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佛山妇幼保健医院男性专科佛山哪里治疗前列腺佛山人民医院电话号码 Slovenia斯洛文尼亚Very European浓郁的欧洲色Slovenia’s first big crisis since independence斯洛文尼亚独立后首遇大危机Beautiful but angry美丽表面蕴藏危机Slovenes have always felt rather pleased with themselves. Their country is beautiful, they were the richest of the Yugoslavs and, after independence in 1991, they joined the European Union, NATO and the euro.斯诺文尼亚的国民们一直生活得幸福快乐。他们的祖国景色秀丽,是前南斯拉夫中最富有的国家,并在1991独立后加入北约,随后成为欧盟成员国之一,并规定欧元为流通货币。How different things are today. Slovenes are angry and confused. Their prime minister is on trial for corruption, unemployment is high, the country’s banks are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and a series of painful structural reforms lie ahead.然后三十年河东,三十年河西。现如今,斯洛文尼亚举国上下充满着幽怨和迷茫。现任总理正因腐败问题接受审讯,国内失业率居高不下,该国的在破产边缘摇摇欲坠,而结构改革的道路上有一系列的挑战等待着他们。In July Slovenia’s leading bank had to be bailed out to the tune of more than 380m (8m) by the government. Janez Jansa, the prime minister, has talked of a “Greek scenario” and has warned that Slovenia will become the sixth European country to seek a bail-out unless his government’s reforms go through. The ratings agencies have downgraded Slovenia; many civil servants have had their pay cut by 7.5%.在7月份的时候,斯洛文尼亚的主要不得不接受超过38亿欧元(约为47.8亿美元)的政府援助来帮助自己脱离困境。现任总理Janez Jansa曾谈论到一个“希腊场景”,并警告说,如果斯洛文尼亚不进行改革,它将成为第六个寻求援助的欧盟国家。而评级机构已经下调了斯洛文尼亚等级;许多公务员的工资也被削减了7.5%。Even though Slovenia’s demography is terrible, it has until now had generous pensions and a low retirement age. As only 40,000 signatures are needed to call a referendum, painful reforms are easily blocked. A referendum that defeated an attempt at pension reform in June 2011 was the beginning of the end of the then government. The current coalition (in which a party of pensioners plays a crucial role) has adopted draft laws on pension and labour-law reform, which will both be contested.尽管斯洛文尼亚人口老龄化情况是十分严峻的,到目前为止,全国还保持着高额的养老退休金以及低龄退休的传统。由于全民公投需要40000人的签名,因此曲折的改革之路很容易遇到阻碍。2011年6月的时候,一项全民公投将当时被提出的养老金改革计划扼杀在摇篮里,这意味着当时政府失势的开端。当前的联合政府(一群退休人员在这其中扮演着关键角色)通过了养老金和劳动法改革的草案,这些都将会引发争议。Mr Jansa, a political veteran, came to power in February. He is on trial for allegedly taking bribes from a Finnish arms company. On September 5th the former head of one of Slovenia’s biggest companies was convicted of fraud. The Catholic church has been rocked by financial and sex scandals.现任总理Jansa是一个政治老手,在今年2月上台执政。他在任期中因遭指控接受了一个芬兰武器公司的贿赂,现正接受审理。9月5日,斯洛文尼亚头号企业的前负责人被判欺诈罪。而天主教会一直也饱受金融和性丑闻的影响。In this febrile atmosphere quarrels have been breaking out about who did what in the second world war. These altercations may serve as distractions from the country’s economic woes, but they provoke much bitterness. In the political mythology of Slovenia’s right the ten-day war of independence in 1991 should take centre stage, not the tragic events of 1945.这焦躁不安的气氛中,关于二战某些人所作所为也是争论不休。这些争执可能会分散他们对该国萎靡经济形势的关注,但是另一方面也会引起他们的哀怨。占据在斯洛文尼亚政治神话的中央舞台上应该是1991为期十天独立战争,而并非1945年的悲剧事件。On November 11th Slovenia will go to the polls to elect a president. The incumbent, Danilo Turk, looks set for a second term. Under united leadership, Slovenia could recover relatively quickly, says Sonja Smuc, who runs an employers’ association. It has several companies that thrive abroad and its public debt, at 47.6% of GDP, is growing but far from critical. Renata Salecl, an intellectual, is less optimistic though. Many of Slovenia’s problems are similar to those elsewhere in Europe, she says, and “soon we will reach deadlock.”11月11日,斯洛文尼亚将会全民投票选举总统。现任总统Danilo Turk期许能获得连任。某雇主协会主席Sonja Smuc称,在统一领导下,斯洛文尼亚能较快恢复生产经营。斯洛文尼亚在国外有几家企业发展状况良好,并且其国债占GDP比重为47.6%,虽然不断增长但无大碍。Renata Salecl是位知识分子,对此不抱有乐观态度。斯洛文尼亚的所遇到的问题和欧洲某些地区相似,她认为,“我们很快也会陷入僵局。” 翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201607/454291广东省佛山龟头炎症

