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Hello, everyone. It’s been almost three weeks since I sent the American Jobs Act to Congress – three weeks since I sent them a bill that would put people back to work and put money in people’s pockets. This jobs bill is fully paid for. This jobs bill contains the kinds of proposals that Democrats and Republicans have supported in the past. And now I want it back. It is time for Congress to get its act together and pass this jobs bill so I can sign it into law. Some Republicans in Congress have said that they agree with certain parts of this jobs bill. If so, it’s time for them to tell me what those proposals are. And if they’re opposed to this jobs bill, I’d like to know what exactly they’re against. Are they against putting teachers and police officers and firefighters back on the job? Are they against hiring construction workers to rebuild our roads and bridges and schools? Are they against giving tax cuts to virtually every worker and small business in America? Economists from across the political spectrum have said that this jobs bill would boost the economy and spur hiring. Why would you be against that? Especially at a time when so many Americans are struggling and out of work. This isn’t just about what I think is right. It’s not just about what a group of economists think is right. This is about what the American people want. Everywhere I go, they tell me they want action on jobs. Every day, I get letters from Americans who expect Washington to do something about the problems we face. Destiny Wheeler is a sixteen year old from Georgia who wants to go to college. She wrote to me saying, “Now-a-days it is hard to see myself pushing forward and putting my family in a better position, especially since the economy is rough and my starting situation is so poor. Yet, the American Jobs act gives me hope that I might start to receive a better education, that one day job opportunities will be open for me to grasp, and that one day my personal American Dream will be reached.” Destiny needs us to pass this jobs bill. Alice Johnson is an Oregon native who, along with her husband, has been looking for a job for about two years. She writes, “I have faithfully applied for work every week…Of the hundreds of applications I have put in, I received interview requests for about 10…I too, am sick of all the fighting in Washington DC. Please tell the Republicans that people are hurting and are hungry and need help, pass the jobs bill.” Alice Johnson needs our help. Cathleen Dixon sent me pictures of the aging bridge she drives under when she takes her kids to school in Chicago every day. She worries about their safety, and writes, “I am angry that in this country of vast resources we claim that we cannot maintain basic infrastructure. How can we ever hope to preserve or regain our stature in this world, if we cannot find the will to protect our people and take care of our basic needs?”I also heard from Kim Faber, who told me about the small carpet business her husband owns in New Jersey. “We hang on by a shoe String,” she writes, “my husband worries every day about if checks might bounce, he uses our home loan to put money in the business so they will be covered. Please pass this jobs bill! This is the job creating we need right now! It breaks my husband’s heart when he has to let people go! Pass the bill!”Kim said it best: Pass the bill. I know one Republican was ed as saying that their party shouldn’t pass this jobs bill because it would give me a win. Well this isn’t about giving me a win, and it’s not about them. This is about Destiny Wheeler and Alice Johnson. It’s about Cathleen Dixon’s children, and the Fabers’ family business. These are the people who need a win, and I will be fighting for this jobs bill every day on their behalf. If anyone watching feels the same way, don’t be shy about letting your Congressman know. It is time for the politics to end. Let’s pass this jobs bill.201110/155918

Without solicitation on my part,I have been chosen by the free,and voluntary suffrages of my countrymen to the most honorable,and most responsible office on earth.我没有乞求选票,但自由的同胞们却选举我,来担任这世界上最具荣誉,且责任最重大的职位。I am deeply impressed with gratitude for the confidence reposed in me.于人民对我的信心,我深感谢意。Honored with his distinguished consideration at an earlier period of life than any of my predecessors,与任一被赐予这一荣誉的前任相比我都更年轻,I can not disguise the diffidence with which I am about to enter on the discharge of my official duties.我不能掩饰我将要进入执行我的职责时信心的缺乏。In assuming responsibilities so vast I fervently invoke the aid of that Almighty Ruler of the Universe in whose hands are the destinies of nations,and of men在承担如此巨大的责任时,我热情地祈求宇宙全能之主的帮助。国家和人民的命运在他的手中,to guard this Heaven_favored land against the mischiefs which without His guidance might arise from an unwise public policy.守卫着这天主恩惠的土地而不受由错误公共政策引起的危害。With a firm reliance upon the wisdom of Omnipotence to sustain and direct me in the path of duty which I am appointed to pursue,因凭那持并指引我走上这条行使我应尽之责道路的全能上帝赐予的坚定信心,I stand in the presence of this assembled multitude of my countrymen to take upon myself the solemn obligation;to take best of my ability to preserve,protect,我站在我的同胞们的宏大集会前,来自己担起这庄严的责任:“愿倾尽全力来维持,and defend the Constitution of the ed States.;保护和捍卫美国的宪法。”