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佛山新世纪门诊在那里佛山包皮手术价钱A 49-year-old underwear model has accused the fashion industry of ageism as she says she can no longer get any work because she looks too young.49岁内衣模特控诉时尚圈年龄歧视。她说,自己失业是因为长得太年轻。Carolyn Brennan, from Leicester, has been modelling lingerie and bikinis for more than 20 years but in the last 12 months her work has dried up.卡洛琳-布伦南,来自英国中部城市莱斯特,她为女士内衣和比基尼泳衣做模特已经20多年了。但是在过去的一年里都没有接到模特拍摄的工作。She said she has been repeatedly told she#39;s #39;not suitable#39; for jobs because she looks younger than her years.卡洛琳表示,她一再地被告知“不适合”模特的拍摄工作,因为她比自己的实际年龄看上去年轻太多。She said: #39;I find it quite shocking that the fashion industry seems to have forgotten a huge swathe of women who are middle-aged but not y to wear cardigans just yet. Why should I wear shapeless dowdy clothes just because I’m nearly 50?#39;卡洛琳说,“我感到很奇怪,时尚圈似乎忘记了很多中年女性,她们还不打算穿开衫。为什么我一定要穿松松垮垮、不修身的衣只因我快50岁了?”In the early 90s, Carolyn modelled for Harley Davidson, was a catwalk model at dozens of NEC trade shows for Peugeot and worked for Aspire magazine.在上世纪90年代初期,卡洛琳为哈雷车当过模特,也在多场NEC交易会上为标致车走过猫步,还为Aspire杂志工作过。But she can no longer gain jobs posing in clothes aimed at her age group because she looks too young.但是,如今卡洛琳无法为那些目标用户为50岁的装当模特,因为她看上去比同龄人年轻。And in a cruel twist, she is also unable to get work for the younger fashion market because she is considered too old.讽刺的是,她也无法为年轻人的时装当模特,因为她又太老了。#39;I#39;ve always been told by the photographer#39;s I#39;ve worked with that I have good legs for modelling. They haven#39;t really changed over the years but the work has dried up anyway.“以前和我一起工作过的摄影师经常对我说,我的腿型很适合当模特。那么多年来,我的腿还是保持着很好的状态。但是我就是找不到模特拍摄的工作。”#39;After approaching so many modelling agencies I know that I would get more work if I looked older but I’m not prepared to fit the stereotype.#39;“在去了那么多家模特公司后,我知道,如果我看上去显得老一点的话,我还是有很多工作机会的。但是我不愿意向这种偏见妥协。” /201309/255808佛山人民医院男科体检 Single women should ditch Facebook because the #39;perfect lives#39; of their friends are bad for their health, a relationship expert has warned.由于在社交网络上看到朋友的“完美生活”对单身女性的健康无益,恋爱心理专家建议单身女性远离社交网络。Author Zoe Strimpel says the social media site bombards singletons with pictures of #39;perfect#39; weddings and babies which causes envy and voyeurism.女作家佐伊说,社交媒体上“完美”的婚礼和宝宝照片对单身女性来说是一种信息轰炸,会引起单身女性产生嫉妒心理和偷窥癖。She said: #39;What [Facebook] does is it enhances the sense that your life is lacking and specifically, when you are single, you focus in on all those pictures of perfect weddings, perfect babies, perfect couples.她称,“Facebook这样的社交网络会使人感到自己的生活有所空缺,特别是对单身人士而言,社交网络会使单身人士过多关注那些完美的结婚照片、宝宝照片、情侣照片等等。”She urged single women to cut down or get rid of Facebook completely during a lecture at Cambridge’s Festival of Ideas.在剑桥大学的构想节期间佐伊进行了一场讲座,她建议单身女性减少登陆社交网络的次数,或者彻底摈弃掉此类网站。She said getting rid of your profile will help #39;limit that delicious but yucky feeling of voyeurism, slight envy, maybe even narcissism.#39;她说,对单身女性而言,摆脱掉她们在社交网络上的账号有助于她们“克制偷窥癖、轻度嫉妒、甚至自恋等等不良情绪。”Ms Strimpel, who wrote ‘Man Diet: One Woman’s Quest to End Bad Romance’, said the fairer sex also spends too much time monitoring potential suitors online.