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给爸妈的一封信(A letter to my parents) -- :0:1 来源: Dec.6th .Dear dad and mum,I have been very happy in the school. Sometimes, at night I cry in the bed because I miss you very much. You always say “Learn well and I will be happy.” So I work hard in the school every day. After class I play with my classmates. We skip rope, play cards and ball and so on. I spend a lot of time doing my homework. After lunch we have to do Kumon. When I finish, I play Pingpong with my friends. Then I spend some time ing my English notes. At six o’clock I have my evening class. Then I have my evening snack at twenty past seven. After that, I have some free time. At eight o’clock, I go to bed. This is a day in the school. Mum, you always tell me “Happiness is very important in our life.” So I want to be happy every day. If you are not happy, call me please.Yours, LauraMy Favorite Teacher -- 3:50:57 来源: My Favorite TeacherMy favorite teacher is a girl, Her name is Angel. She is very bealltiful and clever . She has two big brown eyes, a small,red mouth, acute nose, and black hair. The children like her very much.She is very kind. She loves children lick her very much. When the children are hurt, She will help them.She was very understanding teaching method. When a student don't listen carefully, She will said softly:" I know you are a good student, right?" So the student was good. then,she smild, praise:"you"re very smart. right?"Because of her gentle manner and interesting teaching methods, the children like her very much .I was no exception.I lick her . she is a good teacher , but most inportantly----she has achildlike heart毛泽东故乡韶山景点英文介绍 韶山英文导游词 --5 :: 来源: 毛泽东故乡韶山景点英文介绍 韶山英文导游词韶山是一个小山村,地处湖南省会城市长沙西南部0公里处,风景优美,具有典型的湖南山村气息1893年月6日,一个男婴诞生在韶山的一个富农家里,这个男婴就是改变中国命运的伟人毛泽东韶山是毛泽东度过童年和少年时期的地方,他在这里读书,帮父亲做事现在让我们一起开始伟人毛泽东故乡韶山之旅吧!  Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen!       Today, we will go and visit Shaoshan, the hometown of Chairman Mao. Shaoshan is a small mountain village about 0km southwest of Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, with some fairly beautiful scenery and a once typically Hunan village atmosphere, Shaoshan has been irreparably changed by history. On the 6th December 1893, a baby was born in a little house in this village, to a relatively wealthy peasant couple. The child was to grow up to become China’s Great Helmsman, Chairman Mao Zedong, and it was in this region that he spent his childhood and youth, attending school and helping his father with his work.   As the hometown of the great man of the generation, now Shaoshan is one of the important tourist zones in Hunan province. The major tourist sites including the mer residence of Chairman Mao, Memorial Hall of Mao Zedong, Water-dripping Cave and Steles est of Mao’s Poems,and so on.   The mer residence of Chairman Mao is the most interesting site. Entered through a courtyard, the house is of a sunny yellow, mud brick walls, with a nicely thatched roof, and is found on a wooded hillside, above some lush paddy fields. There are and one half rooms in the mer residence, which include one and half central room, a kitchen, a dining room, three family bedrooms and a guest room. Within the rooms are various personal effects of Mao and his parents, as well as photos from Mao’s life.   This is the central room, used by two families: Mao’s family and their neighbor. So we said that there is only one half of the central room belongs to Mao’s family. And this is there kitchen, where Chairman Mao often helped his mother doing some housework in his childhood. Go through the kitchen was Chairman Mao’s parent’s bedroom, there are two photos of Chairman Mao’s parents on the inner wall, and it was in this room where Chairman Mao was born.   The Dripping Water Cave, about 3 km northwest of the village, is a very popular destination, possibly because of the fact that Mao allegedly spent days here in the early days of the Cultural Revolution Years (1966-76), contemplating the unknown. 韶山景点英文介绍 韶山英文导游词

《蓝莓之夜经典台词 -- :: 来源: 《蓝莓之夜经典台词Elizabeth:I need someone to talk to. Do you think he will pick up the keys?Jeremy:I don't know. I have customers leaving keys here years. Sometimes they pick up in a few days,sometimes takes a few weeks.Elizabeth:What about most of the times?Jeremy:Most of the time the keys stay in the jar.Elizabeth :Why you keep them? You should just throw them out.Jeremy:No. No, I couldn't do that.Elizabeth :Why not?Jeremy : If I throw this keys away, and those doors will be closed ever. That should not up to me to decide.Should it?Elizabeth :I guess I just looking a reason.Jeremy:Well, from my observations', sometimes it's better of not knowing. And other times there's no reason to be found.Elizabeth: Everything has a reason.Jeremy:Just like this pies and cakes. At the end of every night, cheese cakes and the apple pies are always completely gone. The peach pies and chocolate Mousse cakes are nearly finished. But, there'salways a whole . blueberry pie left untouched.Elizabeth: So what's wrong with the blueberry pie?Jeremy: It's nothing wrong with the blueberry pie. Just people make other choices. You can't blame the blueberry pies. Just no one wants it.Elizabeth:Walt!I want a piece伊丽莎白:我而要有个人陪我说说话你觉得他会拿回他的钥匙吗?杰瑞米:我不知道有客人将钥匙寄放在这里好多年了有时候他们过几天就拿走,有时好几个星期伊口莎白:大多是什么时间来拿?杰瑞米:大多数情况下,钥匙就一直留在瓶子里伊万莎白:你为什么还留着它们呢?应该扔掉杰瑞米:不,不行.我不能那么做伊丽莎白:为什么?杰瑞米:如果我把这些钥匙扔了.那些门将永远被锁着丢不丢这可不应该由我来决定,对吗?伊丽莎白:我猜我只是在寻找一个理由杰瑞米:据我的观察,有时候一些事悄还是不知道反倒更好有时根本就没有原因的伊丽莎白:凡事都有因果杰瑞米:就像这些派和蛋糕每晚打烊时,芝士蛋糕和苹果派总是售完桃子派和巧克力蛋糕也基本上了但是总有一份蓝莓派无人问津伊而莎白:蓝莓派有什么问题吗?杰瑞米:蓝莓派没有任何问题只是人们做出了其他的选择,你不能怪蓝莓派只是因为没有人想吃蓝莓派.伊丽莎白:等等!我想要一份蓝莓派 蓝莓之夜经典台词