大良新世纪医院南方医科大学北滘医院治疗阳痿多少钱 听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Frank Szymanski likes to startle audiences by asking, ;Have you ever seen a naked trial judge?; after which he takes off his suit coat and flings it on a chair.;Dont worry, Im going to stop there,; he tells them.;But if you dont educate yourselves before you go into that voting booth, if you dont know who I and Judge Deborah Thomas are, we might as well be naked. You need to know that we are both circuit court judges, we care about kids, that we care about justice for everyone, and that we were nominated by the Democratic Party for the Michigan Supreme Court.;Most voters likely know none of those things. Szymanski, like Thomas, was indeed nominated by the Democrats to run for the states highest court.But they are up against David Viviano and Joan Larsen, two incumbents appointed by Governor Rick Snyder to fill vacancies. The incumbents have a heavy advantage, in that they will be designated on the ballot as justices of the Supreme Court.All the other candidates – Szymanski, Thomas, and any minor party candidates, will just have their names. They are Brand X, and everyone who has grown up watching TV commercials knows that Brand X is never supposed to be as good.Frank Szymanski is soldiering on and giving it his best shot. If campaigns were fought on YouTube, and judges were ranked by sense of humor, his opponent probably wouldnt have a chance. In one clip, his adorable children, 10-year-old Michelle and 7-year-old Evan, run around with a blackened dollar bill, saying ;no dark money!;In another, their father faces an audience and asks, ;How many of you think justice in this state should be bought and paid for? Judge Szymanski and Judge Thomas have not, will not and cannot be bought,; he tells one audience.Then he brings down the house by adding, ;And nobody is putting up money for us anyway.; That is pretty much true. Republicans have a five to two majority on the Michigan Supreme Court. The Democratic Party went through a time when it was spending millions of dollars every few years in an effort to defeat Republican incumbents.Those efforts were mostly gigantic costly failures. Democrats arent even trying this year. They arent giving their candidates much money, and the media arent giving them much, if any, hearing. Newspapers, even Democratic ones, have mostly endorsed the incumbents, saying things like ;continuity is valuable on the bench.;Republicans dont seem to be spending lavishly either, but their candidates have enough money for radio and TV commercials. Szymanski and Thomas dont. They do the best they can, appearing at candidate forums and union halls. ;If you really want justice for all, tell people and get them to tell people, and maybe well have a chance,; he says.Szymanski is explicit that he would fight for the common man, those who cannot afford all the justice money cand buy. He is 64, and under Michigan age limits, could only serve a single eight-year term. But he thinks that would be enough to do some good. He may have little chance, but hes out there on his own time, trying to educate people about the system.Compared to a lot of politics this year, thats a breath of fresh air.201610/474421顺德区新世纪男科网上挂号

顺德新世纪男科医院正规的吗 On Monday, Japanese police said that a U.S. serviceman stationed in Japans southern island of Okinawa has been arrested on suspicion of raping a woman. 周一日本警方称,一名美国驻日本南部冲绳岛士兵涉嫌强奸女子被逮捕。The man arrested by police was reportedly a 24-year-old sailor stationed at the U.S. militarys Camp Schwab. 被警方逮捕的人据说是一名24岁的海员,驻扎在美军施瓦布军营。He is accused of raping a woman at a hotel in a southern area of the island. 他被指控在岛南部一家酒店强奸一女性。The Pentagon did not respond for a request for comment, but U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby said the ed States took such reports ;very, very seriously.;五角大楼对要求其做出没有回应,但美国国务院发言人John Kirby说美国“非常严肃的”对待这些报道。译文属。201603/431565佛山第二医院男科专家佛山医院对男性生植问题技术怎么样?



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