfold how they’re meant to be. This doesn’t mean your mentality for everything should be “wait and hope。” You can still strive for greatness, but put the work in and then let go with complete faith that the universe will make things right for you. You’ll be amazed at how well it works。听着,放手不是件容易的事,尤其如果你还是一个能干的人。但如果你想继续成长,有时候你需要放弃对某些事的掌控,让一切顺其自然。这并不意味着你对待事情的 态度是“静观其变”。你依然可以为了成就伟大而奋斗,只不过在努力之后,就可以放手,要相信上天会为你安排妥当。你会惊讶地发现一切都很顺利。6. You can’t accomplish great things without taking great risks。不入虎穴焉得虎子Here’s another harsh truth many people have trouble grasping: if you don’t take risks you will have a lot harder time accomplishing what you want in life. People who truly change the world are the biggest risk takers. They’re the ones who are willing to put everything on the line and fail for something they believe in. And they treat each failure as an opportunity to grow and get better。这又是一个很多人不能领会的残酷现实:如果你不能冒险,想实现你所追求的就会更加困难。那些真正改变世界的人都是最大的冒险家。他们情愿让一切出于危险之中,也肯为了他们所信仰的事而失败。他们认为每一次失败都是一次成长、变得更好的机会。7. You may be better off without some of the people you currently care about。 没有了你眼下在乎的某些人,你的生活也许更美好This one is tough to hear, I know. But chances are, there’s someone in your life you care about deeply who is holding you back. That’s not to say you should give up on the people you love. However, there comes a time when you need to make the tough decision to say no to people who aren’t helping you grow。我知道这一点听起来很难以接受。但有可能你生命中某个你特别在乎的人阻碍了你前进。这不是说你要放弃那些你爱的人。可是有时候你需要作出艰难的决定,对那些不能帮助你成长的人说不。8. Death is a part of life。 死亡是人生的一部分Nothing can prepare us for the earth-shattering pain of losing a loved one. The harsh truth of life is that it’s a viscous cycle. However, there’s something you can do to make losing someone you love a lot less painful: make them a part of your life right now. Don’t put off making that phone call or paying a random visit to a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while. Treat every moment with your loved ones as if it’s your last, and you won’t have any regrets。面对失去所爱之人的巨大痛苦,我们总是无所适从。残酷的现实在于,这是一个黏性的循环。但是你可以做一些事情,让这种痛苦减轻一些:从现在起就让他们成为你 人生中的一部分。别推迟给那些好久没见的朋友或家人打电话或者上门拜访。每次和你爱的人们相处时都把它当做是最后一次,这样你就不会有任何遗憾了。9. You are the only thing holding yourself back from greatness。你是自己通向伟大的唯一阻碍Often we get so caught up hoping for the next great thing that we don’t realize what’s unfolding right in front of our faces. Don’t hold yourself back with negative thoughts. Instead, focus on the positive things you have going in your life. Choose to be happy right now。我们总是期待着下一件好事情,却没有意识到它正在我们面前发生。别被消极的念头所阻碍。相反,要关注那些发生在你生活中的积极的事情。选择快乐,就是现在。10. Sometimes bad things happen to good people有时候好人也会遇到坏事Suffering is part of life. But here’s the cool thing: it makes us stronger. There’s a randomness to how the world works that’s really hard to understand. We see evidence of this every day, and it can really make you question the future of mankind. How you choose to view the world is up to you. Just remember, the truth, however harsh, will set you free。磨难是人生的一部分。但好处在于,它会让我们更强大。世界的运转总有随机性,这确实难以理解。我们每天都会看到这种据,这的确会让你质疑人类的未来。你如何看待这个世界由你自己决定。只需要记住,现实不论多么残酷,都会让你自由。 /201507/386990南海经济开发区人民医院看前列腺炎好吗

佛山男科医生在线咨询 A project established for the public to report issues with trees in their local council has taken a curious turn, after every tree in the city was given its own email address. The Urban Forest Strategy in Melbourne began in 2013, with the intention restore the city#39;s connection with its natural side.2013年,墨尔本市发起了“城市森林战略”,旨在让城市更具自然气息。通过该项目,公众可以反映其所在市政区的树木问题。自从城中所有树木都有了专属邮箱地址后,事情就发生了奇妙的转变。Thousands of trees were given ID numbers and email addresses so locals could report any problems, but soon love letters to the trees began to pour in from around the world. From Melbournians thanking the trees for providing air, to a child asking what it feels like when leaves fall off, the trees have received over 3000 emails. Coming from as far as Russia, Germany, the US, the UK, Hungary, Moldova, Singapore, Brazil, Denmark and Hong Kong, the letters often ask questions of the trees.几千棵树均有自己的标识号和电子邮箱地址,当地人可以反映任何问题。然而不久之后,写给树的情书铺天盖地,从全世界各个角落寄了过来。从墨尔本人感谢树木所提供的清新空气,到儿童问当树叶飘落时树是什么感觉,这些树收到了3000多封电子邮件。它们来自遥远的俄罗斯、德国、美国、英国、匈牙利、尔多瓦、新加坡、巴西、丹麦和香港等地,邮件里经常出现对树的问寻。#39;How old are you?#39; is one commonly asked , while other writers request photos of the trees they are conversing with. The most emailed tree is a Golden Elm on busy Punt Road, who was described by one person as The Magic Faraway Tree, from Enid Blyton#39;s childhood classic.最常见的问题是:“今年多大啦?”一些人会向自己正在交流的树木索要树照。位于繁忙的普特路的金叶榆收到的邮件最多,有人将它描述为安迪#8226;布莱顿儿童经典作品中的“远方的魔法树”。#39;You are my favorite tree in all of Melbourne! Even if you do need a little bit of help under that great leafy canopy#39;, wrote one nature enthusiast.一位自然爱好者写道:“你的树冠太浓密了,确实需要那么一丢丢帮助,不过,你还是墨尔本城中我最爱的树!”#39;Do you remember when I used to drive by you?#39; asked L in their letter.L在信中问:“还记得我过去常常开车从你身旁驶过吗?”#39;You are my favorite tree, even though you make me stoop over during my morning run when you grow too big#39;, emailed another to the Golden Elm.还有一封给金叶榆的信写道:“每天晨跑时,我不得不从你庞大的身躯下弯腰而过,尽管如此,你却是我最爱的树。”Sometimes if people are so lucky, the trees respond to questions asked in emails. #39;So lovely to be appreciated. I am lucky to be well looked after#39;, the Golden Elm wrote in response to one letter.如果你足够幸运,这些树还会给你回信答疑呢。金叶榆回信道:“被欣赏的感觉如此妙不可言。我很幸运能被照顾得无微不至。”Chair of the City of Melbourne#39;s Environment Portfolio Cr Arron Wood said the initiative was launched in an effort to save hundreds of trees lost to droughts. #39;Melbourne has long been regarded as Australia#39;s #39;garden city#39;, but 13 years of drought in tandem with severe water restrictions left the City#39;s urban forest in a state of unprecedented decline,#39; he said. #39;By 2009, 40 per cent of our significant trees were declining or dying.#39;墨尔本环境投资主席亚纶·伍德议员表示,此计划旨在拯救成百棵因干旱而消失的树木。“墨尔本一直被视为澳大利亚的‘花园城市’,但是长达13年的干旱加上水资源严重匮乏,导致墨尔本城市森林处于空前的下滑状态。截止到2009年,40%的贵重树木已衰退或死亡。” /201507/386266佛山治包皮要多少钱龙江乐从北滘镇割痔疮多少钱



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