佐伊写过一本名为《爱情节食:如何中止孽缘》的书,她说,女性还往往在社交网络上花费大量的时间,去寻找潜在的恋爱对象。She said the y availability of biographical information on Facebook encourages women to over-analyse potential dates.脸书网上公开的个人资料信息会导致女性对有好感的男士产生过高的期待心理。#39;Thanks to Facebook you may know his mother’s name, the details of his last holiday, the names of his exes, who he is hanging around with.This is not healthy or helpful information, plus it gives the impression that these men are more in your life than they actually are, which is quite corrosive.There’s plenty of psychology that supports taking a break from social media.#39;“多亏了脸书网,你可以知道他母亲的名字,他上一个假期是怎么度过的,他前女友的名字,经常跟他聚在一起的朋友。但这些都是无益的信息,反而有害。许多心理学理论都明,单身女性应该避免社交网络。”Explaining the inspiration for her book, Ms Strimpel added: #39;I was 28 and I just had broken up with a boyfriend - Oh my God I’m single, I’d better act single.There was fun goodness and yucky badness. For some reason the badness was getting the upper hand.#39;佐伊谈到写这本书受到的启发时说,“我今年28岁,刚刚和男友分手——哦天呐,我现在单身了,我最好像一个单身女性那样生活。这种生活既有乐趣和益处,又有苦涩和害处。由于某种原因似乎害处更多一些。” /201311/264935Got a difficult decision to make? Why not mull it over auf deutsch?面临艰难的抉择?为什么不试试用德语来思考?A new study suggested that people are prone to make more sound, less risky decisions if they are thinking in a language other than their native tongue.一项新的研究结果显示,当人们用母语之外的语言思考的时候,往往更能做出理智而非轻率的决定。The series of experiments, conducted by Boaz Keysar of the University of Chicago, led the scientists to believe that ‘using a foreign language reduces decision-making bias,’ Dr Keysar’s team wrote.美国芝加哥大学的宝姿·凯莎教授带领其学生进行了相关研究,他们的研究成果向科学界实——如凯莎教授的研究团队在发表的文章中所述——“使用外语能够减少决策过程中的母语偏见。”Their findings, published in an April 18 Psychological Science study, say that human reasoning is shaped by both systematic, rational ideas, and another that’s emotionally-charged and rapid.他们的研究报告刊登在4月18日的《心理科学研究》中,报告指出,人的逻辑思维分成两个部分,其一是系统的、理性的思维,另一种是情感充裕、迅速的思维。The team gathered 54 UC students who knew Spanish as a second language to place bets on a coin toss.研究团队对芝加哥大学内54名以西班牙语为第二语言的学生进行了调查,参加实验的学生被要求参加猜硬币正反面的游戏。Each student was given in dollar bills, and could bet at a time on either heads or tails. If they bet and won, they could win .50, and lost nothing if they did not bet.每名参与调查的学生都有15美元可下注,每次用1美元猜抛出的硬币是正面还是反面。如果他们猜对了,就可以赢得1.5美元。如果他们不下注,就不会损失任何钱。When they were given the experiment in English, the students acted narrow-mindedly, and took the bet only about half of the time.当这些学生们在实验过程中说英语的时候,他们思路狭窄,在游戏中有一半的时间内并没有下注。But when the same students heard instructions in Spanish, they bet 74 per cent of the time.但是当研究者们用西班牙语讲述游戏规则的时候,这些参与调查的学生在游戏74%的时间里都愿意下注。The conclusion, then, these scientists believe, is that thinking in a foreign language distances people from snap emotional decisions, allowing decisions to be more logical.研究者们相信,这项实验明,使用外语思考能够避免人们在做决定时感情用事,过于轻率,从而使人们做出更符合逻辑的决定。The hope, they wrote, is that people can think in foreign languages to make more prudent financial and economic decisions.研究人们表示,他们希望人们在进行金融和经济方面的决策时,通过运用外语思考来做出更理智的决定。 /201404/293873佛山新世纪医院分院有检查精液的吗