That the blessing of liberty which our Constitution secures may be enjoyed alike by minorities and majorities,我们宪法所保的自由同样为少数人和多数人享有,the Executive has been wisely invested with a qualified veto upon the acts of the Legislature.执政者被明智地赋予有资格对某些立法作出否决。It is a negative power,and is conservative in its character.这是一个否定的权力,并带有保守的特点。It arrests for the time hasty,inconsiderate,or unconstitutional legislation,invites reconsideration,它为时代阻止那些草率,无谋和违反宪法的立法,征求重新考虑,and transfers questions at issue between the legislative and executive departments to the tribunal of the people.并把立法与行政部门之间的问题转给人民裁定。Like all other powers,it is subject to be abused.如同其它权力,它可能会被滥用。When judiciously and properly exercised,当明智而又正当地行使时,the Constitution itself may be saved from infraction and the rights of all preserved and protected.宪法本身会免受侵犯,而全民权利会得到维护。The inestimable value of our Federal Union is felt and acknowledged by all.我们联邦联盟的不可估量的价值为众人所感受和认可。By this system of united and confederated States our people are permitted collectively and individually to seek their own happiness in their own way,通过联合结盟的众洲体制,我们人民可以集体或单独地以自己的方式追求自己的幸福,and the consequences have been most auspicious.并且有很乐观的结果。Since the Union was formed the number of the States has increased from thirteen to twenty-eight,自从联邦创立,众洲的数目由十三个发展到三十八个;two of these have taken their position as members of the Confederacy within the last week.其中两个上周才取得联邦的席位。Our population has increased from three to twenty millions.我们的人口也已由三百万发展到两千八百万。New communities and States are seeking protection under its aegis,and multitudes from the Old World are flocking to our shores to participate in its blessings,新的社区和州正在它的持下寻求保护,而来自旧大陆的人群正蜂拥至我们的海岸来分享它的祝福。Beneath its benign sway peace and prosperity prevail.在它的善良统治下和平和繁荣盛行。Freed from the burdens and miseries of war,our trade and intercourse have extended throughout the world.从战争的重负和苦难中得以解放,我们的贸易和交往遍布整个世界。Mind,no longer tasked in devising means to accomplish or resist schemes of ambition,人的思想不再从事设法达到或抵抗野心,usurpation,or conquest,is devoting itself to mans true interests in developing his faculties and powers and the capacity of nature to minister to his enjoyments.掠夺或征,而投入到人类真正的利益中,发展人的能力和力量,以及自然的能力来务于人的享乐。Genius is free to announce its inventions and discoveries,天才可以自由公布他的发明和发现,02/83056

奥巴马演讲附视频:President Obama's Address on the End of the Combat Mission in IraqHaving returned hours earlier from a conversation with troops at Fort Bliss, Texas – troops who had seen every phase of what has become one of America’s longest wars – the President spoke to the Nation for just the second time from the Oval Office to announce the end of America’s combat role in that war. Americans in high school today may barely remember a time when America was not in combat in Iraq, and young adults – including so many of our troops who have sacrificed so much – have almost by definition gone their entire adult lives in a country divided over the war. Today, as the President put it, was a day to begin to “turn the page” – a day when America could turn its focus towards building itself back up from a devastating recession.Over all that time, though, as the President pointed out, “there has been one constant amidst those shifting tides”:201009/112760

Prime Ministers Webcast on the Extreme Weather and Fuel - 2 November 2000Im recording this webcast just before I go to see for myself the severe damage that the recent storms and torrential rain have caused and are still causing - to large parts of the country.Despite the remarkable efforts of the emergency services, thousands of people have seen their homes flooded, their possessions ruined and their lives disrupted. Sadly too, some lives have been lost.Its not possible, of course, to be sure these storms are the result of climate change.But the increasing frequency of such extreme weather here, in the rest of Europe and around the world, does lend support to those who say that global warming is no longer a theory but is a daily fact of life.And, of course, in and immediate and practical sense there are lessons to be learnt from the flooding and the havoc caused.We must see, for instance, how flood defences can be improved to help existing communities.We must also ensure that threat from flooding is given more serious consideration in planning any new development.The Government for its part will carry on working with the emergency services, local authorities and others to try and make sure that we have the best possible defences against these changes in weather that we can have. And on an international as well as national level, we will continue to give the lead on tackling the issue of climate change.Let me turn also to the other big issue that is concerning people which is in respect of fuel and the possibility of fuel duty protests over the next few days and weeks.I believe that no government could possibly give in or yield to the types of demands that are made by some of the fuel protesters. But I want to address myself instead to the issue of the demands