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People say that the real culture of Beijing is "the culture of hutong" and "the culture of courtyard". How true that is. Often, it is Beijing's winding hutongs that attract tourists from home and abroad rather than the high-rise buildings and large mansions.Hutong is a typical lane or small street in Beijing that originated during the Yuan Dynasty (71-68). "Hutong" is a Mongolian word, meaning "water well". During that time, water well is the settlement around which people lived. There are tens of thousands of hutongs surrounding the bidden City. In the past, Beijing was composed of countless courtyards. Hutongs were med when people left a passageway between two courtyards to make entering them more convenient.As the symbol of Beijing City, a hutong has its own layout and structure, which makes it a wonder in the world. When taking a bird's eye view of Beijing, you will find the combination of hutongs and courtyards just like an orderly chessboard with delicate gardens, fine rockeries, and ancient ruins. Hutongs have witnessed the development of Beijing. Where there is a hutong, there is a story.And today's destination is 烟袋斜街,and its English name is Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street.The skewed tobacco pouch street is one of the most famous hutongs in Beijing. It measures 5 yards long connecting Di'anmen Street at the east end and the junction of Xiaoshibei Hutong and Ya'er Hutong at the west end. Like a tobacco pouch, the street goes from north-east to south-west, which gives its name - the Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street.Originally in Qing Dynasty ( - 19), this street was called the Skewed Drum Tower Street. At that time, local residents were addicted smoking opium. The increasing demand of pipes encouraged the opening of many pipe shops on the street. The shops had similar symbols - a wooden smoke pipe with a black pipe stem and a golden pipe bowl. Customers are often impressed by the vivid symbols standing in front of these pipe shops. The street became famous its pipe business, and people began to know it as "the Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street", which was passed down to today. 8953去西餐餐厅用餐- :56: A:Honey, which hand should I use to hold the k?亲爱的,应该用哪只手来拿叉子啊?B:Left the k and right the knife. Just remember that the stronger one is knife.左手拿叉右手拿刀只要记住强壮点的那只手拿刀就可以了A:Got it. It's so troublesome to have western food. I've been learning the table manners hours but still can't really get it.知道了吃西餐可真是麻烦啊我学习这些餐桌礼仪都用了好几个小时了,可还是没能真正学会B:Sure. Rather than eating, having western food is more about western culture.当然吃西餐可不光光是吃,还包含了很多西方文化呢A:Yeah. Which restaurant are we going to tonight?是啊我们今晚去哪家餐厅呢?B:Cindy has reserved a table us at a newly opened western restaurant downtown. She said the environment there was really pleasant.辛迪已经在市区新开的一家西餐厅帮我们预定好位置了她说那里的环境很不错A:Fine. I believe in Cindy's taste. Oh, what should I wear?不错我相信辛迪的眼光哦,我该穿什么衣呢?B:You should put on the black suit I bought you last week. But I'm afraid it may be a bit crumpled. You'd better iron it now.你就穿我上周给你买的那套黑色西吧但是我怕它有点皱了你现在去把它拿出来烫一下A:I don't want to mess it up. Please do it me. I'm going to the bank to cash some money. How much do we need?我不想把它弄得更糟糕还是你帮我弄吧我去取点钱我们大概需要多少钱?B:There is no need to do that. I think the restaurant accepts credit cards. But it's necessary to make a budget.没有必要那么做的我想餐厅一定会受理信用卡的不过倒是有必要作一个预算A:Honey, you are a good ant. So I'd better leave that to you, too.亲爱的,你是一个出色的会计所以我想这事还是留给你吧B:It seems that it's all about me. Then what do you do?看起来所有的事情都是我在做那么你做什么呢?A:I'll take care of the order.我会负责点餐的B:OK then. Well, 50 Yuan appetizer, 0 Yuan dinner and 0 Yuan wine. Anything else?那好吧这样,开胃菜50元,0元正餐,还有0元的酒还有别的吗?A:Don't get about the dessert.别忘了甜点B:OK, then 50 Yuan dessert. 500 Yuan all together.行,再加50元的甜点一共是500元With recent advances in medical research on human genes, China has been seen as an emerging market gene testing. By testing blood and other tissues, people can be inmed of genetic disease and also potential talent.Businesses are now cashing on the very natural fear but also dreams of people to become improved version of ourselves. 7883

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 what a young person should do to life年轻人的生活You may ignore the opposite sex until you are .在岁之前,你完全可以忽视异性At the very least dont feel bad if you dont have a girlfriendboyfriend bee age . 至少,在你岁之前不要因为没有女朋友或男朋友而心情不好Youre not ;missing out; — in the grand scheme of things, it not very important.你并没有”错过机会“——在庞大的人生计划中,这并不是非常重要missing out 错过例句:Well, Im glad you could make it. I didnt want you to miss out.嗯,很高兴你赶来了,我可不希望你错过机会[本节目属] 37

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