佛山正规男科哪家好If you thought your life was over when you hit 30 or 40, then bad news - it may have happened much earlier.如果你觉得30岁或者40岁的时候人生就无望了,那么坏消息来了。这个时间点可能更早一些。Most people have enjoyed the best memories of their life by the age of 25, according to new research.根据这项新研究,大多数人在25岁以前就拥有了他们一生中最美好的回忆。A survey of retired people found the life changing highlights etched on their brains happened before they reached age of 25.调查发现,退休人群认为让他们印象深刻的人生中至关重要的事情在他们25岁之前就发生了。It is the first study of its kind to use a ‘naturalistic approach’ by collecting free flowing stories in which participants were asked to narrate their own biographies in just 30 minutes.这次调查中在同类调查中首次使用“自然主义方法”,也就是随机收集故事,要求参与者用30分钟讲述他们的个人经历。A week later they divided these into self defined #39;chapters#39; which revealed a dramatic ‘reminiscence bump’ between 17 and 24-years-old - when many people defined these parts beginning and ending.一周之后,他们把这些故事划分成自定义的“篇章”,结果显示17岁到24岁这个阶段形成了明显的“回忆波峰”。许多人的故事的开头和结尾都在这个年龄阶段内。Psychologist Kristina Steiner, of the University of New Hampshire in the US, said: #39;When people look back over their lives and recount their most important memories, most divide their life stories into chapters defined by important moments that are universal for many: a physical move, attending college, a first job, marriage, military experience, and having children.#39;美国新罕布什尔大学的心理学家克里斯蒂娜·施泰纳说:“当人们回顾人生,追忆对他们最重要的事情时,大多数人把他们的人生故事划分成由许多重要时刻标记的章节:一次身体接触、上大学、第一份工作、结婚、参军以及生小孩。这些重要的时刻对许多人来说都是通用的。”In the study, all the participants were white, and three in four of them had earned at least an undergraduate degree.在这项调查中,所有的参与者都是白人,其中四分之三的人至少是大学本科毕业。 /201403/278495佛山治疗包皮多少钱 顺德新世纪医院网上预约

高明中医院男科大夫And now, Science of Us attempts to unravel the answers to a summertime question of monumental importance: Why does nearly everyone instantly look more attractive with sunglasses on?据《纽约杂志》网站6月23日报道,现在,《我们的科学》栏目将解开一个长期以来十分重要的夏日之谜:为什么几乎所有人戴上墨镜之后都会立刻显得更吸引人?You know you’re at least a little curious. And so was Vanessa Brown, a senior lecturer of art and design at Nottingham Trent University in the U.K. Her research focuses on the meaning we assign to commonplace, everyday objects, and in an academic book that’s coming out early next year, she explores the cultural and psychological relationship between sunglasses and our modern idea of “cool.” In an email to Science of Us, Brown explained what her research has uncovered about why most of us look better in shades.你知道你对这个问题还是有点儿好奇,英国诺丁汉伦特大学艺术与设计专业高级讲师瓦内萨·布朗也对这个问题感到好奇。她进行了一项研究,重点关注我们赋予寻常事物的意义。在她明年年初即将出版的一本学术著作里,她从文化和心理学的角度分析了墨镜和当代社会所定义的“酷”之间的关系。布朗向《我们的科学》栏目发了一封电子邮件,向我们解释了她的研究成果,即为什么我们戴上墨镜更好看。Because they really do make your misshapen face look better. Put on a pair of sunglasses, and voilà – instant symmetry! The dark lenses cover up any asymmetrical oddities around your eyes, and research on facial attractiveness shows a clear link between symmetry and our perception of beauty.因为墨镜确实让你那不规则的脸变得更好看。戴上一副墨镜之后再看看你的脸——马上变对称了有木有!黑色的镜片将你眼睛周围不对称的部位都掩盖了,而有关面部吸引力的研究表明,对称性与我们对美的看法有着千丝万缕的联系。As an added bonus, Brown pointed out, sunglasses provide a kind of scaffolding effect, imposing the appearance of an external, extra-chiseled bone structure on top of your relatively softer-featured face.另外,布朗还指出,墨镜就像脚手架一样,可以让你相对平坦的面部骨骼显得更立体有型。