:天堂里的母亲 -01- ::5 来源: Angel: A chief broadcaster.Anny: A primary school girl who had called so much in order to look her mother.Anny’s fatherAnny’s teacherAnny’s classmatesDivide the stage into two parts.On the left: Children’s ward, a chair, some flowers.On the right: A desk, a chair, a lamp, some books.(幕启,舞台左半亮,右半暗)(The phone is ringing)Old woman: Hello!Anny(曲生地): Hello, I, I want mum. Is that mum?Old woman: Oh, I’m granny. I’m not mum.Anny: I’m sorry.(电话挂断声,拨号声又起)A young woman: Hello!Anny(曲生地): Hello! I want mum. Is that mum?Young woman: Are you joking? I’m not married.(电话继续响,右半舞台亮)Angel: Hello!Anny(鼓起勇气): I want mum. Is that mum?Angel: Who’s that speaking?Anny: I’m Anny, your Anny.Angel: Anny?(充满疑惑)(略为思索后,用母亲的声调)Where are you?Anny(仿佛遇见母亲,忍不住哭起来): Mum,(哭声,欲语泪先流,又猛然惊觉)Mum, mum, I’m not crying.Angel(安慰地,担心地): You are a nice little girl.Anny: Mum, why don’t you come to see me? Dad says you will come back if I am well behaved. Mum, don’t you miss me?Angel(慈爱地): Of course, I do. I do miss you?Anny: Really? Angel: Yes. I miss you so much.Anny: Mummy!Angel: En…Anny: Mummy!Angel: Yes?Anny(笑若银铃)(Angel 慈爱地笑,心略有所安)Anny(突然又哭了): But mummy, why don’t you come back? I’m ill. Angel(关切地): Anny, where are you? Tell me, where are you?Anny: Mummy, I’m in hospital now. I felt pain, but I didn’t cry. Dad says the one who cries is not a good girl. Then you won’t come back. Mummy, can you come back to see me? I’m waiting you with no tears.Angel: Anny, I’m, I’m not… Oh, yes, mummy will come back to see you(Dad推门入,见Anny在打电话,连忙夺过)Dad: I’ve told you not to call anybody else.(对着电话)Sorry, I’m really sorry. The child has disturbed you.Angel: Never mind. I’m a mother, too. I understand her. May I know the truth?Dad: Eh…, her mum isn’t here. So she called and called.Angel: Where’s Anny’s mother? You divorced?Dad: No, no. I hope she would come back. But…Angel: You don’t trust in me? I’m Angel, the chief broadcaster of the hot line.Dad(回头看Anny): Then, I’ll tell you the truth some other day.Angel:All right.(灯暗景换)On the left: Anny’s sitting room.On the right: Anny’s classroom.(左右同时演绎)Left:Dad: Anny’s mum passed away in a tracffic accident six years ago. She told me to hide the truth. This is the letter Anny.Right:Teacher: Children, in this class. Let’s enjoy Anny’s composition “A letter to mummy”.(Angel, Anny同时,时空错接,音乐起)Angel: Anny, my dearest baby!Anny: Mummy, my dearest mummy!Angel: When we played hide and seek, I was found easily.Anny: When we played hide and seek, I could found you easily.Angel: But this time, you can’t find me.Anny: But this time, I can’t find you.Angel: Baby, we have a date. When you are , you can find me.Anny: Mummy, we have a date. Dad says when I am , I can find you.Angel: Baby, the game lasts so long. I wonder if you have the courage to go on.Anny: Mummy, don’t worry. I grow up with your arms around me in my dream.Angel: Anny, if the time is so long, mummy will talk with you when you are looking at our photo.Anny: Mum, the letter you left to me is so long. I it every night, again and again.Angel: Anny, your birthday present is on the wardrobe.Anny: Mummy, I’ve known the truth. Every time I take a bus, I can see your dad eyes.Angel: Anny, I’m really worried if you will be so sad after your th birthday. Is there anyone to love you all his life?Anny: Mummy, I’ll never give up. I believe there is a call to the paradise. I will love Dad. I will love myself. I can fly with my own wings one day.Angel: Anny, my dear.Anny: Mummy, be safe all the way. There are no tears in paradise.(灯亮,谢幕)

我的暑假生活 我快乐的暑假英语作文 --5 ::51 来源: 我的暑假生活 我快乐的暑假英语作文As usual,i did homework and joined many kinds of training class,but it'sa joyful summer vacation this year. 和往年一样,我做家庭作业并参加了各种培训班,但是,今年的暑假是一个愉快的暑假Except studying, I traveled with my families in the holiday. We went to Beijing and stayed there four days. We lived in the hotel. It is very beautiful. We visited to the Tiananmen Square, the Imperial Palace, the Summer Palace and the Old Summer Palace. We also went to the Great Wall. The weather was very hot, but we were exciting. I like Beijing very much. I hope I can go there again. 暑假期间,出来学习,我还和家人去旅游了我们去了北京并在那里待了四天我们住在酒店里北京很美,我们参观了天安门广场,故宫,颐和园和圆明园我们还去了长城北京的天气很热,但是我们很兴奋我很喜欢北京,我希望还能再去那里

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