themselves, because some of these demands which range from anything from a 15p to a 26p cut in fuel duty, would have economic consequences far beyond those that the protesters, at the moment at any rate, are prepared to accept.At the moment the British economy is the fourth strongest economy now in the world. And we have managed, through changes in economic management, to produce a stability which has delivered the lowest inflation in Europe, mortgage rates at half the level of the last Government, billions of pounds saved in debt repayments, rising living standards, and approximately one million more people in work with the lowest unemployment levels seen for over 20 years.And although people talk about the Government having a surplus, and of course its only because of the strong economy that we have this surplus, its worth as well just remembering the last time a Government decided to treat a surplus as something that can be spent overnight. That happened in the late 1980s.In 1989, the then Government had a very large budget surplus indeed. Just three years later as a result of them spending that surplus without thinking of the long term, we had the largest deficit borrowing requirement in any Governments history, a national debt that was on its way to being doubled, 15% interest rates, recession, spending cuts, and finally, tax rises.So, its not simply that no responsible government could of course make policy on the basis of people threatening so called Armageddon or blocking food supplies or so on. It is that on the actual issue itself, of fuel duty, there are constraints and limits on what the Government can do.So I hope that those making this protest will listen to those warning of the impact of their action on pensioners, hospitals, schools and jobs, thats been spelt out very clearly, by people like the CBI, the TUC and the British Chambers of Commerce.And I hope they will understand that we are in no way ignoring the concerns of those who say that the high cost of petrol is hurting them. And we understand that that is so, but we have to balance anything we might do to meet those concerns against the wider impact on the economy - on interest rates, on other taxes, on what we can do for pensioners or to improve our schools and hospitals.And yes it is true that petrol duty is higher in this country than elsewhere in Europe. Although many of those comparisons, of course, are changed because of the very strong level of the pound at the present time.But even if we accept that, that petrol duty is higher, what people often dont mention is that income tax is lower than elsewhere in Europe. Business tax is lower, we dont pay motorway tolls, our National Insurance charges are lower. Many other European countries levy VAT for example on food, on childrens clothes, and on newspapers.Overall, Britain has the lowest tax burden of any major European country. So, of course, if we had the income tax rates or the business tax rates of other countries in Europe, or if we are putting VAT on food or other essentials, then we could give a bigger cut in fuel duty.But, the truth of the matter is most people would not want our tax levels to be like those in those other European countries. So there is a limit to what we can do and we also have other demands for our help.Pensioners, for example, have got a good case for more help, and if we simply changed petrol duty, we could do less for them, and less for those who also desire investment in our schools, our health service, our police and transport.There is one other consideration as well. The economy is growing very strongly at the moment, as I say, employment levels are at their highest for this country ever, there are around 28 million people now in work in this country and unemployment levels at their lowest for over 20 years.Even within the surplus that we have, and some of the tales of that surplus incidentally are greatly exaggerated. But even within the surplus we have, we have to make sure that any spending we make, whether its in relation to the concerns of fuel protesters or pensioners or indeed spending on our public services, is sufficiently prudent and disciplined and leaves us enough leeway for the long term, that we dont have that spending leading to a rise in interest and mortgage rates.Because if we did that, then people might get some short term benefit but then if their interest rates and their mortgages went up then they would be worse off.So, the cost of returning to boom and bust would be far greater for every family in the country than the recent rises in the price of petrol. Rises, by the way, which recently have been driven solely by the steep increase in the world price of crude oil which is why these protests have taken place, not just all over Europe but in other parts of the world too.So, we will do what we can but we wont do something that is irresponsible either in respect of the economic stability and success of this country, or the key investment we need in our public services to make us a stronger, better, and fairer country in the future.200706/14752


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