Because mystery. Many of the snap judgments we form about people come from looking them in the eyes; shade yours, and you’re instantly a more intriguing presence. “The eyes are such a tremendous source of information — and vulnerability — for the human being,” Brown explained. Eye contact helps us form judgments about someone’s intelligence, confidence, andsincerity, and sunglasses keep us literally in the dark about forming those perceptions about a person. And it works both ways, because the wearer of the sunglasses feels more inscrutable, too. One recent study showed that people who wore sunglasses acted more selfishly and dishonestly than those wearing eyeglasses, which, the researchers argue, suggests that shades delude us into feeling more anonymous, or unknown.原因就在于神秘感。我们对于人的第一印象大都来自于他们的眼睛,如果你把眼睛遮住,你的外貌就会立刻变得更吸引人。“眼睛对于人类来说是相当重要的信息来源,也是识别弱点的工具。”布朗解释说,眼神交流有助于我们判断一个人的智力、自信和诚意,而墨镜让我们无法对别人进行判断。反过来也是一样,因为戴墨镜的人也会觉得自己更令人难以捉摸。最近的一项研究显示,戴墨镜的人比戴普通眼镜的人的行为更自私和不诚实,尽管研究人员对此还有争议,但也说明墨镜会让我们产生自己处于匿名状态或神不知鬼不觉的感觉。It#39;s colloquial wisdom that an air of mystery increases sexual desire, and research bears that notion out. Think of the common “the thrill is gone” complaint that accompanies the long-term relationship, for one. And one recent study showed that women who were uncertain of a man#39;s feelings toward them ended up reporting more attraction to those men. It#39;s essentially the plot of many a rom-com: We#39;re drawn to the people we can#39;t quite figure out.俗话说得好,越神秘,越诱惑。研究结果实了这一观点。例如,想一想人们总是抱怨一段长期感情中“不再”。最近的一项研究表明,女人越是对男人采取暧昧不清的态度,那么这个男人就对她越着迷。这本质上就是浪漫喜剧片的桥段:我们总是对自己猜不透的人着迷。Because of their historical link with edginess and glamour. We take their ubiquity for granted today, but sunglasses are a relatively modern everyday accessory, Brown said. Sales started to pick up in the 1920s, but they didn’t become commonplace until about two decades after that. The way sunglasses were most often used prior to their commercialization helps explain some of their inherent coolness, Brown said, because in their early days sunglasses were primarily used during risky water and snow sports, and were also associated with new technologies like airplane travel, which made them seem “daring and thoroughly modern.”布朗说,由于墨镜一直以来都是“犀利”和“迷人”的代名词,所以我们现在总是觉得它的普及是理所应当的,但墨镜直到相对现代的时期才成为日常饰品。墨镜的销量在上世纪二十年代开始增加,但直到40年代才飞入寻常百姓家。布朗说,在过去人们更注重墨镜的用途,而不是大肆宣传其与生俱来的冷酷气质,因为早期的墨镜主要用于水上和雪上冒险运动,并且往往和飞行旅行这类新技术联系在一起,这能彰显墨镜“无畏和现代化”的气质。Soon after that, Hollywood stars of the 1950s and 1960s started wearing sunglasses to defend themselves from being recognized by the public or harassed by paparazzi, whose flashbulbs would often explode violently, sometimes literally in their faces, Brown said. But regardless of practicality, movie stars’ adoption of the accessory cemented the link between sunglasses and glamour.布朗说,在那之后不久,五六十年代的好莱坞明星们开始佩戴墨镜以防止在公共场所被人认出来,或是防备仔队记者的骚扰,这些仔队记者疯狂拍照,有时甚至把闪光灯都凑到明星脸上了。但抛开墨镜的实用性不谈,明星们戴墨镜确实加强了墨镜与“魅力”之间的联系。Also – and this is more from my own personal research than Brown’s — hang-overs. They’re really great for hiding hang-overs.另外,我个人认为,宿醉也是墨镜受欢迎的原因之一,因为墨镜是掩盖宿醉后囧相的绝佳装备。 /201407/309517 佛山哪里能冶前列腺炎症状佛山治疗急性软下疳医院



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